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Scrivener For Dummies

Scrivener For Dummies No matter what you want to write Scrivener makes it easier Whether you re a planner a seat of the pants writer or something in between Scrivener provides tools for every stage of the writing proce

  • Title: Scrivener For Dummies
  • Author: Gwen Hernandez
  • ISBN: 9781118312476
  • Page: 402
  • Format: Paperback
  • No matter what you want to write, Scrivener makes it easier.Whether you re a planner, a seat of the pants writer, or something in between, Scrivener provides tools for every stage of the writing process Scrivener For Dummies walks you step by step through this popular writing software s best features This friendly For Dummies guide starts with the basics, but even experiNo matter what you want to write, Scrivener makes it easier.Whether you re a planner, a seat of the pants writer, or something in between, Scrivener provides tools for every stage of the writing process Scrivener For Dummies walks you step by step through this popular writing software s best features This friendly For Dummies guide starts with the basics, but even experienced scriveners will benefit from the helpful tips for getting from their favourite writing software Walks you through customizing project templates for your project needs Offers useful advice on compiling your project for print and e book formats Helps you set up project and document targets and minimize distractions to keep you on track and on deadline Explains how to storyboard with the corkboard, create collections, and understand their value Shows you how to use automated backups to protect your hard work along the wayFrom idea inception to manuscript submission, Scrivener for Dummies makes it easier than ever to plan, write, organize, and revise your masterpiece in Scrivener.

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    1 thought on “Scrivener For Dummies

    1. What is Scrivener?  Scrivener is a word processing package that keeps your projects organized.  It is basically setup like other packages with a menu bar, toolbar, etc. “Scrivener’s core purpose is to help you write.  It’s not intended to tell you how to write or force you to get the work done.  Instead, Scrivener provides an environment in which you can keep your writing, character sketches, synopses, outlines, and images in one project file.” “Scrivener For Dummies” Many of [...]

    2. The danger of using Scrivener is that you will become a spoiled brat. Yes, it's that good. The problem, though, is that unless you're a technical guru or the kind of person who digs, digs, digs for information, you might learn the basics and be so content that you go no further. Hernandez' book makes sure you don't. She explains it in wonderfully easy steps and walks you through it so that you do learn.Most books go too far one way or the other. Either they are too detailed and you find yourself [...]

    3. I love Scrivener, but I LOVE this book. Ms. Hernandez has a lovely, easy-going style that explains the ins and outs of the sophisticated software program which I appreciate. I read it once, but now I'm going through it in more detail, trying tools I didn't even know were there.

    4. I'm not finished, of course. You never really finish a book like this. But I've been dipping in and out as I get my head around Scrivener, and this book has helped me all the way. This is my second attempt at Scrivener, and I think it's stuck now. While I'm still editing in Word (and don't see that changing), I'm now a convert for writing.The book is easy to follow, simple to use, and I've learned a few tips and tricks to help me get the most out of the program. I'm one of those annoying people [...]

    5. This is probably the only reference book I have ever read cover-to-cover. It’s definitely the only one that’s ever caused me to cheer.Most users would follow the expected method of looking up their immediate question in the index and reading only the relevant sections. I did that a bit when I first bought the book, but didn’t find it as helpful as I’d hoped even though that’s what it’s designed for. I think I wasn’t very good at defining my need well enough to search for the soluti [...]

    6. I have been a fan of Scrivener for a number of years now. It was recommended as a favorite Mac writing program and I took a look and then adopted it. To learn it then I spent time with the tutorials and knew then that I barely scratched the surface.Still it was a much better solution then Word, and when Pages came along, Scrivener was still much better to write in. We each have the way we like to configure our space, but the research folder on the left of the main pane became a place to hold so [...]

    7. I'll have to echo the sentiments of other Windows users that this book is tailored to the Mac user (as it seems most documentation on this alleged revolutionary software suffers). The author makes a good effort of flagging differences in the two versions as she goes along, but it feels like that was done as an afterthought in editing. Other Windows users may feel, like I do, that I had to take my book and read it at the back of the class.I'm not sure how many instructional books on Scrivener I'v [...]

    8. This is a great book for someone who wants more than the Scrivener tutorial and/or is too afraid to break something by just clicking on menu items and trying things out. There are step-by-step instructions to using the features and screenshots to help find what you're looking for. The biggest thing that bothered about this book is that there was no distinction given whether a feature was only for the Mac version or both the Mac and PC versions. The author explains up front that she does not incl [...]

    9. I've been using Scrivener for years and know that it's an extremely comprehensive program with a ton of features. Knowing that I had probably used only about 50% of them urged me to rush out and buy this book.There is a goldmine in here, in the familiar light-hearted, easy-to-read style of the Dummies series. Not only did I discover complete how-to's (with screenshots) for those mysterious features that I'd never grasped on my own, but I also read about things I didn't even know Scrivener could [...]

    10. I am not a new user of the writing software known as Scrivener, but the program is so complex that I never felt that I was getting the most out of it. I have followed Gwen Hernandez's blog for at least a year and I had always found her advice on using Scrivener to be invaluable. When she wrote a book on the subject, I decided that I had to have it.Scrivener For Dummies is a well organized, step by step instruction book on how to use Scrivener as a writer. Even though I was comfortable with the b [...]

    11. "Scrivener for Dummies" by Gwen Hernandez is a handbook for the revolutionary software used by so many writers today. I've been a Scrivener for Windows user for a little over a year, and this book had tips and tricks for features I had yet to use. It would have been useful to have printed an icon beside sections that were for Mac only. The author does mention certain parts are unavailable for Windows, but there were a few features I tried to find on my version, only to learn they were Mac only.T [...]

