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Feather Lucy is a bright eyed fiery redhead with a quick wit and a photographic memory On the night of the spring equinox Lucy meets Nathaniel a dark and mysterious man who at first appears to have amnesia

  • Title: Feather
  • Author: Laurie Lyons
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Lucy is a bright eyed, fiery redhead with a quick wit and a photographic memory On the night of the spring equinox, Lucy meets Nathaniel, a dark and mysterious man who at first appears to have amnesia Lucy feels inexplicably drawn to Nathaniel and is amazed to discover that he is invisible to everyone but herself Fearing she is going insane or worse, losing her photogrLucy is a bright eyed, fiery redhead with a quick wit and a photographic memory On the night of the spring equinox, Lucy meets Nathaniel, a dark and mysterious man who at first appears to have amnesia Lucy feels inexplicably drawn to Nathaniel and is amazed to discover that he is invisible to everyone but herself Fearing she is going insane or worse, losing her photographic memory Lucy goes on a hunt for answers What she learns turns her world upside down.FEATHER is a tale of love, the power of memories, and the struggle between right and wrong.How far would you go to save your true love s soul

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      341 Laurie Lyons
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    1 thought on “Feather

    1. This paranormal romance is also a debut novel and I have to say, "Well done, Ms. Lyons". Feather had a great storyline (I love angels!) and flowed well, with a nice balance between dialogue, description, and action. There were a few minor editing issues, but nothing that detracted from the overall story. And although the characters are all college-age, the content is pretty PG, so I'm guessing this book would do pretty well with YA audiences too.One of the strengths of this book is definitely th [...]

    2. AAhhranormal romances. How I just love me a paranormal romance. Now, other reviews have "spoiled" what Nathaniel is, and considering it is a paranormal romance (and the cover is a VERY big clue), I'm assuming y'all can figure it out. But, I'm not about spoilers so if you want to know what he is, read this review, then scout out some others. Anyway, carrying onI absolutely LOVED. THIS. BOOK! I zoomed through it the first time because I couldn't put it down and then had to re-read it because I kne [...]

    3. I used to shy away from reading a book when it involved angels, but this is my second book with the feathered creatures and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I didn't know what to expect from FEATHER when I sat down to read the first chapter, but I became so engrossed with the story that I couldn't but the book down. We're introduced to Lucy, a college student, who is unremarkable except for her gift of memory. Her memory is so; well, memorable, that doctors from around the world travel to study her. Onc [...]

    4. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the Author and the “Lovers of Paranormal” Group on This was a very enjoyable well written story. I loved the relationship between Lucy and Nathaniel. You knew they were made for each other but this romance is not one like any other. There is so much standing between them that there is a lot of doubt about them staying together as a couple. Once I started reading I had trouble putting this book down. This is a great read for YA and ad [...]

    5. I have not been able to put this book down! I absolutely love the characters and really connect with them. I found it easy to picture not only the characters, but their environments. I get shivers (like Lucy) when Nathaniel is around. Best page turner I have read in a long time!

    6. Great debut book by Laurie Lyons. The story/concept is original and compelling. The characters are vibrant and the story has a great flow that culminates with a seat-of-your-pants climax at the end. I look forward to reading all of Mrs. Lyons' future novels!

    7. Finished in just a day! AMAZING! I have to start by saying I absolutely adore Nathaniel and I have decided that I want him. I might have to fight Lucy for him (and honestly, she might win)But I was engulfed by this book. I mean, the concept of Lucy and her photogenic memory and then add in some Angels with a few Demons and BOOM - great story. The characters that Laurie Lyons creates are so captivating and interesting. I grew attached to all of them, honestly. Especially Dr. Hannon! He is just so [...]

    8. Feather by Laurie Lyons and the sequel Gates are two of the best books that I have ever read. There have been a few books that have caused me to tear up or get choked up but the ending of Feather literally had tears running down my face. It was so much that I had to stop reading and calm myself down. So. Feather is the story of Lucy and Nathaniel. Lucy is a remarkable young woman who remembers everything that she had ever seen. One day she meets Nathaniel who seems like the perfect guy. It is la [...]

    9. This is one of my favorite books with the angel theme and there are only a few of them which I really liked. Feather started with Lucy who has been gifted with a photographic memory and later meets Nathaniel only to find out that she is the only who can see him. Their meeting for one thing is no coincidence. I really loved all the characters in this book well except for one of them (considering there are a lot of demons around). The concept between good and evil and how angels and demons work is [...]

    10. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from Lovers of Paranormal.I actually really liked this story. I liked the concept of angels and demons. Not only that but Lyons added a smidge of individuality in the way that she gave Lucy photographic memory. It helped make the book stand out more. The only thing that I particularly did not like was the rate of time. In my opinion, time passed too fast in the book. It might be because I read a lot of YA fiction where the chase is the premis [...]

    11. RANORMAL ROMANCE. Lucy is a bright eyed, fiery redhead with a quick wit and a photographic memory. On the night of the spring equinox, Lucy meets Nathaniel, a dark and mysterious man who at first appears to have amnesia. Lucy feels inexplicably drawn to Nathaniel and is amazed to discover that he is invisible to everyone but herself. Fearing she is going insane--or worse, losing her photographic memory--Lucy goes on a hunt for answers. What she learns turns her world upside down. FEATHER is a ta [...]

