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Black Rain

Black Rain Black Rain is centered around the story of a young woman who was caught in the radioactive black rain that fell after the bombing of Hiroshima lbuse bases his tale on real life diaries and interviews

  • Title: Black Rain
  • Author: Masuji Ibuse John Bester (Translator)
  • ISBN: 9781568364179
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Paperback
  • Black Rain is centered around the story of a young woman who was caught in the radioactive black rain that fell after the bombing of Hiroshima lbuse bases his tale on real life diaries and interviews with victims of the holocaust the result is a book that is free from sentimentality yet manages to reveal the magnitude of the human suffering caused by the atom bomb T Black Rain is centered around the story of a young woman who was caught in the radioactive black rain that fell after the bombing of Hiroshima lbuse bases his tale on real life diaries and interviews with victims of the holocaust the result is a book that is free from sentimentality yet manages to reveal the magnitude of the human suffering caused by the atom bomb The life of Yasuko, on whom the black rain fell, is changed forever by periodic bouts of radiation sickness and the suspicion that her future children, too, may be affected lbuse tempers the horror of his subject with the gentle humor for which he is famous His sensitivity to the complex web of emotions in a traditional community torn asunder by this historical event has made Black Rain one of the most acclaimed treatments of the Hiroshima story.

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      359 Masuji Ibuse John Bester (Translator)
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    1 thought on “Black Rain

    1. A sensitive handling of numerous eyewitness accounts of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima served up in novel format. The story starts one year after the bombing with the main character, Shigematsu, pondering the future of his niece Yasuko's marriage prospects. There is a persistent rumor that Yasuko was in Hiroshima City on the day of the bombing and now suffers from radiation sickness. Shigematsu, frustrated, as a means of correcting the inaccuracy, suggests a perusal of Yasuko's diary for Aug. 6 [...]

    2. Sick birds hide their illnesses from other birds as well as from predators. The people in Black Rain with radiation sickness in Hiroshima might have taken their cue from birds I couldn't help but think of birds as I read about how the mutual horror turned into a bring out your dead collective mistrust and disgust. It occured to me that the suspicion and paranoia were acting to shove them out as if they were already dead. The mushroom cloud Alice ate turned everything bigger and littler and nothi [...]

    3. Thundery black clouds had borne down on us from the direction of the city, and the rain from them had fallen in streaks the thickness of a fountain pen.Ibuse's documentary novel Black Rain is his widely acclaimed masterpiece about the aftermath of Hiroshima, expressed through the diaries of two survivors, Shigematsu and his niece, Yasuko. Shigematsu uses the diaries to try to prove that Yasuko is marriage-worthy, untainted by any poisonous fallout. Ibuse's tale recounts the lives of innocent, or [...]

    4. In brief, this book by Masuji Ibuse based "his tale on real-life diaries and interviews with victims of the holocaust" (back cover) caused by the atomic bomb on August 6, 1945 at Hiroshima around 8.15 a.m. is worth reading since we could fathom their plight amidst those unlucky fallen Japanese citizens of all ages there; while reading it I could not help praying and hoping that unthinkable man-made catastrophe would never happen again anywhere, it is simply bitterly touching due to the writer's [...]

    5. I feel like it has taken me a very long time to get through this book. I found I needed frequent breaks because it was just so harrowing. The "black rain" of the title refers to the soot filled rain that fell when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, and the story centres around Yasuko, a young woman who was victim of this and subsequently struggles to find a marriage match. The story is told through the journal entries of her guardian and others. The story lacks a strong narrative thread a [...]

    6. So much pain and despair in this modest, but powerful book. Can you live your life after you survived hell? Is it ok to survive the hell when others didn't?

    7. همین اول بگویم که من عاشق ادبیات جنگ هستم و راجع به هیچ چیزی به اندازه‌ی جنگ٬ رمان و داستان و کتاب تاریخی نخوانده‌ام. تا به حال هم فکر می‌کردم که رمارک در رمان «در غرب خبری نیست» شوکه کننده‌ترین توصیفات از جبهه و جنگ را دارد و کسی به گرد پایش نمی‌رسد٬ الان هم نمی‌خواهم بگویم [...]