    12. The book is written for Mac users, so if I were to base my rating on just this, I would have to give it a 5 star rating. But as I have a PC, and not much was included for it in the book, I have given it a 3 star rating. Unfortunately because of the books lack of PC direction and information, I spent a lot of valuable time searching for menu equivalents and so on to get the same or similar results from the program that a Mac user would. Therefore, I think it would have been very helpful if the au [...]

    13. The book is written for Mac computers. I have a PC. That noted, the book was useful; I learned a lot from it; I'd definitely recommend it. That said, it would have been very useful to note which parts of the book were not yet PC-enabled as it would have saved me much searching of the manual accompanying the program (which wasn't written in a style that I found useful), or searching the Internet.My use of Scrivener is very much improved after working through the book. I'd have just got through it [...]

    14. I really, really tried with this book. I find it unhelpful for basics, such as managing images on a regular page, or setting page size. I feel as if there needs to be a manual to explain this one. It's too dry, too cumbersome and not nearly well-enough indexed to be useful. I am finding the Scrivener user manual far more useful (it's available as a PDF on the Literature & Latte site). Plus, there's a wealth of resources online to help with Scrivener. I would turn to those first before buying [...]

    15. I got this book after a week of brain damage trying to learn Scrivener via forums and videos. Gwen made it clear which options are available in the Windows version, so I didn't waste any more time thinking I could do things that only the Mac users could. My second book was so easy to finish having Gwen's book at my fingertips. Her website also has many helpful tips.

    16. A great introduction to Scrivener whether you are a beginner or more advanced user. Gwen Hernandez takes a difficult subject I was loathe to learn and makes it simple. Pure genius.

    17. This is a great resource for anyone wanting to learn the ins and outs of the scrivener writing program. This is a great tool!

    18. The book I read to research this post was Scrivener For Dummies by Gwen Hernandez which is a very good book which I read at safaribooksonline. Scrivener is a writing software initially released for the Apple Macintosh and particularly for the OS X Lion operating system and I think the version in this book is a previous version which at the time had a cut down Windows version although in future both versions will have similar features. I did look on Google to see how much this software is and it [...]

    19. Scrivener for Dummies focuses on introducing readers to the software. Author Gwen Hernandez writes clearly and with great enthusiasm about how to use Scrivener as a writer's ideal writing tool. She makes the case that Scrivener offers unique features that writers will love--I have also come to love Scrivener.My own interest in coming to Scrivener for Dummies for more depth in looking at specific challenges. In my case, I have ported a manuscript from Adobe InDesign that I used to publish a paper [...]

    20. I love Scrivener. LOVE. But I have a PC. The main thing this book showed me is that the Windows version is awesome, but the Mac version is SUPERawesome. I would recommend this book to anyone who has the Mac version of Scrivener, and to new Scrivener Windows users who need to learn the basics. I borrowed this book from the library, and once Scrivener updates the Windows version to be as functional as the Mac version, I will DEFINITELY buy Scrivener for Dummies. And I will change my rating to 5 st [...]

    21. It's hard to find the weak points in this book. It is probably all you need to start working with Scivener. The author devotes much attention to the basic functions, but such is the assumption series "for dummies".For sure you will not find instructions on how to write a dissertation here. The author operates an example of novel. Certainly the book does not reveal to you the secret of success of becoming a popular writer. In contrast, for sure (if you wade through 400 pages) you'll know more abo [...]

    22. Got Scrivener after winning NaNoWriMo - anyone who "wins" by writing 50,000 words in November get a discount coupon. Floundered around in the software, finding some things, but knowing I wasn't using it to full potential. Got this book. Got going in Scrivener! My learning style matches well with the Dummies series and I was thrilled to find one on Scrivener. Because of this book, Scrivener has replaced Microsoft Word for me.

    23. Good introduction to a a great program. I have been using Scrivener for four years and find it remarkably capable. I had used it to serve as editor for a magazine, and it was the perfect tool for me. I also have put all my seminary class curriculum and lectures into Scrivener. And now my congregational Bible study notes.I learned a few things from this book. Once I review it again, I am sending to my son and his family for learning more about the program.

    24. Most technical instruction books tend to be dry and boring. This is NOT the case with Gwen Hernandez's "Scrivener for Dummies". Never having met her in real life, I now feel I have been introduced to a new friend. It felt like I was sitting down at the computer with her by my side. I feel much more comfortable with the new program and would not hesitate to recommend the book to those who want to learn how to use Scrivener as well.

    25. If you have ever contemplated buying Scrivener or are just confused, this is the book to get started with. Gwen Hernandez takes all the guesswork out of the program, leading the novice by the hand through this wonderful writer's playground of information. You will be introduced first-hand to the myriad of things the program offers and you'll soon be on your way to creating the manuscripts you've always dreamed of. Run out and buy the book today - you won't be sorry!

    26. I was already getting a lot out of Scrivener, but WOW was there a lot more to learn! I can already tell the tips and tricks I learned are going to be extremely helpful for organizing novel notes, research, and prose. A very helpful "how to" book that's definitely worth spending a few hours reading before diving into your next writing project.

    27. Excellent descriptives in this book although for the technologically challenged like myself, rather confusing to take it all in. An excellent program for writers no doubt. Not a quick read and best to download the program for free and watch the tutorial as well so you can see exactly what is being described.

    28. Too bad I don't write on a MAC! This book is entirely Mac-centric, but then Scrivener was written for Mac users. There are a number of things I'd like to do with the software and the book addresses them for the Mac, but not the windows version (and there are some significant differences).

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