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13 Going on 30

Going on For some feels like it was just yesterday For Jenna it was All Jenna Rink wants to be is pretty and popular And on her thirteenth birthday she gets her wish When she wakes up Jenna is stunned t

  • Title: 13 Going on 30
  • Author: Christa Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780553494624
  • Page: 347
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • For some, 13 feels like it was just yesterday For Jenna, it was.All Jenna Rink wants to be is pretty and popular And on her thirteenth birthday, she gets her wish When she wakes up, Jenna is stunned to find that she s a grown up Read the novel based on the hilarious movie starring Jennifer Garner Includes 8 pages of photos from the movie

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    • Best Read [Christa Roberts] ☆ 13 Going on 30 || [Humor and Comedy Book] PDF ↠
      347 Christa Roberts
    • thumbnail Title: Best Read [Christa Roberts] ☆ 13 Going on 30 || [Humor and Comedy Book] PDF ↠
      Posted by:Christa Roberts
      Published :2018-05-19T14:34:18+00:00

    1 thought on “13 Going on 30

    1. I'm currently reading 13 going on 30 and I love this book so far. I've watched the movie but I decided to read the book to see if it is any different from the movie. So far its about a teenage girl who had a birthday party and they were playing 7 minutes in heaven and the girl was the first to go into the closet.After 5 minutes goes by of being alone in the closet her friend had come in and said everyone had ditched and left but the boy made her this dream house of her life and she sprinkled dus [...]

    2. 13 Going on 30, by Josh Goldsmith and Cathy Yuspa 13 Going on 30 is amusing…At times…However, the only way to enjoy this light…very light comedy is to stop thinking and just relax and put your brain in sleep mode.Conceivably, there could be a feeble message hidden in there.It could be that the audience is invited to mediate on what happens between the ages of 13 and 30.If we take this path, we could generalize this.Perhaps the writers want us to think about meaning, Seneca and the notion t [...]

    3. Ich mochte den Film, und dieses kurze Büchlein (nur 125 Seiten!) machte mir große Lust, diesen nochmal zu sehen. Man hat gleich die jeweiligen Szenen vor Augen. Für sich allein genommen ist das Buch aber doch recht mager, kurz & knackig eben. Aber das sind solche "Buch zum Film"-Bücher ja oft, und man muss sie eher als Begleitung zum Film sehen und nicht als 'eigenständige' Romane. Dann hätte ich keine 3 Sterne gegeben! Die sind ehrlicherweise zum Großteil auch dem Film zuzuordnen.

    4. Again, the book 13 going on 30 is a nice book. Well, there is this girl named Jenna, and she alway wished to be older so she doesnt have to listen to her mother's orders. What i found interesting in this book, is the idea that we always tend to forget that our childhood memories were the memories of the time where the happiest times existed. Back when we were children, there wasnt so much to worry about, neither was there as much responsibilities as now. Personally, i love my childhood memories, [...]

    5. This book is abut how this girl name Jenna had suddenly became an 30 year old women. All this happened during her 13th birthday. She wanted to become popular, so she invited her popular people in her party. Jenna really like this guy , and the popular girls tricked her into playing this closet game. they said he would come, but never did. Jenna best friend, really liked her. he even made her a dream house. the dream house had dome magical dust, and when Jenna wished to be older, her wish had cam [...]

    6. Jenna, the protagonist, wishes to be 30 years old on her 13th birthday becasue she sees that being 30, you live a happier and more glamourous and flirty life. Her wish comes true and she is her future self. At first she enjoys the life of a 30 year old, but soon she relizes that adult life isnt ready and fit for her yet. She finds that her best friend, Matt, is the one she really loves but in the future time she is in, he is getting married and so Jenna regrets her change from being 13 years old [...]

    7. I`ve no sympathies for characters such as Jenna. The girl has everything and she trades it all in for an older body and a heap of troubles. I get that the author is trying to convey a message to young girls and warn them about the dangers lurking in seemingly glamorous places, but the protagonist is just so unlikable, that the message gets lost somewhere along the way. I won`t lie - I liked it when I was eleven or twelve. But, pretty soon it became apparent that many girls might not get the mess [...]

