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Hey Princess

Hey Princess Hey Princess r en bok om indiepop och m nskliga relationer en alternativ s popera i serieform d r Mats Jonsson l mnar ut b de sig sj lv och sina n rmaste till synes utan pardon Hans sj lvbiografiska

  • Title: Hey Princess
  • Author: Mats Jonsson
  • ISBN: 9789170376146
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hey Princess r en bok om indiepop och m nskliga relationer, en alternativ s popera i serieform d r Mats Jonsson l mnar ut b de sig sj lv och sina n rmaste till synes utan pardon.Hans sj lvbiografiska serier har j mf rts med Woody Allen och Fucking m l, och h r f r vi f lja hans tre f rsta r i Stockholm p 90 talet Han ber ttar om k rlek, svek och hat, men ocks om hurHey Princess r en bok om indiepop och m nskliga relationer, en alternativ s popera i serieform d r Mats Jonsson l mnar ut b de sig sj lv och sina n rmaste till synes utan pardon.Hans sj lvbiografiska serier har j mf rts med Woody Allen och Fucking m l, och h r f r vi f lja hans tre f rsta r i Stockholm p 90 talet Han ber ttar om k rlek, svek och hat, men ocks om hur han f rst lockas in i och sedan b rjar f rakta den hippa v rlden med popstj rnor och wannabes.I Hey Princess f r vi krypa under skinnet p en ung m nniska och se v rlden genom hans gon Det r en v rld som r m rk, men samtidigt rolig och ndl st vacker.

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      218 Mats Jonsson
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    1 thought on “Hey Princess

    1. Hey Princess är en mycket (överdrivet) hyllad svensk serie av självbiografisk art som i många avseenden representerar allt som jag tycker är fel med den svenska seriescenen.Missförstå mig rätt: jag har inget emot självbiografiska serier (är ett stort fan av bl.a. Eisners sådana) eller serier som konfronterar sexualitet i olika former (vilket Hey Princess definitivt gör). Mitt problem här grundar sig först och främst i det visuella paradigm som Jonsson (och många svenska serieskap [...]

    2. Thanks to Jason for getting me an autographed copy at MoCCA! It is one of the few "hip" graphic novels that I've had to stop reading because of laughter. But I still finished it the same day I got it; the indie culture snobbery is so familiar as is the added veneer of dark Swedish absurdity.

    3. Mats Jonsson's graphic novel sounded exactly like something I'd like: a story about a confused twenty-something obsessed with Brit Pop and looking for love. Jonsson did scratch that Brit Pop itch and I thoroughly enjoyed the place of music in this story, the way that listening to a particular song when you first meet someone can often make a relationship seem more magical than it ever really was and how easy it is to get hung up on style because it signifies what kind of music you dig and if you [...]

    4. I found this on a "If you like Scott Pilgrim" list, but was pretty apprehensive at the start. I warmed up to it after the first hundred pages or so. Mats is a little too whiny and selfish at times, though seeing him go from 19 to 24 means seeing him develop realistically. I liked the mundaneness of the story, which really did just revolve around him drinking, traveling, and falling in and out of love with various girls. It felt very genuine, like hanging out with that slightly self-centered, but [...]

    5. Earlier this year, Top Shelf released a bunch of books from Swedish creators. This is the first one I've stumbled across so far. Jonsson's working in that 90's indie-comic strip style that will probably remind US readers of creators like Jeffrey Brown and Peter Bagge. A quasi-autobiography, it tells the life story of Mats in his early 20's. We see him enter college, drop out, get a real job. But the real stories are his obsessions with women, brit pop music and being trendy and stylish. The firs [...]

    6. It was decent enough artistically, but there's not one major character that I found likable at all. I think knowing it was autobiographical made the characters that much more irritating. To be fair, it could be because I live in a college town full of self absorbed martyred indie kids, so that kinda puts a damper on it. I tried to like Mats, but 50 pages in, it was just… not happening. He was a perpetual victim & always moping over another girl. And I disliked almost every girl he dated/fu [...]

