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ABCers Learn the ABCs in a new way What are ABCers They re Book readers and Friend greeters Lap sitters and Race runners When these friends go to the park to play they sing and giggle jump and tiptoe all

  • Title: ABCers
  • Author: Carole Lexa Schaefer Pierr Morgan
  • ISBN: 9780670012312
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Learn the ABCs in a new way What are ABCers They re Book readers and Friend greeters, Lap sitters and Race runners When these friends go to the park to play, they sing and giggle, jump and tiptoe all the way from A to Z Children will love following them throughout their very active day, as well as coming up with all the ABC things that they can do themselves, too FillLearn the ABCs in a new way What are ABCers They re Book readers and Friend greeters, Lap sitters and Race runners When these friends go to the park to play, they sing and giggle, jump and tiptoe all the way from A to Z Children will love following them throughout their very active day, as well as coming up with all the ABC things that they can do themselves, too Filled with action, ABCers encourages learning, as well as play.

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    • Free Read [Horror Book] ↠ ABCers - by Carole Lexa Schaefer Pierr Morgan ✓
      109 Carole Lexa Schaefer Pierr Morgan
    • thumbnail Title: Free Read [Horror Book] ↠ ABCers - by Carole Lexa Schaefer Pierr Morgan ✓
      Posted by:Carole Lexa Schaefer Pierr Morgan
      Published :2018-011-22T10:16:18+00:00

    1 thought on “ABCers

    1. “ABCers” by Carole Lexa Schaefer and illustrated by Pierr Morgan is a picture book for not only young readers, but for older readers who may be English language learners.On one level, it’s an ABC book. It begins with the letter A, ends with the letter Z, and is filled in between with simply illustrated pictures of children doing fun child activities like licking ice cream, giving giggles, splashing water and asking questions.What makes this a great book for English language learners and pr [...]

    2. Awards: NoneAppropriate grade level: 3-5 years oldSummary: This is a children’s book about learning the alphabet. The author takes every letter of the alphabet and relates it to things that children do everyday. Between jumping off higher surfaces and greeting their friends, it teaches children the letters of the alphabet by doing everyday things.Review: This is a great way to teach children the letters of the alphabet because the author related it to things they are already familiar with doin [...]

    3. Honestly, I did not like this book. Yes, it taught the kids the alphabet but it taught it to them with nonsense sentences and activities that kids don't do or don't know what they are. A book that is teaching a child the alphabet and how to read needs to have correct sentence structure or it is going to make the child confused. If a teacher were to read this to a class it would be kindergarten but I wouldn't recommend it. This book has a lot of verbs that are good for a child's development but a [...]

    4. An alphabet book of children's activities. A group of racially mixed children do a different activity for each letter of the alphabet. A letter is represented each page and is accompanied by a full color, full page illustration that combines pastels with bolder, marker drawings of the children. The inside front/back cover shows a map of the children's activities marked by the letter that corresponds to that activity.Because alphabet books are often judged by their representation of key letter (Q [...]

    5. Friends move through these pages, engaged in all sorts of activities from A ("arm linkers") to Z ("Zzz snoozers"), and apparently learning their ABCs along the way. I guess the intended audience would be early readers although the children depicted in the softly-colored illustrations seem to be much older than that and have, hopefully, mastered the letters of the alphabet already. I liked the illustration of the "kitten petters" with those white kitties begin stroked by three children. With a ni [...]

    6. Age: K-2nd grade (not a letters learning book)Season: SummerA fun escapade outside by a group of friends. Because there are several guidelines that this does not meet as an alphabet book (letters are too small, exclusion of lower case letter, no alliteration), this book is better suited for children already familiar with their ABCs. Librarians should consider using this as a summertime book, instead of an alphabet book.

    7. This was a brilliantly new way of teaching a child their ABC's The illustrations are right out of as if you were sitting in a major city park or walking down a sidewalk. Full of children having fun with one another playing, laughing etc. The written story each line has something to do with that leter of the alphabet "H is for hot dog eaters", "W is for water splashers" etc a new twist on teaching ABC's. My granddaughter received this as one of her Dolly Parton Imagination Library book.

    8. My five-year-old son picked this book out from the library this week. He likes alphabet books. He did not, however, like this alphabet book. Nor did I. I did not like anything about this book. I did not like the made-up words for the alphabetic activities. I did not like the lack of a story. I did not like the lack of humor or charm. I did not like the illustrations. At all. This book is an F. F is for Faulty Storytelling.

    9. 3.5. A pretty decent ABC book with lots of multiracial kids. A couple of issues: The letter represented on that page is always followed by a capitalized word ("L is for Lap sitters") except on the first page ("A is for arm linkers"). There are also two Z entries, although the last one ("Z is zee end") is on the copyright page. I like the diagram on the endpapers, too.

    10. Not a book for learning ABCs, but an interesting book for exploring your neighborhood. A multicultural group of young friends enjoy a fun-filled day at their local park.The illustrations are bright and cheerful line drawings, simple enough to inspire children to try their hand at drawing their friends.

    11. Woods is really digging this picture book right now. There's so much going on on each page and he loves getting to ask "Whats That!?" 18million times :D His curiosity is really big right now and this book has helped him learn so many new words. He's still drawn mostly to board books and picture books that can hold his attention are few and far between, so this one gets 4 stars!

    12. This book is great for teaching students their "Abc's" but for my level I'd like to teach it would not be good. I enjoyed that it used words that are like children in an everyday school that you see, different groups of children; the ones who like to read, artistic, buddies, loud ones, and even the clumsy ones.

    13. This is a great picture book for early elementary read-alouds. The author has it spot-on with rhythm, rhymes and perfect examples for each letter of the kinds of activities Kindergarten and first grade students love to do! And a perfect short game as follow-up is to ask for a show of hands when you call out a letter -- when they can think of a word beginning with the letter.

    14. i like this book because it introduces new vocabulary to kids in PreK-K. it's a fun way to talk about the letter of the day, etc. also, the endpapers are fabulous, displaying a letter next to an image enabling kids to recall what the letter stood for.

    15. My 2-year old loves this book. He refers to it as "Friends" and asks for it almost every night. He enjoys the drawings of kids having fun together, and we trace the path on the end pages while he finds the letters and reads them to me. It's a fun book for preschoolers.

    16. This group of young friends is on the go all day, demonstrating the letters of the alphabet in a captivating way. Trace the path they follow from linking arms till they get to yawns and finally snooze. Reviewer 4.

    17. As far as alphabet books go, this isn't the best. The kids are doing cute activities for each letter. Some are traditional and some are more creative. The alphabet path on the end pages is my favorite part of the book.

    18. This book could have been good/cute, but there are some sentences that just make no sense. I would like my kids' books to at least teach them to speak correctly. "C is for Color drawers"?? What??

    19. This is a great book for learning ABCs. Each page has beautiful pictures illustrating K for kitten petters, M for Monkey climbers and much more!Grade PreK - Kindergarten Heather

    20. An alphabet book that shows children having fun and participating in activities. Good for a young class who are just learning the alphabet.

    21. I don't see the relevance of this book. The words are too difficult for my daughter. It is a different take on the ABCs but not one of my favorites.

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