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Hit Squad

Hit Squad This is Mickey s first year at Grandview High After transferring all he wants to do is keep his head down work hard and fit in with the upscale crowd He is approached because of his tough reputatio

  • Title: Hit Squad
  • Author: James Heneghan
  • ISBN: 9781551432694
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Paperback
  • This is Mickey s first year at Grandview High After transferring, all he wants to do is keep his head down, work hard and fit in with the upscale crowd He is approached, because of his tough reputation, to join a group of students to take back the school from the bullies Mickey finds himself caught up in a shadowy world of violence and retribution When their planned paThis is Mickey s first year at Grandview High After transferring, all he wants to do is keep his head down, work hard and fit in with the upscale crowd He is approached, because of his tough reputation, to join a group of students to take back the school from the bullies Mickey finds himself caught up in a shadowy world of violence and retribution When their planned payback goes horribly wrong, Mickey is forced to acknowledge the thin line between victim and victimizer.

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      334 James Heneghan
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    1 thought on “Hit Squad

    1. I read Hit Squad because it was one of the many books I got free from the library and was reading over the summer. It was very eventful and different from what I normally read so I had a lot of fun reading it. It is quite fast-paced but all the characters are very interesting and I enjoyed the twists and turns of the story and finding out what would happen next. While it wasn't the best book, I thought it was pretty cool and it's smart how it can inspire some thoughts about where you cross the l [...]

    2. Hit Squad by James Heneghan tells the story of a group of four high school students who decide to take matters into their own hands to deal with bullies by forming a secret society they name the Hit Squad. The bullies push kids into lockers, demand lunches, and gang up on their victims in humiliating ways. Certainly, situations such as these happen in the high school where I work; however, as the book suggests with the shortage of adult characters, we might not always see the full picture when i [...]

    3. This book Hit Squad by James Heneghan is about a group of bullies who, gang up on a nerdy new girl. The bullie her because in class the new nerd girl makes the group of bullies feel stupid. Even though they are stupid. So they take her into a equipment room to torture her. They spit chocolate in her mouth hair ands hands. They spit seeds all over her. And they stick a sock in her mouth to make sure she doesnt scream.One internal conflict that the new nerd girl has is, do I fight back and get tor [...]

    4. Hit Squad was about a teen named Mickey who lived in creekside goes to high school. Mickey goes to Grandview a high school were a lot of rich kids go to. In that school a lot of kids are beaten up and Mickey was a victim. Mickey and a group of people plan to put a stop to it.I cant connect to this because i haven't been beaten up. Or jumped so i don't really know the experience. And its good that they plan to put a stop to all the bullying. And fix Grandview like it used to be.I gave this book 4 [...]

    5. The Hit Squad was about a boy name micheal cord it's his first year in grandview high. He is asked to join a group called the hit squad. The other people that was in the group were Birgit, peter, and whisper. the hit squad first target was to go after shelly, mono, and jesse. those three girl were always bothering birgit so the hit squad tied the three of them up to a tree. hit squad were going after everbody that were bullying them.I connect this book to the real world because people get bullie [...]

    6. The theme in this book is bullying. Mickey lives in a foster home, but attends a very elite highschool due to his grades, but he has never felt like he belongs. One day he gets a mysterious note asking him to join a Secret Society. He discovers that this society's mission is to take care of all the bullies in the school. The ways the society chooses to take care of the bullies are on the "edge of being illegal". This book puts the acts of bullies in a new light - graphic in the explaining of wha [...]

    7. I rated this a 10 because it included a lot of detail from the (main idea)MAIN IDEA: Brigit, peter, mickey, and whisper called themselves the hit squad,now seeking revenge on the bullies from the past to get event through all the names and the raping of Brigit from 3 girls including all the bullying of mickey and whisper.This book is not appropriate for younger students, but is a excellent story just focusing on the main idea. but maybe i shouldn't be reading this because i don't want to be viol [...]

    8. In the book HIT SQuad by James Heneghan a few kids get bullied at school. A girl is assaulted in an art room and sends around a few notes to other kids who are also being picked on. They form a group in the basement and name themselves the hitsquad. they go around and get back at the kids who picked on them. its not bad but they get carried away ending with an older kid dying who wasnt apart of anything.

    9. Hit squad reminds me of school. Mostly about the bullies and hiw we should end thr madness.The main character is Mickey, a quiet but scary person. He lives in a foster home and is 16. Mickey is like most kids at my school, he doesn't mess with any body and is very quiet. In the book they make a gang called "Hit Squad", and they beat up and torture bullies. My opinion

    10. I thought this was a good book. It is about this nice school who gets taken over by bullies who are hurting people very badly. One of the victims comes up with a squad of some sorts and tries to take the bullies at any cost. To find out what happens check out this book.

    11. i didnt realy like this book that much because its about bullying and i dont like books like that this is why i rated it a two

    12. An okay book about change. Starting with bullying, a group of kids decide to form a Hit Squad. This Hit Squad is designed to get back at bullies, Until an unfortunate accident changes them for good.

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