    8. This book is about a girl named Jenna and the story starts off when she was 13. She has this best friend and they are considered the losers in a way. Jenna basically is behind all the girls in the neighborhood, mature wise and wishes she was more women like the other girls. When she has this party with the so called popular kids, she gets pranked on and wishes she was "30 and flirty". She wakes up the next day and finds herself 30, she was prom queen in highschool and was popular, she's getting [...]

    9. This book is quite funny and contains many mini themes throughout the whole story. Jenna who is the main character who was any typical teenagers girls that wishes that she can be older and on her 13th birthday she found out that she became a 30 years old women. Even though she is very successful and popular, from there she realized a lot of things that she doesn't want to work at the magazine and all she wanted was her best friend. On theme in the book is characterization, where the character is [...]

    10. I only received this book in the post todayI was really looking forward to reading this so I stopped what I was reading and began this book and it didn't take me long. probably took me about an 1hour to Finnish. Also this is a first book I have read by Christa Roberts, and I enjoyed it. However I was quite disappointed as it was quite short I personally think that it could of been good If they could elaborate on the story and made the chapters longer which would of made it more interesting. I do [...]

    11. All Jenna Rink wants to be is pretty and popular. And on her thirteenth birthday, she gets what she wished for. When she wakes up, Jenna is suprised to find that she's a grown-up! At the end she wishes to go back being 13 again.Back to the way it was before she had grown up. It's like starting all over again. No it wasn't an effective ending because she was happy. If it was effective she would have been crying or i would have been crying , but guess what. I WASN'T so your answer is NO. Book #12

    12. 13 Going on 30, book about wishes and dreams. Jenna Rink a thirteen year old girl that us unpopular and not stunning wants to become the opposite. Making a wish on her thirteen birthday has made her dream come true and made her life upside down. But life isn't really as sweet as she think it will be. Reading this book will make many people understand that changing your life won't help, it will just make things worst.This book shows great dramas in people's life, if your life stink maybe reading [...]

    13. i reread this book and it makes me remember about my childhood! i wish i am a grown up now but it's weird. When you want to grow up, you are not growing up but slowly. When you are grown up, you want to be little. I don't know why! it would be fun to be 30 but actually your age is 13. It would feel totally weird but it would be a great experience and be looking at your boyfriend that you know from your own school!

    14. this was such a funny and intersting book!! I loved it. THe main cHARACTER. On her 13th birthday, Jenna Rink wishes that she was popular and grown up. THe day right after her birthday, her wish comes true and she is suddnely 30 years old. Jenna had just skipped 17 years of her life. How will she deal with this change? will things go back to normal?Read and you'll know!!! I loved this book, i wish i could skip like 5 years so i don;t need to go trhough all that high school stuff.

    15. This book is very interesting where it talks about Jenny Rink being 13 and its her birthday and she wishes to be 30 years old where she wants to skip all the stuffs of being a teenager. She wants love and to be popular but will being 30 years old make her miserable instead? I recommend this book to everyone!!!

    16. When the girls turns 13 she finds herself wishing she was 30 thinking that her life would be better then. when magic dust fell on her she woke up as a 30 year old experiencing life as just as she wishes. As time past she realizes that life was not as great as it seems and that her one true best friend that she looves is what she really wants in life not a job as a magazine worker.

    17. This book is about Jenna Rink, a teenager turning 13 and she wants to be pretty and popular. On her thirteenth birthday, her wish came truth. She wakes up and she was 30. Her boyfriend became her husband, she got her dream house it would be nice if my wishes came true for my birthday.

    18. The idea for the plot is good, but I think that it wasn't developed as well as it could have been. I would recommend it to kids under 12, because honestly it's too simple for people over 12. I read it when I was 11 and I loved it(!!!) but when I picked it up this year I was soo disappointed.

    19. Dit boek heb ik in de onderbouw voor Nederlands gelezen en ik vond het een heel erg leuk boek destijds.

    20. I really like it, i feel like i have so much in common with the main character, i would recommend to anyone, it doesn't matter if you are teen or not

    21. I think that you should be happy the way you are and be happy you are young you don't want to skip your turn being young.

    22. 2.5 starsSilly and sweet. For anyone who has seen the movie, it's a fun recap. Probably an ok read even if you haven't.

    23. great book i love the movie even more the actress who plays jenna as 30 is really gud!! i <3 this is like my fav. movie they have it on youtube if you wanna see it

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