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Strobe Edge, Vol. 2

Strobe Edge Vol What is love anyway Ninako Kinoshita s friends tell her it s one thing but Ninako wonders what this mysterious feeling really is When she meets Ren Ichinose the handsome enigmatic guy that all the

  • Title: Strobe Edge, Vol. 2
  • Author: Io Sakisaka
  • ISBN: 9781421550695
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Paperback
  • What is love, anyway Ninako Kinoshita s friends tell her it s one thing, but Ninako wonders what this mysterious feeling really is When she meets Ren Ichinose, the handsome, enigmatic guy that all the girls worship, her life takes an unexpected turn With just a few words and a smile, he changes her world Once Ninako realizes that she s fallen for Ren, she confesses hWhat is love, anyway Ninako Kinoshita s friends tell her it s one thing, but Ninako wonders what this mysterious feeling really is When she meets Ren Ichinose, the handsome, enigmatic guy that all the girls worship, her life takes an unexpected turn With just a few words and a smile, he changes her world Once Ninako realizes that she s fallen for Ren, she confesses her feelings to him even though she knows he has a girlfriend Meanwhile, a new semester brings an outgoing guy called Ando into Ninako s life is Ando just an outrageous flirt or will he turn out to be Ninako s savior Reads R to L Japanese Style for teen audiences.

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      474 Io Sakisaka
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    1 thought on “Strobe Edge, Vol. 2

    1. Wow, this one gets better and better!! The art has a small improvement, but the story and the dialogues are the best!! Seriously cute!

    2. I have to say, I'm more impressed with this series the more I read of it. The relationships in this are rather complex. Ninako loves Ren, who already has a girlfriend. This becomes even more complicated further on in the series, but what makes this even more difficult in this volume has to be the extra chapter at the end. You can't help but root for Ninako even though she (and the reader) knows that it's wrong for her to continue to pursue Ren. She claims that she just wants to be his friend, bu [...]

    3. I just want to register my appreciation for a book that's written from the point of view of a smitten girl that doesn't cast her crush's current girlfriend as a bitch. That Ren's girlfriend is a genuinely nice girl and has an authentically touching romance with Ren herself is quite a change of pace. It's quite a change from the wish fulfillment "his girlfriend is really a bitch so it's ok if I follow him around and hit on him and he'll eventually realize that I'm perfect for him anyways" that I [...]

    4. Me encanta que pueda conocer más la personalidad de Ren en cada capítulo a pesar de que se comienzan a abrir oscuros secretos del pasado.Su relación con Ninako empieza a cambiar y podemos notar la vacilación en sus corazones.Sobre Daiki, a mi me gustaba este personaje, sin embargo, llega una chica y se le confiesa y este joven vacila.No no noado rápido para olvidar a la chica de quien siempre ha estado enamoradoEsperaré paciente por el tercer tomo.

    5. This series is looking up! Ninako is staying true to her love, but it's hard, especially when Ren has such an amazing girlfriend. There's no bad guys here, but a lot of bad timing. I like how this is growing more complex as it goes, and how there are no easy answers. You really don't know who's going to wind up with whom. I like the introduction of Ando and can't wait to know him better.

    6. Well crap. I freaking adore this series right now"Even if the person you love loves someone elseYou still love them. You can't help it."I used to detest shoujo. I used to like romance anime when I was younger, but reading shoujo manga irked me to no end with its shallow, impulsive, tstl heroines. Had I realized sooner though that this was common to the genre, but most certainly not what this was about, I would have paid more attention to it. So when I read Kamisama Kiss I started to look for mor [...]

    7. RESEÑA COMPLETA ➜ goo/fhGTZvA pesar de saber que Ren tiene novia, Ninako ha decido declarársele pues para ella es más importante vivir al máximo la experiencia de su primer amor y no quiere tener ningún arrepentimiento. Como erade esperarse Ren la rechaza pero sigue tratándola igual por petición de la misma Ninako pero cuando regresan de las vacaciones las cosas se pondrán raras entre ellos pues toda la escuela se entera de la confesión. Algunas chicas están de parte de Ninako e in [...]

    8. All the love triangles! Can't wait to see what happens in the next one. With more love interests with the addition of Ando there are so many possibilities!

    9. JEEZ, this manga needs an anime.An amazing, beautiful, PERFECT ANIME to go along with it!So. My dear review readers. When I got to the library a few days ago to return Strobe Edge 1, Strobe Edge 2 already arrived for me! I literally jumped 100 feet into the air when I saw it!My library got ahold of volumes 1-6 so far, and I'm going crazyAUTIFUL ART. BEAUTIFUL STORY. It's just . . . it's just . . . . . dfhusghsaigfnlsadfhunsalfjisajgf sadsfANYWAY, here's my review.Love.What is . . . LOVE? *flail [...]

    10. In the words of the manga regarding volume 1: "I wrote Strobe Edge because I wanted to craft a story that illuminated some specific emotions that everyone has. I wanted to draw the sensation you feel in the window of time between one event and another. In a single moment, people think about all sorts of things. We may never put them into words or write them down, but we feel the sensation of them flying through our minds. I thought that perhaps by examining that sensation and teasing it out here [...]

    11. Este tomo fue un tomo de revelaciones, varios personajes decidieron declararse antes de empezar las vacaciones y ahora hay que enfrentarse a las habladurías. Ninako es una chica valiente pues a pesar de todo no se deja vencer y sale adelante. Para complicar las cosas ahora conocemos a Ando un chico un tanto mujeriego que parece va a formar el triangulo amoroso. A Mayuka la novia de Ren esto se va aponer muy interesante.Solo agregare que el final del capitulo me dejo en Shock acaso los sentimien [...]

