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Mary and Elizabeth

Mary and Elizabeth Two Sisters United by Blood divided by the Crown They shared childhood memories and one grand ambition Mary was England s precious jewel the surviving child of the tumultuous relationship between H

  • Title: Mary and Elizabeth
  • Author: Emily Purdy
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Paperback
  • Two Sisters, United by Blood, divided by the Crown.They shared childhood memories and one grand ambition.Mary was England s precious jewel, the surviving child of the tumultuous relationship between Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon However, when Henry fell passionately in love with the dark eyed Anne Boleyn, he cast his wife and daughter aside Henry and Anne s union diTwo Sisters, United by Blood, divided by the Crown.They shared childhood memories and one grand ambition.Mary was England s precious jewel, the surviving child of the tumultuous relationship between Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon However, when Henry fell passionately in love with the dark eyed Anne Boleyn, he cast his wife and daughter aside Henry and Anne s union divides the country, and with the birth of Elizabeth, Mary becomes a pariah, stripped of all royal privileges Yet, there is something enchanting about Elizabeth, and Mary soon grows to love her like a sister But every rose has its thorn, and following Anne Boleyn s execution, a rift begins to grow between the sisters Mary assumes her place as queen, her reign of terror turning the people s love to hate Elizabeth, whose true love is her country, must defy her tyrannical sister to make way for a new eraMary and Elizabeth is a rip roaring story of a love, power, and rivalry that will delight fans of The Tudors.

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      333 Emily Purdy
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    1 thought on “Mary and Elizabeth

    1. Before I get into the review proper, for the benefit of fellow readers and to help them avoid any confusion, I just want to highlight the fact that this novel is also published under the title The Tudor Throne in the USA and under the author’s real name Brandy Purdy. So I understand, the decision to publish her novels under the nom de plume Emily Purdy in the UK was taken by the publishers, not the author herself, and she has been at pains to bring attention to the fact that these are in fact [...]

    2. Being honest, I was a bit disappointed in this book. I really liked the premise of the two sisters;Mary and Elizabeth, and telling their story from their perspective. The writing I thought was good but I did not like the way Elizabeth was portrayed in this novel, I found the sexual scenes rather distasteful as we have to remember although this is historical fiction, it is still real peoples lives and I believe we should respect that.

    3. This was a really interesting and enjoyable read.I love history, but if I'm being honest with myself, I know I would never pick up a non-fiction history book and read it from cover to cover, with the exception of the VERY occasional biography. So I like reading historical fiction because it's a fun way to learn more about times in the past and to get you to think and consider a new perspective. It's educational but you don't even realise that you're learning.This book starts with the death of He [...]

    4. One of the most intensely dramatic blood bonds within history, told with such deep poignancy and fever as to be remembered! Elizabeth and Mary. Both daughters to the greatest monarch who ruled over England, and who became divided by the crown and that impassioned rivalry between them. This spectacular novel re-tells Elizabeth’s and Mary’s story from the very beginning – from childhood to adulthood, bringing to life those turbulent changeable times. Beautifully written, vivid and dramatic t [...]

    5. Written in the first person narrative, this historical story follows the tempestuous relationship between Henry VIII's two daughters, Mary Tudor and the younger Elizabeth. Told from alternate perspectives, the writing is competent and descriptive. Purdy manages to paint the two monarchs with such complexity of emotion that I soon lost myself in the story as if learning it for the first time, even though Tudor lovers and historians know it well.When King Henry dies, Edward VI inherits the throne, [...]

    6. I don't know why but when I put this book on my wishlist, I thought it was a history book. It wasn't until I started reading that I released it was historical fiction. Which is not a bad thing as I love historical fiction but I always find non fiction to be more exciting where Elizabeth is concerned.This book started out great, really got into it. Purdy played with the Tom Seymour storyline but in a believable way, as we will never know what really happened there. I don't believe that he took he [...]

    7. Reasonably accurate and worth a read if you are interested in this period of history. I enjoyed reading from both perspectives which highlighted the differences between the sisters very well. I have never really been a fan of Mary and as a result I did find it hard to find any sympathy for her despite the awful things she went through. Underneath her arrogant pride she was actually a rather foolish woman.One part which annoyed me a little was the section that described Elizabeth's time with Kath [...]

    8. Again, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed Emily Purdy's "Mary & Elizabeth" - Purdy tells a really good story (I'm not saying it's historically accurate, or that the characters are true to life representations) - but she writes in a really fun, vibrant, vivid and romantic way that draws the reader in and leaves you wanting more. I'm glad that I read "The Boleyn Bride" before this novel, because "Mary & Elizabeth" felt almost like a natural continuation of where "The Boleyn B [...]

