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Sky Burial

Sky Burial A book about adversity patience religion and true love set in the beautiful mountains of Tibet

  • Title: Sky Burial
  • Author: Xinran
  • ISBN: 9780701176846
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • A book about adversity, patience, religion, and true love, set in the beautiful mountains of Tibet.

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    • Unlimited [Travel Book] ¾ Sky Burial - by Xinran Ñ
      490 Xinran
    • thumbnail Title: Unlimited [Travel Book] ¾ Sky Burial - by Xinran Ñ
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    1 thought on “Sky Burial

    1. Onvan : Sky Burial: An Epic Love Story of Tibet - Nevisande : Xinran - ISBN : 385515480 - ISBN13 : 9780385515481 - Dar 210 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 2004

    2. This might be the first time I am happy about false advertisement. I expected a love story and received a little bit of everything instead. Before starting this book, I had assumed some points on the story.1. I had no idea what Sky Burial was. I imagined it was the ceremonial burial of the dead in high mountains, closer to the sky.2. As the subtitle stated, I expected epic love story with all the works: The first meet up, falling in love, hardships and so on.3. Gauging the number of pages, I exp [...]

    3. This book was written by Chinese writer Xinran and was translated from the Chinese by Lovell and Tyldesley. It is positioned as non-fiction but I can hardly believe that's possible. It is such an amazing story that it reads like fiction, very good fiction. It is the story of Shu Wen, a young, newly married Chinese girl who, in 1958, see's her soldier husband of 4 months go off to Tibet to fight for it's unification with China. Shortly thereafter she is notified that he has been killed but with n [...]

    4. This was a beautiful story.I picked up this book at the library because I was looking for an author whose name began with X to finish my A-Z author challenge, and this was a slim book.I found that I could not put it down. It was a beautifully written love story which was heartwrenching and joyous at times.

    5. Xinran was a journalist who had a radio program about the lives of Chinese women. In 1994 she received a call from a listener asking her to interview a woman with a fascinating story. She spoke with Shu Wen for two days, but was never able to contact her again. The copyright page calls Sky Burial: An Epic Love Story of Tibet a book of fiction, but Xinran indicates in the preface that the novel was based on her conversations with this old Chinese woman. Shu Wen spent over thirty years in Tibet, h [...]

    6. 'An Epic Love Story of Tibet' seems an inaccurate subtitle for this book. Rather, a 'Short Travelogue through Tibet and Qinghai and Interesting Discussion about Local Nomadic Customs with Brief Digressions to a Tragic Love Story'. Let me be fair. I enjoyed the stories of Tibetan life and the love story was short and tragic, but somehow the translation made it fall flat. Then again, Mandarin is tough to translate. Guess I'll need to find the original, then.

    7. Sudah lama sepertinya aku tak menemukan buku yang mampu membuatku tak berhenti membacanya, membuatku tak mampu untuk tak tenggelam dalam kalimat-kalimatnya, membuatku tak mampu untuk tak begadang demi melahapnya kata demi kata.Pertemuanku dengan buku ini berawal dari kunjunganku ke rumah seorang teman. Bermulanya, ketika aku mengungkapkan rencanaku untuk membuat baca bareng di Indonesia dengan tema buku perempuan. Temanku itu dengan semangat memperlihatkan padaku sebuah buku kecil dengan sampul [...]

    8. Mình không thích đọc chuyện người TQ nói về Tây Tạng. Mình cũng chẳng lạ gì tập tục Thiên Táng của họ. Đó là lí do tại sao khi gặp quyển Thiên táng ở hiệu sách cũ, với cái đề tựa kiểu 'à, đọc tui đi bạn sẽ hiểu hiểu chút chút về tục thiên táng, về mối tình trường kì của cô nữ chính' mình đã bỏ nó lại. (sau này mới biết nó hiếm cỡ na [...]

    9. This is an understated, compact book. I still find myself thinking about some of the imagery within, and until now I hadn't heard of a sky burial. I tried to read this book at face value, but found myself at the end wondering if there was a second, not-so-well-hidden agenda that sounded something like 'see, the Chinese and the Tibetans are friends.' The Dali Lhama was portrayed as a thief who had fled the country with an immense treasure. The Tibetan resistance was portrayed as savage, heartless [...]

    10. A beautiful story, beautifully written, and beautifully translated. Rasanya membaca buku ini membawa kita ke alam pegunungan Tibet, serta ikut merasakan kedinginan, kepanasan, dan berbagai musim di sana.Ketika lembaran terakhir buku ini ditutup, cuma bisa menarik nafas dan mikir: "Kok bisa sih dia nulis cerita sebagus ini?" jadi pengen baca versi english nya, mungkinkah ceritanya akan lebih bagus? Tapi penerjemahannya sangat indah kok, sama sekali tidak mengecewakan. Anyway, kisah ini dimulai de [...]

