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Her To all those who have for several years sought to discredit the new American literature Lawrence Ferlinghetti has just dealt a most powerful blow wrote French critic Pierre Lepape in when Her w

  • Title: Her
  • Author: Lawrence Ferlinghetti Vincent McHugh
  • ISBN: 9780811200424
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Paperback
  • To all those who have for several years sought to discredit the new American literature, Lawrence Ferlinghetti has just dealt a most powerful blow, wrote French critic Pierre Lepape in 1961 when Her was published in France as La Quatrieme Personne du Singulier Calling it a masterpiece of the young American novel, Lepape declared it was the confirmation of a great Ame To all those who have for several years sought to discredit the new American literature, Lawrence Ferlinghetti has just dealt a most powerful blow, wrote French critic Pierre Lepape in 1961 when Her was published in France as La Quatrieme Personne du Singulier Calling it a masterpiece of the young American novel, Lepape declared it was the confirmation of a great American writer who, in the hall of American literary glories, takes the place left vacant by the death of Hemingway Lepape went on to speak of the incredible verbal virtuosity by which the reader is led through this laby reve, and it is this image of the labyrinth dream which relates Her to the anti novels of the young French school of Robbe Grillet and Butor.Being thus very far from the kind of novels produced by Ferlinghetti s immediate contemporaries whether Beat or academic this book has met with little but bafflement among American critics With well over 50,000 now in print Her nevertheless continues to make its own way.

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    • Best Read [Lawrence Ferlinghetti Vincent McHugh] · Her || [Manga Book] PDF ↠
      401 Lawrence Ferlinghetti Vincent McHugh
    • thumbnail Title: Best Read [Lawrence Ferlinghetti Vincent McHugh] · Her || [Manga Book] PDF ↠
      Posted by:Lawrence Ferlinghetti Vincent McHugh
      Published :2018-07-15T02:19:07+00:00

    1 thought on “Her

    1. Битницко-сюрреалистический роман (с упором на сюрреализм). Ожившие картины Де Кирико, Дали и Эрнста, очень европейский текст, наглядная иллюстрация связи между «потерянным» и «битым» поколениями, роман безвременья. И весьма ироничный — а ирония и самоирония, мы понимаем, у [...]

    2. "Yet I'm still somebody, even if I'm nowhere.I'm a painter in a shingle shack on a far spit at tide's end at nightfall, trying to produce a world's face from the composite face of many people painting one long picture all my life"The message of my eyes was a tongue stopping her tongue, my eyes were lips stopping her lips with kisses that were keys, and this was but the start of it, and I had another skeleton key, lower down, which I could insert in her keyhole, to turn the love of her.2 parts sc [...]

    3. Great piece of work! Rather difficult to read, but illuminating for moments, humorous and visually and iconically surrealist and impresionist, this novel (who owes much of its aesthetics to Beckett, I'd dare say) reminded me of the novels I always wanted to write but never did (or finished doing) because of their obscurity and the pervasion of seemingly random disconnected thoughts (or because what I take as readers' lazyness, I'd dare say), even though in "Her" one can find a complex almost pla [...]

    4. It begins as a surreal vision of sexual obsession, in which the outmoded conceptual dichotomy of form and content is dissolved, and in the resulting mire, the flesh, both of the Self and the Other, is conflated with Being. But it quickly abandons this subject and devolves into insipid free association, sequences of images devoid of emotional or intellectual content, tired mixtures of crudeness and flowery poetics. It's steeped in a tone of tepid worldliness, a self-awareness that avoids taking a [...]

    5. Having been a fan of his poetry, I was curious as to his one longer work. Sadly, I was disappointed. I understand the idea of stream of conscious writing, but have never been a fan of it. The book started off with some interesting thoughts (maybe in the first 20 pages or so) and then dragged on and down for the rest. There were brief moments of interesting thoughts, but they were couched in with so much drivel that after a certain point I had lost all interest and sympathy in the narrator and hi [...]

    6. Loved this book. It's totally manic and confused. I can easily imagine Ferlinghetti writing this on a bunch of uppers or an absinthe binge.Different from other beats like Kerouac, in that the story is much less clear. There is still action but it's just a continuous forward motion. Sometimes at a trudge and others at a full sprint. The story's all about feelings of longing, despair, clumsiness, ineptitude, and self-loathing. I liked the hazy and confused manic highs and lows, and am looking forw [...]

    7. only four chapters, stream of consciousness narrative that will pummel you with one powerful image after the other; surprising, involved, not for those who aren't active readers big prose poem to say the least.

    8. I think this is one of the earliest books I bought and still have. I can remember the smell of it. I can remember a warm Summer day reading this at a picnic with my girlfriendThe distant strangeness of those fluid little run-on sentencesand jumbly bumbly perceptions mmm.

    9. Absolutely brilliant! A complete self-indulgent submersion into pure beatnik decadence, into sexy poetic prose that flows like wine through cobbled streets lined with artists and dreamers

    10. It took me a year to finish this book, ostensibly a novella, because it necessitated reading in great bursts followed by long pauses. I wish I had kept track of how many sentences were used, as I'm sure the answer would be around ten. Ferlinghetti, in my opinion, works best as a poet, and I'm loathe to admit that this book, largely tumbling gushes of stream-of-consciousness dreamlike passages (mostly pertaining to the horror and awe and beauty of Woman, All-Woman, the titular "Her"), punctuated [...]

    11. This book, although published in english by an american author has all the awkwardness of a russian translation, as well as the russians' penchant for repetition. ferlinghetti seems to use this device unwittingly, however, and not because he is as the russians were, thinking that everyone else is too stupid to grasp the symbolism and imagery and metaphor and thus ramming it home to force the audience's understanding of their masterpiece. in her, it is more like a drunk who is trying to ram home [...]

    12. This "novel" reads as one long rambling sentence, and while that can be very trying and annoying as an experiment, the writing is beautiful and intriguing. It's sort of about how we make our memories or desires of people into objects, but then it's about everything else. Or it's really just about Ferligheti having some sort of masturbatory fantasy. Who's to say?

    13. ah - Ferlinghetti! the 60’s! NYC! Washington Square Park, David Peel and the Lower East Side, St. Marks and 2nd Avenue, Cheetahs!, Gwen Verdon and Chita Rivera The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Steve Paul’s The Scene.Abbie Hoffman, Suzie and I on East 53rd.

    14. I need a week and a bottle of absinthe to finish this one, and I do mean that as a compliment and excuse for not finishing it.

    15. Love or infatuationor lustor madness. Love that this is partly biographical/memoir. It's disjointed and awkward and difficult at times - very short - but it's poetic prose.

    16. hard to follow, scatterbrained, parts were better than others, some repetitive chunks, some repetitive chunks

    17. man, don't remember much of anything about this, set in france i believe, a novel. yikes. i remember not liking it then which i can only imagine wouldn't make it any better now?

    18. I'm sitting here trying to think of something to say about it, but can't come up with anything other than "fuck you, read it."

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