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Pam of Babylon

Pam of Babylon Warning readers Mature content The first in a series of five books Deemed an intriguing first novel by Kirkus Reviews this poignant tale follows Pam a beautiful Long Island housewife who learns of h

  • Title: Pam of Babylon
  • Author: Suzanne Jenkins
  • ISBN: 9781461135920
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Paperback
  • Warning readers Mature content The first in a series of five books Deemed an intriguing first novel by Kirkus Reviews, this poignant tale follows Pam, a beautiful Long Island housewife who learns of her husband s dark secrets only after his sudden deathHer seemingly perfect life is shattered when her husband dies of a heart attack and she comes face to face with his lWarning readers Mature content The first in a series of five books Deemed an intriguing first novel by Kirkus Reviews, this poignant tale follows Pam, a beautiful Long Island housewife who learns of her husband s dark secrets only after his sudden deathHer seemingly perfect life is shattered when her husband dies of a heart attack and she comes face to face with his lies and infidelities.This poignant, affecting drama follows a courageous widow who confronts the horror of a destructive marriage when the people her husband left behind come to share their painful stories.

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      238 Suzanne Jenkins
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    1 thought on “Pam of Babylon

    1. I think this book had potential but by the end of Chapter 4, it was just unreadable. The reaction of the main character to her husband's betrayal was so unrealistic, I could not take this book seriously. in the hospital room after viewing his body and seeing another strange woman with an intense reaction to his death "Oh, you had an affair with my husband and he's dead? The hospital called you before they called me? Oh there there I'm sorry. Here, let me give you a hug and comfort you" Uh hell [...]

    2. I feel really horrible giving a negative review to this book. I won this book as a giveaway. The author seems like a really sweet person who even sent my copy with a hand-written note. That being said, I didn't understand the motives of the characters in this book at all. Major twists and turns would be revealed, only to be followed by lukewarm or inexplicable reactions to said actions or events. There were also a lot of details included in the day to day lives that seemed to be a bit frivolous [...]

    3. There are many things that I did not like about this book and it overtook the few good things. The good thingswell the writing style was pretty good and everything flowed really well.The badThe characters were BEYOND annoying. The story was beyond realistic. Why were the characters annoying?(view spoiler)[Pam is the wife whose husband, Jack, just passed away from a sudden heart attack and takes everything in such stride; accepts his mistress who just realized after he died that she is pregnant. [...]

    4. I loved this book. And, disclaimer, I'm really good friends with the author. That didn't stop me from noticing grammatical errors and wishing her editor had done a better job and it also didn't stop me from losing myself in the pages and the story and just going along for the ride. This is a great beach book, or bathtub book, or just lose yourself for a night or two book.[return][return]You would think that the worst news Pam Smith will ever hear is that her husband has dropped dead on the train [...]

    5. Unfortunately I really did not care much for this book. Pam Smith finds out that her husband has died on a train while returning home. She goes to identify his body and encounters a young woman who also was called upon his death. This is just the beginning of many family secrets and many twists in the plot of the story. To me the storyline was way too simplified, the characters boring and unemotional and then at times way over the top, and too many small details that had nothing to do with the s [...]

    6. When I read the blurb for this book, I thought it was going to be an interesting read into how a family deals with the aftermath of death and infidelity. Instead, what I found were three women who were affected by Jack's indiscretions and none of them acted the way I would have thought they would given the circumstances. Pam Smith lives the idyllic life out in Long Island. She has her fabulous beach house, two wonderful children and her husband of 20+ years. She lives for her husband and her chi [...]

    7. There's a reason why it took me nearly three and a half months to read something that would normally take 4-5 days. So let's start with the only positive thing I have to say. Ms. Jenkins can write. The story was easy to follow and there was nothing wrong or awkward with her language usage.As for the story itself, the three central characters were a bunch of doormats. As all the dirty laundry aired (and there were some whoppers!), no one had a meltdown or breakdown. No one screamed, raged or carr [...]

