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The Dead of Winter

The Dead of Winter For the Anderson family Rockwell is the picture perfect small town A wholesome place to start over But as the autumn days begin turning to winter something is awakened deep within the woods Something

  • Title: The Dead of Winter
  • Author: Jack Night
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • For the Anderson family, Rockwell is the picture perfect small town A wholesome place to start over But as the autumn days begin turning to winter something is awakened deep within the woods Something bent on revenge.Cut off from the rest of the world they must fight to stay alive as the haunting presence lays claim to Rockwell, exposing the dark secrets of the town thaFor the Anderson family, Rockwell is the picture perfect small town A wholesome place to start over But as the autumn days begin turning to winter something is awakened deep within the woods Something bent on revenge.Cut off from the rest of the world they must fight to stay alive as the haunting presence lays claim to Rockwell, exposing the dark secrets of the town that created it.

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      120 Jack Night
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    1 thought on “The Dead of Winter

    1. I swear I'm not a mean person but this writing was bad.Really bad.No one says anything. They retort, command, respond, whatever there's no "he said, she said." It bothered me. Other than that failed attempt to flavor the prose, it was entirely bland. I'm surprised it was published. I had to DNF around 80%.

    2. I guess I didn't previously comment on or review this book, so I'll add a little sumthin-sumthin here before I forget about it. I LOVED the cover. Don't judge a book by its cover? Well, I did here. Is that not a creepy thing peeking out from behind a tree? Also, the book was free through Kindle Unlimited, so, if I hated it, I could return it like an undercooked steak. In fact, this was a suspenseful, frightening and enjoyable read. A lot of snow, horrible undead creatures, strange symbols, a sma [...]

    3. A very good book, and quite eerie if had to put a word on it. Jack Night as other readers may or may not have mentioned seems to have a real feeling for the effects of cold isolation, particularly with environmentally harsh conditions like snow, to where it wouldn't surprise me if it was a staple in his writing. It comes through here very clearly as the climate and its unique characteristics and challenges becomes more than just a backdrop. It becomes a contributing character of its own.As with [...]

    4. I have to admit I loved the book. I give it a 4.5 out of 5The story line was great and unique (in all my reading wanderings, only one book has came close to the background story this book offers) It had me right at the beginning. As soon as I started reading it, it took everything I had not to read it all at once. The characters where believable, and you kept hoping nothing would happen to them.Everything in my imagination kept trying to figure out what was causing the "events", I have to give t [...]

    5. Before I start writing, I must warn you that I am pretty upset about this book. I bought it for 15 JD while I am short on money, thinking that it worth the sacrificeBoy was I wrong!First of all 2 stars go to the writing style and 3 goes to others. The writing owned the two stars proudly. At the beginning of the book, I must admit I thought I'd review it for 5 stars! From the very first pages I was scared or to be exact terrified that in night I would picture the body (From first chapter) draggin [...]

    6. I about gave up on this book halfway through. I'm glad I didn't. It started off well, but the characters remained too thin for too long, and there were several inconsistencies that made me groan. Even worse, the book seemed to be spiraling into an awful hodge-podge of horror tropes. However, when the novel finally took some unexpected turns, it got a lot more interesting and a few of the characters came into better focus. That said, one of the main problems I have with this book is that it has t [...]

    7. I was in the mood for something spooky this time around. It started out being spooky but turned into more of a horror thriller. It was definitely a good book. I often dream about books that I read before I go to sleep so I definitely avoided this one before bed. I like the ghost/zombie type mix even though I’m not a fan of the zombie craze. I thought the storyline was good and kept the action going throughout the book. My only complaint is that it was a little to long. I could’ve lived witho [...]

    8. I really enjoyed The Dead of Winter by Jack Night. The cover of the book caught my attention. This is one of the better horror stories that I have read in awhile. The storyline is pure horror at its best. The novel is packed with plenty of action and I did not want it to end. Night is an excellent writer and a great storyteller. If you are looking for a horror novel with a different twist, I would highly recommend this book. This is the first novel that I have read by Jack Night but it will not [...]

    9. This is a spooky tale of centuries old evil stalking a small American town. The spirit of a woman slaughtered by the town's first settlers, is awakened by a young girl and immediately sets out to destroy the town and it's people. A gripping read that will have you looking over your shoulder upon hearing an unexpected noise.

    10. I LOVED this book! I'll be honest, I grabbed this because of the cover but I'm glad I did! I had to read this in one sitting because the writing had me captivated. There were plenty of creepy and atmospheric chills, and the story itself was riveting! I'm a fan!

    11. What a good time I had reading this book. Perfect in the dead of winter. If Jack Night keeps writing books this good he's going to be listed with the best of them. Can't wait to read his next novel. 4.5 stars.

    12. Seriously one of the best horror books I have read in a very long time! I couldn't put the book down! The character development is wonderfully written, not something you usually get in a horror book. I am hoping for a sequel! Can't wait to read more of the author's work, he's absolutely phenomenal.

    13. This is an awesome read, suitably spooky with a mystery surrounding the small town. Just the way I like it! LOL Good story, well written, entertaining.

    14. There was never a dull moment in this book and I found myself neglecting other things just so that I could see what was going to happen next.

    15. Solid paranormal horror. The first couple of chapters scared the heck out of me and it was daytime. So scary. The action heats up and it was a little less tense scary, but if this were a movie, I would have been flipped out. Anyway, pretty gross, with some interesting backstory, lots of blood, guts, guns and death. I will be looking for other books by Knight.

