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City of Fiends

City of Fiends It s and England is in turmoil King Edward II has been removed from the throne and his son installed in his place The old man s rule had proved a disaster for the realm and many hope that his rem

  • Title: City of Fiends
  • Author: Michael Jecks
  • ISBN: 9780857205216
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It s 1327 and England is in turmoil King Edward II has been removed from the throne and his son installed in his place The old man s rule had proved a disaster for the realm and many hope that his removal may mean the return of peace to England s cities Keeper of the King s Peace Sir Baldwin de Furnshill and his friend Bailiff Simon Puttock had been tasked with guardingIt s 1327 and England is in turmoil King Edward II has been removed from the throne and his son installed in his place The old man s rule had proved a disaster for the realm and many hope that his removal may mean the return of peace to England s cities Keeper of the King s Peace Sir Baldwin de Furnshill and his friend Bailiff Simon Puttock had been tasked with guarding Edward II, but they have failed in their task and now ride fast to Exeter to inform the sheriff of the old king s escape In Exeter, the sheriff has problems of his own Overnight the body of a young maid has been discovered, lying bloodied and abandoned in a dirty alleyway The city s gates had been shut against the lawlessness outside, so the perpetrator must still lie within the sanctuary of the town When Baldwin de Furnshill arrives, along with Sir Richard de Welles, a companion of old, he is tasked with uncovering the truth behind this gruesome murder But, in a city where every man hides a secret, his task will be far from easy

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    1 thought on “City of Fiends

    1. I was busy signing copies of the latest paperback in an independent bookshop a week or three ago, when a woman came up and asked if I knew Michael Jecks. Happily, I could say that I did, which was just as well because the next 5 minutes were taken up singing his praises And well deserved it was. Mike Jecks has been described by no less an authority than Scotland on Sunday as 'A National Treasure'; rather like Andrew Taylor, another excellent writer who bridges the genres of crime and history, ha [...]

    2. For my latest title I've returned to Exeter with Simon and Baldwin. This was a terrible time for the Cathedral. Just as the King was forced from his throne, and the realm was thrown into turmoil, Bishop Walter was murdered in London. After a little while, Bishop James was brought to the See, but he suddenly died - and I have shown how. But the story revolves around four families in a small lane in Exeter. One a rich merchant's family with pretensions to nobility, a widow with her two boys fighti [...]

    3. City of Fiends is the next chapter in the tale of Sir Baldwin and his friend Simon Puttock. Michael Jecks is a great author. England of 1327 is portrayed probably like it was. You see how the justice system of the times worked, how brutal it could be. Once more Baldwin and Simon are looking into murders. This time they are on their way home and are in Exeter. Not only are there two townspeople murdered but there is a murderous gang on the loose on their way to Exter. They has killed and robbed m [...]

    4. It is 1327 and a child king is on the throne of England while his father has been forced to abdicate the throne and is imprisoned. Marauders roam the land in the name of one of the forces competing for the crown. A bishop is murdered. In Exeter women are being murdered. The former Templar knight, Sir Baldwin, is tasked with solving these crimes despite his age and infirmities. A good Medieval read.

    5. Michael Jecks’s City of Fiends is one of the latest in his longstanding Knights Templar series. A classic whodunit murder mystery with the added intrigue of a fourteenth century England setting, the story revolves around Jecks’s crime-solving duo: former Knight Templar and Keeper of the King’s Peace, Sir Baldwin, and his bailiff and friend, Puttock. The characters are well-rounded and realistic, the plot fast-paced and full of twists. Set in Exeter and revolving around four families, Jecks [...]