    11. OMG sudah bikin review , tinggal bikin penutup tiba2 lampu matioo tidakhilang semua :(malas bikin lagi.Kesimpulan saja:1. Kagum dengan kekuatan Cinta dan kekuatan tekad Shu Wen. Menghabiskan waktu selama lk. 30 tahun dengan penuh pengorbanan untuk mencari orang terkasih. Sampai akhirnya dia dapat merasakan semangat spiritual rakyat Tibet, dan menjadi penganut Budha yang senantiasa mendesahkan OM MANI PADME HUM.2. Kagum dengan keluarga nomaden di Tibet yang sangat sederhana dan membantu sepenuh h [...]

    12. Một thiên chuyện tình thiên táng bất diệt đẹp rạng rỡ hơn vẻ hào nhoáng của chuyện tình Titanic. Ờ mình phát hiện, những chuyện tình có thật và đẹp như vậy có lẽ là chỉ sinh ra trong nghịch cảnh mà thôi Cuối năm rồi mà trình độ đọc "tăng" lên rõ rệt, vớ phải mấy cuốn ưng ý quá chừng cứ nhai đi gặm lại đến độ nhờn mặt mấy tác giả luôn. Giá mà được nói chuyện với tác gi [...]

    13. #2018ReadingChallenge #PopSugar07. A book you borrowed or that was given to you as a giftSự huyền bí, hoang sơ và gần gũi với tự nhiên biến Tây Tạng trở thành một vùng đất gây hứng thú và tò mò cho tôi. Cuốn sách này thú vị ở những chỗ viết về tập tục và văn hóa của người Tây Tạng, dù rằng không được hệ thống và phong phú lắm vì nó vốn không phải dạng sách phổ biến kiến thức. Và mặc dù tái [...]

    14. Love me for a reason!(Secuplik kisah yang pernah dikirimkan seorang teman)Sam: Aku sungguh mencintaimu.Yuli: Tapi kenapa?Sam: Tidak tahu. Haruskah ada alasan untuk mencintaimu?Yuli: Ya, setidaknya aku tahu alasan kamu mencintai aku.Sam: Begitukah?Yuli: Ya, dan aku ingin mendengarnya.Sam: (Berpikir sejenak) Baiklah, aku mencintaimu karena kamu cantik, senyummu manis, matamu indah, dan (bla-bla-bla)Yuli: (Wajahnya berseri dan hatinya berbunga-bunga)Mereka lalu berpacaran. Sebulan kemudian, Yuli me [...]

    15. I'm not sure how this is an epic love story. Shu Wen initially sets out to Tibet to find her husband (who she thinks is still alive despite a formal communication that he's dead) and bring him back home. She's conveniently placed in his unit, but that doesn't help, since no one remains who might have remembered the husband. She then conveniently saves the life of a Tibetan high society lady, who has a fascination with China. She even calls China her dream land and is basically setting out to mov [...]

    16. Sky Burial is an extraordinary story about a Chinese woman, Shu Wen, who travels to Tibet to find her husband. Her story begins in 1958, just after she and her husband are married. He gets sent into Tibet with the People's Liberation Army. Shortly after, she receives news of his death. Unwilling to believe the news, she travels to Tibet to find him. Motivated by her deep love for him, she wanders the Tibetan plateau for thirty years which finally leads her to discover the exact nature of her hus [...]

    17. Wow. This story was incredible. The love and devotion Shu Wen felt for her husband must have been amazing, because she searched for him for thirty years when he went missing while serving his country. I was incredibly moved emotionally by such sheer devotion and dedication to finding her true love once he'd been lost to her. This was a very emotional read for me, and I was fascinated by the twists and turns of Wen's journey.The author, Xinran, is a very talented writer. Though I am unable to rea [...]

    18. I read this book specifically to fit a challenge task which was to read a book set in a country I had never before read about. And I certainly picked the right book for the task as I previously knew little about Tibet but through this book I learned of the land and the harsh climate, the people and their culture, how and why it is so isolated and is so different from other places in that part of the world. I also learned of the story told to this journalist of a beautiful thirty year journey of [...]

    19. Wen is searching for her husband Kejun in Tibet after she discovers he has gone missing in action. Her life in Tibet is extraordinary. She leaves China as a young Chinese woman and returns an old Tibetan lady. I enjoyed this book. It was a very easy read, written simply but told a beautiful story. I found it hard to believe that everything I was reading was true. It taught me about the Tibetan culture which was a change as I normally read books about the Chinese culture. This is a love story, fa [...]

