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Jamie's Great Britain

Jamie s Great Britain Celebrating Britain s very best foodJamie grew up in one of the first true British gastropubs which his Mum and Dad still run today For him the heart and soul of real British cooking is food that p

  • Title: Jamie's Great Britain
  • Author: Jamie Oliver
  • ISBN: 9780718156817
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Celebrating Britain s very best foodJamie grew up in one of the first true British gastropubs , which his Mum and Dad still run today For him, the heart and soul of real British cooking is food that puts a smile on your face And that s what he wants to share in the new book the essence of British food, done properly Over the years, British food culture has embraced flCelebrating Britain s very best foodJamie grew up in one of the first true British gastropubs , which his Mum and Dad still run today For him, the heart and soul of real British cooking is food that puts a smile on your face And that s what he wants to share in the new book the essence of British food, done properly Over the years, British food culture has embraced flavours and influences from all the people who came and made Great Britain their home The food reflects an open minded culture as well as the country s beauty There are over 100 of Jamie s favourite recipes some are indisputable classics, some are his versions of the classics, some should be classics but just haven t been made famous yet and others he s made up from the great bounty of British produce Wherever you re from, if you love food this book will offer you a little taste of happiness.

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    1 thought on “Jamie's Great Britain

    1. Readers of my blog know that I am a huge fan of Jamie Oliver, so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to review this cookbook. Many people caught "Britain fever" this summer due to the Olympics in London, and this cookbook is released at a time when the world is really interested in knowing more about the country and it's culture. This book honestly has some of the best looking recipes in any of Jamie's books yet, and that's saying something because I love all of this cookbooks!The book is ove [...]

    2. My husband, The Doctor, is originally from a town on the southern coast of England. Over our 16 years of marriage, I've learned to cook some of his favorite dishes and so when I had the opportunity to review Jamie Oliver's Great Britain, I jumped at the chance. I offered it to The Doctor to look at and his first response was, "these are all tarted up". Do you need a translation? He meant that Jamie took normal recipes and made them all fancy. But then, Jamie is a famous television chef and most [...]

    3. I was in the mood for a beautifully presented and not too high falutin' cookbook and that's what I got. It is pretty readable as a book and I found some interesting ideas. It seemed tremendously heavy on the flesh foods even for a book celebrating British cooking although the helpful 'v's next to veggie recipes in the index are in sufficient quantity to suggest that was only an impression.I'm not sure it was really organised in the right way nor British enough to live up to its title but treated [...]

    4. Why haven't I cooked anything from this book??!!!. My picky family won't eat the lovely food (I know they won't eat rabbit)but I would eat absolutely everything cooked from this book because they are pretty gorgeous recipes. I didn't realise British food could be so good! This is a lovely, chunky book with fabulous photos and displays. I promise I will cook something from this book within the next week, promise! You've got to love a good looking book though.

    5. A big hug from Jamie, with effusive photographs, long prose-poem recipes, Yemeni pancakes and pickalilly, and despite the length and heft of the book you feel like he's also rushing to tell you about homemade yogurt, mustard and infused liquor. It's probably a nightmare to be his wife, but the book is a mood-lifter.

    6. I do love a good cookbook. I read them much like a read a novel. There is much to be learned within the covers of cookbooks - even if I never use a recipe I pick up tips and tricks and taste combinations I might never have thought of. Some of my favorite dinners have come out reading different recipes and combining pieces of them to come up with a whole. I am a collector of cookbooks and my shelves hold one more now.Jamie Oliver's Great Britain is a beautiful cookbook full of stunning photograph [...]

    7. This is a wonderful book. Full of heart-felt nostalgia, lovely personal stories that give each recipe context, and even little snippets of food history thrown in. I love Jamie's food writing, his voice rings so true, and his passion for the ingredients comes across so genuinely. He really seems to care about making recipes accessible, all about hearty flavors, honoring local ingredients, and satisfying real appetites. The happiness oozing from the pages of this book is almost palpable.As always [...]

    8. I have to say it, I probably won't cook many items from this one. But I've been a Jamie Oliver fan for a while, so I had to check it out. I've only cooked one item: the cauliflower cheese soup - it turned out all right but, as with most Jamie recipes, you need to have many skills before making. And honestly, putting the soup in a casserole dish in the oven, after cooking on the stove seemed unnecessary. The thing this one has going for it though, is it has the crispy duck salad and the ice cream [...]

