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Circles Circles by Ruby Standing Deer Evolved Publishing brings you a rare glimpse into ancient Native American culture in the award winning historical novel Circles by Ruby Standing Deer DRM Free Historic

  • Title: Circles
  • Author: Ruby Standing Deer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Circles by Ruby Standing Deer Evolved Publishing brings you a rare glimpse into ancient Native American culture, in the award winning historical novel, Circles, by Ruby Standing Deer DRM Free Historical Fiction, Native American Indian With much of the world still undiscovered, a small band of people live a peaceful life, until the dream vision of a young boy, Feather F Circles by Ruby Standing Deer Evolved Publishing brings you a rare glimpse into ancient Native American culture, in the award winning historical novel, Circles, by Ruby Standing Deer DRM Free Historical Fiction, Native American Indian With much of the world still undiscovered, a small band of people live a peaceful life, until the dream vision of a young boy, Feather Floating In Water, changes everything Only nine winters old, Feather s dreams turn his seemingly ordinary childhood into the journey of a lifetime He must help his people face a terrifying destiny from which they cannot turn away He must find a way to make his people listen.Bright Sun Flower, the boy s grandmother, guides his beginnings, teaching him about the Circle of Life, and how without it, no life can exist But he needs a bigger push, and gets it from a grey wolf and a Great Elder The boy s journey leads him to discover that the Circle of Life involves all people, all living things, and not just the world he knows.In the end, an ancient People guide the boy in his visions, toward an unexpected place hidden from outsiders.This story is steeped in American Indian life, in their beliefs and humor, and in their love of family It shows how we might benefit from the old ways today If you love Circles, be sure to check out the continuing adventures of these remarkable peoples in the sequel, Spirals.

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    1 thought on “Circles

    1. This is a book full of lost wisdom, engaging characters and a beautiful story of one boy's journey from boyhood to manhood to Holy Man. Told from multiple points of view, Circles takes us back to a time of the Native Americans, when the world was simple and they lived off the land and honored the ancestors and passed on wisdom through the generations. You will be transported to this way of life, and feel as if you are walking along side these people as the story slowly unfolds. Ruby Standing Dee [...]

    2. Circles is an invention for a modern time that is played out in the past. We visit a time before the Europeans discovered America. We see the world through the eyes of a young boy ‘feather floating in water’ who is often awoken by disturbing dreams telling of bearded men who will kill his people and ravage his land. Feather is a young child who finds himself faced with a great responsibility to save his people and lead them to safety. Along the way we are introduced many characters, both hum [...]

    3. I found Circles to be a rather intriguing story that flowed well and was chock full of interesting characters that are easily identifiable and quite interesting. The story follows 'Feather Floating in Water', a young boy who discovers through his often frightening dreams that he must save his people at the age if just 8 years. Feather lives with his grandparents; his grandmother is a patient woman answering many of Feather questions and as well has teaches him about life.Circles emulates a time [...]

    4. I was on the fence when I started reading this book. I was prepared to be disappointed. I don’t know why. Probably because I AM a slightly shallow the person the cover didn’t scream “commercial fiction”. I don’t know.I was ridiculously surprised. The story was well crafted and well written! With as many books as I read, or attempt to read because I don’t finish them all, when I find one that is crafted and written well, I feel as though I’ve found a treasure! This one IS for sure! [...]

    5. A beautiful story of what should have been.Circles is the story of a young Indian boy who lives his life at the time of the first appearance of Europeans in North America. His tribe are known as the Fish People and live their lives peacefully in a canyon hunting, fishing and gathering without metals and where the horse is unknown.The boy has been given the name 'Feather Floating on Water'. When we first meet him he is eight years old and lives with his grandparents, Hawk Soaring and Bright Sun F [...]

    6. I had the pleasure of editing: Circles, by Ruby Standing Deer.What drew me to this book can best be summed up in two words: The People. I fell in love with the characters, and I found their ancient culture more than just a little intriguing.This is not a rock ‘em, sock ‘em, edge-of-your-seat action book. This journey will carry you inside the hearts and minds of a deeply spiritual People, who loved the Earth they inhabited and those who shared their space. Their quick wit and easy sense of h [...]

    7. Circles was like a timeless tradition that was once forgotten but is now found once again. There are lessons that each of us need to, perhaps, relearn.The story follows a young boy who's fate is to save his people. There are many unique characters and adventures. Some will have you reminiscing of your own childhood or that of your children's and others will have to on the edge of your seat hoping for the best. I finished this book rather quickly, if only because I could not put it down for long. [...]

    8. Full Review is up here: wp/p1gkrF-WCCircles – The Beginning of ChangeI met someone online through a group of book bloggers. (Surprise, Surprise?)She was a breath of calm when I needed it, and her books spoke volumes.Then my students in an English for Academic Purposes class at Assiniboine Community College’s Adult Collegiate started asking me questions about Aboriginal people in Canada.I played dumb, it was nearing the end of class, and what they had asked of me warranted an entire lesson, i [...]

    9. Feather Floating In Water’s life has always been peaceful. He’s proud to be a member of the Fish People and lives his life to the fullest. He’s young and carefree and has been taught to appreciate the world around him. Every day he gives thanks for the bounties that Father Sun and Mother Earth have provided for him and his family. Things have never been better for him, yet he cannot help but feel a tad disturbed by the unexpected dreams that surface every night.For as long as he can rememb [...]

    10. Circles is a beautifully written story depicting the lives of the fish people, a small -American Indian tribe at the time of the Europeans’ arrival to the continent. The characters are richly drawn and endearing, especially the young boy, Feather Floating in Water, whose powerful dreams foreshadow the impending threat to his people. As he grows, these dreams force him at too tender an age into leading his people through a time of crisis .I’m not qualified to say how accurately the culture or [...]

