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Foul Justice

Foul Justice Detective Inspector Lorne Simpkins is back on the force Before she can get comfortable with her new partner newly promoted DS Katy Foster the two are assigned a tragic murder case that looks like a

  • Title: Foul Justice
  • Author: M.A. Comley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Detective Inspector Lorne Simpkins is back on the force Before she can get comfortable with her new partner, newly promoted DS Katy Foster, the two are assigned a tragic murder case that looks like a robbery gone wrong However, when another wealthy footballer s family meets the same deadly fate within twenty four hours, it is clear the crimes involve something far sDetective Inspector Lorne Simpkins is back on the force Before she can get comfortable with her new partner, newly promoted DS Katy Foster, the two are assigned a tragic murder case that looks like a robbery gone wrong However, when another wealthy footballer s family meets the same deadly fate within twenty four hours, it is clear the crimes involve something far sinister.Keeping her focus on unravelling the complex case isn t easy for Lorne when she learns news that throws her personal life into a spin her fianc , M16 agent Tony Warner, is involved in a dangerous covert operation in Afghanistan.But innocent people are dying on her patch, and someone must catch the killers Lorne can t allow this Foul Justice to prevail.

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      302 M.A. Comley
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    1 thought on “Foul Justice

    1. I could not put this book down.This book is beautifully written and kept my interest throughout. I wanted to know what was going on with the case Lorne was working on, and wanted to know more about the new characters. I feel that Mel Comley balanced this perfectly.I have to admit, at first I was a little apprehensive, due to my love for Lorne's last partner but her new partner is just as awesome! I feel that she compliments Lorne's personality well.Foul Justice kept me kept me guessing throughou [...]

    2. The 4th book in the series sees Lorne rejoining the Met and investigating a series of brutal robberies/murders. Not only has she got a new job and a serious case to deal with, she's also worrying about her fiance, Tony, who's sent on a secret MI6 mission, 2 weeks before their wedding. The plot and writing will draw you in instantly, and I think this is probably my favourite of the Justice series. I hope she'll be making a come back in the future! If you're looking for a fab fast-paced thriller, [...]

    3. (view spoiler)[Poor Lorne, she never gets a break does she ! That said, she's my hero !The minute she returns to the MET, she gets confronted with horrible murders. But it's good to know that she hasn't lost her kick-ass attitude, this lady means business ! I did feel a bit disappointed because, to me, the Unicorn was one big meanie evil baddie, it would be hard to find someone even worse, and to be honest I kind of liked him, and it felt like it was more like a rather straighforward case. But t [...]

    4. Lorne Simpkins is one of my favorite book characters and Comley has fast become one of my favorite authors. This fourth book is as good as the others and has all the elements the I have come to love from Comley's books. She takes a horrific police case as the front story and blends Lorne's personal life along with her friendship with her coworkers to make such an intriguiging storyline that has so many layers to it that it keeps you from putting that book down to get some sleep. This book starts [...]

    5. Did I read the wrong book?After seeing how well thought of this book is, I decided to give it a whirl. What is going on folks? This book lacks depth and is full of illogical premises. Would a senior detective really describe her current investigation as burglaries when three children were murdered during the two house invasions? Would these crimes go unreported by the media when they occurred in wealthy Chelsea and the homes invaded belonged to soccer stars? Did no one notice the police cars, am [...]

    6. It could have been excellent but it just felt shallow to me. I didn't feel these characters were developed at all, I like a good police crime novel but I honestly wouldn't want these policewoman handling a case of mine! Or a MI6 officer being sent to Afghanistan on a secret mission as a Afghan local when he doesn't even speak the local language. Great comedy but as a thriller I felt it lacked several elements.

    7. Foul justice is the 4th (and latest) book by Mel Comley in the Lorne Simpkins series and what a story line! Things seem to go from bad to worse for Lorne, my heart was breaking for her. Aside from that, this was a fast paced adrenaline filled ride which has left me wanting more from Mel and from Lorne.I really hope we get to see more from Lorne and that it is not over yet!

    8. Another great book from Mel the 4th in the series, i really hope there is going to be a 5th

    9. Excellent book, couldn't put it down, would definitely recommend reading this novel. Looking forward to reading the 5th in the series'

    10. The Justice series RockWarning You may become addictedLorne Simpson is back on the job after a two year leave of absence Lorne still mourns Pete her ex partner in the force.w though she has a new partner Kathy Foster .s start off quite frosty between them .Lorne is getting married soon and looking forward to the next chapter in her life with Tony When David Dobbs a top footballer goes home one night he encounters his worst nightmareHis two young children have been killed his young wife barely al [...]

    11. a very emotional roller coaster in which you see Lorne in her prime and dealing with both personal and professional upheavalsuly this is a remarkable book showing the best and the worst. the references back to previous characters makes it imperative that you read these books in order.I like Katy as m the new detective who seems to have a chip on her shoulder bit she is hiding a horrid life that hopefully Lorne can help mend. also you meet the new medical examiner who doesn't play a huge role but [...]

    12. The Justice series just keeps on getting better with every book! Very difficult book to read but I won’t put any spoilers on here! An amazing & heartbreaking story. Congratulations Mel on another great book.

