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The Reformation

The Reformation The Story of Civilization Volume VI A history of European civilization from Wyclif to Calvin This is the sixth volume of the classic Pulitzer Prize winning series

  • Title: The Reformation
  • Author: Will Durant
  • ISBN: 9781567310177
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Story of Civilization, Volume VI A history of European civilization from Wyclif to Calvin 1300 1564 This is the sixth volume of the classic, Pulitzer Prize winning series.

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    1. The Reformation (The Story of Civilization #6), Will DurantThe Story of Civilization, Volume VI: A history of European civilization from Wyclif to Calvin: 1300-1564. This is the sixth volume of the classic, Pulitzer Prize-winning series.تاریخ نخستین خوانش: سال 1994 میلادیعنوان: اصلاح دینی - کتاب ششم از تاریخ تمدن؛ نویسنده: ویل دورانت؛پنج کتاب است و یک پایان سخن: کتاب اوّل: از ویکلیف ت [...]

    2. Holland boasted of several ladies who could be courted in Latin, who could probably conjugate better than they could decline.So continues Durant’s tour through European history.As Durant himself points out, calling this book The Reformation is not really accurate, for it is actually a history of all Europe (besides Italy) between 1300 and 1564, with a few other topics thrown in. This book effectively completes the picture painted in his earlier volume, The Renaissance, which covered the histor [...]

    3. In a note to his readers, Durant writes that “The Reformation” (Part 6 of The Story of Civilization) “is not quite an honest title for this book.” “An accurate title would be,” he says, “A History of European Civilization Outside of Italy from 1300 to 1564, or Thereabouts, Including the History of Religion in Italy and an Incidental View of Islamic and Judaic Civilization in Europe, Africa, and Western Asia.” While the information on the reformation -- the N. European break from [...]

    4. Whereas the previous work on the Renaissance was drastically restricted to the art of Italy, and even more so, to the three cities of Florence, Rome and Venice, this work deals with developments in the religious, political, economic, social, moral and artistic spheres of not only Italy, but also Germany, France, England, Spain, Holland and Eastern Europe. While the principal emphasis is on the religious challenge posed by not only Luther, but also by Wyclif, Huss, Calvin, Knox, Zwingli and the F [...]

    5. Will Durant books on the series 'The Story of Civilization' are always voluminous. The volume I just completed is the 6th in the series. The book is in three parts. While the first two parts are well researched accounts of how the reformers took over Europe between 1300 to 1575 AD, the third part contains history of Islamic Civilization, story of the Turkish empire which aspired to conquer Europe in its entirety and managed to conquer upto Spain. They also had plans to turn the entire known worl [...]

    6. عالی مثل تمام جلدهای قبلی حماقت کشیش ها واقعیت جریان لوتری ضربات مذهب و . رفتم جلد بعدی

    7. Will Durant's The Reformation is an detailed thousand-page study of Europe leading up to the Reformation, the actual splintering of the Church in the 16th century, and the Catholic Church's own Counter-Reformation.Durant's histories are always worth reading because they attempt to present the complete picture of what was happening, including not only events but the effects on the culture of the period. Hence, we have not only the deeds of Luther, Calvin, Knox, and Henry VIII, but the Ottoman Emp [...]

    8. Owing to a spotty education in the public schools and in college, the period from the early Roman empire until the Enlightenment was a pretty grey area for me until seminary. There, thanks to required church history classes and inspired subsequent reading, I 'got into' the European middle ages through the Reformation, which, arguably, heralded the true birth of the modern.As ever, Durant's survey is an excellent introduction to the period.

    9. The book starts slow, becomes tumultuous, and as it ends leaves you wanting more. Durant is the voice of history for me. His prose rises and falls with the times. I lament that he is not here to write of our own.

    10. Rudnicki reads the book with his usual understated competence, but this time out the author maybe didn't have quite enough material---I often felt as if the narrative was a bit attenuated, filled out with too many examples and occasional repetitions. Still, it's a grand tale of men (and, occasionally, women) and ideas in conflict, easy to follow and lit with flashes of humor. Terrific for listening to on long walks, as are the other volumes in the series.

    11. I read this book many years ago. It was my first in-depth exposure to Martin Luther, John Calvin and others. John Wyclif, John Huss and others anticipated Luther and Calvin and paved the way for their thinking and actions. This book gives the reader a very comprehensive look into the Reformation and why it came about. Durant, along with his wife Ariel, spent their lives creating a massive and comprehensive look at world history. Their detailed research beggars the imagination. I read the book fr [...]

    12. Another great book from the Durant's! One of the few books to successfully separate the Mennonites from their wayward Anabaptist brethren the Munsterites, and state the Mennonite world view without lumping them in with the Quakers. He is largely humanistic in his outlook (not judgin', just sayin'), which probably gave him the distance needed to make these two important distinctions that many sectarian historians do err in.

    13. Reading Durant's "The Story of Civilization" has been/is becoming one of the greatest experiences of my life. It is a joy I recommend to everyone.

    14. Whew. That took forever. I rated this book a 3/5 primarily because it failed to keep my interest at the level I anticipated. I was expecting the material to focus on the Protestant Reformation, but Durant was trying to cover the entire period of history between 1300 and 1564 (which the subtitle makes clear: "A History of European Civilization from Wyclif to Calvin"). I was half way through upon this realization but pressed on to complete the project. Though my interest waned upon encountering ch [...]