    16. I enjoyed this book. Jack Night put together a creepy little story that took place, at least when it really ramped up, over mostly about two days time. Its something that we as readers, whether horror or suspense readers or even people in general might think about if snowed in, cut off from the outside world in a little town so far off the beaten track that it could fall off the face of the earth and no one would even be concerned about it, what would happen if there was something out there. Som [...]

    17. I love horror. This was an inventive story idea. A good enough story with good enough characters told well enough with inventive enough language and suspense. An above average horror novel. Bute racial politics were ehhhh It was hard for the writer not to slip into noble savage stereotypes, even with the best of intentions, and the first nations character, for awhile there the author seemed to not be able to say his name without mentioning his heritage (augh). Why bring it up? Because race comes [...]

    18. I really liked this book. Ominous and foreboding, the storyline builds nicely and is well paced. I like authors that can keep you guessing to the end and he did just that. Just when you think it could be one thing something new emerges and has you guessing again. The characters you were supposed to like you do and the ones you don't you don't. Not a lot of background to the characters but it's okay because it doesn't take away from the story at all. If you think of it this way, moving to a VERY [...]

    19. Cliched and reminiscent of several horror stories/films mish mashed into one, this certainly wasn't the most original book that I've ever read, but it was still an enjoyable enough book to read. I liked the characters quite a bit; they had good chemistry and were believable. I didn't really find the book creepy at all, but I loved the winter setting and the town it was based in. The evil presence in the book didn't seem all that menacing to me and reminded me way too much of the girl in the horr [...]

    20. What I loved about the book: - It is creepy and Jack Night does a great job slowly building the dread and using a lot of creepy words such as "dead" throughout to describe inanimate objects. - The author doesn't waste much time in introducing the horror/ghost in the story. - Plenty of foreshadowing with things going bump in the night. - Appropriately gory and terrifying. What I did not like: - One-note characters: you have the a$$hole bad-guy; them you have the noble, wise and strong Native Amer [...]

    21. I had no idea this book would be this good. It had the perfect mix of all things spooky, mysterious and worthwhile. I loved this book. It had characters you really come to love, my fav was a big Indian man named Jake. Strong and a good leader. This book is a town that has a secret and a bloody past, lost but NOT forgotten. The past comes rushing back to the present to take its due. This book could easily become a movie. I loved the winter setting, the descriptions of the blizzard and the cold. T [...]

    22. This was a very good story. Technically, I'd give this 4.5 stars but as that is not possible - 5 stars it is! Interesting story line and the author did a great job of helping to set in the creep factor - especially the feeling of isolation! I was upset that some people died but glad to see who all did survive. It is good to remember people die - especially in supernatural scenes of desolation and tragedy. This story is full of that but there is also a sense of closeness and you get to really kno [...]

    23. This was one heck of a story! I'd have to put it in my top 20 reads of the year. A blocked in town that's haunted by a dark past and people trying to figure out what's going on in the middle of a winter freeze. I love it. It definitely gets my anxiety and creeped out factor notched up a bit! I enjoyed almost all the characters in this story but I just couldn't find a connection to Nick, who was one of the leads. Jake of course stole my heart and I loved the bartender! Yep, I'd recommend this sto [...]

    24. I picked this out mainly based on the cover and its ratingsever it exceeded my expectations in a way that horror fiction seldom does. This one was well plotted not under plotted. The first part is very scary with a rich sense of forebodingen spins out into alternating chapters which are at turns reflective and/or action sequences. I hate it when horror tales rush past foreboding and menacing and then become like a slasher movie with one gory sequence after another. This book didn't do that had [...]

    25. Superb!I got a sample of this book from and of course, once I started reading I immediately went to kindle unlimited and got the whole book. It was awesome! Never dull, he keeps the story line going at a good pace . A couple of times I caught myself holding my breath. This is my first reading anything by Jack Night but it will definitely not be my last. If u are looking for a good read , I highly recommend this, I was not disappointed and I don't think u will be either.

    26. Some bone chilling scenesReally enjoyed this book. Something about snow and woods really freak me out in a horror setting and this has both! I could not stop reading. There are some really bone chilling scenes all throughout the book. If you've ever read Desperation by Stephen King, this feels very similar. My only gripe would be the ending. It seemed to end too abruptly and i had questions. I felt like it started to rush to be finished. I enjoyed the book throughly up until the last few pages, [...]

    27. Look out Stephen King Jack Night brings something truly terrifying to the world of horror fiction. Aside from the fact that I couldn't put this one down, it scared me. I loved it from start to finish, an intriguingly brilliant novel well worth the read. I have to admit I am not a horror fan, but this blew me away. Jack's ability to draw you in and frighten you creating a vivid visual image that stays with you. A must read! Superb! For the full review and more about the author check out my interv [...]

    28. this was a great little horror story (well, not little, but I just got done reading "under the dome," so everything seems little to me in comparison). there's some great gore, a spooky winter setting, and a secret from the past that threatens to destroy the small town that has kept the evil secret all these years. everything I like in a horror novel, in other words. plus the characters are actually likable, so I was rooting for them.

    29. Very GoodWas it the best horror novel I've read? Nope. Was it worth my time reading? Yep. I love stories whose backdrop is a snow storm, so that was a plus. The main characters were crafted in such a way that it was easy to care for them. Most importantly, it didn't go nuts with the zombies which can turn any decent novel into cheese. Therefore, I see more Jack Night books in my future. Happy reading!

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