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Potterwookiee The latest creature to emerge from Rob s closet is a cross between Chewbacca from Star Wars and Harry Potter Rob names him Potterwookiee Hairy for short and soon Rob finds himself treading water as he

  • Title: Potterwookiee
  • Author: Obert Skye
  • ISBN: 9780805094510
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The latest creature to emerge from Rob s closet is a cross between Chewbacca from Star Wars and Harry Potter Rob names him Potterwookiee Hairy for short and soon Rob finds himself treading water as he tries to figure out how to care for his mixed up friend Great laughs and great books help Rob along the way.

    • Unlimited [Spirituality Book] ✓ Potterwookiee - by Obert Skye î
      248 Obert Skye
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    1. Rob's closet from Wonkenstein is back, and this time it has disgorged a smelly combination of Harry Potter and Chewbacca, which Rob calls Hairy. Apparently, a chemistry set left too long in the closet bonded in a weird and mystical way with some books stored there, helped along by a heavy new closet door with a creepy guy on the doorknob. Once again, the creature gets Rob in trouble as he and his friends go about their daily lives, which include a lot of annoying school bullies and annoying sibl [...]

    2. Two multi-million dollar fandoms merge together in this hilarious, middle grade illustrated novel. The second in the Creature From My Closet chapter book series, Potterwookiee is great for fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid and other similar illustrated novels. After the Potterwookiee emerges from Rob's closet, the little guy ends up in a weird trance. To help him, Rob turns to the first Harry Potter book for the answer, illustrating that wisdom can be found in the pages of great books. Aside from hel [...]

    3. This book is awesome. It is about A kid named robert who who has a closet that creatures keep coming out of. first it was wonkenstein and now its potterwookiee. wonkenstein was a mix of willy wonka and frankenstein and now potterwookiee is about a mix of harry potter and chubbaca. he has 5 friends and goes on a fun adventure with spells, lightsabers, funny stuff, and more in this crazy,funny, and out of this world weird book that is the second in the series the creature from my closet by obert s [...]

    4. This is a lighthearted book about Robert Burnside who has a problem. His closet makes weird creatures. This book takes place after Wonkenstein. It is for younger Harry Potter and/or Star Wars fans. I overall liked this book a lot.

    5. It was kind of entertaining and some of the jokes more so. But not sure if he can pull this gimmick off again and again and again (or how many more books there are supposed to be in this series).

    6. Critique of The Creature From My Closet:PotterwookieeThe Creature From My Closet:Potterwookiee by Obert Skye is a wonderful book. The closet of our bedrooms can be filled with monsters. In Rob’s closet, it’s a creature that looks like Harry Potter and Chewbacca. With all of the problems in Rob’s life right now, the Potterwookiee just makes things harder for Rob. Rob goes to the library, tries to get the help of his “friends”, and finds something could fix everything. The word choice fo [...]

    7. Ok. I need a breather Ok I'm good. Now, THIS is what I call *drumroll* THE BEST SERIES EVER! Really, I'm like, looking for a sequel for this book that features the famous Hairy outside of the series Wait, I'll be right back, just need to grab the next book

    8. Goofy fun. I like a good kid series that encourage further reading of other books. My 10 year old son loves this series too.

    9. My 8 year old enjoyed this book so much that he read the rest of it without me. I had to read the end alone because he didn't want to read it a second time during bedtime. Little jerk lol

    10. Potter wookieSummary: Of all Rob’s problems (siblings, friends, bully at school and the cute girl next door) his closet is the biggest worry. He believes it is because the chemistry set shoved in the closet is leaking onto all those books people have given him to read, causing strange creatures to mysteriously appear. He calls it the Drip Theory. The latest creature the closet disgorges is a small very smelly cross between Chewbacca from "Star Wars" and Harry Potter. Rob calls him Potterwookie [...]

    11. This is book 2 in the Creature In My Closet series and it was just as good! The creature that came out in this book is called Potterwookie. Rob just calls him Hairy, though. He is half wookie or Chewbaca from "Star Wars" and half "Harry Potter". At first, Rob tries to keep it a secret. But when he goes to the library to see if they have books about Harry Potter and Star Wars, Jack is there. Hairy has an odor that really stinks and Jack noticed it so Rob told him what it was. When they were walki [...]

    12. Chase Cook Period 1 2Mrs. Toney May 22, 2105 PotterwookieThis is a really great book in my opinion. The main character (Robert) is looking at his closet all of a sudden it opened and this thing popped out. Robert named the thing potterwookie. Potterwookie had a really bad stench. Robert gave potterwookie a bath and he didn’t smell as bad as before. All of Roberts’s friends made fun of him for having a stuffed animal.His friends get ahold of him and they want to use the flinger (a thing that [...]

    13. The second book in the new “The Creature from My Closet” series, POTTERWOOKIE follows the day to day adventures of Rob Burnside and what happens when his strange closet ejects another mishmash creature from books and films. Written in the now familiar style that became popular with the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, the opening chapter begins with an introduction of Rob and his adventures in the first book with the creature from his closet, Wolkenstein (a mashup of Willy Wonka and Frankenstein) [...]

    14. I love Potterwookiee so much that I could read it 24/7 for a year and never get tired of the book because it's so good! I like that I can relate to the main character a little, even if I'm a few years younger than him. I'm not going spill any special details on the book but I have to say it is awesome. Think of what it's like when you get a day all on you like your birthday or something. Think of how happy you get. That's how happy I was for reading that book because it is so nice. I even feel b [...]