    15. When fanatic Christians massacred while Islam was tolerantEric Hoffer’s classic “The True Believer,” which I reviewed March 11, gave me some insight into the fanaticism driving the religious violence and terrorism that is tearing apart so much of the world.“The Reformation: A History of European Civilization from Wyclif to Calvin: 1300 – 1564,” volume six of Will Durrant’s massive and monumental 10-volume “The Story of Civilization,” reminds me that, until very recent times, th [...]

    16. I'm imagining how it was for the Durants to organize this book. Part of the joy of reading them is how much they love doing this. No surprise at all that they would begin with the idea of writing about Luther and a few key figures, and then whoa-ho, they've expanded to 246 years. The introduction gives me a smile, like they're thinking, "We better explain this." The result is a fascinating story of the Reformation, what led to it, what happened around it, and how this changed people's lives.I en [...]

    17. The authors took on an immense amount of material wrangled under the heading of The Reformation and they admitted up front. Consequently, the work's narrative flow suffers some. This book is at its best, not surprisingly, when it deals with… The Reformation, and wanders somewhat in a very wide-angled efforts to provide context. The Durants do provide this context admirably, explaining factors why The Reformation may have had such an impact at this time without pooh-poohing the impact of indivi [...]

    18. Read the following lines and have a sip of Durant's wine. In one sense the drama of religious, political, and martial conflict that filled the front of sixteenth century was superficial, for it proceeded only by permission of a deeper drama played behind the historic scenes or beneath the pompous stage - man's daily and perpetual battle with soil, the elements, poverty, and death. what, after all, were the bulls and blasts of popes and protestants, the rival absurdities of murderous mythologies, [...]

    19. Always eloquent, stylish, Durant makes you love history of humankind, not despise it as a chronology of only wars and human sufferings. 5 books to go, way to go.

    20. Wow! And Whew! I finally finished this massive tome of 940 pages, the first volume of Will Durant's series that I have read. I had always intended to learn more about the Reformation. I didn't want to read about it from a purely theological or church perspective. And I got way more than I sought. Despite the title, as the author says, a more accurate title would be, "A History of European Civilization Outside of Italy from 1300 to 1564, or Thereabouts, Including the History of Religion in Italy [...]

    21. For such a big book, it wasn't that hard of a read.Oh, what a madman that Luther fellow was!I cannot say that I have ever read anything as vile and calumnious as the words - practically all thereof - written by Luther. He had very few endearing qualities, and far, far, far too many that make him appear to be just about the most ridiculous human being to have ever walked this planet. The thought that he was so highly acclaimed by the Germans casts a lot of doubt on Hitler's notion of the German b [...]

    22. It's easy to get self satisfied after reading such a large and ponderous volume. One almost feels that a trophy or at the very least a badge should be given upon completion. Brownie points and gold stars aside. I'm overwhelmed with the same civic pride I get on Election Day after pushing my ballot into the slot for the counting. While the entire series contains a comprehensive overview of a liberal education, the essence of cultural literacy, this particular volume contains struggles the world s [...]

    23. I'm not sure Will Durant is properly considered a historian; he does not original research but uses the resources historians provide. He considered himself a philosopher who worked mostly on the material of history, citing Napoleon who said that history is the only true philosophy. But however Durant is categorized, as a writer and teacher he is in the First Rank. Some writers excel in the details. They know every tree in the forest by name, as well as its birth and progress, the peculiar shape [...]

    24. Again, like his previous books in The Story of Civilization, this was quite excellent and definitely moves to greater relevance with each passing work as it gets closer to our present time. (Suppose I have harbored an admiration for quite some time on how Durant could dedicate himself over the course of 40+ years to writing those books in the series even if it was incomplete, as he had intended to go up until 1900 but old age began to get to him and unfortunately his wife passed at almost the ex [...]

    25. While I did enjoy the book, it was a tough read. It seemingly covers aspect of life during that time, from art to religion to science. It even devoted sections to subcategories so for example within the arts, it discusses music, sculpture, painting.The author is very opinionated and occasionally I found myself confusing the writings or sayings of a period personage with the author's own thoughts on the matter. Either the author was very worldly or he had help in developing and writing this book [...]

    26. Companion volume to the earlier book on the Renaissance--but that one concentrated on Italy while this one covers a lot more of Europe. I wonder how many people have actually read all these books? They are not designed for reading in bed--too big and heavy. I enjoy Durant's witty comments and perspective. I used to get a bit frustrated by his humanistic philosophy--but taking a long view of the various religious groups and philosophies makes me understand his cynicism a bit better--if one didn't [...]

    27. wow ,WOW wow another 4 lb book read . This book is to heavy and there is to much material in it to call it a enjoyable read . I knew about Martin Luther from school but not to this extent or about John Calvin. I knew about Henry VIII and his decision to break away from the catholic church but I always thought it was about his wives and didn;t know about all the dissent that had gone on for hundred of years before starting with John Wycliffe and others . It is almost to much material to take in a [...]

    28. Part VI of Dr. Durant's colossal "Story of Civilization." This volume covers the period 1300 - 1564. Like many others, I've had this renowned series of books on my shelf and never quite got to reading them. Finally, with time running out, I simply reached up and grabbed this one. What a feast for the history buff! Dr. Durant's scope and research is beyond belief, yet he writes clearly and even with humor. All the familiar names and places are there, but hundreds of the unfamiliar as well--with a [...]

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