    8. I really quite liked Pam of Babylon. She seemed to lead such a perfect life. Happy in her marriage, settled into the routine that was her life. But with the death of her husband she begins to unravel the mystery that he was and discovered that she really never allowed herself to know him much at all. The storyline seems like it is all laid out simply enough at first. I felt like I had already figured out the ending in the first few chapters, but I was very very wrong! There are several hidden an [...]

    9. What a strange book!I couldn't get my head around it, I couldn't get into it, and I certainly couldn't understand any of the characters actions and emotions. All rather bizarre but not in a page turning kind of way, just not believable that anyone would act like that after losing their husband. And then, just as it picks up a bit, it just ends. Abruptly. As to say : " now download the second book in the series"Which I absolutely won't.

    10. I won a copy of Pam of Babylon in a first-reads giveaway. I just finished reading it a few minutes ago. The story was interesting, and I found myself having a hard time putting it down. It was, for the most part, an enjoyable read. However, I felt like the last 50 pages held a few too many twists. There were plenty of surprises throughout the book, but they were more evenly spaced out. When I finished this book, it took me a few minutes to comprehend everything that had just occurred in my last [...]

    11. I really enjoyed this book. I read it in one day. Suzanne Jenkins allows the story of a middle aged business man and his wife and lover unfold swiftly, but it wasn't predictable. There were a lot of unexpected turn of events which kept the plot moving along. I'm not sure how many women would handle the turn of events the way Pam did. I'm looking forward to reading the second book.

    12. When a book starts from a seemingly perfect place for the character, you know he is not going to stay there long… So when Jack Smith is looking at the face of Sandra, his mistress, thinking “I am the luckiest man alive,” his luck is at its end. Not only would Marie, his wife’s sister, find out about his affair, but he would to live long enough to try to handle the scandal with Pam, his meek, trusting wife.While he is cheating on her, Pam waits excitedly for his return. “She had the wee [...]

    13. Pam Smith is a Long Island housewife who spends her weekdays preparing for her husband Jack to return every weekend from the city. Their life is a perfect picture of Americana, a modern Norman Rockwell painting of success, comfort, and the love of family and friends. Then, on a Saturday that seems no different than any other, tragedy strikes and Pam faces the greatest challenge of her previously charmed life. A riveting plot, shocking twists, and almost unbearable tension mark Suzanne Jenkins’ [...]

    14. It's not the storyline that bothers me. It's the awful characters. Every last one of them disgust me with their selfish characteristics. I connected with no one and felt they all got what they deserved. Marie: Resents her sister and crushes over her brother in law.Pam: Self centered and only cares about her own comfort. Who cares that her husband died? She thought his business was going to go to their son, not his mistress!Sandra: Skanky mistress. Sleeps with the husband but is annoyed when his [...]

    15. What can I say, But OMG!!!!!This book has so many things going on that by the time you're at the end. you're left wanting, DESIRING MORE!I loved Pam, I could never have gone through all that crap and made it look as though I was put together.I mean really your husband is dead, a cheater, and lord know has a bunch more secrets hiding. I'm sure someone would have got shotoh wait someone didLOLSandra, and Marie are by far very interesting. Both kinda in the same boat, but one on the sinking end was [...]

    16. I won the second book in the series from a giveaway, so the Author generously gave me the kindle edition of this book to read so I would be up to date. Thank you Suzanne Jenkins!! She is now one of my favorite authors, this book was so wonderful! It had me angry, sad, and then happy. Just what a good book does for you, it was a wonderful escape to another world. The lives of these women, so effected by this one man. The characters were so clear and detailed, the world around them was described s [...]

    17. Touching on so many levels, just when you thought you could forsee what the author was going to write, another twist was penned. Most definitely not suitable for young eyes, I was shocked beyond belief. Loved the countless plot scenarios, I fell in love with these characters. Pam a little too selfish, Sandra wow what a predicament, Marie, truely saddening, not sure what to believe. And yes, at last, a smidge of sorrow for Jack. Looking forward to reading more in this series. Oh where, oh where d [...]