    12. Started off with an intriguing premise; I was hooked when I realized that the wonderkind was having conversations with someone no one else could see. By the time the kissing and hugging started with Mr. Handsome Wonderful, I realized this was nothing more than the author's desire to create college life for herself the way she wished it had been. I was surprised this wasn't marketed as young adult romance.It got silly and went nowhere very slowly. All the superlative laden reviews on had to be f [...]

    13. Feather has been a great summertime read. I read both Feather and Gates and am looking forward to the third book to see how Lucy and Nathaniel end up. I loved the characters in Feather and enjoyed the story. I would recommend it to both adults and teens alike. Laurie Lyons has done a great job and I look forward to reading more of her work!

    14. This book is one of the most amazing stories I've read in a long time. brilliant debut book & I need another book from Laurie asap!!! preferably a carry on from feather. I will be dreaming of perfect gorgeous angels tonight ;)

    15. I set in to read a couple chapters and couldn't stop! The vivid descriptions in this book make you feel like you are right there. Highly recommended!

    16. I really have no idea how to review Feather, it's a little hard to do so without revealing spoiler, which I don't want to do even though sometimes I look for spoiler in other reviewers review to see whether I really would like the book. But with Feather, honestly, the book summary explained it all. The book that centers about paranormal love. Once again, like many other reviews I'm sure have said before, unless you are expecting a book who's theme is love, I suggest you don't read it. Don't take [...]

    17. Feather is a heavenly read, literally.Lucy has the gift of photographic memory and she can remember every conversation she's ever heard of. This obviously helps her academic grades, but it doesn't help her when she's faced with a problem that she doesn't know the solution to. Let's not forget that not knowing something is a huge thing for Lucy as she's usually known every answer to every question.Nathaniel is every girl's dream Amazing eyes, a sweet and passionate personality, a complete angel. [...]

    18. FeatherStar rating: 3 starsreviewoffantasyThe start of the story I was enthralled with Lucy a girl with photogenic memory, who was of course a genius and very interesting to watch as she moves through campus life. But then she meets Nat a guy with no memory. Lucy instantly falls for him, but there’s one catch no-one can see him but Lucy. So we watch them bond and soon learn that he’s an angel. This brought me up to 40% of the book and that’s when I stopped being intrigued and excited, as t [...]

    19. Instant chemistry from the very first chapter! That was my favourite part about this book, the connection between Lucy and Nathaniel!The first few chapters was Lucy trying to find out what was up with Nathaniel, i was literally on the edge of my seat waiting for the answer (even though i knew what it was from other reviews and the cover) it was still intense on Lucys part. Nathaniel was HOT!! Add the local demon Roman (swoon worthy hehe) into the mix and you have a great mix of characters.Lucy w [...]

    20. I absolutely LOVED this book!!! First though, I have to say, I came across several spelling errors - although, to be fair, I had converted a pdf copy to an epub and the Calibre conversion could have caused those errors. That being said, Angels and Demons . With a very different twist in the plot and characters than I have ever read before. Lucy and Nathaniel's characters are so in-depth and so true to real people, their characters were written so well! Add in Roman, Anastasia, and so many other [...]

    21. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review from the group lovers of paranormal and the author Laurie Lyons. This book was good! It was really good, the characters were great, and there was just enough oomph to keep me going. Descriptions were pretty good too and the story line is a really really good one. For a novel on Angels this one was more along the lines of what I thought it would be, there is a really strong belief system that is in place here. You can tell that this [...]

    22. This is a great story about unexpected love and two "people" trying to hold onto it. Lucy is an extraordinary woman. When readers are first introduced to her she seems like a science experiment, but she is so much more than that! A photographic memory would make anyone feel overwhelmed even at the easiest of times. However Lucy also has to deal with the normal every day stress of college. Then she meets Nathaniel. She literally runs into him and things progress fairly quickly. The story is a gre [...]

    23. ** I received this book in exchange for an honest review. Lovers of Paranormal, LoP**When I started this book I wasn't real sure how I would like this story. Turns out, I loved it. I really like the premise and how well it was written out. The story line itself is easy to follow and captured me from the beginning. Lucy is one of those characters you love. She's smart, great personality and witty as ever. I adored the chemistry between Nathaniel and Lucy. I would love to be able see my own angel, [...]

    24. Free download, I wasn't sure about this book but as it progressed I found myself not wanting to put it down. The idea around Lucy and her ability are great, she has a photographic memory which is incredible. When she meets Nathaniel the connection is obvious but it's not straight forward, however how they feel is and although they deal with many bumps the ending is great. The story, plot and characters are good. I fell in love with Nathaniel, the concept for this book is so different from other [...]

    25. First of all, it is very rare that I hand out a 5 on a review. That said, I could not put this book down! I love when fantasy books still use the real world and this one does just that. I enjoyed the connection between Lucy and Nathaniel even though they had struggles. Lucy is a strong female character who learns to sacrifice and not think entirely of herself. That sort of female isn't the most common character these days. I'm very excited for the next book in this series and have already starte [...]

    26. While this wasn't a terrible story, I found the author's writing style to be a bit juvenile and pedestrian. The English language has so many colorful descriptive words, but sadly were lacking in this narrative. The poor punctuation made it difficult to read.

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