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Ten In The Den

Ten In The Den Book by Butler John

  • Title: Ten In The Den
  • Author: John Butler
  • ISBN: 9781561453443
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Book by Butler, John

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      154 John Butler
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    1 thought on “Ten In The Den

    1. Another version of the classic song, Ten in the Bed; this is a heartwarming and cozy hug to all the beloved stuffed animals of children everywhere!

    2. Title: Ten In The DenAuthor: John Butler Illustrator: ----Genre: Counting bookTheme(s): Animals, numbers, sounds, friendshipOpening line/sentence: “There were ten in the den and the little mouse said, “Roll over! Roll over!” So they all rolled over and…”Brief Book Summary: There are ten animal friends in the den, and one-by-one they roll out onto the grass. Each friend rolls out, so the number decreases from 10 to 1. When there is one animal friend left, he realizes he misses his frien [...]

    3. Last summer I feel in love with the books and artistry of John Butler. He is a gifted story-teller and illustrator of books for the very young. I reviewed Hush, Little Ones back in July (Read my review) and recently While You Were Sleeping (Read my review)."Ten In the Den" is a large, hardcover picture book that takes young children through counting to ten. Butler has a delightful re-take on "there were 10 in the bed and the little one said, 'Roll over, Roll over." Each page is illustrated with [...]

    4. "Ten in the Den" is a very cute counting book that counts animals backwards from 10 to 1. Originally ten animals are cuddled up in a den getting ready to go to bed, but the mouse on the end cannot get comfortable and keeps telling everyone to roll over. Each time the mouse makes this demand, one animal rolls out of the den, down the hill to the tree. The book counts how many animals are in the den after each animal rolls out until the mouse is the only one left. The mouse is lonely with no frien [...]

    5. This is a version of the "They all roll over and one falls out" song/story. It has a unique take on it because there are ten different animals, each of which is shown in turn rolling down a gentle hill to their own sound, "Slippy, Slidy, Bump!" for the beaver and "Roly, Poly, Bump!" for the mole. At the end the little mouse that asked them all to roll over is lonely, rolls down the hill and they all curl up and go to sleep under the night sky.The art is beautiful. I loved the bright colors and e [...]

    6. Summary: One by one nine forest creatures fall out of bed when Little Mouse says "Roll over!" C who is now 2 1/3 had me read this book to him 4 times today! It was a hit. I love singing the song and then having the kids say "Bump" at the end as each animal rolls out of the den with a nice playful pair of rhyming words. "Rabbit fell out. Flo[[etty, hoppetty, bump!" Story Time Theme: counting, bedtime, animals ( baby animals - mouse, bear, raccoon, badger, rabbit, mole, beaver, porcupine, fox, squ [...]

    7. This book is for: PreK-1Activity: Act out the story having students spin around and the last student leave the "bed" (line). Students would have fun participating in the story by saying "Roll over! Roll over!Slippy! Slidey! Bump!" Although the younger readers would not think "subtraction" they would get the idea that one animal is being removed from the group. Reflection: I like that this book introduces the idea of subtraction in a fun way. The book is predictable with it's story line but cute [...]

    8. In a den full of animals, the lil mouse is squished. He keeps asking his other animal friends to "roll over" so that he has some room. One by one they fall out of the den until the mouse is left alone. I like this book for it's funny rhyming words and the many different types of animals one could talk about with children pre-K thru 2nd grade.

    9. A cute story for young children of ten animal friends sleeping in a dene little mouse says "Roll over, roll over" and each rolls out, one by one until all are outbut its too lonely in the den! A great way to get children counting backwards from 10, and a different rendition of the story "Ten in the Bed"

    10. This is a great book that shows friendship! There are ten different animals in the den and one at a time each animal rolls down the hill. In the end nine animals were down the hill and the mouse misses his friend so he to rolls down the hill. They have snuggle up and go to sleep. The illustrations brings the story to life!

    11. Starting at 10 in the den the little mouse keeps telling everyone to, "Roll over!" One by one the animals roll out of the den until just the mouse is left. Great way to review or begin a discusion about counting backwards with your Pre-K or Kindergarten class.

    12. Our storytime theme this week was nursery rhymes. This is a very cute book, though it didn't go as well as I thought it would. The illustrations are darling -- they ought to be overly precious, but somehow they aren't: I think it's the richness of the detail that saves them.

    13. Very beginner book, ages two will love it. It's a counting book, but adds in animals. I have read many counting books and this one was one of my favorites. It makes you want to sing the words. Very cute pictures too.

    14. The pictures in this book are so cute!! There is lots of repetition and a chance to sing to build phonologic awareness. Excellent for young children, especially as a way to talk about feelings.

    15. Adorably illustrated nursery rhyme (with a little twist on the original version). Uses fun onomatopoeia-type words to talk about the animals tumbling out of the den.

    16. The pictures in this book are really pretty and the story is a fun play off an old song. Loved it my daughter still has me "sing" the story to her.

    17. My five-year-old son picked this book out from the library last week. This book was a cute twist on Ten in the Bed, but did not really engage my son or me as much as other versions.

    18. We "sang" this book at both lapsit & family story time, and it went well because most know the song. And they loved yelling "bump!"

    19. I totally enjoyed reading this book to my Daughter, who also loved was her first pick. I like to find books that are fun to sing with!

    20. Adorable illustrations! Fun to sing the song as you turn the pages to see each animal ejected from the den the roll and bump their way down the hill.

    21. Another sweet book by John Butler. My kids (& I) enjoy the cute story line and he sweet illustrations.

    22. Some of the illustrations freak me out a bit, same as Ten in the Meadow. The predictability of this cute book makes it a great read-aloud for kids 1-3.

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