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Terrified Truth Megan Keeler died years ago or so everyone believes In fact she disappeared to escape from her sadistic husband Glenn When dismembered body parts were found near their home Glenn was convicte

  • Title: Terrified
  • Author: Kevin O'Brien
  • ISBN: 9780786021383
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Paperback
  • Truth Megan Keeler died years ago or so everyone believes In fact, she disappeared to escape from her sadistic husband, Glenn When dismembered body parts were found near their home, Glenn was convicted of his wife s murder And Megan, terrified for her unborn child s safety, never came forward with the truth Is More Terrifying Since then, Megan has built a new life in STruth Megan Keeler died years ago or so everyone believes In fact, she disappeared to escape from her sadistic husband, Glenn When dismembered body parts were found near their home, Glenn was convicted of his wife s murder And Megan, terrified for her unborn child s safety, never came forward with the truth Is More Terrifying Since then, Megan has built a new life in Seattle for herself and her son, Josh She s never forgotten that she s a fugitive, and Josh knows nothing about her past But someone does First, there are anonymous emails and threats, just as she learns that Glenn has been released from prison Then the unthinkable happens a masked man breaks into their home and abducts Josh Than Fiction To save her son, Megan must put herself at the mercy of a maniac Is Glenn a cold blooded killer determined to destroy her world piece by piece, or is the truth even twisted Megan thought she knew fear, but her nightmare is only beginning

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    1 thought on “Terrified

    1. On the permanent but fairly passive quest to find a stand alone thriller writer to supplement Coben's once a year books, I tried O'Brien. Alas, no Coben here, not as much fun, no plot twists, no surprises. One of the last words to describe a thriller should be blah, but here is blah. It's perfectly serviceable and it never tries to do better. It's written like a bestselling thriller, a beach read, something like that, something entertaining enough comprised using short words, easy ideas and fair [...]

    2. 10/5! EXCELLENT, FANTASTIC AND GREAT! Kevin O'Brien hasn't disappointed me yet! with this thrilling book which was really hard to put down,I could barely sleep.Imgaine having upir brother in the hospital and they say there isn't much that can be done, and you think that every little bit of hope is gone, then you meet the handsome doctor. He recommends the best and makes sure he is comfortable,he is handsome, smart, and a surgeon what more can Lisa ask for, a few weeks later she is married to the [...]

    3. I’m a fan of Kevin O’Brien’s. I’ve read most of his books and enjoyed them. However, his most recent book, Terrified just did not seem as good as his previous work. It had suspense, and I found myself wanting to read on, but, I’m not sure why. The plot was your basic story of spousal abuse; the heroine fakes her own death and moves to another town; add to the mix a dangerous husband, an innocent child, a mysterious love interest, a scared niece, a love-struck teenager, and lots of surp [...]

    4. Eh.If you can add a couple of numbers together, you'll guess the villain before you've read 150 pages.Very disappointing with some of the most obvious clues to a mystery novel that I've read in a long time. It doesn't help that O'Brien fell into the Mary Higgins Clark formula of a beautiful woman in peril surrounded by nothing but handsome men. There isn't an average looking bloke in the whole book or a woman who's anything less than pretty. Ugh.

    5. Excellent book! First one I have read by this author and I have already added a bunch of his other books to my nook's wishlist.

    6. Awesome bookOne of best books ever read suspense and writing orbiting would recommend to every reader 5 star rating for Mr O'Brien

    7. This is my first Kevin O'Brien read but it won't be my last. I am a home visiting nurse and one of my patient's sent this book home with me last week. She sent several but told me to read this one first. I can see why now. Very good! It takes a really good book for me to stay up past bedtime reading but this one does it!

    8. For the most part I quite enjoyed this book. Lots of edge of your seat, heart in your stomach kind of tension. A runaway battered wife, thought to be dead, a diabolical and nasty abusive husband, an obsessed and lovesick teenager, a pregnancy revealed, a life underground lived pseudonymouslyl contribute to the thrilling part of this novel. About a third of the way through the author introduces us to most of the (male) characters who could be the doer of evil deeds. For the next almost two thirds [...]

    9. In Kevin O'Brien latest thriller, you'll be the edge of the seat with this one. Megan Keeslar faked her own death to escape an abusive husband and started a new life and protected her unborn son. Her husband's been in prison for over a decade and gets out for his revenge on his life and claims his innocense. Now it's up to her to protect her teenage son.But someone who knows her as Lisa Swann knows her real secrets and is after her, killing women who looked like her. And he has a personal agenda [...]

    10. Just finished another great book by Kevin O'Brien.If you like more suspense then romance this is the book for you. I thought from reading the back of this book that I knew what this story was going to be about from previous authors that wrote the same kind of storyline BUT I was very surprised when the book was nothing like I thought. This is the story of Lisa Swann who staged her death to run away from her abusive husband Glenn. She starts a new life as Megan Kesslar and find outs she is now pr [...]

    11. Kevin O'Brien has fast become one of my favorite authors in the last year and this book was no disappointment.Lisa has fallen in love with the perfect man. A young charismatic doctor. 4 months after the wedding the dream has turned into a nightmare. Dr. Glenn Swann has a very dark side and Lisa realizes she needs to escape, to disappear.A body is found and identified as Lisa and Glenn goes to prison for her death. Meanwhile Lisa has started a new life in hiding. 14 years later DNA proves that th [...]

    12. Kevin O'Brien is a new author to me; I had never heard of him before I saw this book download at a special price on . I expected the usual poorly written and unedited quality so common in self-published titles offered free or super-cheap as ebooks. I was pleasantly surprised, to say the least. This is a very polished, well-written, fully-developed novel (thriller genre) with believable characters and a multi-faceted plot. The author has good command of the language and tells the story with style [...]

