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Seal Team 666

Seal Team Halfway through SEAL training Cadet Jack Walker is whisked away to join four SEALs and their dog for a special ops mission Walker soon finds himself in a whirlwind of otherworldly creatures and event

  • Title: Seal Team 666
  • Author: Weston Ochse To Be Announced
  • ISBN: 9781470841812
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Halfway through SEAL training, Cadet Jack Walker is whisked away to join four SEALs and their dog for a special ops mission Walker soon finds himself in a whirlwind of otherworldly creatures and events as he discovers the true nature of SEAL Team 666 Battling demons, possessed humans, mass murdering cults, and evil in its darkest and most ancient form, SEAL Team 666 hasHalfway through SEAL training, Cadet Jack Walker is whisked away to join four SEALs and their dog for a special ops mission Walker soon finds himself in a whirlwind of otherworldly creatures and events as he discovers the true nature of SEAL Team 666 Battling demons, possessed humans, mass murdering cults, and evil in its darkest and most ancient form, SEAL Team 666 has its work cut out for it And it s not long before the team realizes that the threat isn t directed against the US alonean ancient and deadly cult has far bigger plans, and Walker is at the center of a supernatural conflict in which the entire world is at stake.

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    1. Book Info: Genre: Military Urban FantasyReading Level: AdultRecommended for: Fans of military fiction, science-fiction and urban fantasy with male character and points of view.Book Available: Book available in hardcover and e-book editions November 27, 2012.My Thoughts: When I heard about this book, I just could not resist – combining two of my favorite genres of military science-fiction and urban fantasy? Irresistible!The only real problem I had with the story was the head-hopping. It was sup [...]

    2. Jack Walker’s dream was to be a Navy SEAL. He was going to make it through BUD/S training, no matter how much it punished his body. Just four more weeks. But he’s pulled out of training early, and drafted into an ultra-secret, elite SEAL team, one that has an unusual team number. This team fights threats against the free world that are supernatural in origin. And Jack is specially equipped to be a member. For the dark scars of his youth mark him with a special ability to sense evil. I liked [...]

    3. In this age of supernatural and paranormal fiction, there are scores of lone gunmen, wizards and warriors fighting against the forces of evil. At the same time, the bookstores are full of modern thriller with special op agents fighting against evil terrorists intent on mass bloodshed.Not content with having special force soldiers fight against Al Qeada terrorists or enemy nations trying to kill Americans, Weston Ochse successfully, at times, melds the military thriller genre with the supernatura [...]

    4. Evil exists I once asked the Director of the Exorcist what the Catholic Church thought of his film. He said they loved it. Why, because it made the point that evil exists. Weston Ochse acknowledges that evil does indeed exist, and that it needs to be put down with shotguns, sniper rifles and guts. Lots of guts. This Military SciFi Thriller hands out action like cooked off grenades, tense and urgent. The writing is top notch and the accuracy regarding tactics, weapons and the military is eyes on [...]

    5. I'm putting this on my Urban Fantasy shelf as it is contemporary and actually does place a lot of the action in cities. Pretty good book. From the title I wondered if it was going to be more of a tongue in cheek read or not. It's not, the book is played straight. Our "hero" is within 4 weeks of graduating and becoming a SEAL. He's suddenly pulled out of trainingd graduated early.The premise of this book is that there exists a specific SEAL Team that deals explicitly with "supernatural" occurrenc [...]

    6. SEAL cadet Jack Walker is almost done with his training when he's taken away to join a top secret group, consisting of four others and one dog. While he feels guilty about gaining SEAL status without completing his course, Walker earns his stripes quickly enough as his elite team encounter all types of supernatural creatures and situations. Everyone in the group has a special skill, but Walker's is most unique: he's able to tell when something other-wordly is near, and Ochse slowly develops why [...]

    7. Take some Richard Marcinko patented Seal Team military mayhem.Mix in a healthy dose of Kolchak, the Nightstalker.Throw in some high grade nastiness, Asian style.And a dash of flat out weird.Shake well, and prepare to have your ass kicked and your name taken.

