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Evil Deeds

Evil Deeds On a sunny spring day in in the quiet Athenian suburb of Kifissia Liz and Bob Danforth s morning begins just like every other morning Breakfast together Bob roughhousing with Michael Then Bob l

  • Title: Evil Deeds
  • Author: Joseph Badal
  • ISBN: 9780615556895
  • Page: 408
  • Format: Paperback & Kindle
  • On a sunny spring day in 1971 in the quiet Athenian suburb of Kifissia, Liz and Bob Danforth s morning begins just like every other morning Breakfast together, Bob roughhousing with Michael Then Bob leaves for his U.S Army unit and the nightmare begins A criminal band abducts Michael and spirits him to Bulgaria So begins a twenty eight year journey that takes the DanfOn a sunny spring day in 1971 in the quiet Athenian suburb of Kifissia, Liz and Bob Danforth s morning begins just like every other morning Breakfast together, Bob roughhousing with Michael Then Bob leaves for his U.S Army unit and the nightmare begins A criminal band abducts Michael and spirits him to Bulgaria So begins a twenty eight year journey that takes the Danforth family from the kidnapping of their son and Michael s eventual rescue, to his marriage to the daughter of his kidnapper in present day It is the stops along the journey that weave an intricate series of heart stopping events built around complex, often diabolical characters The reader is brought through CIA espionage during the Balkans War, attempted assassinations in the United States, Michael Danforth s second kidnapping this time in Macedonia by a Serb SPETSNAZ team, and the grisly exploits of a psychopathic killer.Evil Deeds is an adrenaline boosting story about revenge and the triumph of good over evil.

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    1 thought on “Evil Deeds

    1. I loved the action in this book. Unfortunately, it was hard to follow, detailless, and at times, void of emotion. A part of the problem and a personal pet peeve to me is that there was a lot of head hopping. Another problem is the shortness of chapters. With so many reading breaks, I found it hard to continue reading.One thing that did make it easy to continue reading were the characters. The Danforths and Radkos were naive and I found that refreshing. Unfortunately, I found them to also have un [...]

    2. Evil Deeds is a first class action/adventure thriller. While the action is fast-paced and there’s lots of it, it is leavened by well done development of interesting and engaging characters and spiced with plenty of suspense. The depictions of military hardware from the 1990s will appeal especially to military fiction buffs, but there is plenty to please fans of more general, personal thrillers, including a revenge motif.

    3. An enjoyable military/CIA thriller. Slightly predictable, but a fun time nonetheless. Finished it in 2.5 days, so it's a fairly quick read. The Danforths are a strong family, headed by a workaholic. But I liked how each was given a chance to be the hero and Liz wasn't just a whiny wife. Supporting characters were well-written, the areas the book takes place in were well researched. I recommend it.

    4. No Vince FlynnSeemed like the author was trying very had to have a 1950's style dialog in 1990's. "Get on the horn" indeed. Maybe just not my style of preferred writing because the story line wasn't bad. Unlikely that I'll try another of his works.

    5. This book was action packed from the very beginning. It was heart wrenching to follow the Danforth's through the kidnapping of their young son. Then watching the consequences of actions taken play out over the years. This series is now a must read!

    6. Evil Deeds in countries in Middle EastThis is a book you cannot put down. Nadal has written a page Turner. This involves men in the Army who served their country when it was not popular to serve. There was kidnapping, torture, and all that accompanies war. Read this book for excitement and satisfaction.

    7. Good ReadLots of twists, and storyline is entirely plausible. Loved all the underlying plot lines and how it all came together. The book left me wanting to read the next one. I have found a new author to read!

    8. WantingWanted to read more, and more400 and some pages. Good book. Can not wait to read another one of Danforth's books

    9. Good bookYou people should just read this book yourselves and write your own review on this novel yourself and I really enjoyed reading this book very much so. Shelley MA

    10. Wasn't sure about this book but once I got into it I couldn't put it down. I'm looking forward to reading more from this author. That is the reason I have awarded it five stars.