    12. Ninako shows some improvement in the series- at least she has some decency. The rejection club people are just so shallow!!! Actually, most of the girls present in the manga I just don't find them likable Maybe Ninako's friend, Sayuri seems nice and loyal enough. She is one of the few mature characters in the whole story, excluding Ren. Daiki's sister seems friendly but is just weighing Ren down.

    13. Strobe Edge 2Pues tras (view spoiler)[ la declaración de Ninako a Ren (hide spoiler)] vemos como pasa los siguientes días mientras tratan de mantenerse amigos.Ninako conoce al club de “Las chicas rechazadas” y pues ve que ella es diferente pues no guarda rencor.Y en el comité cultural conoce a un nuevo chico Ando.Para volumen inicial esta bien, sigue presentando personajes y estableciendo relaciones.3.5 stars

    14. Hum. não sei se gosto muito que a namorada do Ren seja tão fofa e que eles sejam tão chegados desde pequenos Acho que a Ninako ainda vai sofrer bastante :/

    15. ~4/5[Also available on my blog.]Once again, I am rather surprised by this series. It just keeps taking me in places that I’m not expecting. And I am really enjoying it.So Ninako confesses to Ren and he turns her down, like she knew he would. She wanted to just get it out in the open, but then she’s nervous about it being awkward, because they said they would still be friends, but she doesn’t know how that’s going to work. They’re a little awkward at first, but they try.Then Ninako runs [...]

    16. You know how I was kind of iffy about the first volume? Well, I'm so glad I continued, because this volume was wonderful. I can't wait to see what happens next. Who would have thought that turning a love triangle into a love pentagon (?) could actually improve a story?Although Daiki had a few scenes, he spent most of the time way in the background. I appreciated this, because it gave Ando more page-time. Ando may have only just appeared, but he's already my favorite character. He's definitely a [...]

    17. This volume is the one that raised my estimate of the manga from just pretty school shoujo romance to very good school shoujo romance - Ninako deals with the fall-out of her impulsive but honest confession on the train platform, which a lot of pupils from the school saw. She managed to get Ren to promise he would still talk to her normally, if they saw each other, but that is a two-edged sword, as eventually even a close friend of Ren points out: it may still raise her emotional hopes, although [...]

    18. Would it be strange to say that I was actually more drawn to the short story at the end of this volume than the continuing story in the main part of the volume? The short story told about the how Ren met his girlfriend, Mayuka, and how their relationship developed into what it is in the story today. It was 2 years before the main story, and Mayuka, who is Daiki's older sister, had just moved near Ren's cram school. Her parents were going through a divorce, and she was feeling very insecure. She [...]

    19. Sakisaka, Io. Strobe Edge. VIZ Media, 2013.Ninako is in love with Ren, but he's already dating someone. And another boy likes Ninako, but she's only interested in Ren and continually turns down Boy #2. This is the entire plot for at least the first six of these books. Ninako is obsessed with Ren, who thinks she's nice and all but is already dating and isn't looking for someone new. This book irritated the fire out of me. The first volume was bad enough with this, "I love Ren!! He's so cute! I wa [...]

    20. What I love about this series is that the heroine, Ninako, is so sweet and kind. Even though she knows she's going to be rejected, she still tells Ren how she feels, and this volume starts off with the results of that.Obviously, she was rejected. But because she expected it, she tells Ren it's okay and asks if they can still talk, as friends. (I love his smile when she asks!)In fact, the most important thing in this series is that everyone is kind and doing their best. It's not a terrible villai [...]

    21. This was another excellent volume. Since I had previously read the volume, I took more time examining the art my second time through, as well as the characters. Ninako is simply a stronger female lead than Sakisaka has used before. She is bolder, more confident, and takes charge of her own life a lot more than previous leads. That isn't to say she doesn't have insecurities. She simply knows her own mind better than most, and is only insecure when she is uncertain of what is in another's mind. I [...]

    22. Volume 2 picks up where Volume 1 left off. Ninako tells Ren she loves him. But Ren has a girlfriend who is Daiki's sister! (OMG! You actually learn this in Vol. 1). Even though she is heartbroken, Ninako asks Ren if they can still be friends. A new character is also introduced: Ando, a classmate of Ren's from middle school. Ando is a flirt, asking all the girls for their cell phone numbers. However, there's something about Ninako that makes him start having feelings for her. How every soap opera [...]

    23. At the end of the last volume, Ninako has confessed her feelings to Ren, knowing full well that he already has a girlfriend and what his response will be. Despite rejection, Ninako still wants to maintain her friendship with Ren. Is such a thing possible after romantic rejection? That is what this volume explores.Also in this volume we meet Ando, an acquaintance of Ren's, who also happens to catch Ninako's awkward attempts to act causally around Ren after her rejection. Ando is amused by Ninako, [...]

    24. Ninako hat Ren endlich ihre Liebe gestanden, obwohl sie wusste das er auch ihr einen Korb geben wird. Sie musste es ihm einfach sagen, sonst wären ihre Gefühle übergelaufen. Obwohl er sie abgewiesen hat, möchte sie dennoch mit ihm befreundet bleiben, doch ist das wirklich eine gute Idee. Als sie die Freundin von Ren kennen lernt und die beiden zusammen sieht, merkt sie wie schmerzhaft die Liebe sein kann.Ninako tut mir richtig leid, sie hat es verdient glücklich zu sein. Ren merkt ja auch w [...]

    25. I felt bad for Ninako. She tried her best to not keep things awkward with her and Ren. After she confessed, she wanted to remain friends with him. There were times when she acted awkward and said awkward things. What’s even worse is she knew she was doing it, but didn’t know how to stop. I definitely can relate to that a lot.Another bad thing that resulted after she confessed is that one of Ren’s friends, Ano, witnessed her confessing and a lot of other people as well. So once again, peopl [...]

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