    8. Weston Ochese’s American Golem was one of my favorite stories from the Operation Arcana collection and as a result I was excited to give Seal Team 666 a shot. Unfortunately, I wanted to like Seal Team 666 far more than I actually did. The novel opens up with Cadet Jack Walker, nearing completion of SEAL training, suddenly yanked out of said training and attached to titular Seal Team 666 for a covert mission. Walker, finds himself suddenly part of a strange new world where everything that goes [...]

    9. I won this book a while ago as an ARC from and found it to be just average. I did like the concept of the novel (marines fighting demons in faraway countries). My problem was that the author of the book (no offense, I hope) made some dumb decisions like describing the guns used during the battles. I know nothing of guns and I wonder if this book was written specifically for marines or soldiers. This book could have been better if it weren't so boring.

    10. Solid but it never really reached the heights I thought it would. Enjoyable enough but I probably won't buy anymore of the series. 3.5 stars.

    11. The Seal team bursts into a high security compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. After reaching the second floor, they find their target: "It stepped forward. Glowing eyes. Taloned hands. Dark skin stretched tightly over elongated bones. Demon." And that's just on page 4.Weston Ochse starts what should be an amazingly creative, well-thought-through and multi-layered action/horror series with his "Seal Team 666". It's a simple concept: Seal Team battles the supernatural. It's Men In Black, but the Men [...]

    12. one of the cover blurbs on SEAL TEAM 666 says it's like The X-files written by Tom Clancy. I couldn't say. I don't read Clancy. What I can say is it's a crackerjack novel that kept me racing through the pages. The author can write a damn good thrillerAL TEAM 666 has a history that goes back farther the beginnings of our country. A specialized group that's a bit different from the usual SEAL unit. Always five men and a dog, the animal always named after a President(the one before the formation of [...]

    13. Okay, this one was a lot of fun, pretty much exactly what I was in the mood for. The author understands the military and it shows. Not surprising considering his background. This is a fast paced, fun read with tons of excitement and adventure. The characters are likeable and believable, although I'm not terribly certain if I liked the protagonist or not, but he always acted in a realistic manner. In fact, as the new guy on the team, Jack Walker kind of screwed up a lot, which was a fun change of [...]

    14. I tight, action-packed page-turner (literally -- I started it in the afternoon and finished before going to bed, late, that night!). Weston is spot on with his action sequences, makes military lingo accessible and has a devious imagination for creating scenes of supernatural horror. I won't spoil it for everyone, but Weston is NOT gentle to his characters! A must-read for those that like military action and/or contemporary horror.

    15. Fantastic blend of military action and supernatural thriller. Loved it. It was obviously well-researched, and the pacing/style/narrative is pretty-much flawless.Winner!

    16. Not as good as the second book in the series, but still a fun read.The first book is mostly about how Jack Walker was picked for Seal Team 666 and his first few missions with the team. Also lays the grounding for book two.

    17. This was a lot of fun as an audiobook. I would have liked it significantly less if it was a physical book.

    18. Sorely disappointed is the way I feel about this book. The pitch was very promising : an elite military unit tackling on monsters and mythicals creatures in order to save the world.There was a lot of potential in storytelling, world and character building. In the end, the author exploits only a tenth of its potential because he fixates too much on explaining to the readers lot of insignificant details about guns, portable coms, night goggles, military tactics, parachutes jumping, navy lingo, cha [...]

    19. I was over due to read a book by Weston Ochse who I have met briefly twice (World Horror in Portland) and the Midian Unmade signing here in San Diego. I wanted to read this book first even though I had his first Bram Stoker award winning novel Scarecrow Gods on the TBR. The author himself a vet and a retired military intelligence officer, who also is a horror writer was one person probably on planet earth who could write this novel and that is enough to get my interest. I believe some of this se [...]

    20. A team of special snowflake SEALs give one dimensional performances as they encounter the occult with tactics such as 'perhaps we should shoot at it' and 'try shooting at it more'. Meet Walker, a FNG sniper who has the glorious ability to ironically stop walking if in the presence of dark power, as he joins a super secret top classified bunch of stereotypical hardened military hounds (Including an actual hound) to participate in missions that no one would expect Because they don't seem to know w [...]

