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Stolen Prey

Stolen Prey An incredible crime An unthinkable response An up and coming banker and his entire family are butchered in an affluent Saint Paul suburb There were no witnesses no fingerprints no clues other than t

  • Title: Stolen Prey
  • Author: John Sandford Richard Ferrone
  • ISBN: 9781611760668
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Audio CD
  • An incredible crime An unthinkable response.An up and coming banker and his entire family are butchered in an affluent Saint Paul suburb There were no witnesses, no fingerprints, no clues other than the scrawled in blood message, We re coming It doesn t take long for Lucas Davenport to find that the banker wasn t as clean as he seemed, and his killing is just the tipAn incredible crime An unthinkable response.An up and coming banker and his entire family are butchered in an affluent Saint Paul suburb There were no witnesses, no fingerprints, no clues other than the scrawled in blood message, We re coming It doesn t take long for Lucas Davenport to find that the banker wasn t as clean as he seemed, and his killing is just the tip of an iceberg of greed and corruption But the deeper he digs, the it becomes clear that it s not just a crime he s investigating It s a war And neither side wants him to get involved, or to find out too much.

    Stolen Prey A Prey Novel Fulfillment by FBA is a service we offer sellers that lets them store their products in s fulfillment centers, and we directly pack, ship, and provide customer service for these products. Stolen Prey John Sandford Filled with John Sandford s trademark razor sharp plotting and some of the best characters in suspense fiction, Stolen Prey is further evidence for why the Cleveland Plain Dealer called the Davenport novels a perfect series Grateful readers greet the annual appearance of Davenport with joy, it noted, then plan for a sleepless, page turning night. Stolen Prey The Prey Series Book Kindle edition by Stolen Prey The Prey Series Book Kindle edition by John Sandford Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Stolen Prey The Prey Series Book . Track find your stolen phones, laptops tablets Prey ANTI THEFT TOOLS Receive evidence reports on lost devices with locations, pictures, screenshots, nearby WiFis, and user data React with actions like the Prey disambiguation This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Prey If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article. Twisted Prey John Sandford Lucas Davenport confronts an old nemesis, now powerful than ever as a U.S senator, in the thrilling new novel in the New York Times bestselling Prey series Special Report Cyber thieves exploit banks faith in Shortly after p.m on January , , a message from a secure computer terminal at Banco del Austro BDA in Ecuador instructed San Francisco based Wells Fargo to transfer money to bank John Sandford novelist John Sandford, real name John Roswell Camp born February , , is an American novelist and former journalist.

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      352 John Sandford Richard Ferrone
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    1 thought on “Stolen Prey

    1. John Sandford’s Prey series has had no shortage of brutal crimes in its long history, but this one hits an new level of That-Is-Messed-Up! by starting off with an entire family including young children being extensively tortured and then killed. Hell, even their dogs get whacked! You know it’s going to be a rough ride when not even the pets are safe.Lucas Davenport may be a tough ass cop, but apparently even he isn’t immune to street crime when he is mugged while out jogging. (The muggers [...]

    2. Lucas Davenport is back on the job for the twenty-second time, and as the book opens Lucas is himself the victim of a crime. Out for a run, he stops by an ATM and withdraws $500.00. Moments later, a pair of tweekers rob him at gunpoint. They take his five hundred bucks and knock him down, breaking his wrist. Lucas will have to be in a cast for three months and, needless to say for those who know him, he's going to be seriously angry about this.Lucas is determined to find and arrest the robbers a [...]

    3. Is it just me, or has Lucas Davenport lost a little something off his fastball? In Stolen Prey, 22nd in John Sandford’s Prey series, Lucas has to puzzle out the connections between a horrific murder and the theft of millions of dollars. But he doesn’t seem up to the task. During his daily run, Lucas muses: “He was getting older, with almost as much gray hair as black at his temples, with the beginnings of what would someday be slashing lines beside his mouth, but right now, on this spring [...]

    4. Suspense Galore in John Sandford's LatestThere’s something a little different about this novel. In 21 previous entries in the Lucas Davenport series, John Sandford always managed to slip in wry comments here and there, exposing the dark humor that characterizes the banter among the agents of the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA). Somehow, though, there was a lot more of that humor in this novel than I can recall reading before in several earlier books — despite the unusually ho [...]

    5. Even for John Sandford and the entire Prey series, this book was violent. People are killed in long torturous ways, and by people I mean families. The saddest part of the whole horrendous crime is it is based in reality. The author did not exaggerate.The story opens up with the violent murder of a well to do family by a Mexican drug gang. Given the viciousness of the crime Lucas and his cohorts are immediately brought in to solve this case before any more victims can pile up. The most important [...]