    11. What an amazing story!1st let me say, I read / listened to this book in audio format via audible. I pick up audiobooks as much as I can as they have more adventure to them over reading a book myself. There is proper pronunciations and loads of emotions & excitement. Also with audio, I can do the yard work, housework, take a drive and still read my book too! I highly recommend everyone try an audiobook of your favorite book & see if the story did get better than before! I loved this book [...]

    12. Feather Floating In Water lives with his grandparents and his mother. Feather is a dreamer, he is a very special young boy. He is older than his age. He will be a very important person to his people. He sees things that will change his life and that of his people. His grandmother, Bright Sun Flower understands what he is going through because she has the same dreams.Feather has a very special companion. It is a grey wolf that has chosen Feather. He is a very wise wolf. Feather has the respect of [...]

    13. "The Truth Of All That Exists "I think this is a beautifully told story of the Native American way and the true way of all Life as it should be. This story has many messages but most importantly that the Earth is our Mother and she should be respected and honored by us as humans only passing through. I love Feather and his wolf White Paws and how they met. Truly amazing. One of my favorite lessons in this book is about The Pipe of Truth and its true meaning of how it teaches us about the joy of [...]

    14. "Circles is an historical novel about indigenous Americans during the infancy of European contact appealed to me because it beautifully and predominantly portrayed the spiritual life of these people. While violent confrontations were incorporated appropiately -- with other tribes and the Spanish -- they were described by inference rather than graphically. The protagonist tribes were peaceful by preference but were willing to do whatever was necessary to preserve their way of life. It is difficul [...]

    15. The Fish People (as the tribe call themselves) bring Native American culture to life, allowing the reader to observe their day to day experiences and listen to the wise voices of the spirit guides first hand. Feather Floats on Water takes us back to an innocent age where family bonds, nature and spirit guides were a way of life. Maturing from a boy of eight to a young man destined to lead his people, he steers us through more turbulent times as the modern world impinges on their ancient one.Indi [...]

    16. This was a great book. Native American, Early peoples. It was reminiscent of The First North American series by W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O'Neal Gear. Feather is a boy who has dream visions and he has powers that he never dreamed of. The story had good pacing, and it unfolded just enough to keep you moving in the story. I just didn't want it to end when it ended. I wanted to continue the story and see how it played out. I love the lessons given in this book, and they are lessons we can take i [...]

    17. It has been a long time since I have read a good historical fiction novel focused on Native Americans. Circles was a fantastic way back into this genre.Ruby Standing Deer writes a wonderful novel with a strong plot and interesting characters. The language choices are deliberate and convey the mindset and spirit of the People. This is a book to be savored rather than devoured quickly. The pacing of the novel allows for reflection on the story that transfers to contemplation of one's own life.I am [...]

    18. Ruby Running Deer pens "Circles", a Native American story, in a plot filled with emotions, spirituality and a touch of humor. With characters that are realistic and believable you can not help but feel you are one with them. I love that there really was no war and fighting but a story about a boy who takes a journey from boyhood into adulthood. Pay attention to the moral of the story, it is something we all need to remember in this modern world. A highly recommended must read for allThis review [...]

    19. Ruby Standing Deer as creatic an epic American Indian tale about Feather, a boy of the Fish People, who at a young age becomes a respected and wise 'elder' of his people. His visions prepare him to lead his clan and several others to a new home to protect them from less peaceful people who are coming.The writing is lyrical and mesmerizing. Descriptions of the people and their connection to the land and animals are clear and engaging.

    20. what a wonderful read about a time long gone Silby Grant gave me this book to read and I am so glad It is a book that makes you think that we should take time to listen to nature around us and feel the peace of life thank you.

    21. A Native American story told with a Native American voice. the message is one we Hairy Ones should heed. we too have the power but ignore it.

    22. I've been a bit baffled over how I should review Circles. This book is unlike anything I've ever read before, and I mean that in the absolute best way possible. Circles is not a book you read quickly and then forget. Its words dance circles around your head, absorb into your heart. And the best word I have to describe it is not entertaining, thought-provoking, illuminating, or any of the other words you might expect to find in a book review--but rather peaceful, calming, tranquil.I live with a l [...]

    23. Regardless of the time period or the culture, it is not always straightforward for a boy to become a man. Even before he was born, others knew that Feather Floating in Water was destined for great deeds. He would lead his, and many other peoples to a new and safe land. He was not left alone to achieve this; he had the wisdom of several elders and the words of his ancestors and spirit guides to teach him. This story is set around 1500 in an un-stated North American location. For most of the story [...]

    24. Enlightening & entertaining.I’ve always been fascinated by native peoples and how attuned to nature they are. This well-crafted tale of a tribe of American Indians facing the upheaval caused by the expansion of white settlers goes a long way to explaining their beliefs and the way they and their world are interconnected. We could learn a lot from such people.The characters are clearly drawn, each one likeable in his or her own way, each one with something to offer to the tribe. There is a [...]

    25. I loved the introduction to the Native American culture and the insight into their history. The novel tells about a culture of innate goodness, love and respect. And of the finality of change.By now means is Circles a fast paced read- I found myself stopping often to ponder the teachings of this long lost culture and how much we need those morals and values in todays uncertain times. This book will appeal to all ages.

    26. Good book. Interesting how the different ancient people's lived. They were very smart and had a lot of self control.

    27. This was an interesting study of the progression of a young boy to a holy man who will lead his people away from the coming onslaught of white men searching for gold.

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