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In the Presence of My Enemies

In the Presence of My Enemies ECPA Gold Medallion winner Soon after September the news media stepped up its coverage of Martin and Gracia Burnham the missionary couple held hostage in the Philippine jungle by terrorists

  • Title: In the Presence of My Enemies
  • Author: Gracia Burnham Dean Merrill
  • ISBN: 9780842381383
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Hardcover
  • 2004 ECPA Gold Medallion winner Soon after September 11, the news media stepped up its coverage of Martin and Gracia Burnham, the missionary couple held hostage in the Philippine jungle by terrorists with ties to Osama bin Laden After a year of captivity and a violent rescue that resulted in Martin s death, the world watched Gracia Burnham return home in June 2002 In th2004 ECPA Gold Medallion winner Soon after September 11, the news media stepped up its coverage of Martin and Gracia Burnham, the missionary couple held hostage in the Philippine jungle by terrorists with ties to Osama bin Laden After a year of captivity and a violent rescue that resulted in Martin s death, the world watched Gracia Burnham return home in June 2002 In this riveting personal account, Burnham tells for the very first time the real story behind the news about their harrowing ordeal, about how it affected their relationship with each other and with God, about the terrorists who held them, about the actions of the U.S and Philippine governments, and about how they were affected by the prayers of thousands of Christians throughout the world.

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    1 thought on “In the Presence of My Enemies

    1. I picked up this book after reading the story of a missionary kidnapping of 100 years ago, The Miss Stone Affair: America's First Modern Hostage Crisis. The central question at the heart of both crises is this: Should a ransom be paid for a hostage's release?It's a shame that this is the central theme of Gracia Burnham's book. From the outset, she knew that her mission's policy was not to pay a ransom, as it might only encourage more kidnappings and finance terrorism. She mentions this in the fi [...]

    2. A story about missionaries being captured, tortured and/or killed is not new. There are many missionaries who live this day in and day out, but it doesn't at all detract from the purpose of God's plan in why it happens. The Burnham's story is incredible, but more than that is the conviction that set in as I read. If all my life's luxuries were stripped away, everything I take for granted and everything I didn't even know I took for granted was stripped away, what kind of person would I be? Would [...]

    3. I have quite a few reasons to like this book. I grew up in the Philippines, and I had seen the Burnhams and stayed at Aritao where they worked. My mom went to boarding school with Martin Burnham, and our family was actually evacuated from the Philippines due to threats from the terrorist groups in the book. I followed their captivity with quite a bit of interest, and I felt brokenhearted for the family both during and after the events chronicled in their book.I also did PR for Dean Merrill, who [...]

    4. The story of the kidnapped Protestant Missionary Couple who were held captive on a Filippino Island for a year should be dynamite. But a cloying pietism and a lack of theological depth manage to take a lot of the drama and potential out of this book. Living in the Philippines when I read this, could have turned it into a page turning thriller for me - but it was a damp squip. Which is quite an achievement since there is ample scope for a fascinating story to be told with important discussions ab [...]

    5. I found this book as a freebie for my Kindle and thought it would be interesting. I was partially wrong. I was riveted. When Gracia and Martin Burnham were going through this experience (kidnapping by an Islamic terrorist sect), I was graduating from college and starting veterinary school: I was blissfully unaware of what they were going through. The only real exposure I had to the world outside of my small corner was the tragedy of 9/11/01 where I joined in grieving with the rest of America and [...]

    6. Excellent book. My wife read it to me while we traveled and it was hard to stop reading when we arrived. You won't have trouble staying motivated to keep reading. At the end when they are "rescued" you will be crying. A lot.I also appreciated her honestly throughout—she didn't present herself as a hero or perfectly Christlike all the time. You got an honest window into her struggles and the challenges she grappled with.My only complaint came in the last chapter. She talks about the fact that s [...]

    7. This is a compelling true story. Martin and Gracia Burnham were from the KC area so we were constantly paying attention to their plight while they were gone. I got to hear Gracia speak after she published her book and got my book autographed.

    8. This book was hard to read. I knew the story and how it ended and what happened to Gracia's family. But the story was well written and it made me think about my faith and how I would react.

    9. As we see the increase of Islamic terrorism worldwide, this story needs to be heard more than ever. It is a powerful story of forgiveness and of God’s grace and mercy. The book is an account of Martin and Gracia Burnham, who were missionaries in the Philippines that were captured by Muslim radicals in 2001 and held as hostages in the jungle for over a year. The story is told by Gracia, who survived the ordeal. Her husband was killed during the raid by the Armed Forces of the Philippines that f [...]

    10. I really enjoyed reading the riveting and inspiring book In the Presence of My Enemies. I decided to read this book because I heard a lot about their experience from my parents, peers, and other adults. My favorite part of this book was when Mrs. Gracia Burnham was rescued and reunited with her family. I was also inspired that Mrs. Burnham kept on going with her life despite all the hardships she endured and desired to continue to serve God. In the Presence of My Enemies, has had a huge impact o [...]

    11. I'm still drying my eyes after reading this book. Gracia provides an honest account of her conflicting emotions, and her frustrations with God during her time as hostage in Philippines jungles. While I can't relate to her experience, I can definitely understand the doubts she experienced. It is wonderful to read how her husband would spiritually bolster her during her darkest days.The love and respect for her husband shines through her record of their endurance as hostages. It makes the conclusi [...]

