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Scalped, Vol. 10: Trail's End

Scalped Vol Trail s End Fifteen years ago Dashiell Dash Bad Horse ran away from a life of poverty and hopelessness on the Prairie Rose Indian Reservationin search of something better Now he s come back home armed with nothi

  • Title: Scalped, Vol. 10: Trail's End
  • Author: Jason Aaron R.M. Guéra Jock
  • ISBN: 9781401237349
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fifteen years ago, Dashiell Dash Bad Horse ran away from a life of poverty and hopelessness on the Prairie Rose Indian Reservationin search of something better.Now he s come back home armed with nothing but a set of nunchucks, a hell bent for leather attitude and one dark secret, to find nothing much has changed on The Rez short of a glimmering new casino run by a coFifteen years ago, Dashiell Dash Bad Horse ran away from a life of poverty and hopelessness on the Prairie Rose Indian Reservationin search of something better.Now he s come back home armed with nothing but a set of nunchucks, a hell bent for leather attitude and one dark secret, to find nothing much has changed on The Rez short of a glimmering new casino run by a corrupt leader named Red Crow, and a once proud people overcome by drugs and organized crime.The final volume of the series brings together all the threads laid out from the very beginning for a dramatic conclusion years in the making

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      254 Jason Aaron R.M. Guéra Jock
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    1 thought on “Scalped, Vol. 10: Trail's End

    1. Great crime series but really much more than that. How we deal with loss, the past, traditions and the truth behind it all.Art by R.M. Guéra was gritty and a bit rough which fit the story to a tee. This was my first introduction to Jason Aaron and I personally believe this is his strongest work.8/10 for the entire series

    2. Of course, in an Aaron tale the law wouldn't be the end of the story. Here especially. I was initially fooled into thinking, "there's no way there's any more story to tell after the big arrest". Boy is there. Plenty of confrontations, bad decisions, people seeking redemption and little of that to be found.At the end of this amazing saga, I find myself not entirely satisfied. I can see why Aaron ended this the way he did, and there's a certain poetic justice in how everyone ended up. I don't thin [...]

    3. The five-star rating is not only for this volume, but for the series as a whole. I read the final three volumes in the last week. I tried to read them slowly to savor them, but found I couldn't. The writing throughout the series has been amazing, and by the end, everything pays off. Vertigo has published some great series - 100 Bullets, Y: The Last Man - and this ranks right up there with the best of them. R.M. Guera's art meshes with Jason Aaron's story perfectly, and even when there were fill- [...]

    4. A fitting conclusion to a behemoth 60-issue of an indian story, Trail's end gives a glimpse of what happened to the main characters after the climatic volume 9.Ultimately, Prairie Rose has undergone so much reconstruction, save for others who have succumbed to a life of crime and misery.To be honest, I really didn't expect much from the last volume, since I alnost certainly knew that the climax has already happened. But like a magnificent story, you have to see it until the end. Dash is certainl [...]

    5. Goddamn, this is brilliant. A perfectly executed story, dozens of great characters, and wonderful art. I really hope they collect the series into some nice hardcovers, because I want to read it again and pass it along to my friends.

    6. Great finish to one of the best series I have traveled through. Superlative!!! Writing! Characters! The tale! I am reminded of Michael Corleone's passionate revelation from Godfather IIIjust when I think I'm out, THEY PULL ME BACK IN!!! The lives of all involved are irreparably changed in the final betrayals. The resolution may leave you tweaked . Absolutely loved it!

    7. SERIES: 10/10An excellent take on crime fiction. Jason Aaron says it best in his afterword: 60 issues, 10 trade paperbacks, over 1200 pages. This is an epic work that can read like a whole novel if the entire series is taken in (which is now possible being that the whole series is available in paperback).At first, the story centers on Dashiell Bad Horse, a disillusioned tough guy with a self-hatred for his own people, returning to his degenerating hometown, the Prairie Rose Indian Reservation, i [...]

    8. The end of this epic, violent, emotional, intense crime drama doesn't disappoint. But it does give us a lot of unexpected moments. Yeah, there's the obligatory bloody three-way stand-off (we'd have felt ripped off without that) but there's so much more besides. There's excellent character moments and sudden insights and bittersweet endings and even a little hope. There's open-endedness and world-weary resignation. There's self-discovery and finally-realized Truth, with a capital T.Jason Aaron co [...]

    9. It should come as no surprise that Scalped had a bittersweet ending. I've written in earlier reviews about my discomfort with a white guy telling a Native American story, so I won't belabor that here. I want to talk about the characters, because they are what kept bringing me back. I'm a sucker for nuanced characters, characters who live in the gray, and Scalped may have the strongest set of characters I've ever come to know. They live in the dark end of gray, to be sure. They are despicable, ug [...]