    18. I feel that the author did a nice job adding some plot twists to her story. Imagine finding out all kinds of things about your husband in the hours, days, and weeks after his sudden death. It was written in a way that did keep your interest but I think that Pam's reaction to finding out that her husband had a mistress is pretty far fetched. It just rings as so unbelievable. Putting that aside, since maybe a St. Pam exists somewhere, Jenkins did a decent job in developing her story. I do have boo [...]

    19. I actually won a copy of "Don't You Forget About Me," the sequal to "Pam of Babylon" from Good Reads, and Ms. Jenkins was kind enough to send me a PDF copy of "Pam" so as to keep me up to date before I began reading the second book.I have to say, I really did enjoy the story. I agree with some in that it, at times, was hard to follow with the quick switch of POV, but all in all I thought it was an interesting, thought provoking read, making one consider just what you would be leaving behind shou [...]

    20. I didn't enjoy this book about a man having a heart attack and his wife and mistress being informed, both going to the hospital to see him. The man dies and the wife finds out about the mistress. She is OK with the mistress and wants to be friends! The wife, Pam, is completely insane! Then we find out that Pam's sister, Marie, was also in love with the dead guy.Unfortunately, this book was boring and the characters were ridiculous. Nobody would act the way Pam did when she learned about all her [...]

    21. Fun and easy read about a woman who loses her husband to a sudden heart attack and finds out (very early in the book - so no spoilers here) that he had a mistress whom she befriends and even invites to the funeral. As Pam grieves, she grows out of her doormat-persona and takes on her mother-in-law, the lawyers, the mistress and her little sister. She learns more about her husband through his death than she knew while he was alive.

    22. I received a copy of this book free from . This story had a really interesting story line, but it was a little hard to follow. It was told from the perspective of so many different characters that I sometimes forgot whose head I was in and there was a little too much detail. I'm not sure I quite understood the motivation of the characters either. They were all very fickle. I wish Suzanne the best in writing the follow up. I think with some editing the next book could be very good.

    23. Overall, I really enjoyed this book and will definitely read the sequel when it comes out. It was a very easy read, and once I started, I wasn't able to put the book down. I did think that there was a little too many twists and turns to the point that it seemed a little unreal that all of those things would happen to one family. But nevertheless, I thought it was a really good book that I would definitely recommend to others.*I won this book through a giveaway.

    24. Glad I won this book from First Reads here on .This book started out with surprises and continued on from one surprise to the next! Makes a person wonder what will be left for others to find out someday. Loved Pam and even Sandra. So happy to see book 2 is coming out soon too. Thanks Suzanne Jenkins great writing!

    25. Interesting story, although I thought Pam was a little on the wishy-washy side. She took things too much in stride. She needed to be a bit more of a bitch. Was hoping to find out more about the husband's life, guess I needed more dirt. The ending gave you hope for Pam but it also kind of left you hanging. All in all a decent read.

    26. I really enjoyed this book. The characters were interesting, and their interaction made me want to keep reading to see what was going to happen next. I could not put the book down. And I have been waiting for the sequel so that I can see what happens. I think it is a marvelous first book for Author Jenkins! I will definitely keep this author on my reading list.

    27. Snappy opera materialThis was recommended to me by a new friend. She said, you won't believe the first chapter! I was hooked. It's not deep and I figured out some of the secrets, but a light easy and very fun read. I plan on reading the rest of the series.

    28. Not badly written but weird NYC details were grating. When the cheating husband tried to get to Long Island from Grand Central Station, it destroyed my suspension of disbelief. I think I am not the audience for this anyway. Didn't finish it.

    29. Did you ever keep reading a book just because you couldn't believe it could get any more ridiculous? Yup, I just did.

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