    11. Exciting military thrillerI do not usually read military novels so this was an unexpected pleasure which I did not think would occur.

    12. Very good An excellent start to a series that I will continue to follow. Four stars because I found the story line predictable in many cases, but the book was and enjoyable read.

    13. A decent conseptThere were way to many coincidental happenings for it to be real believable. It also had a .feel good ending

    14. A fast pace storyline, made up for the thin character development.A fast pace story that covers about 20 years of a military_ CIA family. There a lot of action,evil villains and of course love.

    15. Badal has a smooth style of writing and tells an often told tale of evil vs good - in this case of Serbs vs the U.S. I did enjoy his writing, but the "problems" start with an unoriginal story line and then loses me when key events in the book all get resolved and happen way to quick and easy. An order somewhere in Eastern Europe by the bad guys to kill our protagonist, currently residing in Washington DC? Next page, the killer is walking behind him with a weapon. There's a lot of this - evil guy [...]

    16. The book itself was a good read, kind of standard for the genre.There were just too many convenient coincidences to make this story work for me. It's one thing to suspend belief in a James Bond movie, because it's Bond. This wasn't Bond.The character Liz Danforth was rather annoying. I'm thinking that was a good thing, though, to have a fairly major character be weak and shrill.The foreword to the story should have been an afterword (is that right?). Really gave away too much of the story.Author [...]

    17. Good storyline butThere were way too many "coincidences" to make this story believable or all that enjoyable. I kept saying to myself, oh, not again! An example, the American diplomat who happens to walk into the foreign park where a missing American boy just happens to be. And the diplomat just happens to notice the boy is American. This book could have been classified fantasy!

    18. With The Love of Your Family With You, You can accomplish Anything.Wow, what a potent story. Brave characters, slimy characters, and then you have your pus sack characters. This story is full of love, hope, and disparities. Twists and turns galore. Out of one tight spot and into another. Normally I do not read military stories but something grabbed me from the first reviews. Looking forward to reading volumes 2 and 3. Great work Mr. Badal

    19. Absolutely fantastic thriller by Joseph Badal! An adventurous, exciting, and unique story. Well researched, Badal gives his story a level of authenticity not usually found in commercial stories. Set during the conflict in The Balkans, Badal weaves an intriguing tale that will keep you turning the pages! I look forward to the rest of his books!

    20. I wasn't sure this book was for me within the first chapter or so. However, I never put a book down once I begin. I was thankful as this turned out to be a five star read, in my opinion! Very well written, very interesting characters and a very good story-line. I will add the Danforth series to my upcoming reads

    21. Very interesting andwell-written book very exciting and thrilling book. It is hard to put down. I am looking forward to reading the next installment of saga part 2 I would recommend this book to anyone who likes excitement and action in a well written book

    22. I enjoyed it well enoughWell written, fast paced. maybe a little far fetched but what novel isn't? Ill read the next Danforth novel and probably the one after that. I was entertained and so the book met my objectives!

    23. Great beginningThis is a good start to a new series of books. It kept my attention throughout the story. The subject matter was intriguing throughout the book. I can't wait to get started on the next book.

    24. Read it as it was free from . I would give 2 1/2 stars if it was possible. Starting of the book was good however, slowly it became boring. This book needs a good editor. Parts of this book are very unrealistic.

    25. Evil Deeds, the beginning of the Danforth Saga.This book was offered in the rental library, and it sounded good so I picked it as my March choice. It was such a good book that I have already purchased the second in the series. I can't wait to learn more about the Danforths.

    26. An action packed thriller for military operations .This book was very multifaceted and fast moving, with lots of twists and turns . Lots of the characters find out that they are distant relatives and we're very surprised.

    27. A suspense thriller with a US military man and his family. It starts with the kidnapping of his son and the measures he takes to get the child back. We then jump ahead 20 years and see what happens to the same characters then.

    28. It was a great read from start to finish, could not put it down closer to the end. I would definitely recommend this author.

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