    12. At first I was a bit reticent to get into this book, expecting "just another missionary story." But as the hostage situation went on and on, I could not help but to be drawn into the drama. When I thought they surely could go no further, the plot thickened. Something far deeper and more significant that the "Stockholm syndrome" developed as the Burnhams displayed a godly love for their captors as well as clear perspectives with respect to the evil of their actions. Although compassion was shown [...]

    13. Can faith, hope, and love survive a year of terror? For American missionaries Martin and Gracia Burnham, what started out as a relaxing, once-in-a-lifetime anniversary getaway at an exotic island resort turned into one of the most horrific nightmares imaginable. Kidnapped by the Abu Sayyaf, a terrorist group with ties to Osama bin Laden, the Burnhams were snatched away from friends and family and thrust into a life on the run in the Philippine jungle. During a perilous year in captivity, they fa [...]

    14. In the Presence of My Enemies is Gracia Burnham's heatbreaking yet uplifting memoir reflecting on her time as an Abu Sayyaf hostage in the Philippines in the early 2000's. Gracia and her husband Martin were taken as hostages in the name of jihad. As Americans, they are kept as the prime bargaining chip in ransom negotiations between the Islamic extreamist known as the Abu Sayyaf. The Burnham's rely on their faith to carry them during their time in captivity. It is a remarkable of story of perser [...]

    15. This is the sort of book where it feels a little strange to say you enjoyed reading it since it is the real life story of a couple taken hostage in the Phillippines and held hostage for a year. The story is told by Gracia Burnham of not just the time of their captivity but also their life leading up to it and then a return to 'normal' life.I knew it was likely to be a harrowing read in places when I picked it up but decided it was well worth it. The story is really well told and the courage and [...]

    16. Although not exquisitely written, this is an amazing story of one woman's missionary life, thwarted by Muslim extremists who kidnapped her and her husband in the Philippines. In the end, Gracia is rescued but her husband is killed. I appreciated the author's honesty and strength, not to mention her faithfulness in the face of trial. The book also offers insight into the minds of Islamic terrorists, which I found both fascinating and disturbing.

    17. This is the first memoir I've read in a while. I don't want to be overly critical, because at times the telling is effective (especially toward the end), but unfortunately there's a sense that it could have been much better. My focus here is on the way the story is presented rather than on the subject matter, which ought to be of universal interest. In the right hands, a mediocre subject can be fascinating, but the reverse is also true. The beginning is certainly gripping: a vacationing couple i [...]

    18. This was my second time reading this excellent, detailed and transparent biography of the Burnham family. This fall, I shared it with my middle school daughters. The tragedy faced by Gracia would be overwhelming, but for the grace God gave both her and Martin throughout their captivity. She shares in such a real and vulnerable way that it convicts my heart anew.

    19. Such a gripping and real story. I was struck by the strength of their marriage, the way they saw their own sin while in captivity and let the LORD change their hearts in the midst of deep suffering. At the end, I sobbed and sobbed: partly for what was lost, but more for what was gained for the Kingdom of God.

    20. On an early morning in late May 2001, an American missionary couple was kidnapped from a Philippine resort where they were celebrating their wedding anniversary. Their captors were the Abu Sayyaf, a pro-militant group that kidnaps unsuspecting tourists and Filipino nationals for ransom money in order to fund their cause--the formation of an Islamic nation in Southern Asia.Though most of the Abu Sayyaf's hostages are released in a matter of days once the ransom money is obtained, the American cou [...]

    21. I have never been 'cool' with missionary work because I'm of the live and let live variety, but I wanted to read this book and figure out how in the world anyone could spend a year as a captive to terrorists. This book did pretty well at outlaying the struggles of every sort: mental, physical, spiritual, emotional. I do recommend it, despite not sharing the same faith as the writer. Their ordeal is something that needs to be recognized, if only to remind ourselves of our many daily blessings we [...]

    22. This one has been on my TBR list for years, but somehow I've always passed it over. So glad I finally picked it up. Gracia's is both an engaging story and a powerful testimony of God at work in unbelievably trying circumstances. Her honesty was refreshing. She didn't paint herself as a saint who walked the jungle with forgiveness in her heart, but as a frustrated, doubting believer. And yet God provided for the Burhams in their year-long ordeal through packages from home, bits of food, pieces of [...]

    23. This was a very interesting account of the Burnham's capture in the Philippines, along with others from a resort. While not your typical 'missionary biography,' it was a look into their extreme difficulty and their faith in God during this time. It was an easy and quick read and I enjoyed it. Learning more about the perspective of the captors was also intriguing.

    24. I heard the author (Gracia Burnham) speak on a radio program many, many years ago. I wanted to read the book at that time. Fast forward 15 years :) I just read it and I found it amazing. I questioned a lot of my own thoughts about things and how I would have handled her situation (not good at all I'm afraid.) There are many conversations between Christian and Muslim to make one think.

    25. Definitely a gripping account of these missionaries' kidnapping. Appreciated her insight and thoughts about how to be content in this situation and how she struggled a lot with depression and constant crying during the year. Listened to this on audiobook and liked the reader's voice.

    26. I loved this book. I would read it again. If you arent a Christian you probably wouldnt like it. Its a great eye opener to the reason why muslim groups take hostages and what it means for them. Highly recommended

    27. A truly moving and stirring story about two Godly people who show us how we should all live no matter what we are facing daily. I strongly suggest this read for anyone facing difficulties in their life.

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