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The Gray-Eyed Goddess

The Gray Eyed Goddess Retells a part of the Odyssey in which Odysseus continues his journey home as his wife Penelope and son Telemachus are busy warding off men who wish to marry Penelope until Telemachus asks a strang

  • Title: The Gray-Eyed Goddess
  • Author: Mary Pope Osborne Troy Howell Homer
  • ISBN: 9780786809318
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Paperback
  • Retells a part of the Odyssey in which Odysseus continues his journey home as his wife, Penelope and son, Telemachus are busy warding off men who wish to marry Penelope, until Telemachus asks a stranger for help.

    • ☆ The Gray-Eyed Goddess || Ù PDF Read by ☆ Mary Pope Osborne Troy Howell Homer
      465 Mary Pope Osborne Troy Howell Homer
    • thumbnail Title: ☆ The Gray-Eyed Goddess || Ù PDF Read by ☆ Mary Pope Osborne Troy Howell Homer
      Posted by:Mary Pope Osborne Troy Howell Homer
      Published :2019-02-19T15:45:32+00:00

    1 thought on “The Gray-Eyed Goddess

    1. Ah, the Gray-Eyed Goddess, Athena. Bless her heart, taking Odysseus in her hands and finally giving him a leg up. While this story is still about Odysseus, we are often in the shoes of his son at home, Telemachus. Telemachus has had it with the suitors harassing his mother, Penelope, and he gets some help of his own from Athena as he decides what to do about his missing father.Again, Osborne does a great job. I'm amazed my son is still interested and, frankly, I'm still loving that I regularly f [...]

    2. This one is much more difficult than the previous 3. I'm going to use this one for instructional purposes with my son instead of giving it to him as an independent read. Less adventure, more realism, and much higher vocabulary. (No monsters, no gore, no suspense--complicated character motivations to analyze).

    3. This is the fourth book in the six-book series, Tales from the Odyssey by Mary Pope Osborne and Troy Howell. This story continues its dramatic saga, but there is hope out there on the horizon. Poor Odysseus. When we started reading this series, I was a bit afraid that our girls would have nightmares, but they took the story in stride. Overall, this was an exciting and intense tale. We are looking forward to the next book!

    4. This is part four of Mary Pope Osborne's translation of Homer’s The Odyssey to a level that elementary age students can read and enjoy. The Odysseus is the last man standing out of his large crew that originally left Troy after fighting in the Trojan War, and it's not looking well for him. This is the first book to be told from a perspective other Odysseus, giving insight into what has been happening back home in Ithaca while he has been away. A perfect read aloud for intermediate teachers wan [...]

    5. So I really loved greek mythology when I was in school and i stumbled across these stories in the youth section in the library. I feel as an adult the way they are written anyone would enjoy them. So this is just coming up to and the closing of the oddysee is ia thestory of the great odyseus and how after the battle at Troy the greek gods got him all twisted for 20 years and now he has to get home and claim his family and land bac. Can you say Epic. anywho i loved it

    6. I liked it. He's trying to return and he gets stuck on this island and he's held captive for 7 years. His son goes on a voyage to find out about him and his son doesn't return until a long time - for 3 months.

    7. I read the Odyssey in middle school and really enjoyed. I have been looking for a simple children's version for my younger cousins. This is a great book for middle grade scholars who are interested in mythology. Book four is about the grey-eyed goddess Athena and her role in Odysseus' story.

    8. Not as violent as the others. Odysseus' son, Telemachus, seeks out on ship with the help of Athena to find his father. He never does although he finds out he is alive. It's unclear whether Odyssus is alive at the end but it appears he and his wife die and there is plans for his son to be killed.

    9. A fabulous introduction to The Odyssey and Greek mythology. MPO understands the early chapter book reader. A great option for reluctant or delayed readers.

    10. This was more interesting than some in the series because it describes the family of Odysseus as well as his travels.

    11. I like how the books starts out reminding readers what has happened in the past books. Very easy read.

    12. Tales From the Odyssey is a great series, very readable for younger modern audiences. These tales are exciting.

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