    6. Received from Library Thing Early Reviewers ProgramOverall Rating: 4.25Story Rating: 4.50Character Rating: 4.00First Thought when Finished: When is the next one?What I Loved: Thrillers are so hard to review because the parts that you love the most are the parts you really shouldn't talk about. The twists and turns in this investigation were done superbly by John Sandford. There was one that I did not see coming and it kind of knocked me on my hiney. Though the twist itself made perfect sense. I [...]

    7. Once again I am in the minority as to quality of a book. This is nowhere near the quality of earlier Sandford's Davenport novels. The characters lack any depth and are pretty much cookie cutter bad guys. Sandford's attempts at humor for the most part fall flat. In fact, if I hadn't wanted to know how a subplot came out I would have abandoned the book about a third of the way in. I haven't given up on Sandford, however. He has another Virgil Flowers book due out later this year and I am looking f [...]

    8. One of Sandford's better Lucas Davenport novels. I sometimes wonder though if the reader makes the book. Richard Ferrone has always been one of favorite readers and perhaps his subtle emotional tone shifts add to my enjoyment. Who knows (and who cares?) No point in a retelling of the plot, what I especially liked about this one was the total lack of drivel with external characters like Weather and Lucas's friend the nun psychologist whose name escapes me. (Robert Parker's books also have ambival [...]

    9. Okay 'Prey' fans, and if you're not, read this book, and you WILL be. I just started this killer thriller and it's one of those action stories where, like "The Secret Spy" by Alex Berenson, the first few pages are so well written that you can't wait to continue. Sandford is clearly at the top of his game with the last few in this series, I think I've read the last ten or so, and this one looks to be one of, if not, the best. Take a scan next time you're in the book-store, you'll see what I mean, [...]

    10. As I read this book, I wondered if I had read it before. Rivera and Martinez seemed familiar, and the ATM thieves. I never really determined if I had, but probably not, because I think I would have anticipated the ending more. At any rate, I enjoyed it. Maybe not my favorite in the series, but it was good, and kept my attention. (And I still would not be surprised if I found it listed somewhere as a book I had read; a daughter sometimes gives me paperbacks that she picks up in her travels, and I [...]

    11. John Sandford is back with the latest installment (#22) - Stolen Prey - in his wildly successful and hugely popular series featuring Lucas Davenport, an agent for the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Investigation."Lucas's job at the BCA was mostly self-invented, and included politically sensitive cases, or cases that might attract a lot of media attention." When a pair of tweekers rob him at an ATM, breaking his wrist and damaging his ego, he embarks on a long term mission to find them. This is put [...]

    12. When is it possible to be happy and bummed out at the same time? If you're me, it happens when you've finished the last book in a series you love (22 of them, in fact, but who's counting). Like most of the others, it's a terrific read, but now there's no next installment waiting on my Kindle.Once again, Sandford is in top form here; this one centers on a Mexican drug ring that has been laundering huge sums of money through a U.S. bank. Then, a handful of mostly U.S. geeks find a way to siphon of [...]

    13. Mr Sandford is usually good for an entertaining criminal diversion. Some of his recent novels have not measured up to his early ones. But he is back on track with Stolen Prey, an up-to-date computer hacker tale of drug-money-laundering bank fraud by a group of amateurs who get on the wrong side of the Mexican narcotrafficantes. Some pretty graphic scenes play out as the story unfolds. Even if it wasn't much of a surprise who is a bad "guy" and who isn't, the chase is exciting right to the end. T [...]

    14. An affluent family is found tortured to death, and suspicion quickly falls on a Mexican drug lord called the Big Voice. A Federales investigator and his female assistant and the DEA are called in to find out how a modestly successful software company could be laundering money, which quickly traces back to some local Minneapolis banks. Meanwhile Lucas Davenport is mugged at an ATM after his morning run, and sends Virgil Flowers in pursuit of a pair of suspected meth heads. Lucas makes a number of [...]

    15. Best book by John Sanford I have read. 402 pages & each one full of drama, entertainment and action. Lucas Davenport and his team of officials can figure out how to draw information from a cactus & get real results.

    16. Another in a long line of great books in this series. Familiar characters this time involved with what may be Mexican killers. But why are they in Minnesota?

    17. When an entire family is discovered murdered, Davenport is put on the case to find out why they were all butchered, including children and pets. In earlier Prey books, Davenport had to match wits with sophisticated killers, but lately the books (plus the Virgil books) have had killer idiots. These killers are more realistic, and seem to get by more on luck than their own skill. Of course there is more to the case than the hired goons, and Lucas will get to the truth.