    10. An absolutely perfect conclusion to one of the very best (epic) series that I have read in comics.It is a hard-boiled thrilling thrill ride that felt like it was threatening to boil over from the very beginningand I know many of us were like"Come On! When are things gonna come to a head!!!???"And yet it always seemed just on the very fu<(in edge of boiling over!Great charactersgreat plotgreat pacingamazing (Seriously Amazing!) art, especially from the principle co-creator Gueraand with all th [...]

    11. A truly amazing conclusion to one of the best comic book series of all time. This volume has it all. Great character moments are augmented by truly riveting and intense action sequences. The atmosphere and feeling of dread makes the reader quicken their pulse and turn the page like there is no tomorrow. Every member of the Scalped cast is changed at the end of their journey. While some of the characters' are surprising at first glance, all of their destinies make sense when viewed through the co [...]

    12. The final volume of Scalped is a fitting end to the entire series. Dash's journey comes full circle and is bitter sweet. One of the best mature comics series that I've ever read, ranks up there with Y: The Last Man, Vol. 1: Unmanned and Ex Machina, Vol. 1: The First Hundred Days. I hope Jason Aaron returns to this type of creator owned material in the future.

    13. 5 stars not only for this volume but the series as a whole. Scalped is the best crime comic that I have ever read, taking over my previous favourite; 100 Bullets. The conclusion here easily manages to be exciting, tense and surprising. Not only surprising in how some of the characters stories end, mostly in a perfect storm of fire, blood and bullets, but also in the level of emotion that seeps through in the final pages. Jason Aaron's hard boiled writing and Rio Guera's dusty, bloody artwork man [...]

    14. An emotional, gut-wrenching, climactic, and incredibly fitting end to one of the best comic series I've ever read. This series is just as enthralling as Breaking Bad, as intense as the Sopranos, as alive as Deadwood. I cannot recommend this series highly enough, especially after the payoff this final volume gives. This is a series I am going to read over and over again, and one we'll be talking about for decades.

    15. Well it is finally the end of my favorite comic series. I will say this volume is quite a change of pace from the previous ones. It was jarring in both good and bad ways. Ultimately, it is all about the ending which satisfies and makes sense, but didn't blow me away as much as I expected. The ending is no tarnish on what is an absolutely fantastic series though. Scalped gets my highest recommendation.

    16. Jason Aaron's sprawling reservation noir thriller comes to a sudden stop with this collection. The gun fight that had been brewing for sixty issues, does not disappoint as Dash Bad Horse, Lincoln Red Crow and an army of thugs shoot it out in the heart of a raging inferno.This final piece of the puzzle completes the portrait of life and crime on the reservation. It's top notch work.

    17. Scalped, through and through, one of the best sequential art stories I've ever read. Native American crime on the rez. I'll miss this series and already look forward to starting over and consuming it all at a rate much faster than 5 years time. For those interested on the concept: enpedia/wiki/Scalped

    18. Great series and a pretty good finish, though the artwork was just a bit too chaotic in that final showdown to be able to tell what the heck was going on.

    19. This series is incredible. Haven't read anything as good since 100 Bullets. Feels like the Wire of graph novels.

    20. Wow! What an amazing, dramatic, noir, western, thriller. This whole 10 volume (60 issue) series is highly recommended. I just read the last 3 1/2 volumes in one day. Bing worthy for sure!

    21. Ca y est, Scalped, c'est fini. Quelle claque !Le chemin a été parsemé d'embûches pour tous les personnages, et aucun ne termine là où je m'y attendais. Et aucun n'est, au final, pas à sa place. L'histoire m'a happé, envoûté. J'ai vécu pour ces personnages, pour que certains y passent, mais en fait, ils étaient tous attachants. Et certains n'ont pas eu le destin qu'ils méritaient.Des personnages forts, magnifiquement dépeints, et une histoire avec une fin qui se tient parfaitement : [...]

    22. This ending is atrocious. Jason Aaron can't write female characters to save his life. Just have edgey mc edge edge leave town and not use protection on his girlfriend and get her pregnant? I can't believe this drevel that was published.

    23. Excellent!! Just like all the previous volumes this was great. From the first page to the last, this has been one of the most entertaining & compelling series I've read, it might not be my absolute favorite series, but it's definitely in the top 3. To me this is one of the examples of just how good comics can be. This story had so many great characters & i liked the way they all ended up. I recommend this series to anybody that just wants to read a great story, & that's the highest p [...]

    24. I won't get into the details. Everybody who made it till here don't need any convincing to read the book.Let me just say that Aaron manages to bring his amazing book to a throughly satisfying end. Of course there is all the violence and twists I grew fond of though the other nine volumes, but Scalped was always a more character-driven (as opposed to plotdriven) book and Aaron writes the greatest endings for all of them. (view spoiler)[ My favourites beeing Red Crow leading a more trditional life [...]

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