    9. The first recipe that I have tried from this book the the fresh tomato soup (pg.46). I havent made this with the croutons, just made the soup on its own for lunch. The combination of tomatos, basil and garlic brings a lovely smell to the kitchen. I used frozen basil rather than fresh basil as this was all i had, but this meant that when i blended it it just crumbled rather than ending up stewed. The idea of blending the ingredients whilst uncooked was a little odd and I found doing the carrots p [...]

    10. Visually lovely & written in a very engaging style. I was surprised by the level of involvement for each recipe as I was under the impression that Jamie's recipes were simple, nutritious & for everyone. There is a large block of text accompanying each recipe that needs to be read carefully beforehand & it was hard to find my place when I needed to refer back to it during the creative process. This book is for dedicated cooks who enjoy spending time in the kitchen.

    11. Perfect. The matte, full color pages were not irritating and glossy. The book was beautifully detailed and photographed. Oliver's commentary is priceless and so appreciated. I don't buy cookbooks that are simply lists of ingredients and step by step instructions anymore. I am more than willing to pay $30+ for books that are well-written and thoughtful with lots of insight and backstory. This was very enjoyable.

    12. The recipes are written in a paragraph/block of text rather than a point form so it's harder to follow during cooking, and there is definitely more involvement with each meal - it's not a 15, 30 or even sometimes a 45 minute recipe by any means! They are meant for special occasions or those days you just want to experiment and try something new-to-you. Jamie definitely goes above and beyond to change my mind about how boring British food USED TO be.

    13. Really liked this book. Yes, it's incredibly pretty, but more so, the recipes are exciting! There are loads of old favorites that are just begging to be cooked. I borrowed this out from the library, and am glad I did, as most of the recipes are not ones I'd cook, but some of the cakes, breakfasts and soups are lovely. Yummo Jamie, doing it well as always!

    14. Another gem from Jamie. Love the presentation and the paper used. Loaded with awesome recipes that anyone could try - nothing too fussy. Although a lot of his recipes use chilli which i am allergic to i can usually leave it out and still make most of the dishes in the book. Can't wait to try the Jam Tarts.

    15. I was so impressed with this book. One normally think that Great Britain's cuisine is not very good, but if you dig in their roots and take the time of discovering what it really has to show, you can get amazed. If you like learning about food from different countries than yours, this is the book for you.

    16. I love this cookbook! It's easy to read, colorful, and loaded with pictures. Every recipe has a photo, and the pages are easy to turn. Which might not seem that amazing but it counts when you want to find a recipe fast! All of the recipes are easy to follow and the ingredients are not so far fetched or too fancy. Fancy cooking has it's place, but I'm all about flavor.

    17. I had a big feeling of deja-vu while going through the latest Jamie Oliver cookbook. Being British it's logical he's published most of these recipes in one form or another already. This collection was probably made to ride along on 2012's Brit craze. There wasn't anything really exciting (to me) in here. Not really worth seeking out if you have read or own a few of Jamie's cookbooks already.

    18. It's difficult to get some ingredients in the recipes here in Singapore. Tried a breakfast recipe this morning.The book is well organized into breakfast, tea, pub snacks, sauces making it easy to navigate daily cooking requirements at various time of the day.

    19. LOVE this book! Going to make three recipes from it this week! I'll admit, I was getting a little panicky when I hadn't come across Cornish Pasties. But alas! They are in there and in a very fancy update. I'm so happy to add this to my shelf :-D

    20. I think this is the best of his cookbooks, but it's possible that's because, despite my American-ness, British Sunday roasts are the epitome of comfort food to me.And, as usual, if you can ignore his smugness and the slight sanctimoniousness of his personality, they are good, solid recipes.

    21. Wonderful cookbook, filled with modern twists on traditional recipes, lovely photography, and Oliver's signature writing style. Some ingredients may be challenging to find if you are located in the States. Suet, for example, isn't readily available where I am.

    22. For me only Jamie's 'Dinners' beats this book to date. But then I haven't read all his books. Our love of good old British food is taken to the max in this book. If you like Jamie's London Lad no nonsense cooking - you'll love this collection of classics - and some with a twist.

    23. A beautifully laid out cook book with not a wasted page. Every recipe is one I would like to try in my kitchen.

    24. Asi si všechno neuděláte, ale co zkusíte to je pecka a hlavně se to vlastně dá i jen tak přečíst, což je u kuchařky věc ne úplně obvyklá.

    25. not your "traditional" British foods. Nice pictures and "story" as with all Jamie's books, but I was expecting more traditional recipes without a more modern twist (maybe some oatcakes?)

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