    21. While the idea for the book sounds good, the execution is not so good. Seal Team 666 is a super secret government group who battles with various types of demons & other evil creatures. There is hardly any background information on the group. All we take from it is that it has been around before America was the United States. Every group has had a special dog. The author tells virtually nothing about these Seal Team 666 dogs. What makes them so special? What abilities do they have or are they [...]

    22. Seal Team 666 pits America’s real-life action heroes against the occult. A blockbuster premise, but it derails itself at the beginning with an opening crammed full of laboriously explicated military acronyms, and no immediately distinguishable characters.It’s a slip up that does the story a disservice. Seal Team 666 is by no means a great book, but it passes the time pleasantly. US veteran Ochse knows whereof he writes, and the military aspects of the story are insanely detailed (which may b [...]

    23. A solid 3.5 stars. It's exactly what the author blurb promises: If X-Files was written by Tom Clancy. In this case, I would actually say it's more like (the early and good) Keith Douglass of the Seal Team Seven and Carrier series.I'm giving 4 stars for the concept. It's all kinds of awesome and hit my 'military porn' and supernatural buttons. There are some rough edges that need some polishing in terms of writing and storytelling. I particularly did not like the flashbacks that occurred because [...]

    24. REVIEWED: SEAL Team 666 WRITTEN BY: Weston OchsePUBLISHED: November, 2012This is the second full-length Ochse novel I’ve read (after SCARECROW GODS) and thus also the second full-length Ochse novel that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. Each book is written in a distinctive voice, but SEAL TEAM 666 may be the more appealing to me only because of the subject matter: American SEAL Team special operations that fight against the country’s “Supernatural Enemies.” That’s right good ol’ American w [...]

    25. Not sure which is worse, this book or reality TV.With the current popularity of paranormal literature, I imagine that we will see many books that blend genres together as this one did. Since I like thrillers, fantasy, sci-fi and paranormal, (i.e Christopher Farnsworth) I had to read this as one of my Vine picks; I'm very disappointed! I've been disappointed a lot lately.The story had promise and if it had been executed better maybe I wouldn't regret the time I've wasted reading it. It's obvious [...]

    26. This is one of those books where I liked the idea of the story much better than the actual story. SEAL Team 666 is a normal Navy SEAL team specializing in battle with the supernatural (mostly demons and such). There is plenty of action and military hoopla throughout the book, which I usually enjoy. I just wasn't intrigued enough by the storyline to continually want to know more. I also found there to be too much detail describing all the weaponry, and not enough detail in other areas, such as ch [...]

    27. I couldn't even get through this garbage. A hot mess. Full of plot holes, military cliches, and nonsensical information. For a navy seal action supernatural thriller, this book is painfully slow at times. I was tempted to give it 2 stars just because I liked the premise. Unbeknownst to the general public, a secret Seal team deals with supernatural forces. Sounds like a movie, right? Apparently, Dwayne Johnson did option the book for a future movie. Hopefully the studio will hire a real writer to [...]

    28. Won this advance reading copy in a giveaway. This is my first Weston Ochse read and it will not be my last. SEAL team 666 flies out the gate and never lets up, the team's missions kept me reading through the night, waiting to see what kind of bad guys they would confront. I was worried that the technical military jargon and abbreviations would slow me down but the author does a smooth job of informing the reader early on. The characters are fully developed and the action scenes are well written [...]

    29. I LOVE THIS BOOK! Packed with action from beginning to end, it will leave you wanting more. The story was brilliantly told, easy to follow, and extremly creative. I love how all the supernatural and evil creations mesh perfectly with the Army talk and protocol. Reccomend this book to absolutley everyone who has a thing for evil, action, and great books. My brother is getting shipped out to the army in a few weeks and I plan to give him this book as a gift. I know he will truly enjoy it. Perfecti [...]

    30. This Advance Reading Copy was a GoodReads giveaway. A horror story not quite like any I have read in the past. As advertised, a mash up of X-files and Clancy. A bit Iight on the Clancy portion, but a nicely done mix. Any more techno speak would have slowed down the pace too much. This elite SEAL team is ready to take on any ancient evil. I will have to read more from Weston Ochse. (And I just have to get myself a dog like Hoover.)

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