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Vampires:Two Centuries of Great Vampire Stories

Vampires Two Centuries of Great Vampire Stories From dark Victorian melodramas to gritty contemporary tales here is a stunning new collection of stories all centering around the theme of the curious and dreaded vampire Lurking within this volu

  • Title: Vampires:Two Centuries of Great Vampire Stories
  • Author: Alan Ryan
  • ISBN: 9780385185622
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From dark Victorian melodramas to gritty contemporary tales, here is a stunning new collection of 31 stories, all centering around the theme of the curious and dreaded vampire.Lurking within this volume are vampires in all their variety, in all their horror male and female, invisible and metamorphic, romantic and fearsome all with a compelling, irresistible presence,From dark Victorian melodramas to gritty contemporary tales, here is a stunning new collection of 31 stories, all centering around the theme of the curious and dreaded vampire.Lurking within this volume are vampires in all their variety, in all their horror male and female, invisible and metamorphic, romantic and fearsome all with a compelling, irresistible presence, waiting to make themselves known to us.This deliciously chilling volume includes works from such classic and modern masters of fantasy and horror as Bram Stoker, Fritz Leiber, Richard Matheson, Robert Bloch, Charles L Grant, and Tanith Lee.With a facinating introduction, headnotes, and annotated listings of vampire novels and movies by editor Alan Ryan, Vampires is a true collector s edition, sure to provide hours of spellbinding reading.Contents Fragment of a Novel by George Gordon, Lord Byron The Vampyre by John Polidori Varney the Vampyre, or, the Feast of Blood excerpt by James Malcolm Rymer The Mysterious Stranger by Anonymous Carmilla by Sheridan Le Fanu Good Lady Ducayne by Mary Elizabeth Braddon Dracula s Guest by Bram Stoker Luella Miller by Mary E Wilkins Freeman For the Blood is The Life by F Marion Crawford The Transfer by Algernon Blackwood The Room in the Tower by E.F Benson An Episode of Cathedral History by M.R James A Rendevous in Averoigne by Clark Ashton Smith Shambleau by C.L Moore Revelations in Black by Carl Jacobi School for the Unspeakable by Manly Wade Wellman Drifting Snow by August Derleth Over the River by P Schuyler Miller The Girl with the Hungry Eyes by Fritz Leiber The Mindworm by C.M Kornbluth Drink My Blood by Richard Matheson Place of Meeting by Charles Beaumont The Living Dead by Robert Bloch Pages from a Young Girl s Journal by Robert Aikman The Werewolf and the Vampire by R Chetwynd Hayes Love Starved by Charles L Grant Cabin 33 by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro Unicorn Tapestry by Suzy McKee Charnas Following the Way by Alan Ryan The Sunshine Club by Ramsey Campbell The Men Women of Rivendale by Steve Rasnic Tem Bite Me Not, or, Fleur de Feu by Tanith Lee

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    1 thought on “Vampires:Two Centuries of Great Vampire Stories

    1. May 27, 2009Until I recently invented my "being-read-intermittently" shelf, I didn't know what to do with this book; it's the one in which I've been reading, both last year and this year, on those isolated occasions when I spend an afternoon in the public library at Harrisonburg, VA. For a long while I listed it as "currently-reading," and then deleted it for some time; but neither of those options felt really satisfactory. I'm glad I stumbled onto this approach!Editor Ryan (who also contributes [...]

    2. THE PENGUIN BOOK OF VAMPIRE STORIES is one of the best anthologies I've ever found. Part of the reason is that it covers authors who've touched on this subject as far back as 1816 and goes up to 1984. There are a number of familiar names in this book like Clark Ashton Smith, Sheridan Le Fanu, Tanith Lee, and August Derleth to name just a few. But what fascinates me the most is seeing how the vampire legend is explored. We meet the legendary "Varney The Vampire", the seductive and dangerous "Carm [...]

    3. This collection is a rarity in several sense, namely: -1) Unlike similar heavy-named anthologies, this collection actually concentrates on packing a large no. of very good stories (including classics as well as almost unknown stories), from different authors who are very-very famous in their own fields, and thus creates an intense competition among themselves in the mind of the reader by having their differently styled (& themed) works placed side-by-side.2) Most of the stories are very good [...]

