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What the Spell

What the Spell Brooklyn is nearly sixteen years old and feels like she s invisible She desperately wants to be pretty and popular and to be adored by a cute guy Luckily for her she s a witch about to come of age s

  • Title: What the Spell
  • Author: Brittany Geragotelis
  • ISBN: 9781471117084
  • Page: 425
  • Format: ebook
  • Brooklyn is nearly sixteen years old and feels like she s invisible She desperately wants to be pretty and popular, and to be adored by a cute guy Luckily for her, she s a witch about to come of age so she s only a few spells away from making it all happen On her milestone birthday, Brooklyn s conservative parents finally unbind her powers, and this newfound freedom lBrooklyn is nearly sixteen years old and feels like she s invisible She desperately wants to be pretty and popular, and to be adored by a cute guy Luckily for her, she s a witch about to come of age so she s only a few spells away from making it all happen On her milestone birthday, Brooklyn s conservative parents finally unbind her powers, and this newfound freedom leads to a spell assisted dream makeover Her crush, Asher, finally notices her, and so does the Queen Bee of the popular, cool clique Even better, Brooklyn discovers her true power the ability to magically match couples with a love spell.But Brooklyn s quest for popularity is not without its price, and as the clique escalates their initiation tests, the she relies on her powers to complete the tasks Can Brooklyn keep her magic hidden from their scrutiny Like her Salem ancestors, if caught, she could be vilified But worst of all, Brooklyn runs the risk of losing what she really cares about Asher unless she can work a little magic of her own.

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      425 Brittany Geragotelis
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    1 thought on “What the Spell

    1. To see full rant review click here.This is going to be a rant.It's not going to be impartial. If you like this series you might as well get the hell out of here because this is not going to be pretty. Currently, I am studying for finals which means I have high stress levels, am writing this during my limited breaks, and have had three cups of tea . Though to be honest, I think this book accelerated my heart rate more than the tea did and that's not a good thing.I'll be blunt about it, this book [...]

    2. Ugh, this book is atrocious. It’s just unbelievably appalling.Brooklyn is one of the worst female characters ever. She’s self-absorbed, stupid, superficial, has a superiority complex, lies, manipulates people (literally), and is just horrible. First of all, I don’t know or get what her obsession is with becoming popular and joining the Elite is. It’s not as if joining them will solve your poor body image you have of yourself or your insecurities. It’ll just be a mask to cover your trou [...]

    3. What the spell? More like what the hell?I could honestly write a better book myself. That's not saying much since I have the mind of a child. I feel like Geragotelis wrote this when she was a freshman and she was mad at the cool girl for dating the boy she had a huge crush on. (Am I right or am I right?) Brooklyn's obsession with being popular made me want to stop and just throw it away. I have never ever wanted to be popular. (Okay maybe a little) Let me just say, I would never go to those extr [...]

    4. WHAT THE SPELL is a spellbinding witchy read that explores what it means to be a teen with a little magic on their side. Many giggles were had during my time reading the book, though that reaction may not have been the authors intent in certain places. The situations that Brooklyn went through were at many times ridiculous, and a few times inspirational. I didn't fall completely in love with the story as I expected I would, but I still think that this will be a popular read with the younger teen [...]

    5. Lost me as a reader a short time after she changes her body with her magic. Not just removing bad hair or zits, but making her butt and boobs bigger. What do the parents say in reaction to this?? Your using magic too much. Honey, your gonna get burned at the stake. WTH! How about, honey, your beautiful just the way you are. Her teacher showed more concern about her body image hatred. Clearing up bad skin is one thing, but changing everything about yourself just to get some popular twits to notic [...]

    6. This book totally reminded me of As You Wish, which I read at the beginning of the summer. It was cute, light, had a twist of magic in there, and generally just pretty fun to read. Though I'm not super into the "I have to be popular" storyline (because honestly, who cares?), I do know it's a big part of younger YA audience and lit, so I'm okay with it being a thing here.Brooklyn is just REALLY adamant about getting into this crowd, but they're not even nice. Still, after her makeover, they notic [...]

    7. 4.5 stars. "What the Spell" is the first book in a planned series about teenage witches and is rooted in the story of the Salem Witch Trials, which is definitely not new territory for a book but the author does a really great job of breathing brand new life into a subject that has been tackled before. One of the standout parts of the book for me was the main character of Brooklyn. She is smart but she doesn't always make the best decisions. I loved, loved, loved her voice in the book. You want s [...]

