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Unburying Hope

Unburying Hope In this fiercely memorable contemporary novel beautiful Celeste the endearingly hopeful graffiti artist and her hilarious gay friend Frank search the decaying streets of Detroit for the meaning of

  • Title: Unburying Hope
  • Author: MaryWallace
  • ISBN: 9780985420703
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this fiercely memorable contemporary novel, beautiful Celeste, the endearingly hopeful graffiti artist, and her hilarious gay friend Frank search the decaying streets of Detroit for the meaning of love Their sweet and poignant relationship twists when Celeste falls in love with Eddie, a battle scarred Iraq War vet who is haunted by the horrors of war Celeste and EddieIn this fiercely memorable contemporary novel, beautiful Celeste, the endearingly hopeful graffiti artist, and her hilarious gay friend Frank search the decaying streets of Detroit for the meaning of love Their sweet and poignant relationship twists when Celeste falls in love with Eddie, a battle scarred Iraq War vet who is haunted by the horrors of war Celeste and Eddie follow their dreams to start over in Hawaii, learning that the wounds we carry inside us can heal with time and love, even if they never leave us.

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    1 thought on “Unburying Hope

    1. This profoundly moving and heartrending tale is something that contains such significant meaning, depth of substance as to astonish. An impressive, ambitious work that projects such heartfelt emotion within, which I guarantee will render you awestruck. Current and acutely relevant, the powerful narrative explores bold issues such as economic chaos, social deprivation and those internal scars carried by a soldier from Iraq. Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is explored through the eyes of the [...]

    2. Unburying Hope has an interesting setup. I'm always looking for a new angle on Romance, and I was hopeful that this would provide it. The blurb promised much - a damaged war vet falling in love with a hopeful graffiti artist. Even though it seemed cliché, I was even excited about the gay friend. Then I started reading.There really aren't any glaring problems in this book. Technical issues, while noticeable, were not of the appalling variety. The writing style itself was somewhat problematic - t [...]

    3. While I admit that I’m not a big fan of war stories, ‘Unburying Hope’ actually focuses more on the war being waged by drug dealers in Detroit, and in one Iraqi war veteran’s mind, then the actual war in Iraq. Whether talking about the Iraqi war or about how drug dealers have ruined one of America’s formerly dominant cities, author Mary Wallace’s words are at once biting and haunting. She has a way with describing things that really puts a specific picture in your mind’s eye and cre [...]

    4. This story of a young woman, alone for years after the death of her mother, would appeal to anyone who has fought against the odds. Celeste fills her days with work, drabness and frugality, saving every penny toward her dream of moving from the inner-city furnished apartment to her own home away from concrete and hopelessness. Meeting Eddie, a damaged vet back from four Mideast tours, brings Celeste closer to understanding herself and her life. She begins having to make life-changing decisions f [...]

    5. This is truly an excellent story about two individuals who are learning to love themselves as much as they love the other. Both main characters have some emotional issues, he has PTSD, and she finds that she has been "living her life too tight" in the years since her mother's death. The story begins in Detroit, where the residents find themselves in a dying city where hope has stagnated under the weight of economic collapse, and under the threat of a drug war playing out in the streets. Eddie an [...]

    6. This book was highly recommended by a friend of mine, I was somewhat reluctant because I don’t normally read a lot of romance novels, but that was soon forgotten as jump into reading this book.The main story revolves around Celeste and Eddie two lovers trapped in a world that has gone to hell, but nothing can break their spirit. The story encompasses many hard knocks and tough breaks throughout. The story covers a lot of what you hear and read about on the news today. The economy not being wha [...]

    7. Excellent Brain Candy! I ALWAYS read 3 or 4 books at a time- something hilarious (Jen Lancaster, David Sedaris,Tina Fey,Nora Ephron) a best- seller,a little non-fiction (I've been reading The Power of Now of six years,and I'm only on Chapter Four, but I really like it) and I have to slog through my alcoholic book- club's selection of the month ."Unburying Hope" is so addicting that I put my other books aside and pretty much couldn't do ANYTHING until I learned the fates of Eddie, the mysterious, [...]