    20. "Trên vùng cao nguyên, bầu trời có thể thay đổi, con người ta có thể thay đổi, bò cừu, hoa cỏ đều có thể thay đổi, song những ngọn núi thiêng thì không. Nếu các vị để thông điệp lại trên mười ba ngọn núi thiêng, những ai biết về Zhuoma sẽ tìm thấy chúng. Sự sống khởi nguồn ở tự nhiên và quay về với tự nhiên. "Cuốn sách kỳ lạ về một đất nước kỳ lạ và những con người kỳ l [...]

    21. Non amo leggere i romanzi dal taglio giornalistico perché il tipo di tecnica utilizzata tende a rallentare e ad avvilire il respiro della narrazione. In questo caso, superate le iniziali perplessità di approccio stilistico, sono rimasta incantata dal fascino delle descrizioni delle caratteristiche culturali tibetane, dalle quali il libro trae il suo punto di forza. Indubbiamente il contesto, rappresentato da riti, tradizioni e usanze, si rivela apertamente singolare agli occhi e alla mente occ [...]

    22. Dahulu kala, di Tibet ada sebuah tradisi pemakaman yang sangat sakral. Orang-orang di sana menyebutnya pemakaman langit. Ritualnya dimulai dengan memandikan jenazah, kemudian mencukur habis seluruh rambut dan bulu di sekujur tubuh sampai bersih. Setelah dibalut kain putih, jenazah diletakkan dalam posisi duduk dengan kepala menunduk di atas lutut. Pada hari yang dianggap baik, jenazah digotong ke altar yang sudah disiapkan. Para lama dan orang-orang suci diundang untuk membacakan naskah-naskah s [...]

    23. buku yang dah lama gw incerrrrrrrrkarena banyak direkomendasikan orang n rata2 reviewnya bagusn akhirnya dipinjemin Farah.anx ya far*hugging tightly*pas gw baca. ga kecewa bagus banged ceritanyaisahkan seorang penduduk Cina, Shu Wen, yang juga seorang dokter militer yang mencari Sang Suami, Kenju yang berprofesi sama dengan Wen, ke Tibetdimana dia diberitakan telah tewasDi Tibet, dia bertemu dengan Zhuoma, perempuan Tibet yang bisa berbahasa Cinakarena sering mengunjungi Cina untuk mempelajari b [...]

    24. This book was a let-down.For starters, the format isn't as polished as it could have been. It's written like it is non-fiction, but it's in the Library of Congress as fiction, and many reviewers tend to think the book is "based on a true story," if not the true story indeed.I don't like how the Tibetan people are portrayed. Either they are ignorant nomads who don't even realize that their country is under attack by Chinese forces, or they're brutal murderers hell-bent on killing every Chinese th [...]

    25. Based on the book summary and the first two pages of the book I thought the book was non-fiction…But as I delved into the book, I started to wonder whether it was really non-fiction or fiction and discovered the chatter about whether it was or not, then flipped to the copyright section of the book where it clearly states that it’s a work of fiction! So now, I’m thoroughly confused whether it is or not — I wish the author could be upfront and transparent with readers and clarify - is it o [...]

    26. Tibet is somehow had some strange attachment for me. This book told some insights of Tibet from a Chinese woman Shu Wen, who then become a Tibetian throughout the moments that she had lived. It's basically a tale of love, a tale about life struggle and survival. The ways of surviving that cannot be imagine ever before. Surviving in Tibet can be very hard for a young women who eventually just married for a hundred days in the 1958 of China. Her husband was lost in Tibet, therefore she come to Tib [...]

    27. Around the World = Tibet.One of the most beautiful books I've ever read. The writing is simple and sparse, drawing you completely into the story of Shu Wen and her quest to find what became of her husband, Kejun. For such a slim book, the scale of the story is epic, fitting the vastness of the landscape through which Wen travels and her gradual transformation from an outsider, a Chinese observing Tibetan culture, to becoming fully absorbed into the life through her everyday survival.As an insigh [...]

    28. This is a really lovely little book. I had to remind myself several times that it was a true story. Shu Wen leaves China to look for her husband of just 30 days whom she is told has been killed in Tibet. What follows is a 30 year search for her husband and the people she meets along the way. The story is extraordinary, and Shu Wen never gives up hope, in all those years, of finding her husband.I devour all books about China and this was no different. Incredible story.

    29. This is an amazing story! It's classified as fiction, but based on a true story told to the author by the woman who experienced it. The author had to fill in the details with fiction in order to make a story of it. Also includes lots of interesting tidbits about the Tibetan and Chinese culture.

    30. I only read this book because one of the things on my list of 101 things to do in 1001 ads is to read a book by an author for every letter of the alphabet - I was a bit stuck for X until a couple of people suggested this book. To be honest I wasn't grabbed by the synopsis and thought it would be a bit of a trawl and something to be got over and done with - how wrong could I have been!This is the fantastical - yet apparently true - tale of Shuwen, as told to reporter Xinran after Shuwen's return [...]

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