    8. El 6 de agosto de 1945 el avión estadounidense Enola Gay lanzó la bomba atómica Little Boy sobre Hiroshima. En dos kilómetros a la redonda de donde se produjo el impacto desapareció todo signo de vida, provocando la onda expansiva una destrucción sin precedentes. Lluvia negra, que comenzó a publicarse por entregas en la revista Shincho en enero de 1965, narra las consecuencias inmediatas del ataque.Hiroshima es una ciudad abrasada, una ciudad de cenizas, de muerte, de destrucción; los ca [...]

    9. This is a beautiful and harrowing account of the bombing of Hiroshima. Ibuse's overt condemnations of violence are sparing; he lets his relentless catlog of horrors speak for itself. Ibuse's focus on Shigemura and his family focuses and shapes this account of massive suffering as he juxtaposes it with simple daily concerns and hopes. The account of Yasuko's failed marriage plans brings home the tragedy of lives deprived of fundamental hopes and expectations. The book also includes an understated [...]

    10. It's about Hiroshima. It's really intense."That" moment features heavily at the beginning and end:youtube/watch?v=LSD9sOMkfOo The ambiguity, the confusion, the baby eels, the rainbows and something a bit like hope. It's pretty powerful.C.P Snow is on the cover of my edition saying that it's "A major work of art," which is nice to see. He probably liked it for the science / literature face /off aspect.

    11. کتاب عجیبی است. شرح یک فاجعه است، اما زبان کتاب انگار که شبیه خود ژاپنی‌ها مودب و آرام و بی تراژدی است. اما آن‌قدر عمق فاجعه جنگ و بمباران اتمی هیروشیما زیاد است که شرح خاطره‌وار بی پیازداغ ماجراها هم کم‌کم آدم را با خاک یکسان می‌کند. نویسنده خواسته یک کتاب ضد جنگ بنویسد و به [...]

    12. Mee's rating: 4.5/5First published at: meexia/bookie/2017/08/Black Rain tells the aftermath of the infamous atomic bombing of Hiroshima. Personally I never read book that describes what happens to the people on ground zero - not to this extend anyway. For some reason in my mind it was total annihilation, but of course it wasn't as clean as that. People in the vicinity were affected in thousands different ways - and to my mind they suffered the most (compared to instant death). The many ways the [...]

    13. This book will haunt me 'til the rest of my life. There is so much to talk about but I am at loss of words because I am emotionally drained. The book is not written in a sensational overdramatic way to make you cry rivers over the silliest detail, it is actually written in a sort of matter-of-fact and thus the sadness and tears well up inside in non excessive yet more lasting or lingering way. Yes, lingering is the right word. Everyone should read this book and see the horrors of the atomic bomb [...]

    14. We are fortunate that the early half of the Twentieth Century gave us small glimpses of Hell We have no excuses We know the horror.Black Rain is supposed to be a work of fiction but I find that hard to believe - there are too many things that scream out that this is a first-hand experience, that the things we read about were actually seen: blobs of melted lead on sticky tarmac; corpses lying charred on the road; victims walking through dense smoke, ruined shadowy shapes, stumbling over charred b [...]

    15. Black Rain is Masuji Ibuse's classic novel about the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and the ensuing nuclear fallout. Regarded as one of the best novels ever written about the bombing, Black Rain deals with the tragedy with a delicate frankness. The story's main characters are Shigematsu Shizuma (a manager at a clothing manufacturing plant), his niece Yasuko, and wife Shigeko. Ibuse employs the method of a "story within a story" to describe the events of the day of and immediately following the bomb [...]

    16. خیلی خوب بود،یک کمی اول و آغاز خواندنش سخت بود ولی کم کم که به نثرو روایت نویسنده عادت کردم و برایم خوش خوان شد.من همواره با ادبیات و کل متعلقات فرهنگ آسیای شرق مشکل ارتباطی دارم ولی با این اثر،علی رغم این که جزو آثار تقریبا کلاسیک محسوب می شود ،ارتباط خوبی برقرار کردم.رئالیسم [...]

    17. An assigned book in highschool English, I went out and re-purchased this one for my library in the last few years. I really appreciated the book when I read it. As a child of the nuclear age, I wondered and cared about the effects of a nuclear holocaust. mostly because I think I was pretty sure I was going to experience one in my lifetime. This book portrays the life lived by civilian Japanese after the bomb and amazingly does so without interjecting blame. By avoiding deliberations or recrimina [...]