    15. Potterwookie by Obert skye I like potterwookie because I like created story that Obert did in this book. Some much that I want to read the whole series from start to finished. The setting of this mostly takes place in a neighborhood where a lot of the plot takes place in. But the most important place is rob's room (who is the main character of this series) where his closet makes potterwookie. The main characters of this book are rob,and harry (which is pootterwookie) And that's it for the main c [...]

    16. Kids here in Chandler are REALLY enjoying the Wimpy Kid like novel Potterwookiee. This is the second book in The Creature From My Closet series by Obert Skye. The main character, Robert, has a closet stuffed full of old science experiments and books. Good books his parents put into his hands, but that he hadn’t bother to read. One day Robert notices that the handle on his closet had changed. It has a man’s face on it; Rob names him Beardy. Well, before you know it, a doll sized creature, Won [...]

    17. I bought this book because the title combined two things my family loves the most -- Harry Potter and Star Wars! What I didn't know until I started reading the book, is that this is the second in the series. Luckily it didn't matter. The narrator updated us quickly on what happened before and jumped into the story of the Potterwookie. I read this book to my nephews (10 and 7) and niece (8) all at once. We all enjoyed it -- especially the pictures that were included! The better you know the Harry [...]

    18. This was just okay. The main character, Robert, has a mysterious closet that is jammed with science experiment paraphanalia and other clothes and toys and is shut with a magical door knob. When the door finally opens, out pops a minature creature that is half Chewbacca and half Harry Potter. Potterwookiee helps Robert solve his most unsolvable problems as a pre-teen in supposedly funny ways. The concept is okay but the execution is lacking. Most of the scenarios were so cliched that I could almo [...]

    19. What the book’s about: Something has gone terribly wrong with the pile of books in Rob’s closet again. Another creature has come shambling out of it — this one a cross between Harry Potter and Chewbacca. The Potterwookiee, which Rob affectionately refers to as “Hairy”, dresses, acts, talks, and casts spells like Harry Potter, but looks like Chewbacca. Will Rob ever be able to read enough books to keep this guy out of trouble?Why The Nine-Year-Old read it: “One of these days, somethin [...]

    20. The book is about a big adventure about a boy Rob and his doll named potterwookiee. He can do all kinds of things like walk, talk, and do magic, he does this by his magic wand. Him and rob have great laughs along the way and had plenty of fun. Before this all happened harry was under a spell so he couldn't do anything but only say weird things out of no where like the word jabba. The book has good characters and scenes witch were pretty fun. My favorite part in the book was when they were in the [...]

    21. Young Reader Reaction: This story is similar to Wonkenstein because Potterwookiee helps Rob through his problems. Their adventures are so cute. The book is funny, interesting, and touching. I loved the way Potterwookiee comforted and helped Rob throughout the story. This is a great book if you are looking for a nice quick read.Pros: This is a humorous fantasy adventure where friendship takes center stage. Built as a "fast read," even the most reluctant reader will be turning pages.To read our fu [...]

    22. This is a fun read. The main character, Rob, does not like to read and stuffs every book his mom gives him in the bedroom closet along with an old science kit and other junk while cleaning his room. Mix of book characters begin emerging from his closet. In order for Rob to help the creatures coming out of his closet, he has to read the related books to learn how to break spells, communicate, or care for the creature. I like that aspect of the book; the reader has to apply knowledge from other bo [...]

    23. The Creature From My Closet"Potter Wookie" by Obert Skye was a very interesting book. It was not like normal books because it was complete fantasy. I liked this book because it was cool and made you have to think.In the book, Rob's books mixed together with chemicals creating a half Harry Potter and have chubacca, creating a Potter Wookie. Now Rob has to protect him from his friends and keep it a secret so no one finds out.I recommend this book to other kids who like this type of weird fantasy. [...]

    24. A fun and humourous book. It is a quick and easy read for adults (aka, likely teachers), but I know a grade 6 student who read it in a day! It's a perfect find for Upper Elementary students/Tweens/reluctant readers, especially if they like Harry Potter or Star Wars (or both). The comic-style pictures add to the story and are really funny. The jokes and writing style will capture the attention of the intended younger audience.If you know kids who like Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Black Lagoon, or Captai [...]

    25. Potterwookiee is a funny story by Obert Skye. Rob is a kid who has a very strange closet. One time before Wonkenstein came out of his closet! What could come out of his closet this time? The main characters in Potterwookiee are Wilt, Tuffin, Rob, Dad, Mom, Jack, Teddy, Average chef, Hairy, Beardy, Principal, Trevor, Rourk, Aaron, Libby and Janae. People who like Funny stories should read Potterwookiee. I laughed out loud because Potterwookiee is such a fun book.

    26. This is the 2nd book in a series. It was a quick read with pencil drawings similar to "Diary of a Wimpy Kid". Would be a great choice for reluctant readers. Fun story!"The latest creature to emerge from Rob’s closet is a cross between Chewbacca from Star Wars and Harry Potter. Rob names him “Potterwookiee” (“Hairy” for short) and soon Rob finds himself treading water as he tries to figure out how to care for his mixed-up friend. Great laughs and great books help Rob along the way."

    27. This book is a fun read. The characters are likable and, though the plot moves along a bit slowly, it's fun to go on the journey. Boys will like that the main character is up to all kinds of calculated and un-calculated shenanigans and all will enjoy the clever mix of Star Wars and Harry Potter in the guise of "Potterwookie". The author encourages kids to read and you can't go wrong with that idea.

    28. Children's fiction about a mysterious creature that comes out of Robert's closet who is a cross between Harry Potter and Chewbacca. Completely ridiculous, but funny and charming. Much like Diary of a Wimpy Kid in that it was half text, half silly pictures. I can see this being a hit in my classroom. Plus, I just found out it's a series so I'm pretty excited to collect the other ones. Fun read.

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