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Xenophobe's Guide to the Americans

Xenophobe s Guide to the Americans Highlights the unique character and behavior of the nation Frank irreverent funny almost guaranteed to cure Xenophobia

  • Title: Xenophobe's Guide to the Americans
  • Author: Stephanie Faul
  • ISBN: 9781902825168
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Paperback
  • Highlights the unique character and behavior of the nation Frank, irreverent, funny almost guaranteed to cure Xenophobia.

    • Best Read [Stephanie Faul] ☆ Xenophobe's Guide to the Americans || [Science Book] PDF ¾
      221 Stephanie Faul
    • thumbnail Title: Best Read [Stephanie Faul] ☆ Xenophobe's Guide to the Americans || [Science Book] PDF ¾
      Posted by:Stephanie Faul
      Published :2019-01-12T01:54:54+00:00

    1 thought on “Xenophobe's Guide to the Americans

    1. Americans! They're all the same, aren't they? Overweight, ignorant and self-important that goes without saying. But the worst thing about them is the racial stereotyping. Ask an American what Mexicans are like, and they'll immediately reply that they're rapists and murderers. Ask them about Muslims, and they'll say they're fanatical terrorists who think all women should be sex slaves. And then they'll start telling you that Donald Trump is right, he's the only person who can fix the problem.Yes, [...]

    2. I am not an American but happen to live in the US, in the very Midwest, and a lot of the stuff in this book, sadly, is true, but it is hilarious and at some point is exaggeratedbut that is what makes it soo good and funny)) Somebody could say: Come on! It can not be so! It is way too muchbut then when you live through and around it and see it with your own eyes, you suddenly realize: yep, these are Americans. I think it is a good book to understand some of the aspects of American life. I always [...]

    3. Xenophobe's Guide To The AmericansStephanie Faulk2.5 ish starsThis was recommended to me on my hunt for the X I was told it was funny. I didn't think it was as funny as it could have been. But for those of you attempting the Title alphabet there are a whole bunch of these.It wasn't as funny as I thought it would be. I am a big fan of America. I have had some amazing times there and would happily sell a kidney or marry a weirdo for a green cardI have read articles in this vein, about both England [...]

    4. Precise and concise summary of American culture. Many of America's critics have never stepped foot into America. They should read this book first. Author Stephanie Faul obviously has. Having lived in the United States for about 10 years, I found a lot of her statements to be true and familiar: "Walking is un-American - unless it's for exercise." "American shopping mallse palaces of consumerism." "The Americans are great believers in giving people a second chanceey are a forgiving lot." This apti [...]

    5. It was great fun, I enjoyed it a lot, however, the arguments presented in this little treasure are not to be used in serious arguments."For many Americans, fantasising about their own potential is a full-time activity." Ah, ah!Ok, obviously this is not a faithful depict of the american people, simply because we cannot generalize human beings, we cannot uniformize them, period. Oh, but don't we enjoy doing it!Cliché jokes, cliché lines, cliché stereotypes.Heck, we sure do like to make ourselve [...]

    6. Granted, this book is written for Brits, not Americans, but I didn't find it all that funny. Not because I don't like the idea of making fun of Americans, but because the topics in this book seem so overdone already. I got a few chuckles, but most of the time I found myself thinking, "really? you couldn't come up with anything better than that?" It also completely lacked any kind of conclusion, ending abruptly with a diatribe on political correctness. Although this is supposed to be the type of [...]

    7. When our German teacher recommended we read the Xenophobe's Guide to the Germans, I laughed my ass off. I'm so glad she also had us get this version about Americans; I totally get that she wants us to not be Ugly Americans once we relocate to her native land, and I can't deny the points made about us in this teeny little (86 page) volume of hilarity. My copy was updated in 2013, and the series also includes pretty much all the Europeans, plus Aussies, Israelis, Kiwis, Japanese I want to buy thes [...]

    8. Yay, my first complete book in Romanian! I can laugh at my own country or I'd never have made it through this book. I didn't agree with everything the author said about America but in humorous nonfiction, everything is exaggerated, of course. "Nu conteaza cat de grea, paine e mai buna in tara ta."

    9. There may be a grain of truth in the stereotyped phrases of Xenophobe's guide, but I just read this small book with a smile on my face. Quite funny indeed. Thanks to our friends Mia, Martin and dear Sophie we got this one as a present to get ready ourself for the American life, I already feel ready :).

    10. SuperficialBased on stereotypes mostly, not really reflecting the real America. Overall is true but without details only scratches the regional differences and totally ignores how important family is for most Americans.

    11. This is a very clever 86-page book that describes Americans in a nutshell. Our love of money, winning, the desire to be rich and thin when we usually are neither - all told in such a wonderfully straight forward manner it makes it all the funnier.

    12. So well done I was wondering how the author could have come to know and perceive their own culture so well. Then I was shocked to find out that the author is in fact British. Very impressive. And interesting and fun:-)

    13. Come ogni altra nazione, l'America è convinta di essere il Paese migliore del mondo. La differenza è che gli americani ne hanno la prova: in tutto il mondo c'è gente che fa davvero sacrifici enormi pur di venire a vivere negli Stati Uniti, anche a rischio della vita.C'è bisogno di dire altro?

    14. Humorous and at times thought provoking. It depicts us Americans fairly well, mentioning our collective good qualities but at the same time, describing some of our less desirable habits, ideas or practices.

    15. "lite beer is lower in calories, lower in alcohol, and (a truly awesome achievement) even lower in flavour than ordinary beer."

    16. We bought this book when we were in Europe. It is a guide for tourists traveling to the USA. This book was very entertaining because some of the descriptions of Americans are a bit exagerated.

    17. Faul is an astute thinker and concise writer but is too constrained by the Xenophobe's format -- aside from an inspired intro there is too little insight, too many lazy punchlines.

    18. Hysterical. Sadlynda true. Nevertheless, really amusing. If you want a quick, easy, and funny read then read this.

    19. Best book EVER! I loved this very easy toread, comical but yet very true book. Very informational and eye-opening to Americans that don't see nor understand that we do have a culture.

    20. It is written in a disgusting way and this kind of language make me dislike the author, not the Americans. Although the author tries so hard, ew

    21. Not as wittily written as the others (authors vary) but quite you few true points I can agree to (though my US friends may not)

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