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Returning for Valentine's

Returning for Valentine s Nathan loves Beth though he s never believed she loved him He left to get over her and on Valentine s Day he decided to risk everything including his heart and tell her Beth lost her heart to Nath

  • Title: Returning for Valentine's
  • Author: Victoria Pinder
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Nathan loves Beth, though he s never believed she loved him He left to get over her, and on Valentine s Day he decided to risk everything, including his heart, and tell her.Beth lost her heart to Nathan Sommers years ago After a night at a friend s wedding, he took off She tried to move on, with a guy who she could t love, but that didn t work out Now that it s ValentiNathan loves Beth, though he s never believed she loved him He left to get over her, and on Valentine s Day he decided to risk everything, including his heart, and tell her.Beth lost her heart to Nathan Sommers years ago After a night at a friend s wedding, he took off She tried to move on, with a guy who she could t love, but that didn t work out Now that it s Valentine s Day, she s determined to go out and find her true love Speed dating is better than no dating Why would Nathan show up now Can she believe in love and happy ever after And what will his mother do next to her if she lets him in

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    1 thought on “Returning for Valentine's

    1. This book accomplished what a lot of authors never have: a happy ending without all the back and forth that seems to fill up a lot of romance books. Along of misunderstandings that add nothing to the storylines except that they ad more page to the book.SPOILER ALERTAn entire history of the relationship was revealed quickly and misunderstanding resolved in less than an hour. I do wish there was more interaction with the evil mother in law to be. This is the perfect novel to read and remember that [...]

    2. An entertaining short story. Beth decides to once again take a chance on Valentine's Day by attending a speed dating event . Where she see's Nathan the love of her life. He had dumped her a year ago after a night of bliss . Nathan has returned to prove to Beth he does Love her. Now Nate has 8 minutes to prove he loves her.

    3. A sweet love story about second chances. Beth is trying speed dating in attempt to get over Nathan, the man she has always loved. Then in walks the one individual she wants to forget. Nathan is here for her, but she is not sure she believes him. As they talk it becomes clear that others have contrived to keep them apart.

    4. It was an ok read, it was short and sweet, but I didn't really care for Beth, she kept wanting Nathan to tell her he loved her but she wasn't willing to go first. My biggest problem with the story was not the story, but someone needs to let all authors all know that PDF files don't read well on a Kindle. On one page the font was so small an ant would have covered a letter the next page it was gigantic and there is no way to change the font on a PDF file on a Kindle. I'll try another of Ms. Pinde [...]

    5. openbooksociety/article/reReturning for Valentine’sBy Victoria PinderASIN: B00AUIOPM6Author’s Website: www(.)victoriapinder(.)comBrought to you by OBS reviewer Andra SummaryNathan loves Beth, though he’s never believed she loved him. He left to get over her, and on Valentine’s Day he decided to risk everything, including his heart, and tell her.Beth lost her heart to Nathan Sommers years ago. After a night at a friend’s wedding, he took off. She tried to move on, with a guy who she cou [...]

    6. I was disappointed in this book. The writing was very choppy and there were a lot of editing errors, which I hate. The storyline also felt incomplete, as though the first half of the book was missing. This story had potential, but fell flat. I really wanted to like it and give a positive review for this author, especially since this was the first book by Victoria Pinder that I have read. It was obvious to me that this was early in her writing career. I will probably read something more recently [...]

    7. Beth goes to a Valentine's day speed dating and runs into the one man she has loved her whole life and has been trying to forget him for the past year. Nathan was best friends with Beth from childhood and made the mistake of stringing her along without realizing it. They slept together a year ago and he disappeared. Will Beth run off without listening, or will Nathan prove that he sent her emails every day for the past year, and that she is the only one he wants?

    8. Meh…Boring and UnbelievableThis short story examines life-long friends who are in love and finally get together on Valentine’s Day. The story line seems very contrived and unrealistic. Even as a short piece, it barely held my interest. I received a free copy of this book and voluntarily chose to share my honest review.

    9. This is a very sweet easy read love story. It has romance and heart break. And then second chance. It is a very nice short story. I enjoyed reading. I received an advance copy and give a voluntary review. I can honestly recommend for a light easy romantic story.

    10. This was a good and sweet Valentines Day story. It was fast-paced and short but I still enjoyed reading it.I would love to read more of Victoria Pinder's books. I got a copy of this story and thought it was cute, so I decided to review it with My Own Honest Opinions.

    11. Great little story. Beth is delightful: strong, independent, frightened, and lonely. Nathan is wealthy, self assured, and tired of being used. I find this story quite rewarding.

    12. An okay, shortd at times sweet read. Not a fan of Beth, she didn't seem to be aware of her behaviour making things harder than they should have been.

    13. I received a free copy of this book for an honest but not required review.This is a cute loved you since we were 6 snd best friends book. ThE relationship between Beth and Nathan is funNY in some ways and adorsble. They have loved each other for so long and been afraid to mske any moves especially Nathan.Both mothers are involved but for different reasons one to bring them together and one to tear them apart.I enjoyed this book and will read more by this Author.

    14. Beth and Nathan have always been close, from being mere friends since their childhood to each having a secret love for each other in middle school. With a relationship like this one would assume it would go all the way to a HEA, but unfortunately with his being unable to admit his love for Beth, and her waiting and therefore questioning whether Nathan in fact loved her, their relationship ended at a mutual friend’s wedding where they both got drunk and wound up sleeping together. The next morn [...]