    18. John Sandford, the pseudonym for Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, John Camp, writes two main series of police/crime procedurals featuring Lucas Davenport (the Prey novels, started in 1989, and currently at 23 novels) and Virgil Flowers (the Virgil Flowers series, started in 2007 and now at 6 novels). Lucas Davenport started as a police officer in the Minneapolis Police Force. Writing computer/video games in his spare time, he later sold his company for a large amount of money. He also rose qui [...]

    19. The one thing that makes John Sandford stand out is his Pulitzer Prize winning writing. Oh. And his thrilling stories. And his deep, developed characters. Right. Three things that make him stand out are his writing, his stories, his characters, and his compelling conflicts. That’s four. Four things that make* OK, fine. Lots of things make Mr. Sandford stand out.One thing that strikes me every time I read one of his books is the criminal element. Each character becomes part of the criminal cons [...]

    20. The NYT bestselling author of Storm Prey and Buried Prey is back with a book so suspenseful that I literally read it through squinted eyes, not sure of what I would find as I turned the page. What I found, though, was a work that carried our perceptions of what we think we know about our comfortable lives to a whole new realm of dysreality.Lucas Davenport is simultaneously working an investigation into his Minnesota town’s most gruesome killings to date, while on the hunt for the serial petty [...]

    21. I'll be honest here: I was more than dreading this series. When one reads as much as I do and also only really likes a single genre as I do, I often go into series with low expectations while secretly hoping that I might find a book or two that works for me. This is exactly what happened to me with Connelly's Bosch series; I read four or five books and I really liked one of them. After I gave up on Bosch, I had to choose either Kellerman or Sandford and decided on Sandford. However, I'd read a b [...]

    22. Summer is here. For movie-goers, it's the first blockbuster weekend. For cottagers, it's the first opening weekend. For thriller readers, it's the new Lucas Davenport novel.John Sandford's "Stolen Prey" is the 22nd of the Prey series featuring the ongoing character of Lucas Davenport with his Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) associates and family. The main case this time involves a group of hackers who have found a way to divert funds from a money laundering account set up by a Me [...]

    23. We’re long-time Sandford fans and wouldn’t miss a Prey novel for anything. In this 22nd entry in the über-detective Lucas Davenport series, the plot starts out rough as the Brooks family of four are found murdered, obviously hideously tortured in the process. Since Lucas tends now to work just high-profile cases, he assists the assigned homicide cop, Shaffer, in pursuing what appears to be a complicated money-laundering scheme involving Mexican drug criminals. Meanwhile, early in the story, [...]

    24. Davenport is robbed while jogging. A family is brutally murdered. Suspicious activity at a bank. Davenport pulls in the usual suspects and solves all.I'm not really sure what I want to say about Davenport #22. It was refreshing not to have to listen to a psychotic killer and his thoughts. Instead, we have a link to a Mexican drug cartel that was rather predictable, the computer hackers didn't really seem believable, and the most interesting plot was Virgil Flowers going after horse shit thieves. [...]

    25. The story is in three parts.In one part, a group of people who work in a bank and are good at computer operations figure a way to steal over twenty million dollars from an automated account. They didn't know that the account was owned by a Mexican drug cartel.The next segment is the police investigation. An entire family is tortured and killed. On the wall is a sign 'were coming'. Without an apostrophe. Lucas Davenport is on the case and from the brutality of the killing and torture it reminds h [...]

    26. Another good Lucas Davenport/Prey book. I sailed through it in just a couple sittings--as I do with most of Sandford's books. This one only suffers in comparison with others in the series, it does not have any issues standing beside and above other books and writers in the genre. The previous book reset the high bar for the Prey series and was so brilliant that honestly, this book didn't have much chance to stand beside it but again--a Sandford/Prey book is always a better choice than anything e [...]

    27. 3.5 stars. Pretty fast moving. I liked the techy stuff, learned a lot about how back doors in computer security can be used to steal money/laundered/cashed from gold bricks. Never knew all that. All in all, a good Davenport detective novel, with all the bad guys getting their due. His gutsy adopted daughter Letty raised our eyebrows at the end. Both my husband and I enjoyed it.

    28. I really enjoyed the plot in this entry of the Lucas Davenport series though at times it was a bit gruesome. Lucas and his crew were as entertaining as always and the narration of the audio version by Richard Ferrone was up to his usual top notch standard.

    29. Short and sweet my friends-MUST READ! I have read everyone of his novels, he just keeps getting better.Grab it, make time, inhale it!

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