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Four Fires

Four Fires In a small town like any other small town around Australia live the Maloneys They are a fifth generation Australian family of Irish Catholic descent who are struggling to reach the first run of the so

  • Title: Four Fires
  • Author: Bryce Courtenay
  • ISBN: 9780141011448
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • In a small town like any other small town around Australia live the Maloneys They are a fifth generation Australian family of Irish Catholic descent who are struggling to reach the first run of the social ladder The Maloneys are a family you won t forget a strong mother, a father broken by war, three boys and two girls, one of whom has an illegitimate daughter Each ofIn a small town like any other small town around Australia live the Maloneys They are a fifth generation Australian family of Irish Catholic descent who are struggling to reach the first run of the social ladder The Maloneys are a family you won t forget a strong mother, a father broken by war, three boys and two girls, one of whom has an illegitimate daughter Each of their lives is changed forever by the four fires passion, religion, warfare and fire itself.Four Fire is unashamedly a story of the power of love and the triumph of the human spirit against the odds.

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    1. I believe that Four Fires by Bryce Courtenay is a phenomenal book all by itself. It is not, however, a book I probably would have gravitated to nor enjoyed as much in paper form. I picked this selection based on reviews and particularly the reference in Audible reviews to the narrator Humphrey Bower. I was not disappointed. To call Mr. Bower a narrator does not do him justice. An actor? Okay, that works. He flawlessly plays the roles of so many of the characters in this book. And that would make [...]

    2. Though I rarely read solely based by Author, I just finished my fourth Bryce Courtenay (and we all know the Courtenay page average equates a normal 2-3 novels) and I must say I can’t wait to devour the next! I started with “The Power of One” at age 13 and yet has a book surpassed as my title favorite. It took me more than a decade to discover that indeed there was a sequel “Tandia” and that Mr. Courtenay in fact has written a myriad of novels! Sadly, it seems that only “The Power of [...]

    3. Before reading this book, I consulted the reviews on to get an idea of what it was about. Most said that this was just a story about an Irish Catholic family who began by being the social pariyah of a small australian town called Yankallie to prominence. However, I disagree. It is more than that.Mole, the main protagonist of the story, recounts the Malony's rise from bottom of the social ladder to a prominent and respected family in Australia. Speaking from a first person's perspective, Mole re [...]

    4. Bryce Courtenay has never disappointed me. His novels are the kind that you simply cannot put down. Thankfully, at the end of the first book in a series, you just know that he will follow it up with a sequel - he simply can't leave us hanging there! I am on a mission to read every single one of his book and I've made a pretty good dent in it. I started with The Potato Factory, which is a very good place to start. I was completely engrossed in it and when finished, I could not get my hands on eno [...]

    5. This is only my second book by Bryce Courtenay, but already he is establishing himself as one of my favourite writers. Though FOUR FIRES and THE POWER OF ONE (the books I have read thus far) are rather lengthy, they truly resonate and the characters Courtenay creates in both feel so real I miss them when I finish.The story centers around the Maloney family in a small town in Australia. They don't have it easy, and are definitely a multi-faceted bunch, but they make the best of what they have and [...]

    6. The best way to do a Bryce Courtenay is via audiobook with Humphrey Bowers narrating. It turns the book into an unforgettable experience. Bowers is such a great actor that he makes the characters come alive. Courtenay is such a great storyteller that their combination is fantastic.This book isn't as dark as The Power of One and Tandia. It has less swearing and isn't so violent. However, it's a great book that focuses on Australia by focusing on a large family in the bush. Courtenay develops char [...]

    7. When I first read this, I would have given it five stars. It's another of Bryce Courtenay's carbon-copy exercises in sentimentality. This particular story traces the life of one family (he does enjoy the family dynasty trope, doesn't he?) through the eyes of, I think, Mitch. One family member ends up a boxer, one a successful fashion designer, one founds a business empire based on garbage-collection trucks. The only one who comes to relatively nothing is Mitch, who does nothing but fight valiant [...]

    8. I can't help myself, I love everything by Courtenay. This story was as rich as The Potato Factory, but not at all redundant. The Maloney family saga details every member and each is worthy of their own TV show. Courtenay writes as if they are each his main character and they are all so different! I really can't say enough about this author. I have just downloaded another by him and can't wait to listen.

    9. I've downloaded the unabridged audible version of almost all of Bryce Courtenay's books. The primary reason is that Humphrey Bower is one of my favorite audible book narrators. He makes a story come alive with his uncanny ability to change accents, and even makes me believe I'm hearing a woman's voice. As for the story-- this one is very epic. I had just finished listening to "Jessica" which is one of the saddest stories I've heard in a long time. With this book, I found the Maloney family to be [...]

    10. A grand, sweeping novel about the Maloneys, an Irish Catholic family living in the bush in Southeastern Australia. It picks up in the mid-1950s and takes us through the 1990s, but its span of characters also includes "Mr. Baloney", who served in WW I and his son Tommy's horrific experience as a POW in the Pacific Theatre in WW II. The tale is skillfully narrated by "Mole" Maloney, one of the five children of iron-willed Nancy who in so many ways reminded me of my mother's family of three very di [...]

    11. I loved this audiobook. Great characters, each with their own sub plot. Takes place in Australia. Incredible reader.

    12. Dis altyd wonderlik om 'n Bryce Courtenay te lees. Laaang boek, maar baie mooi. Ek sou nog 'n duisend van hierdie bladsye kon lees.

