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Spelling Trouble

Spelling Trouble Salem Hyde just isn t like other kids For one thing she s stubborn independent and impulsive For another she s a witch Salem acts first and thinks later which means most of her thinking involves c

  • Title: Spelling Trouble
  • Author: Frank Cammuso
  • ISBN: 9781419708046
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Paperback
  • Salem Hyde just isn t like other kids For one thing, she s stubborn, independent, and impulsive For another, she s a witch Salem acts first and thinks later which means most of her thinking involves coming up with excuses Good thing she s been assigned an animal companion, Lord Percival J Whamsford III This over anxious cat doesn t like Salem calling him Whammy, anSalem Hyde just isn t like other kids For one thing, she s stubborn, independent, and impulsive For another, she s a witch Salem acts first and thinks later which means most of her thinking involves coming up with excuses Good thing she s been assigned an animal companion, Lord Percival J Whamsford III This over anxious cat doesn t like Salem calling him Whammy, and Salem doesn t like listening to his long winded explanations as to why she shouldn t do something like enter the class spelling bee Salem knows she can beat all her classmates at spells, no problem Too late, she realizes the competition is about spelling words, not magic And there s nothing like a misspelled spell to cause all kinds of havoc Praise for The Misadventures of Salem Hyde Book OneSTARRED REVIEWS A fledgling witch receives necessary guidance from a talking cat in this utterly adorable page turner A delightful buddy story and an auspicious series opener be sure to make room on shelves for Salem and Whammy Kirkus Reviews, starred review It s just about the perfect story for comics loving fathers to read with their comics loving daughters Publishers Weekly, starred review Cammuso evokes both the sarcastic spunk and gentle warmth of Calvin and Hobbes in this humorous tale of unlikely pals The Bulletin of The Center for Children s Books Young readers will eat up Cammuso s Otto s Orange Day, 2008 action packed panels, full of cartoonish antics, silly puns, and playful slapstick humor Booklist The humor, appealing artwork, and underlying message of friendship will attract readers Library Media Connection

    • Free Read [Humor and Comedy Book] ☆ Spelling Trouble - by Frank Cammuso Ì
      241 Frank Cammuso
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    1. Whenever my kids want to start a new comic series I feel as though I have to read the first book before they do. It helps me to gauge the content for appropriateness and get a feel for the basic style each enjoys. This comic is adorable! Featuring an independent-minded young witch and her cat, this has well-disguised lessons about spelling, confidence, and friendship. Witty and fun with great artwork and characters, this will appeal to both my kids. I may even read the next in the series! 5 star [...]

    2. Misadventures of Salem Hyde   This is a cute graphic novel about Salem Hyde. She stubborn and impulsive - characteristics that can make her dangerous, as she is also a witch. Her parents get her a magical animal companion to help keep her out of trouble. She wanted a unicorn, but she ended up with a cat, Percival J. Whamsford III. She calls him Whammy. She enters a spelling bee, thinking it relates to "spells", but when she casts a spell to help her win, things go very bad. The illustrations [...]

    3. We raise our children to be confident, independent and strong, right? What if your child is a witch and just a little too independent, a little wild, and hasn’t quite got her “spelling” down pat? You would do like any other good parent, you would employ a familiar to help teach your child the ropes of being a witch. What happens when our young witch refuses to listen to her familiar? Well, there is “spelling” and there is “spelling,” and there is Salem and Lord Percival J. Whamsfor [...]

    4. The Misadventures of Salem Hyde: Book One: Spelling Trouble is a children's graphic novel by Frank Cammuso and is scheduled for release on October 1 2013. Salem Hyde is not like most of the other kids, she is stubborn, independent, impulsive, and just happens to be a witch. She tends to act before thinking, which gets her into some trouble. To help her learn to use her powers more responsibly Salem is assigned an animal companion, Lord Percival J. Whamsford III. This cautious cat does not like S [...]

    5. I started out making my almost-second-grader read this book out loud to me, but eventually he liked it enough that he was reading it on his own. In fact, he's now working on reading it a second or third time on his own – in just 2 weeks of having the book. My son's a pretty reluctant reader, but he has a high reading vocabulary for a 1st grader, so I'm really happy that he likes this book and is willing to pick it up and read without me even suggesting it.My son laughs out loud throughout the [...]

    6. Full review at: unleashingreaders/?p=2414Teaching Guide Information: unleashingreaders/?p=3070I made sure to pick this up at NCTE from Abrams because Frank Cammuso is a big hit in my classroom. His series, Knights of the Lunch Table (great allusion to King Arthur!) is loved by many a reader (so much so that I think my copy of the first in the series just bit the dust and I’ll need to replace it). Although they did tell me that readers of TKotLT are older than the intended audience for Salem Hy [...]

    7. This is the first book in an upcoming graphic novel series for children in elementary school. Salem Hyde is a witch, so sometimes she misunderstands what the other kids at school are talking about. She insists she is a good speller and goes on to prove it by casting a spell. Unfortunately, the spell turned a teacher into an enormous dinosaur. After that, Salem’s family decide that she needs an animal companion. Salem thinks a unicorn would be perfect, but she gets a cat instead: a cat named Pe [...]

    8. We have some of Frank Cammuso's "Knights of the Lunch Table" books in our library and they are very popular. So I tried out Spelling Trouble which is the first book in his series - The Misadventures of Salem Hyde. Salem will make you laugh out loud with her sassy attitude and determination. Although her parents cannot do magic, Salem and her mom's aunt can. After Salem turns a teacher at her school into a dinosaur, Aunt Martha decides that Salem needs a magical animal companion to help her learn [...]