    8. I didn't think I would like this book as I prefer more supernatural and less social situation, but I found the story really engaging. First, I think every parent who wants to "protect" their children needs to read this book. It is a warning of what will happen if you shelter your daughter and then suddenly set her loose in the world with absolutely no social or emotional survival skills. Brooklyn's parents bound her magic until her sixteenth birthday on the assumption that she would suddenly hav [...]

    9. What the Spell? is the first book in Brittany Geragotelis’ Life’s a Witch Series. For sixteen-year-old Brooklyn, she wants nothing more than to be the popular girl that gets all the attention, especially by a cute guy. When her traditionalist parents finally liberate her powers, she wastes no time in giving herself a makeover, complete with new friends and finally getting the attention of her crush, Asher. But just like her Salem ancestors, this insinuation puts her in a position that if she [...]

    10. High school politics are hard to navigate, even if you are a witch.I know that every high school has that clique of students who are the 3 "P"s - pretty, popular and powerful. People we hate but secretly wish we could be or, at least, be around. But this group is evil. I understand the reason behind The Elite, but what did they really want from it all? I wish there was more talk about their futures and why doing bad things will get them there. I read somewhere that this is part of a 3-book deal, [...]

    11. I absolutely adored this book. It's a coming of age tale of a girl who has come into her magickal powers after her parents unbound them at the age of 16. She tries to gain popularity by giving herself a magickal makeover and joining The Elite. The Elite were the highest popular group in her high school. She has to decide what is more important to her- becoming an elite or losing herself and who she truly is. She finds out the guy that she is crushing on likes her back and he also has powers. The [...]

    12. Oh my god. This is quite honestly one of the worst books I have ever read. Listen, I think it's great, the emergence of websites where aspiring writers can post their novels to gain an audience and get feedback. I really do. But just because you get millions of hits does not mean that you should get a publishing contract. Yes, sometimes there are fabulous novels out there on these websites, but more often than that, they're awful novels that get an audience only because hey, look, I can read thi [...]

    13. Its about a teen girl discovering who she is. She's a loner and wants to make it in the world and will stop at nothing just to be notice. She soon discovers that she is a witch and is just coming into her powers. Brooklyn uses those powers to do an extreme make over just to fit in and it starts to work. I like how the rich snobby kids always tends to put an obstacle in Brooklyn's way, yet she manages to overcome it. We also have a little bit of romance with the very sexy Asher. The story goes pe [...]

    14. Review originally posted on my blog: A Book ObsessionAll her life Brooklyn has been waiting for the day she turns sixteen and her parents unbind her witch born powers. The first matter of business will be to change her appearance so she can finally stop being invisible to all of her classmates. The change is dramatic and people have taken notice. She's gained the attention of the Elite, the highest social clique in the school. But Brooklyn quickly learns that popularity comes at a price, and she [...]

    15. WHAT THE SPELL is a fun, charming, bittersweet and utterly delightful story of magic, mean girls and boys, actions and consequences, and the price one girl is willing to pay to fit in. A quick and engaging read, with just a touch of the paranormal to differentiate itself from its contemporary peers, this story will hold readers captive as they follow Brooklyn Sparks as she treads the line between right and wrong in her attempt to shed her cloak of invisibility and find out just who she really is [...]

    16. Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Tales.Quick & Dirty: This was a very predictable coming of age book. It had some cute funny moments, but slightly disappointing characters.Opening Sentence: It totally sucked being invisible.The Review: Brooklyn is a witch, well at least she was born a witch, but her over protective parents have had her powers bound since she was a baby. They promised that on her 16 birthday they would release her powers, but she has to be very cautious about using them. Brookl [...]

    17. The cover is fun. The title is fun, too, and it hints at Brooklyn's constant state of confusion and feelings of being lost. I really related to Brooklyn's feelings about being an invisible person. But that changed when she all of her energy was focused on achieving popularity by joining The Elite. This made me realize I was more like Asher. I found Brooklyn's obsession to be unsettling. She had plenty of evidence that proved The Elite were bad, but she still continued on her obsessive crusade. D [...]