    6. This is not a bad book, by any means. It's the only Michael Jecks I've read, but I've read a lot more engrossing historical fiction. Having said that, I was up 'til 1 finishing it off. The twist was nicely held off to the end, but there was a little too much of, without spoilers, wrapping everything up nicely and resetting the world for the next book

    7. Another fine addition to the Templar mysteries by Michael Jecks. This one is set in the medieval version of Exeter, in the chaos following the deposing of King Edward II for his son, also named Edward. Fans of the movie Braveheart will know Edward II as the fay, worthless son of Longshanks; he didn't get better with age.However, with the change of rulers, instability follows, and the trio of Baldwin, Welles, and Puttuck are soon caught up in a strange mystery involving the gruesome murders of se [...]

    8. This is the 31st Knights Templar novel and is set in a time when Edward II has been deposed in favour of his son. Baldwin de Furnshill and Simon Puttock have been charged with guarding the old king but he escapes with the help of loyal supporters and they are left to take the urgent news to Exeter.True to form they ride right into a crisis – a young servant has been murdered. Shortly after another woman is gruesomely slaughtered. At the centre of the plot is a dysfunctional family with dark se [...]

    9. I feel this is one of Mr. Jecks better efforts.While as in the last few entries in the series, Mr. Jecks weaves both a local murder and one with serious political overtones, I feel in this entry he does a much better job of weaving the two together.This novel is set in Exeter at the time right after Edward II's escape from Berkley Castle and incorporates the probable murder of the Bishop of Exeter, the successor to Bishop Stapleton who we came to know in many previous volumes, along with the mur [...]

    10. I hadn't read one of Michael Jecks' books for a few years, but picked this up as I had greatly enjoyed his earlier ones. I wasn't disappointed - Michael has a great knack of describing a scene without ever being long winded. Everything is to-the-point and it makes for a story that flows along fluidly and entertainingly without ever feeling like a chore to read. It's the type of book you can pick up and put down at a whim, if you like, but you'll more often than not find yourself enjoying it so m [...]

    11. It's 1327 in Exeter, England. Once again Sir Baldwin de Furnshill and Simon Puttock are called upon to investigate murders. Along this time is their old pal Sir Richard de Welles. Strangely the chief villain this time is Baldwin and Simon's former companion Sir Charles of Lancaster. Charles is a supporter of the deposed King Edward II and is committing heinous destruction and murder in the neighborhood of Exeter.It's hard to believe there were as many rotten and screwed up people in a small city [...]

    12. I enjoyed this book and thought it was a good story line, maybe too many characters all in one go which was confusing. The style was a bit simplistic for me but I'm used to classics. I would certainly read another book by Jecks if I was looking for an easy relaxed read that I wanted to have as an inbetweeny from something more serious. A fantastic book to take on holiday but you will need other reads as you would get through it very quickly.

    13. Medieval whodunnit with a bit of cut n'thrust in the background. Very handy dramatis persona at the start. Less boring than one of Ken Folet's tomes.Good read, although the end is pretty easy to guess.Apparently this awfur has a HUGE back catalogue. Dunno if I will hunt down anymore.And don't you just hate it when you reach the end of a book and it gives you chapter 1 of the sequel/prequel ?

    14. As always, the historical research accuracy is superb. I did find that I had no doubts as to the murderer for a long time before the characters in the story, but the psychological detail about the various characters was such that the mystery was secondary to the story. I found myself delaying reading the next chapter because I didn't want the book to end. The next book in this series is a prequel, so I hope Jecks is not discontinuing the historical progression.

    15. Tense and exhilarating!Jam packed with excitement, anticipation, surprise and anecdotes that are even more appropriate in today's society than ever! Don't miss this excellent author's work if you like material with substance. Different, however every bit as entertaining as a good Lee Child novel.

    16. This is the first time I have read one of Jecks' books as I was looking for a new author. I think I may have benefitted from reading soem of his other work first, but I still enjoyed it as it made a pleasant change from my usual historical fiction.

    17. Great read, as ever. Good to have Baldwin and Simon back in Devon. Hugh seems to have been given a very back seat, hope for more of him in the future. Really enjoyed this, very complicated story, which kept me guessing until quite near the end.

    18. Micheal Jecks never fails to provide a great whodonit mystery. The title is very appropriate for what unfolds!

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