    4. I first got this book in high school, where I would read it in in-school suspension. (Admit it, you can't read in class, so in-school suspension is where the real learning takes place.) It is one of the best collections of vampire stories ever compiled--two centuries of vampire tales, as the subtitle says. It includes favorites like "Varney the Vampire," the classic "Carmilla," and "The Girl with the Hungry Eyes." A necessity for the library of any fan of vampire fiction (or vampires themselves [...]

    5. This was a really nice collection of a wide range of vampire fiction from almost two centuries, from the earliest vampire stories up through the mid-1980s. I've read all of the earliest stuff elsewhere, so I skipped over it, but I have to say this book does a fairly good job of touching on the most significant 19th century works. It's especially nice to see it reprint Carmilla. However, for anyone interested in 19th century vampires, the Dracula's Guest anthology is a much better choice. Still, [...]

    6. Fragment of a Novel ****oThe Vampyre ***ooVarney the Vampyre, or, Feast of Blood (excerpt)The Mysterious StrangerCarmillaGood Lady DucayneDracula's Guest ***ooLuella MillerFor the Blood is LifeThe TransferThe Room in the Tower ****oAn Episode of Cathedral HistoryA Rendezvous in AveroigneShambleauRevelations in BlackSchool for the UnspeakableThe Drifting SnowOver the RiverThe Girl with the Hungry Eyes ***ooThe MindwormDrink My Blood *****Place of Meeting *****The Living DeadPages From a Young Gir [...]

    7. This book has been subjected to cosmetic surgery: Its cover is now wrapped in plain yet tasteful brown packaging paper, because it simply doesn't deserve to present this lurid cheese fest as its first impression. Max Schreck would be turning in his grave if he knew he was orange.

    8. Although Vampires: Two Centuries of Great Vampire Stories had a large selection of stories I have read in other anthologies such as the books edited by Marvin Kaye, there were some stories I had never read before. Not only that, editor/author Alan Ryan includes some biographical and bibliographical information that leads to other vampire stories (and more) by some of the authors in the book. The anthology includes, and begins, with the snippet of Lord Byron's story that he began in 1816, when he [...]

    9. The Penguin Book of Vampire Stories, a 1987 anthology edited by Alan Ryan, is, like most story collections, a mixed bag. My tastes favor the Gothic and literal when it comes to vampire tales, and so I particularly enjoyed the front section of this chronologically arranged collection, most especially J. Sheridan Le Fanu's classic "Carmilla"; "Dracula's Guest" by Bram Stoker; "The Room in the Tower" by E.F. Benson; "Shambleau" by C.L. Moore; and " The Drifting Snow" by August Derleth. But in the b [...]

    10. Yet another questionably assembled anthology. Yet another women's lit assignment. Fortunately it has inspired me to read Dracula because Stoker has a short story in here and, day-um, the man is a goldmine of aesthetic language.Update:Alright, so I didn't get to read all of the stories, but I gotta say from what I've seen this compilation is not too shabby. In addition to the one I mentioned in my preliminary interpretation, the short story "Unicorn Tapestries" (since adapted into a novel, Vampir [...]

    11. I read the first few stories, and the one by Tanith Lee near the end. They were decent, but not particularly engaging (probably because they're all such *old* stories, and have a style that I'm pretty glad has fallen out of favor). I'd be okay with reading these old-and-dusty stories if they were interspersed with young-and-fresh ones. But they're not. So I doubt I'll muster the motivation to finish thisO STARS FOR BEING INTERESTING*BUT BORING**.****Like in the sense that it's nifty to see oldy- [...]

    12. Another short story collection for the vampire lit course. This spans from the early 1800’s to the 1980’s. If you’re a vampire history buff, you’d like some of these. So many people think Dracula was the first vampire story and that’s really far from the truth. In this you’ll see the much disputed The Vampyre by John Polidori who was the doctor to Lord Byron and was said to have stolen this from him. It also contains the fragment of Byron’s own vampire novel. A piece of Varney the [...]

