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The Walker on the Cape

The Walker on the Cape A man s body is found in a small fishing community on the East Coast First everyone thinks it s a heart attack or stroke but then it s discovered that he was poisoned Who would do this and why Findin

  • Title: The Walker on the Cape
  • Author: MikeMartin
  • ISBN: 9781621418498
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Paperback
  • A man s body is found in a small fishing community on the East Coast First, everyone thinks it s a heart attack or stroke but then it s discovered that he was poisoned Who would do this and why Finding that out falls to Winston Windflower and his side kick Eddie Tizzard Along the way, they discover there are many secrets hidden in this small community and powerfulA man s body is found in a small fishing community on the East Coast First, everyone thinks it s a heart attack or stroke but then it s discovered that he was poisoned Who would do this and why Finding that out falls to Winston Windflower and his side kick Eddie Tizzard Along the way, they discover there are many secrets hidden in this small community and powerful people who want to keep it that way.

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    1 thought on “The Walker on the Cape

    1. This is the first in a new series featuring Sergeant Winston Windflower of the RCMP, stationed in Grand Bank, Newfoundland. Windflower is a native Cree who grew up on a remote reserve in northern Alberta. He has had several postings with increasing responsibility and has a good relationship with his staff, but not so good with the Inspector he reports to. Windflower is also in the early stages of a relationship with a local Newfoundland woman.The case here is one that seems straightforward on th [...]

    2. 3.5 starsThe people of Grand Bank, on the coast of Newfoundland, could set their clocks by Elias Martin. Every morning, whatever the weather, he walked from his house over the hills to the Cape. Until one day his body was discovered on the path by two tourists. His death was attributed to natural causes until the suspicions of Sergeant Winston Windflower of the RCMP were aroused. He and Constable Eddie Tizzard began an investigation into Elias Martin’s death and as new evidence comes to light [...]

    3. I won this through Giveaway, which I entered because I liked the cover and the blurb sounded interesting. I read it pretty much in one sitting and enjoyed it. I loved the little side that Mavis Emberly sets her soup time to cook by the habit of Elias Martin and his walk. When he does not return one day her soup is burnt. Then they find Elias dead. Though it looks like a heart attack it soon become apparent it was murder.This is not a murder mystery where you are left guessing about the murder o [...]

    4. In the quiet, laid-back fishing village of Grand Bank, southeast coast of Newfoundland, Canada, a foggy morning becomes more than just another day when Mavis Emberley's soup burnt on the stove.People along the coastline in Grand Bank could set their clocks by Elias Martin. Every morning, even when the fog floated in from Fortune, they saw his hunched figure climb and disappear in the mist that ran the shoreline like a rum runner. You could put a pot of soup on to boil when he set out and be sure [...]

    5. I'm sorry but I was terribly disappointed by this book. I do most of my reading in crime novels by Canadian authors and I'm always very happy when I find another new, to me at least, author to read. I am even more thrilled when the stories are set in Canada and I have read mysteries by Canadian authors set in every province and territory in Canada and I was hoping to add a new author to my favourites list but I am afraid that's not going to happen with this series. The premise and the plot in th [...]

    6. This is apparently the first in a series of police procedurals featuring Sgt Windflower, a First Nations officer, set in Newfoundland. I was disappointed in the standard of the writing (I really don't need to know exactly what he ate for every meal, and I already knew the ingredients of a salad nicoise), the characterization (which I found superficial - Windflower's girlfriend for example, seemed especially lacking in personality, apart from being very nice and liking him very much) and the leve [...]

    7. This is a really fun mystery. I love the Newfoundland setting and the main characters are realistic and three dimensional. Good story, too!

    8. EPIC FINISH !!!The Walker on the Cape by Mike Martin is the first in his Sgt. Windflower Mystery series and it starts the series off epically !!!One of the things that I love about this book and this series is that it is set in Canada. It is always interesting to read stories set in other areas from your own so that you can learn about those areas as you read a good story. Even the simply differences like calling a police officer Constable and reading how everyone drinks tea instead of coffee ar [...]

    9. New Review from M. Corley Online Book Reviews plus Allbooks Reviews International + Two More Reviews BelowThe Walker on the Cape overall was a good book. It is a murder mystery about a man who walks on the cape every day and suddenly dies. It is up to the local sergeant in the small town to take over the investigation and find out who killed this man. Of course, he runs into some problems and there is a plot twist towards the end of the book. Mike Martin is the author of The Walker on the Cape a [...]

    10. I have to agree with several of the reviewers' comments regarding the poor standard of writing, the need for editing; the book format reminded me of an elementary school reader.

    11. The Walker on the Cape opens as every good murder mystery should: with a dead body. The body is that of Elias Martin, an elderly man known for taking long strolls along the cape. Investigating the death is Sergeant Winston Windflower, who recently moved into town. When Windflower discovers that Elias was poisoned, he begins an investigation into the old man’s past to find the killer. Elias led a seemingly quiet life, but as Windflower learns more, he soon realizes that perhaps the old man’s [...]

    12. I won a copy of this book from a Firstreads giveaway.The Walker on the Cape follows a Sergeant Windflower as he is handed a seemingly open and shut case file. Things with the case don't seem to add up to his liking, so he investigates a little further, and the case suddenly turns into a murder mystery. The story follows his trek to the truth of the matter. The case that he investigates is fascinating with plenty of twists and turns to keep your interest, without seeming too far-fetched.I actual [...]