    15. I thought this book was very choppy and the story definitely did not flow well at all. It was a waste of time and I do not recommend this book to anyone.

    16. This is a short and sweet read of about 50'ish pages. Loved the characters and their chemisty, however I was lil put off by the lacking backstory. Overall a nice and quick read.

    17. Returning for Valentine's by Victoria Pinder is a short but sweet story about childhood friends Beth and Nathan. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book, and I have to say that I truly enjoyed it and recommended too. The plot is fast pace and very romantic. Overall a very charming second romance story.

    18. Returning For Valentine’s is a nice little novella, great for killing time while waiting for a doctor’s appointment. The heroine Beth has decided to take charge of her life and, on Valentine’s Day, turn over a new leaf and get out into the dating world. She is certain her true love will never happen and she’s tired of being lonely.Enter speed dating. Beth signs up and while she’s waiting sees the one person she never expects: Nathan. The man of her dreams, the man who shattered her hea [...]

    19. Reviewed for The Boyfriend BookmarkClick here for reviewThis book is a little treat to get you in the mood for the sweetest day of the year.For so long Beth had dreamed of her perfect man being there for her on Valentine's Day. But with a lot of help from his mom, there was no way for her to know that. This book is a little emotional rollercoaster for Beth She has to move on with her life and she is determined not to be alone on the most romantic day of the year.I enjoyed the character of Beth. [...]

    20. Returning for Valentine's by Victoria Pinder is a Contemporary Romance Short of about 50 pages.The first chapter is the best part of the story. The composition is uncoordinated. It is very hard to follow when the main character, Beth can't have a complete thought. The conversations she has with Nathan follows this same pattern. The entire layout of this story is disjointed and muddled. You get the impression you are missing enormous amounts of information that you NEED to feel any connection to [...]

    21. My Rating 3.5 StarsThis was an engaging and entertaining short story. Beth is finally convinced to take a chance on Valentine’s Day via an evening of speed dating in the hope of finding someone special. Dumped a year ago following a single night of bliss by the man she had secretly been in love with for years, Beth is giving up pining for what she can never have.Nathan knew he has to try one more time to convince Beth he loves her. So he has returned determined to try one last time. With the i [...]

    22. I liked this fun fast paced story. It was short and sweet. Perfect to take your mind of off well, life…Beth and Nathan were obviously meant for each other it was just that Nathan couldn’t admit it for whatever reason and Beth always knew but was finally ready to give up on that love. One night spent together a year ago then gone without a word finally put an end to Beth’s secret crush or did it?These two were best friends…they played together, tormented each other, and shared kisses… I [...]

    23. I gave this Book a rating of 4 ✩’sTitle: Returning for Valentine's Series: Stand-aloneGenre: Holiday RomanceAuthor: Victoria PinderFormat: Kindle eBookPublished on: Dec 14, 2013I voluntarily reviewed a Courtesy Advanced Reader Copy of this book>-< >-< >-< >-< >-<>-< >-< >-< >-< >-< >-< >-< >-< Summary Paragraph:Nathan and Beth love each other but refuse to till each other. Nathan winds up leaving town to get over B [...]

    24. Good short book .Beth Corsini has loved Nathan Sommers since they where children but their relationship ended at a mutual friend’s wedding after a one night stand he just disappear , did she do something wrong? Beth has tried to move on from that night one year ago but has found it hard to do so! Both Beth and Nathan decide to sign up for a speed dating Valentine’s Day event without the other one knowing. Will this be their second chance? Why did Nathan disappear out of her life for the year [...]

    25. Brilliant short story but in my opinion it was too short lacked details ie: more on the heartbreak, the other men in speed dating, the fact that Beth was so strong willed then suddenly she fell for him.It was good but could have been better. With more pages. Would loved to have read how Beth got round Nathan's mother and how Nathan dealt with his grandfathers stipulation. All in all a good read but could of progressed better with more detail, and answered questions that the reader will have.

    26. A nice treat to read for Valentines or any day.This is a quick, second chance at love story on the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day. As with a lot of quick reads, you want more but Victoria Pinder did a very good job with this novella. It has friends to lovers, fears, distance, meddling mothers, and a HEA on Valentine’s day. Overall I liked the story and will check out her other books. Received download copy for newsletter signup.

    27. Nathan leaves town to get over Beth when he doesn't believe she returns his love. Can he risk losing his heart by returning to tell her of his love on Valentine's Day? Does Beth love someone else? Has she moved on? Will Beth find her true love on Valentine's Day on a speed date? Is it too late for them? I enjoyed this contemporary romance of xecond chance dealing with fear of rejection. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

    28. It was a good, fast read. However, I wanted more. It gives you some of the back story as you read, but I would have liked more. It is a standalone story and they get their HEA, though it felt slightly rushed, again, short story probably contributed to this. Overall was a mice quick read but won't be added to my reread pile. I received this book for free through instafreebie.

    29. Beth and Nathan have been friends since childhood and Nathan is Beth's first love. Even though some misunderstandings and interfering parents keep them apart, they find each other on Valentines day. This is a great read and perfect for Valentines Day.I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book"

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