    13. Four Fires, by Bryce Courtenay, Narrated by Humphrey Bowers, Produced by Bolinda Publishing, downloaded from audible.This is a three-generation family narrative covering 100 years, in Australian history, the majority of the narrative taking place from 1956 to about 1964. Nancy Maloney is the mother of all five children in this narrative, but three of them are by different fathers. Her own husband fathered two, but only one in wedlock, so there’s only one legitimate Maloney. Tommy Maloney, the [...]

    14. This book was a complete slog to get through -- but only due to the length and the level of detail of that everything is described in. The story is incredibly disjointed at times, moving back and forth until you don't know which way is up, and then the chapter ends and you have to start again. There weren't many plot twists, some that I saw coming, and others that I didn't. I did really enjoy this book, the "climax" of the book left me entirely speechless, and the resolution and ending left me c [...]

    15. I *loved* this book! Admittedly, I listened to it, and the reader, Humphrey Bower, is more an actor than a reader. He made the book come alive as he adopted the tones and accents of men and women, boys and girls, all with their accented English (Yiddish, German, Japanese, Indian, Irish, Australian). This is a story of a wildly unusual Australian family surviving by intelligence and drive and endless courage. A great read/listen! I was sorry to have it end.

    16. What a story! This was my first audiobook and Humphrey Bower's narration made it a real treat. Some of the war stuff was tough to get through, though. I generally avoid war stories, but this had a lot of family saga stuff mingled in. In fact, the war stuff doesn't really come in until the second half of the book. Overall, a worthwhile read that kept me entertained while I logged around 60 miles walking round and round my backyard.

    17. One of my alltime favorite books, this was a re-read for me in preparation for an upcoming book club discussion. Mole Maloney's narrative and perspective of his life in the Australian Bush is bittersweet. I laughed and cried and laughed some more. There are lots of layers here and Courtenay, as usual, weaves a colorful and bittersweet story from well-researched history.

    18. I enjoy the sagas Courtenay seems to write. This was no exception and I had a fondness for most of the characters and their individual storylines. I was slightly disappointed that he chose to wrap it all up so quickly at the end. As if he felt he'd written enough and needed to close. I will read more of his work for sure

    19. The time I took to read this book is no reflection on the book - just on how busy I've been lately. I had never heard of the book until I found it in the cancer society second hand bookshelf - the source of many of my reads these days. It was a surprise as I thought I had read all of Bryce Courtenay.Set in small town Australia between WW2 and the Vietnam war, it revolves around one family - mum Nancy who is a large lady who drives a garbage truck but does delicate embroidery, father Tommy broken [...]

    20. 4.5 stars because of the insanely good audio book reader, otherwise a 4.0. A truly epic story about the Maloney family who are the trash collectors for a small town in Australia. The story has a wide berth, from drunk PTSD fathers to catholic/protestant feuds to WWII POW stories. And throughout it all are the brush fires that shape so much of Australia's landscape. A little too much time spent on the boxing, although I have to admit it was exciting; and while the POW scenes were central to under [...]

    21. This is one of those books that I did not want to end. I truly enjoyed the characters, and felt uplifted by the "sense of family" in the book. That said, it was a bit slow to get started; it took me a while to get invested in the characters, which is the reason for 4*. After listening to "The Power of One", also by Bryce Courtenay, and giving it 5*, I couldn't wait to get started on another of his books. "Four Fires" does have a war story within it that made me think of "Unbroken", which may be [...]

    22. Really loved this book, especially the first half. Second half was good, but not as tight and felt like he was trying too hard to tie up loose ends. Bryce Courtenay is becoming a favorite author. Amazing characters that you absolutely fall in love with--great metaphors about making the best of what life deals you that stick!

    23. I found this book engrossing. Courtenay has woven a mesmerizing tale about an Australian family of Irish decent. It culminates in the father's war experience as finally divuldged to one son. I love his style of writing in this Historical Fiction novel.

    24. A simple but compelling story about a family who was financially poor but filled with love and commitment to each other. The book reminded me a little of The Bothers K. Although it was a little slow at the beginning, I became quite attached to the characters and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    25. This book was made even more special as I lived around where the Four Fires was based and I could relate to the area and the story. What a powerful book!!

    26. Exceptional. Listen to this great story and just enjoy! So much to learn and appreciate in a Bryce Courtney tale.

    27. Excellent story, lots of research about australian trees, nature, fire etc. The war in Borneo, a bit of Vietnam war. Great family struggle.

    28. Another Bryce Courtenay blockbuster which follows a poor Irish Catholic Australian family, as it emerges from poverty, discrimination, alcoholism & crime to take its proper place in society. The Maloneys are the town garbage collectors. Nancy, the very obese matriarch, runs the ship with hard work & defiance of the powers that be. Her husband is a petty thief & alcoholic who is often in jail or away on a debauch, in spite of which Nancy remains devoted to him & intimates that the [...]

    29. This book is not bad but is too long and rambling. I loved Bryce’s Courtenay’s “The Power of One,” and I enjoyed “Tandia,” but now he has gone off the deep end with a long saga that tries to include too many characters. Also, his propensity to have the goodness of the main characters shine through no matter what their humble situation is, in this book, maudlin and over the top. I will say that each of the various stories did, at times, really engage me and pull on my heartstrings. Th [...]

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