    13. Excellent!I have enjoyed each have ook in this series and will read any more i find by M. A. Comley

    14. I have read the first three in this series and "HAD TO READ THE NEXT" !!!! I'm truly hooked The way Mel Comley writes is special , her books have loads of twists and turns but it doesn't get over complicated They captivate me I get so pulled in I don't want to put them down . Yet another amazing story and I can't wait to start book five.

    15. This was the best in the series so far for me. I really enjoyed it. Yes, I usually dock a star for any mistakes found but even those weren't as bad as I've happened across in her books before and the story outweighed the odd mistakes. In this outing there are football players being targeted in robberies and murders.I am liking Lorne much better again. She was beginning to annoy me in books 2 and 3. She altered her attitude and wasn't being a very nice person but she's redeemed herself once more [...]

    16. Foul Justice is the fourth book in the DI Lorne Simpkins series. This book sees Lorne returning back to work after having a two year break. Her first case back is to find the criminals behind an horrific robbery where two young children were brutally murdered. Not only does she have her work cut out with a challenging case she has the added worry of Tony, the man in her life, being sent on a dangerous mission. To top it all off she also has a new partner at work, Katy, who to start with Lorne st [...]

    17. This is another great novel by M.A. Comley, the fourth in her Justice Series. I would suggest whoever wishes to read this series to start from the first instalment - Cruel Justice, since all characters and storylines develop through the novels.In Foul Justice, D.I. Lorne Simpkins is back on the force after an absence of two years. With no chance to settle down in her job, she is immediately faced with problems from day one. She is handed over a major gruesome robbery/murder case in which wealthy [...]

    18. WOW WOW WOW Sooo much happens in this book you never get bored of reading one of M A Comely books & this series has been great so far i have allready got the next book on my kindle Detective Inspector Lorne Simpkins is back on the force. Before she can get comfortable with her new partner, newly-promoted DS Katy Foster, the two are assigned a tragic murder case that looks like a robbery gone wrong. However, when another wealthy footballer's family meets the same deadly fate within twenty-fou [...]

    19. Foul Justice is the 4th novel in this series and I did not want to put this down! Lorne Simpkins has become one of my favourite characters, I'm so glad that I was introduced to M.A. Comely and her novels in TBC (THE Book Club on Facebook) If you haven't read any of these novels, and you love a good crime/police procedural story, I suggest you start! Lorne is back working at the Met after 2 years have passed since the last novel, and jumps right back into things with home burglaries involving som [...]

    20. MelComley. 4th in seriesFoul Justice. Lorne is back in the met having picked up her old job back, she is also due to marry her fiancé Tony in a few weeks.Now she is back and she has been given a new partner who is a sergeant named Kate, their first crime is a double murder and serious assault when 2 kids aged 4 and 2 are killed and their mother has been stabbed and is critical in hospital. Lorne has put charge of this crime and similar crimes as well.Her new partner Kate is having personal issu [...]

    21. Really enjoyed the fourth book in the Justice Series. Was great to see Lorne back in the fold of the Met, doing what she does best, with her feisty spirit back in tact. Loved the sub-plot of Tony's mission and seeing how this loving relationship affected Lorne. And the introduction of new DS Katy was interesting, I hope to read more about he in the series. A tough subject to read about to begin with; but important to remember this happens in the "real world." By the mid-way point I really couldn [...]

    22. This is an English Police novel featuring Detective Inspector Lorne Simpkins. This was the forth in the series and Lorne is starting back to work after a long absence and she picks up a robbery and murder of a footballer’s family and then another one with similar aspects. What follows is the police work of following the leads, breaking in a new Sgt. Who was transferred in and dealing with her fiancée who was posted to Afghanistan on a clandestine mission for MI6 just before their planned wedd [...]

    23. When I read the first book in this series, I was so excited - it was thrilling, fast paced, everything I wanted in a new series. However, the further into the series I go, the more disappointed I get. And it is the writing of the speech that lets it down most of all - stilted, unrealistic and forced at best.Additionally, it the added sub plot of Tony in this book seems unnecessary - almost like the author doesn't feel like the main plot is dramatic enough. I will keep going, I just hope they pic [...]

    24. An excellent thriller with many interesting situations to keep you turning the next page to find out what's going on!! This story kept me very entertained,the characters you meet are well explained and you feel like you are reading about friends. With several things happening,you will not always know what the end to one mystery will be,the author keeps you guessing. Definitely ready to read more in this series!!~\

    25. A good story about a woman detective returning to her job after time off due to her partner's murder. She is assigned a new woman to work with and takes a while to accept each other however their work ethics being similar it isn't long before they are working well together to solve the brutal crime of robberies where little children have been murdered. All this while dealing with her boyfriend missing in Afghanistan.

    26. Another fab book in the 'Justice' series! Lorne is tempted back into her role as DI, and with a new partner in tow, is soon embroiled in another fascinating case.The prologue pulled me in immediately and provided a shocking introduction into the main story.Running alongside is the subplot of Tony, Lorne's MI6 agent fiancé'mission to Afghanistan.A well written book which made me gasp, laugh and shed a tear in places. Highly recommended!

    27. too many problems and too simple solutions. two little children s throats slashed as their mother looks on. two more children murdered and the mother looks on being also stabbed. the detective s fiance is captured in afganistan, her new partner is being abused by her husband. have i left anything out ? oh, yes, each wife was stabbed repeatedly but not killed so they could watch their children being killed. this could have been four novels.

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