    7. Det är svårt att se den här serieboken på ett rättvist sätt. Jag gillar den inte riktigt, men faktumet att den så tydligt avbildar den indiescen som själv blivit förföljd av under så många år, gör att den klistrar sig fast mot hjärtat ändå. Upplägg och tankar i Mats omgivning är mycket igenkännande, och det är skickligt träffsäkert. Jag är kanske inte så tilltalad av estetiken och historiernas framtoning, men hela bokens själ ger ändå verket en typ av skönhet som är [...]

    8. The first half of this book really brought me back to the banalities of new-adult scenesters--the gossip, the superficial chatter, the over drinking, the random sleeping around. The real story doesn't start until after the 200-page mark, and the true gem (about a goth girl he dated) comes in at page 364 and lasts for about 30 pages. I'm not sure if I would've liked this more had the localization job been more polished, or if I'd read it under more pleasant circumstances (I was stuck in bed with [...]

    9. Excellent graphic novel. A few of these situations are eerily similar to things I've been through myself (having a crush on a female friend, having a girlfriend study abroad and break up with you when you fly to visit her, etc), and he captures these emotions really well. I also love the sleazy DJ character, and all the other minor characters that grow more important as the story progresses. Most of all, I love the insight and introspection of the last 2 or 3 stories, as he questions his behavio [...]

    10. Regretfully, I finished this book only to discover that, despite my hope, there is absolutely nothing redeeming about this individual nor his work. To state that I do NOT recommend this book is an understatement. Tawdry, self-involved, masochistic, misogynistic, scattered, indulgent, and casually racist. I regret the money I spent buying this book, the time I spent forcing myself to read it, and the fact that I have yet to put this book in the recycling bin, (although it deserves the trash).

    11. Part one is cute. Part two is dull: Jonsson doesn't really find anything interesting to say about the girl or the relationship. He is much sharper in part three; the stories are short, funny/sad, self-critical, just what the genre requires. I hope there's a follow-up on the way. His art is ugly in a way that I really liked--whenever I put the book down, the faces continued to claw at me.

    12. Bluh.Memo to the Swedish Youth of our generation: Feeling meaningless? think that's a good reason to go have some relatively meaningless sex with no conditions and no spoken attachments to anyone? Think that'll fulfill you? Spoiler alert: no. Thanks for taking 300 pages of comic to tell me that. Never again, Swedes. Ok, probably again.

    13. I wanted this memoir to go just a bit deeper, to get more glimpses of Jonsson reflecting in order to show his life beyond sex, girls, concerts and being a scenester. Other indie biographical graphic novels pull off the same content better. Instead of this, I'd recommend 120 Days of Simon, or maybe Undeleted Scenes by Jeffrey Brown.

    14. Probably because I am American, this was a really interesting story, but there were plenty of times where I felt completely lost in the references to pop culture, the plot, etc. otherwise it was great.

    15. Another memoir/slice of life comic. It was an enjoyable, but forgettable read. I liked following Mats journey to try to find true romance and navigate his twenties, but not much stood out about it to me as particularly special.

    16. Fun, pathetic, disturbing to my innocent ears and eyes (lol), and oddly addictive. And I recognized a lot of the music referenced, too. That was funny and odd.

    17. This book was boring. I gave up on it. The art wasn't compelling and the stories weren't interesting. It was like reading the Live Journal of someone I don't know.

    18. Like a less cutesy-but-equally-insecure Jeffrey Brown. Great stuff here, though my swedophilia probably leaves me somewhat biased.

    19. A confessional catalog of missteps, bad habits, and sardonic Scandinavian living imbued with a 90’s indie soundtrack.

    20. Another Swedish comic memoir. I liked this one as it captured for me some of that essence of the cool scene in and around my coming-of-age era.

    21. Cute comic collection. Weird that the cover is a photograph even though it's a comic book. 20-something Swedish hipster in the 90s, struggling with school and career and meeting girls.

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