    18. «باران سیاه» بر اساس مستندات تاریخی دوران بمباران شیمیایی هیروشیما نوشته شده است. روزنامه‌ یومیوری ژاپن از این اثر به عنوان «شفاف‌ترین و عمیق‌ترین تصویری که از فاجعه‌ هیروشیما در ذهن ادبیات نقش بسته» یاد کرده است.

    19. Hiroshima es una ciudad abrasada, una ciudad de cenizas, de muerte, de destrucción; los cadáveres amontonados en las calles son una protesta silenciosa contra la inhumanidad de la guerra.

    20. Puoi trovare questa recensione anche sul mio blog ---> La siepe di moreL’ho già scritto in Letture in corso, ma sento la necessità di ripetermi: La pioggia nera potrebbe essere un distopico o un post apocalittico, di quelli che ti angosciano fino al midollo come i romanzi di McCarthy o di quelli che ti descrivono un mondo che non potrà – non dovrà – mai essere il tuo come i libri di Orwell. Eppure La pioggia nera è un romanzo capace di scatenare lo stesso orrore e la stessa angosci [...]

    21. 1 - Ibuse menulis tanpa sentimen, beliau tidak menyuruh pembaca merasa. Sebaliknya, kita akan merasa sendiri dari deskripsi dan gambaran pada hari 6 Ogos tersebut.2 - Satu demi satu gambaran tentang mayat-mayat boleh menjadikan pembaca akhirnya lali dengan mayat. Mungkin itu perasaan rakyat Hiroshima/Nagasaki. Mayat-mayat bergelimpangan di sana sini dan melihatnya setiap hari, barangkali mereka sudah tidak ada perasaan. 3 - Sayang sekali translasi DBP ini sangat hambar. Amat sedikit sekali yang [...]

    22. A beautifully crafted novel by a novelist who was born in Hiroshima and deploys his intimate knowledge of the layout of the city and the topography of the local area--right down to the train lines--to create this moving portrait of a people in shock, stolidly coping with the cataclysm that has been unleashed on them. There are touches of dark humor, like this paragraph at the end of chapter 5. The narrator has survived the blast and with enormous difficulty struggled back to his home, which at t [...]

    23. Extremely literary in the way it was written, even though this book was translated, it's clear that Ibuse is a gifted writer. His descriptions are so painfully realistic that I know he knew his subject well - perhaps better than he wished. There's a plethora of information throughout this novel about the bombing of Hiroshima and life in Japan at this time, and while sometimes the descriptions can take the forefront to the plot and the characters, the novel succeeds very well at what it sets out [...]

    24. Historically, this is a very valuable book. As a story, it's only ok. It's mostly first-person accounts of the Hiroshima bombing, tied together with a storyline about a couple who are looking for a husband for their niece. They can't find anyone to marry her because suitors are concerned about radiation sickness. To fight the rumors and prove that his niece is healthy, the uncle writes a diary of the bombing. The descriptions are pretty graphic and the book is uncomfortable to read, but since th [...]

    25. Upon finishing the book, I've become more enlightened on the horribly morbid effects of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The author really creates a submersible account of a man's life during such harsh times. Although somewhat slow and unexciting at times, the book was originally based off interviews given by victims of the event. Yet much careful and specific details are given to create many vivid moments to express such events. Overall, Ibuse shares with us an incredible st [...]

    26. One sees the sights as described by the author, the dead bodies oozing blood and vacant stares of people who lost their kin post the Hiroshima holocaust. Definitely one of those books that jolt you out of your banal, everyday routine of cribbing with your first-world problems.

    27. I can see I'm not going to finish this. Perhaps in Japanese it would be worthwhile. A sad and genuine tale, though -- to be sure.

    28. “For several years past, Shigematsu Shizuma, of the village of Kobatake, had been aware of his niece Yasuko as a weight on his mind.” This is because nobody is willing to marry Yasuko, and nobody is willing to marry her because of the persistent rumour that she was in Hiroshima when the Bomb fell on the 6th of August, 1945.So begins the story of Shigematsu, his wife Shigeko, and their niece and ward Yasuko. In a bid to prove that Yasuko is “clean” and can’t have been affected by the ra [...]

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