    9. 1) I loved this book. The plot was easy to follow and the panels were very creatively illustrated. The man character is a little witch. Her mother wants her to have an animal to help teach her the ways of spells and using them correctly. In the text, there are great,funny little bits of advice and spelling hints that I really appreciated. "Better fly" becomes "butterfly." The cat answers Salem with, "75% of teaching is making stuff up." This is part of a series of books about Salem Hyde.2) The a [...]

    10. Salem Hyde is a witch, not a very good witch, but a lovable one. She gets into a little trouble with her spells and her parents hire her an animal companion, aka pet, to keep her in line. Enter Percival J. Whamsford III, aka a cat. Their relationship is rocky at first which causes Whammy to compose a resignation letter that he later regrets sending when the two have bonded more completely. The main action of this first comic book in a series centers on the spelling bee that Salem enters and trie [...]

    11. Salem Hyde doesn't always think before she acts, which gets her in a lot of trouble. Her parents enlist a very proper cat, Percival J. Whamford, to help tame their daughter. But Salem doesn't listen to him until it's almost too late after she has created a spell during the spelling play. Some of the word play in this graphic novel is quite amusing, and Salem's secret desire for a friend touches the heart. This is a good initial entry in a series for young readers. I liked Salem quite a lot by th [...]

    12. Calvin & Hobbes mashed-up with Bewitched. Salem Hyde is precocious young witch in the launch of a new graphic novel series. While the book world is overloaded with Baby Mouse, Captain Underpants, Big Nate, and Geronimo Stilton, author Frank Cammuso provides a solid option for beginning readers. Salem Hyde is a independent little girl who is paired with a magical animal companion, Whammy. Whammy is a cat (I wanted a unicorn!) who introduces Salem to spelling, homophones, and methods of temper [...]

    13. Another fun graphic novel from the author/illustrator who did Knights of the Lunch Table, this one starring a girl and her M.A.C. (magical animal companion) cat. The relationship of Salem (girl) and Whammy (cat) is reminiscent of Calvin and Hobbes. But this time it's not so much an overactive imagination that causes some issues, it's overconfidence in magic abilities. Lots of humor, likable characters, and there's even a little bit of learning for the reader as Salem and her fellow students comp [...]

    14. I haven't read very many graphic novels but I did enjoy this one since it is on the Bluebonnet Reading List. My students love graphic novels and they never stay on the shelves long. I really liked the humor in this book.

    15. Not bad. There were some jokes I think kids won't necessarily get, but for the most part a funny graphic novel about a witch and her cat. Clearly set up to be a series.

    16. Cute comic bookMy daughter and I read this in one sitting. It was a cute story with plenty of comedy and a good setup to the series

    17. I was at the ALA conference and saw book two of "The Misadventures of Salem Hyde," and bought it without hesitation. Book one's clever play on words and subtle message made me want to see what the author did in a sequel. Salem Hyde is a witch that is supposed to hide her powers from ordinary people. When Shelly brags about being a good speller, Salem decides to convince her that she's a good speller too, except she is thinking of witch spells not spelling words. When she turns the old patrol wom [...]

    18. Salem Hyde Spelling Trouble is a graphic novel about a girl, named Salem Hyde. But Salem Hyde isn’t just any ordinary girl, she is a witch and can cast spells and fly on brooms. But Salem is still young and learning, and hasn’t quite mastered her skills yet. That's when her cat friend Whammy comes along. Whammy becomes Salem’s animal companion in order to teach Salem and help her improve her flying and casting spell skills. In this book, Salem is faced with trouble when she joins a spellin [...]

    19. “Salem Hyde: Spelling Trouble” by Frank Cammuso is about Salem, the main character, who is a witch but her parents are not but her aunt is. Salem is an innocent girl who just wants to fit in. She wants to get into the spelling contest but she do spells instead of spelling a word and get in trouble at school. Her mom and aunt decide to give her a watchdog so she can have someone to be with. Whammy is a cat who has accepted to be Salem’s watchdog but if something goes wrong or gets in troubl [...]

    20. The Misadventures of Salem Hyde: Spelling Trouble by Frank Cammuso is a graphic novel about a young which, who is confused by the difference between “a spell” and spelling a word. When her friends says “spell dinosaur” she instead comes up for a spell to turn someone into a dinosaur. Her spells never go quite as planned though. Her parents decide that she needs some training from a family friend, who happens to be a cat named Whammy. Whammy tries to teach her how to be a real witch, but [...]

    21. ARC provided by NetGalleySalem Hyde isn't your average kid. Nope not at all. For starters she's a witch and is quite good at coming up with spells off the top of her head! The only problem is she isn't quite so good at spelling the words in spells which leads to some trouble. Thankfully she has a new friend around to help her out, Lord Percival J. Whamsford III.oh yes and he's a cat! He's around for at least a week to see if things will work out with Salem and if not, both walk away cleanly. And [...]

    22. ARC from NetGalley"Spelling Trouble" is the start of a delightfully silly new graphic novel series from Frank Cammuso, author of Knights of the Lunch Table. It features Salem Hyde, a trouble-making young witch who doesn't quite have the hang of casting spells. Her weary parents and witch Aunt Martha decide to find her a companion animal to help with her magic, a cat named Percival J. Whamsford III (aka Whammy). Salem, though a bit rambunctious, is not at all mean-spirited, which is a refreshing [...]

    23. The Misadventures of Salem Hyde start off with Shelly telling Salem that she is studying for the spelling bee. Salem then states that she can spell too. However this is where the story changes because when Salem spells she casts spells and turns the crossing guard Mrs. Fossil into a dinosaur. Then Salem has more misadventures when she is introduced to Whammy her Magical Animal Companion in order to help train her magic skills.I find that looking for a good graphic novels for kids can be a bit mo [...]

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