    13. A whodunit novel that grabs your attention quickly, and holds onto your attention throughout the pages. This is a THREE STAR read from the Schwartz Reviews.“The only one who knew for sure was Elias Martin and he sure wasn’t talking. Who would finally unravel the mystery of the Walker on the Cape?” This novel begins like every other mystery novel, with a dead body. The late Elias Martin is found dead and originally, the death looks like a death of natural causes. There would, however, be no [...]

    14. Most mystery/suspense books I read can be so violent that the acid rises in my stomach and I wonder why I am not only reading them, but finishing them. Then "The Walker on the Cape" comes along with its refreshing simplicity. It doesn't come with so many twists that you want to just go to bed to get away from them.Having said that, it doesn't mean to imply that this was not a very good murder mystery. It simply started with the unexplained death of Elias Walker, a man who was walking alone and s [...]

    15. I won this book in a giveaway.My rating is actually between 3 and 4 stars.As other reviewers have recapped the story, I will not do so in this review.The story line was interesting, and the characters were very real. No superficial characters here - you can relate to the characters the author has created. Mike Martin spent a little too much time detailing what people ate during dining sequences, but that is a small point. If you are not familiar with some of the things he references (like Tim H [...]

    16. For the mystery/murder book lover! here is a canadian author you you might enjoy reading. He introduces not only Sgt Winston Windflower he shares the canadian east coast scenery from the first chapter, setting the stage for a good read! He delivers a masterpiece with the The Walker on the Cape by luring you in this murder case of a lone walker in a foggy canadian setting.He successfully keeps you guessing till the last sentence of this first book of trilogy. With the second book already out I ca [...]

    17. The Walker on the Cape is a good beginning for the Winston Windflower Series. I read book 2 in error first but found it and this book intriguing and felt caught up in the series. In this book Winston Windflower, a member of RCMP, is called into service to solve the mystery of the murder of a quiet and reclusive man, Elias Martin. His death turns out to be more than just a heart attack. There are many forces who want to keep this murder a secret. Windflower finds himself up against strong and inf [...]

    18. I was pleasantly surprised by this novel, its plot and characters. Winston Windflower is an admirable, intelligent First Nations RCMP Sergeant investigating the death of a man who took daily walks along "the Cape". It soon turns in to a murder investigation with many possible suspects. I enjoyed the story very much plus the twists and turns in plot and revelations of character relationships. I also liked the touch of a budding romance with the local cafe owner. The printed version I obtained in [...]

    19. For the author's first novel, I give him two thumbs up. Okay, my friends with RCMP background found a couple of procedural errors but I wasn't fussed by their comments. This was a good fast read. While a bit trite, I have to say that I liked the quality of the paper and the font. It made reading in bed so easy!I liked the little surprise twists in the plot. It seemed the mystery was solved too early and then (No spoiler). I have the next books on hold and am looking forward to reading more.

    20. An old recluse is found dead along the coast and while everyone suspects he died of a heart attack or stroke, it ends up he was poisoned. The book is great in describing east coat of Newfoundland, the fog, the people and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.I enjoyed Sgt. Winston Windflower and Constable Eddie Tizzard and the work that they did to discover who poisoned Elias Martin. I did not think that there was much of a mystery, but it was a great police procedural and how can you not like the R [...]

    21. This book by new author Mike Martin, was just okay. For an avid mystery reader like myself, the plot was all-too familiar. The dialogue was choppy and I felt like I was reading a "Dick and Jane" from my elementary school days. Probably won't waste my time reading another book by this author.A body is found on the cape in Newfoundland which leads to an investigation into how Elias was poisoned. This investigation leads to big secrets in a small town that reaches all the way to the top.

    22. 2.5 stars. What I liked: likeable protagonists, interesting storyline, wonderful setting (ode to Newfoundland!!)What I didn't like: stiff dialogue, lack of credibility (does the author have any actual knowledge of police work?), poor (if any) editingEven though I give this just a middling rating, I will brave book two for the setting alone.

    23. I won this book in a giveaway on . This book is great. The story was interesting and pulled you into it. The characters were interesting and funny. From beginning to end the pace was set just right. The plot is interesting and is interesting throughout the book. It was very enjoyable and I definitely recommend.

    24. Winston Windflower is.a Cree native working as a RCMP in a small coastal town on Newfoundland. When the body of an elderly man is discovered, everyone believes he died as a result of a heart attack or a stroke. But the medical examiner soon realizes the man was poisoned. It is up to Winston to uncover the true murderer.

    25. Mike took me right to Newfoundland with the characters. I felt like I was part of the story.It was interesting and exciting. My only wish is that there was a map of the area in the book. Having not been thereit was a little hard to visulize the island .

    26. What a treat to read a mystery set in Canada. I thoroughly enjoyed the characters and hope Mike writes more Winston Windflower mysteries.

    27. The title was wrong , it should have been called " Murder in Grand Bank " . And the content was to technical for the idiots who live around here .

    28. this is a very good mystery. I started reading this and kept wondering who did it. it is very well written and tends to draw you into the book. it was definitely hard to put down.

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