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Be Beautiful, Be You

Be Beautiful Be You When an Internet video calling her The World s Ugliest Woman went viral Lizzie Velasquez set out to discover what truly makes us beautiful Now she shares what she learned on that faith filled journey

  • Title: Be Beautiful, Be You
  • Author: Lizzie Velásquez
  • ISBN: 9780764820793
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Paperback
  • When an Internet video calling her The World s Ugliest Woman went viral, Lizzie Velasquez set out to discover what truly makes us beautiful Now she shares what she learned on that faith filled journey.In Be Beautiful, Be You, Lizzie uses anecdotes and exercises to teach readers to recognize their own unique gifts and blessings, talk to God in their own words, deal withWhen an Internet video calling her The World s Ugliest Woman went viral, Lizzie Velasquez set out to discover what truly makes us beautiful Now she shares what she learned on that faith filled journey.In Be Beautiful, Be You, Lizzie uses anecdotes and exercises to teach readers to recognize their own unique gifts and blessings, talk to God in their own words, deal with disappointment, make and maintain healthy friendships, and set realistic goals.In a world filled with airbrushed celebrity photos and plastic surgery, Lizzie Velasquez is a refreshing force of nature whose story will inspire anyone who has ever felt singled out, misunderstood, or afraid and who hasn t

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      287 Lizzie Velásquez
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    1 thought on “Be Beautiful, Be You

    1. Currently reading this book then I will give it to my tween. Lizzie is truly an amazing person and this is a wonderful book for tween and teens. I love how Lizzie writes about her relationship with God and how He has helped her through difficulties in life. I also love at the end of each chapter she has Reflection Questions and a prayer. It's a great book for daughters!

    2. Wow. Im shook beyond belief. This book takes you a whole diffrent meaning about your life. This book is about a girl named Lizzie Velasquez, she has a very rare syndrom where she is not able to gain weight. Its so rare she is 1 out of the 3 people in the whole world to have it! Just because she looks diffrent from everyone else, cant fit into the same clothes as everyone else, didnt stop her from doing what she does best. Motivational Speaking. Lizzie's life is quite the story but its so facinat [...]

    3. It's a very touching and inspirational story but this book wasn't what I expected it to be. It was more of a self-help type book and how to love yourself rather than the story of Lizzie. I would have been more interested to read about Lizzie and her life and everything that she has overcome to be the inspirational woman she is today. It just wasn't what I expected.

    4. What is most remarkable about this book is the author and her tremendously positive outlook on life. She is one of only three people in the world known to have the disorder she has which makes it impossible for her body to create muscle or store fat. Frankly, I doubt many people would have the courage and grace to thrive after finding a you-tube video about themselves called “The World’s Ugliest Woman”.Much of this book is VERY religious in nature and/or aimed at college or high school stu [...]

    5. One of the best inspiring books I've ever read. Lizzie Velasquez is a lovely person with a unique perspective on how to overcome tough problems. She's actually BEEN there, so she has real insight, unlike some books that simply preach but the author has never practiced their own advice. Lizzie's solutions are simple and effective, and if you are anyone you know needs a little bit of encouragement in your life, I highly recommend Lizzie's book. She's a beautiful lady with a beautiful gift of inspi [...]

    6. Lizzie's second book has a more mature voice and polished than the first. Much of her focus remains on her religion and her relationship with God, but the book avoids preachiness. Instead, it focuses on what the author has done and still does to face each day, while it poses questions and offers activities to help the reader reflect and find ways to overcome her (or his) own challenges. The book has a special appeal to teenage girls, but it kept my middle-aged interest as well.

    7. It's a nice book. I would say that it is a kind of "self-help book" which teaches you to value all the good things you have in life. The author, Lizzie Velásquez, is an amazing young woman: smart, inspiring and optimistic. Although you notice that she is young and therefore her audience are mainly teenagers, I recommend it to everyone who needs some energy to forget a bad experience in life and to learn how to recharge her/his batteries.

    8. This is the second book I've read by this author. I have read her books because of the amazing story of her life and her optimism. Although there was a lot of repetition in this book, I think it is a great read for anyone who struggles with low self-esteem or who, like me, just loves happy endings.

    9. Lizzie's faith and trust in God is incredible and truly inspiring. I really enjoyed reading this book, and am bookmarking some of those prayers - there are some serious gems!

    10. Would be good for a teenager going thru bullying or a tough situation. It is VERY catholic based and involves lots of prayer and talk about God.

    11. 2016-01-18_17.39.09blogLizija ir divdesmit sešus gadus veca meitene no Amerikas. Viņas stāsts jau vairākus gadus iedvesmo cilvēkus. Viņa ir viena no tiem cilvēkiem, kuru ir terorizējuši (bullying) cilvēki, pat viņu nepazīstot. Lizijai (Lizzue Valesquez) ir rets sindroms, kurš viņai neļauj pieņemties svarā. Viņai nav anoreksija, viņa ir tieva/maziņa, kopš dzimšanas brīža. Cilvēki viņu ir saukājuši visādos vārdos, rakstījuši dažādus rupjus komentārus un centušie [...]

    12. This book was short and easy to get through, but also made me stop and think. It offered practical advice to help improve self-esteem rather than the typical, “you're awesome, love yourself," that so many other books offer.

    13. We're all victims of something, but that's not who we are. What defines our character is the way we react to our situation.I have admired Lizzie from the moment I discovered her through a Youtube video, I thought "what a wonderful woman, she has a lot to teach us!In fact, she does. This book contains very useful quotes and advice. However, what I didn't like was that it was too much God-focused, but as it is one important aspect in her life, it was interesting to read that as well.Remember, it o [...]

    14. I am excited to read your book lizzie, you have inspired to become like you, I have had my fair share of hardship in life just as we all have had, you are an inspiration, and motivation to do better, I have started writing out a book myself, its not going to be easy, but with your help and by reading your book you are giving me more ideas and improving my skills of writing, thanks so much for playing a huge role in my life, ill always look upto you! xxx

    15. This was a fascinating book, though not what I thought it would be. Lizzie is very religious and talks a lot about her relationship with God. She has a disease which prevents her from gaining any weight. She learned to deal with it and does motivational speaking as well as going to college. I really believe this is a book for younger girls who need direction and to set goals. It was definitely a good read and I recommend it anyone who wants to be uplifted.

    16. Its a good book to read for kids who need some self-confidence but all the God-talk and praying parts wasn't for me. But she's definitely an amazing and inspiring young woman. I would be interested in a book more about her life than a self-help book.

    17. Lizzie's books reminds us of trusting and praying to God. In this books she shows us, through some tips, how she keeps away all the negativity and stay positive. I recommend this book to everyone that is looking for inspiration on those days of negativity and lost. She is truly a role model.

    18. I loved reading this to my kids!! We had many great discussions and learning opportunities. I feel that they came away from this read with more compassion and understanding about those around them and who they want to become.

    19. i think shei thinks it's a good book for a the best personality in this world because he make us feel happy to read this book

    20. I have a different conception of God than this woman does, but I found a lot that was of value in this book.

    21. Another great book by Lizzie. It's short and sweet with a lot of great suggestions that can help you out. 5 out of 5 stars.

    22. an awesome booka must read !!!!lizzie u r a hero u true god giftthank u 4 this amazing inspiration

    23. I thought this book was very inspiring. This talks about a women who has a very rare disorder. But with the help of her family and god she gets through the bullies and other mean people.

    24. This is a very inspirational book on how to appreciate who you are to God and who you can be to yourself with or without the approval of others.

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