    18. An adorable tale of teenage witchery. Brooklyn lived a sheltered life till her sixteenth birthday She grew up knowing she was a witch, but having her powers bound. She never felt that she fit in anywhere in her short life. All she ever wanted was to be accepted, popular, to make a difference in the world. On her birthday her parents give her the one thing she thinks will make her life better, her powers. As the old saying goes, Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. Brooklyn learns [...]

    19. I'm guessing this book is aimed at a much younger audience than me. This is a very obvious coming-of-age-and-realizing-who-you-are type of book, and I liked it well enough. Except from the cupid part. Why did author add the cupid part? She had all the magic in the world to work with, but noooo. She had to add the cupid part, which ruined it for me. But maybe I'm just getting too old for these kind of books (boredom, and younger sibling being an important factor here), but I didn't like it. I may [...]

    20. Only finished it for my daughter. However, I WILL NOT LET HER READ IT!!!!! Girls have enough to deal with about body image To imply the need bigger butts or blobs to get a guy is BS!!!##

    21. *3.5 rounded up to 4 starsI really like witch books, so I was excited to read this one. It sounded so fun and cute. And it was. The story was fun to read and I enjoyed seeing what would happen next. I liked how the characters interacted with each other, even if I didn't particularly care for a lot of them. This book gave me a kind of Mean Girls vibe, and I really enjoyed it.Brooklyn is from a family of witches who don't really use their powers, so hers have been locked. It's not until her 16th b [...]

    22. Who wouldn't want to be one of the popular kids at their high school? Who wouldn't want everyone looking up at them and spend their weekends partying with celebrities? But how high of a price would you pay to become a part of the Elite? Would you change your friends, change your looks, and change your morals?"What The Spell" follows a girl who did all of the above and some more, to finally become one of the Elite. There are a lot of changes going on for Brooklyn right at the beginning of the sto [...]

    23. "What the Spell" by Brittany Geragotelis was a book I immediately fell in love with. I found the struggles the narrator, Brooklyn, went through were ones I could relate to as a high schooler even thought they had a supernatural twist to them. I found Brooklyn as a character easy to relate to. She is very smart and I loved her voice throughout the story. I wanted her to do the right thing at every turn. I also found myself cheering for her and Asher and for her to be able to overcome the obstacle [...]

    24. More of my reviews at Secrets of Lost Words.Rating: BBrooklyn is a witch whose magic has been bound since birth. Then on her sixteenth birthday, her parent let her have her magic again. Now just think about it. If you had wanted something your whole life, and you can finally have it, let's be honest here: You'd probably abuse the privilege. (Don't deny it; if you still won't abuse it, you have no life)Anyways, Brooklyn's dream is to fit in and be popular. With magic, that can be easily achieved. [...]

    25. This is a cute, very fast read, but also very predictable. Brooklyn's parents are super controlling and have bound her powers until she reaches sixteen, but they never gave her the ability to learn right from wrong and you can just about guess how things are going to go after that. She falls in with the mean girl cligue,(I mean come on!! "The Elite"?) but also falls in love with a cute magical boy named Asher. Well the predictable route takes us through the mean girls making Brooklyn prove her s [...]

    26. Don't judge a book by its cover. I tend to grab books with covers that catch my eye, which this certainly did. Unfortunately the old saying rang true, "What the spell?" was not only boring it was very superficial. The main character cries and moans about her looks and not being popular. Her solution? Change it by magic! Who cares what's on the inside! It comes as no surprise when popularity comes with a price and she no longer likes the person who she is changing into. The book try's to right it [...]

    27. Originally posted at: Girls on YA Books~Review: The way I got this book was totally epic. I had it as a WOW post. I loved the quirky title and series name. A quirky author=a fun book! So anyways she saw the tweet and was gracious enough to offer me a copy!! I was super excited!!Now the main question? Was it worth all my hype? Yes I think it was. There were times I wanted to throw it across the room and slap Brooklyn so hard that her head turned around but I still enjoyed it when the book ended. [...]

    28. This book was a great coming of age story and depicts the brutal events of high school that we often carry for the rest of our lives. Let’s face it; high school can be awful and embarrassing and every other terrible adjective you can think of. Brooklyn has a solution for all of her problems having to do with high school, however. She is a witch and on her sixteenth birthday her parents have promised to unbind her powers. Brooklyn, who just wants to be noticed and better yet be considered popul [...]

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