    13. Very suspenseful and not very predictable either. I wasn't totally blindsided like I hope to be when I read a suspense-thriller. But the author did an excellent job of keeping the ending not too obvious. My only problem with this book was that it was (in my opinion) about 75 or even 100 pages too long. I felt there was a lot of "filler" strewn about. This seems to be the longest of Kevin O'Brien's novels, so I look forward to exploring more of his work.

    14. A solid, albeit pedestrian, by-the-numbers effort from an author I like very much. This one just didn't seem as inspired as his others, it made me think of a Lifetime movie, novelized.

    15. I was terrified!This story catches you from the very beginning and never stops. I felt like I was watching a suspenseful thriller, sitting on the edge of my seat.

    16. Not a badly written book but a story that has been told before: abused woman fakes her death to get away from her abuser. The twist in the tale is her son, Josh and the murders.As another reader mentioned, it's pretty easy to figure out who is doing all this.The book is way too long! The length dragged down the suspense element. I was turning pages quickly to get to the end, not because the plot compelled me.I might try another book, hopefully a shorter one, by this author.

    17. Terrified aptly titled! The twists and turns of this murder-mystery leaves the reader on the edge. An abused woman running for her life must disappear from the world before her abuser and the killer he's become can find her. Is her abuser a mass murderer, is she framing him for a reason, or is some other sick deranged person on her trail?

    18. Good suspense.There was enough suspense for me. It wasn't predictable. It took me more than half the book before I could figure out who was stalking Lisa. It does make you think who your neighbors are. The ones that keep to themselves. What are they hiding

    19. Never disappointedKevin O'Brien knows how to tell a story. Loved this book. Could not put it down. He has interesting characters and a good story line.

    20. Il titolo rende proprio l'idea del romanzo che ci si appresta a leggere,un thriller che turba la mente,che raggela,che fa venire i brividi per i pensieri agghiaccianti dell'uomo che perseguiterà per tutto il tempo la protagonista.Mi ha catturato fin dall'inizio,perché l'autore ci presenta delle situazioni ad alta tensione,che riescono a far presa sullo stato d'animo,creando angoscia,empatia,terrore,rabbia,orrore e compassione; penetra nelle nostre paure,come può essere il rapimento di un figl [...]

    21. When I picked this off my mom's shelf, I thought I had picked up one of those cheap thriller books you see sold EVERYWHERE. While I've never read any sort of book like that, this one pretty much matched what I think one of those books would be like.The story was somewhat predictable, but the author wrote in a way that I had to keep reading. The writing wasn't the greatest. And who the hell texts like that? Being from this tech savvy generation I could barely read the texts. The characters' chees [...]

    22. This is a story about a woman who is married to a very abusive man. Waiting for the right time she fakes her own death and runs from Chicago to Seattle, changes her name and starts a new life. When Megan gets to Seattle she discovers 2 things, 1 that she is pregnant and 2 there was a dismemebered body found in trashbags in Chicago by her old house and the police think it's her. Her husband, Glenn, is arrested and sent to prison for life. Go forward 15 years and Josh is a happy 14 year old boy, M [...]

    23. Definisco questo libro come un thriller psicologico, dove sin dalla prima pagina il lettore non ha un attimo di tregua o di respiro.Un po' come la protagonista anche il lettore tra queste pagine avverte la sensazione di essere in trappola e di non essere mai al sicuro.Non c'è un momento di quiete in queste pagine e se c'è, è solo apparente.Ed è in questa calma apparente che possiamo cogliere anche qualche nota di dolcezza e tenerezza, immerse in un marasma di sciagure e misteri.Ricco di colp [...]

    24. The main character of TERRIFIED lives under a false identity as Megan Keeslar, and is in constant fear of being discovered. Megan fled an abusive marriage in Chicago, staged her own suicide and allowed her ex-husband to be convicted of her murder. She cannot go to the police without the possibility of revealing herself. She leads a very private life in her new home in Seattle. When her son is kidnapped her options are limited.For me, this thriller has too many villains, a case where less would h [...]

    25. Protagonist, Megan, fakes her suicide to escape her cruel, wife-beating husband, When she settles across the country in Seattle, she discovers she's pregnant and continues the facade of her new identity, allowing her husband to be sentenced for her "murder".Throughout the next fourteen years, Megan can't help shake the feeling that she is being watched. Little things disappear from her home and a series of women who bear a startling resemblance to her former self turn up deadd in garbage bags, m [...]

    26. Megan Keeler died years ago. Megan faked her own suicide and ran away from her abusive husband(Glenn) from Chicago to Seattle. Not long afterwards the police find the dismembered parts of a woman close to Glenn's house and charge him with Megan's murder. Megan at the same time finds out she is pregnant and fearing for her son's life keeps quiet and hidden. Glenn is convicted and goes to jail.Fifteen years later, Josh, Megan's son knows nothing of his mother's past. Megan begins to get threatenin [...]

    27. Hellz yeah.I'm a longtime, hardcore reader, so when I come across something that keeps me up all night (literally) and actually keeps me guessing, I am in heaven. Let me be clear though - I did figure out who was doing the bad deeds very early in the book, but that didn't stop me from second guessing myself throughout the story. Hats off to Mr. O'Brien! The "victim" also didn't come across as a moron, as so often is the case. Lisa/Meagan was pretty darn savvy, likeable, and a little bad-ass, wit [...]

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