    13. What can I say? I'm a sucker for a good vampire story, and this anthology has some of the best I've read. Arranged in chronological order by the date they appeared, these stories date back to the very first, classic bloodsucker stories to be published in the early 19th century, up to late 20th century offerings from current authors. The lore evolves as time goes by, with the monsters becoming something more than stylized leaches. Some of the characters are not really vampires in the sense that i [...]

    14. I don't know why I bought this book. I was getting very tired of Vampire stories. This book isn't just Vampire stories it is full of classic vampire stories. Usually I find old stories quaint in a "cute" way. So I'd been avoiding this book for a few years. I'm actually enjoying it. It's not going to make me seek out more classic vampire stories though. It does give me respect for the originals. The vamps are getting way too much press time in my opinion, leading to soap opera plot lines and repe [...]

    15. Put the silly cover out of your mind, if you can. My copy, purchased in the wee beginnings of the 90s, was plucked from a remainder stack at an Intimate Bookshop in Charlotte, and featured an Edward Gorey illustration.The book is assembled like a Norton anthology, starting with a penny-dreadful ("Varney the Vampyre, or the Feast of Blood") and winding up in the mid-70s. There are some really good stories within; my particular favorite is "Over the River" by P. Schuyler Miller. Though the earlier [...]

    16. With stories dating from 1816 (Lord Byron's "Fragment of a Novel") to 1984 (Tanith Lee's "Bite-Me-Not"), this anthology has everything a vampire lover could want. Not only are the stories all top-notch, but the introductory notes for each story by Alan Ryan are fascinating glimpses into the ever-changing mythos of vampire lore. There are too many highlights to mention, but the sublime thrills of "The Drifting Snow" by August Derleth and "Drink My Blood" by horror master Richard Matheson are guar [...]

    17. I've had this book on my bookshelf for many years and finally decided to read it. The introduction notes that these stories lay the foundation for the vampire character and help to create traditional vampire lore--the need for blood, fear of the sun, crosses, garlic, etc. As a huge fan of Dracula, I dove into these stories with relish and loved almost every one of them. Each story has a unique plot with its own special type of vampire. It's hard to pick a favorite from this wonderful collection. [...]

    18. the particular horror of the vampire is represented well in this collection of vampire stories. it organizes the stories in historical order which allows one to see the progression of the vampire and vampire themes. when finished one is a vampire connoiseur: an expert in vampire psychology, methods, and history. includes original, traditional and modern tales. the stories are well chosen and compliment each other nicely

    19. I used this as a textbook for a graduate course on Gothic literature, and it worked wonderfully well. There are lots of gruesome little tales included, and the book does a good job conveying the diverse range of narratives that fall under the "vampire" heading. Very good for students, and entertaining for casual readers, too!

    20. Aug.23, 2012 - I read "Shambleau" by C.L. Moore. It's about a Han Solo-type character, Northwest Smith, meeting a Medusa in a Martian colonyontier-town setting which he first thinks is a new species of humanoid. It is a good story (Moore's first published story, and better than her Jirel of Joiry stuff), but it's a very strange choice for an anthology titled "Vampires"

    21. This is the best collection of vampire stories I've read with some tales that you will not soon forget, I promise. They're organized by date written, and I suggest reading it straight through, because it's great fun to see how the genre changes and evolves. Some excellent writers are featured in this compilation.

    22. An excellent addition to anyone's subconscious cave of bloodsucking bats. Forget Twilight and start on your vampire lore with this. Tons of stories in one tiny little package! One my favorites from this collection was "Carmilla".

    23. This book was not for me. I don't particularly like the books that have lots of small stories in them. I did enjoy some of the stories in this book, but, for the most part, I didn't really enjoy the book. It was kind of difficult to understand, and didn't really keep my attention well.

    24. Done with this for now, because I'm using some of the stories in my analogy for my dissertation. From what I red this was a decent anthology, perfect for anyone who likes Vampires, and chronicles the progression of the vampire in literature.

    25. I read this book a long time ago and a recent conversation reminded me of it. It is a good compilation of all the early stories on vampires, and some of the stories were actually kind of scary from what I remember.

    26. Very nice primer on vampire fiction from "The Vampyre" by John Polidori (1819) to "Bite Me Not or, Fleur De Flue" by Tanith Lee (1984). A must for any vampire aficionado.

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