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Cinnamon City

Cinnamon City Lyrical and evocative this is a travel book masquerading as the story of the author s purchase of a very dilapidated property in Marrakech and her attempts to renovate it Included is the family Chris

  • Title: Cinnamon City
  • Author: Miranda Innes
  • ISBN: 9780593054208
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Lyrical and evocative, this is a travel book masquerading as the story of the author s purchase of a very dilapidated property in Marrakech and her attempts to renovate it Included is the family Christmas from hell in a house with few modern conveniences, and her love affair with all things Moroccan.

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      477 Miranda Innes
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    1 thought on “Cinnamon City

    1. Wonderful storyAnother tale of Morocco, Marrakech. I have learned that I haven't even touched the surface of Marrakech and need to explore more! Thank you Miranda for your story. Loved this book.

    2. This is one of those books that has a lot of promise but never wrote itself out of its stereotypes (both on the part of the protagonist and her family and the Moroccans they meet along the way). It's too bad. The Sultan's House and A House in Fez are similar stories (protagonist purchases a riad in Morocco, the work is overwhelming and more than they expected, but through the work on this old house, a better, deeper understanding of the culture eventually happens) but these similar stories are d [...]

    3. Enjoyable book about the ups & downs of purchasing a foreign property this case in Marrakech. While I did find myself skimming bits of the book, on the whole I found, as the blurb says the "evocative descriptions of the swirling colours, flavours and aromas,bought the riad to life & the problems encountered with finding a good manager were quite amusing.I was intriuged enough to look up Riad Maizie on the internet & it was just as I imagined from the books descriptions - beautiful! T [...]

    4. Tai tikra istorija. Daugybė nuotykių, nesusipratimų, keblumų svetimoje šalyje, svetimoje kultūroje. Ne kiekvienas ryžtūsi tokiai avantiūrai (pirkti nusenusius rūmus svetimoje šalyje, su svetimais papročiais, požiūriu, juos iš paskutinių santaupų remontuoti, tikintis ateityje paversti klestinčiu prabangiu viežbučiu. Visi autorės patirti nuotykiai ir pojučiai alsuoja tenykštės kultūros kvapais, egzotika tokia viliojančia ir galinčia tapti tokia apgaulinga. Buvo gera ir i [...]

    5. I really liked this woman and her tale, she brought me back to Marrakech with all it's joys and frustrations and I enjoyed the company.

    6. Interesting because of the experiences owning a riad in marrakech. However poorly written, much too detailed sometimes and naively complaining of all her OWN mistakes. Same story could have been written in about 100 pages.

    7. Enjoyable easy read, but if you have a real interest in reading about an expat renovating in Morocco better to read The Caliph's House. Miranda Inness wasn't living in Morocco when she wrote this, and I dont think lives there now, so I don't feel she was as immersed in the culture as other similar authors writing on the same topic. Simple holiday read for anyone who likes Morocco or it's people though.

    8. Very interesting memoir of a woman who decides, on a whim, to buy property in Marrakech, remodel and turn it into a small hotel/B&B. While I enjoyed this book, it rang very similar to The Caliph's House, but the writing is not nearly as crisp nor as culturally satisfyingturallymorocco/BroWebsite showcasing the stunning finished product. Makes my mouth water to return to Morocco.

    9. I loved the theme and the idea and was genuinely looking forward to discovering Marrakech. However, all too often this felt like reading s list of clichés. I found myself flipping ahead to see when the chapter finished. Characters were two dimensional at best and the narrative was pedestrian and dull. I should have listened to my gut when I saw the Daily Mail Book Club sticker on the cover of this copy. We live and learn.

    10. Sadly this is not a lyrical or evocative adventure. The narrative lacks any passion of its characters, locations or its people. Despite the author's tenacity and determination in pursuing her dream of renovating a riad in the evocative Marrakech, we are left with a diary- account of how the author financial arrangements helped to realise this dream - and a warning to never to trust a house manager imposed on you!

    11. Quite interesting read and definately get the atmosphere as I have been to Marrakesch, but not a riveting read.

    12. Entertaining at the start but then I got rather irritated with the main narrator so it took me some time to finish this.

    13. It took a while for me to get into this book. Once I had become familiar with the heavily descriptive style I began to enjoy it for what it was and picture the scenes.

    14. I hated this book, not really any insight into the City of Marrakech. Poorly written and not very interesting at all, shame as I was looking forward to it.

    15. I must admit I thought that this book was going to be more about Marrakech. I found it poorly written and it didn't really capture me to carry on reading. I lost interest quite quickly.

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