    9. There are a lot of books about the Tudor period and doubly so detailing the relationship between Elizabeth and her older sister, 'Bloody' Mary. As one might expect, it is a subject filled with all manner of pitfalls and cliches, which Purdy seems to - for the most part- have avoided.This is not an especially long book and I remember wishing it was, to really bite into what were very different Queens. I enjoyed the element of miscommunication between the pair and how that fed into their rivalry, [...]

    10. They shared childhood memories and grown-up dreams…Mary was England's precious jewel, the surviving child of the tumultuous relationship between Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon. However, when Henry fell passionately in love with the dark-eyed Anne Boleyn, he cast his wife and daughter aside.Henry and Anne's union sees the birth of Elizabeth. Mary is soon declared a bastard, stripped of all royal privileges, performing the lowliest tasks. But, there is something about Elizabeth. And Mary soo [...]

    11. I had a couple of tiny issues wih his book but overall I really enjoyed it. I am a huge fan of the Tudor period and have read numerous historical and fiction books around the era. This is one of the better fiction ones I have read. It is very clever in the telling of the story from both Mary's and Elizabeth's perspective. There is a clear difference in both women.My few issues were the random swear words. I'm not against them in books if the story calls for them but this was so random and unexpe [...]

    12. Emily Purdy has written a fascinating novel on the points of views of the two Queens Mary and Elizabeth. This book demonstrated a rivalry for the throne, but also a rivalry of sisterhood for the love of their father Henry VIII and their brother Edward VI and also their English subjects! Mary was a loving sister in the beginning , who let religion and fear affect her relationship with Elizabeth . Elizabeth was strong ,though somewhat misguided as a young woman by Tom Seymour and inherent own righ [...]

    13. Review - I didn't like this book as much as Purdy's The Tudor Wife, though I think the storyline was probably more accurate, as pertains to the historical record. Mary and Elizabeth essentially charts their lives, from the death of their father, Henry VIII, to Elizabeth's ascent to the throne. What is particularly interesting is the descent of Mary into unrequited love, and kind of into madness as she grieves for the loss of her child and her husband. Elizabeth's strength is a clever contrast, a [...]

    14. I found the book hard to put down despite knowing how it obviously ends haha but had a few critiques: I didn't like how Elizabeth was portrayed as such a whoreat was uncomfortable and contrary to anything I've ever learned about her. My only other critique is that it ended before delving a little more into Elizabeth's reign which I would've hoped been written about a little more but that's okay!

    15. I admit I love a good historical fiction but I found this one a little bit tedious. The writing was good and descriptive but I found it to be too descriptive. Which in turn made for a long and drawn out read. The story itself was good but I think some of the sexual scenarios where not really needed either.

    16. A perfectly enjoyable read, though a bit too sensational and the characterisations a bit too simple. The writing was pleasant, though I found it a touch too florid in places. I would recommend it to anyone enjoying the current spate of Tudor novels but doesn't expect too much. I picked my copy up for $2 new at the cheap bookshop and don't regret my choice, but I'll be passing my copy on.

    17. To be perfectly honest, I don't really have a huge opinion on this book. I didn't dislike it but it wasn't a real page turner either. I thought it was an interesting concept but found the sex scenes to be a little distasteful.

    18. I love these historical novels, shows you what life was like then and how dangerous it is. Interesting to see the different personalities between the two sisters Elizabeth and Mary. Some raunchy bits in it hehe which I wasnt expecting

    19. I think that Norah Lofts, Margaret Campbell Barnes or Margaret Irwin treated these characters and their historical period better, but this novel is a pleasant read. Mary and Elizabeth speak in alternating chapters. The author's sympathies seem to be with Elizabeth.

    20. Really enjoyed this book as i read it in 1.5 days. Liked the alternative chapters so it kept me interested. Love Elizabeth stories and reading about her early life was different to the usual stories. Worth giving it a shot.

    21. A very slow start, but it picked up quite a bit. Mary was a very sad Queen. So strong, surviving in her father and brothers reign, to completely lose it all was incredible. She wouldn't listen to anything but what she wanted to hear. A book true to history, in the most part.

    22. My penchant for historical fiction made me read this, although it's neither a literary masterpiece nor historically credible. I should have been warned when the blurb said it was 'rip-roaring'. Hilary Mantel it is not. However, despite this I enjoyed it.

    23. More like one star and a half honestly , most of all I liked the first few chapters And the last couple of chapters , not the stuff in the middle.

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