    8. This review is from: Unburying Hope (Kindle Edition)This book really touched my heart. I fell in love with Celeste. She great up in Detroit and watched her city fall apart. Not giving anything away she clings to the word hope mentally and physically. She falls in love with Eddie who has his own issues. But Celeste's loyalty, and again hope keeps her with him. They leave Detroit and move to Hawaii and enters his daughter with her own set of things to deal with.I found this book very timely with w [...]

    9. First I would like to thank the author for giving me the chance to read this book through the First Reads giveaway.Unfortunately I find little to recommend about this book. Reading the other reviews I am forced to wonder whether we read the same story. At one point Celeste complains that her life is in shades of grey. I found that the entire book is best summed up like that. It was grey.The concept was an interesting one. The set up was decent. I liked Eddie in the theatre at the beginning and [...]

    10. WinThis is about two people finding love and trying to move forward despite their flaws.Celeste lives in her own world as a hopeful graphic artist. She has a best friend Frank who is gay whom she hangs out with. Then she meets Eddie who changes her world in the decaying streets of Detroit.Eddie has served on four tours in the military. The last one causes a scarring on his forehead. He been prescribed various medicine from pain to anxiety to sleeping pills and is addicted to them as he tries at [...]

    11. First of all I appreciate winning this book as a First Reads Giveaway. However.As I sit here pondering on what to write what I thought of this book, I decided to take a look at other reviews of this book. I wonder if I read the same book. I thought I would enjoy this book based on the the description that was on the back coverI was wrong. I didn't like the story at all. I didn't find it believeable on a lot of levels. But the main thing I didn't buy into was that this was a love story. If this w [...]

    12. Growing up less than 4 hours from Detroit, I remember vividly the economic collapse of Motown after the 2008 financial crisis.Imagine returning home to that, after serving multiple deployments in Irag when you're fighting insurgents constantly.Well that is the backdrop for Wallace's stunning portrayal in Unburying Hope. To exacerbate the situation, the returning veteran Eddie has PTSD.While this may seem like a depressing story on the surface, it is not.Despite Eddie's demons he has Celeste to h [...]

    13. Over all I enjoyed this story. I had a few issues with the fact that drugs were such a huge part of this story. I was kind of hoping it would focus more on the PTSD aspect of the story and how the would affect everyday things and relationships. I had a love/hate relationship with the main character. Some things she did and said really made me made. Then in the next paragraph she'd do something else that was the sweetest especially when it came to his daughter. So, even with the few issues I did [...]

    14. There is no doubt that the author should be exceptionally proud of this book. The Kirkus review should be testament enough, but when reading the story – it’s clear that it’s been planned with a fierce emotion.Eddie and Celeste are fantastic characters. There were parts of them that I found really endearing and others that, at times, I wanted to shout at.To write about a soldier and their ordeal with PTSD is a brave move, and it’s refreshing to see it done with sincerity rather than quick [...]

    15. Rating: 8.5/10.0Review: This heart wrenching book will put you through all of the emotions a human can handle. I laughed, I cried, I hurt throughout this book. The author has a way of portraying the emotions so well that I could feel them even after I put the book down. Normally I can read several books at a time, but when I got into this book, it was all I could think about. A very well done to author Mary Wallace. Even as a other-genre type of guy, this contemporary romance enthralled me throu [...]

    16. I found this a riveting and important book filled with contemporary issues of the here and now, as well as a heartfelt romance. Detroit, drugs and battle scars weave around a tale of a love story filled with ambition and humor. If you want something real set in today's time, this is the novel to read.

    17. Great insight and depth. Even though I was troubled at many of the characters' decisions and actions, this story really made me think and consider the circumstances of people around me. I was glad to see the way the characters were honest about themselves and their broken places, and wanted to become better. From self, to selfless. Isn't that the journey we should all be on?

    18. A very real story line dealing with the trauma brought back from war torn Iraq. While a veteran battles with his demons, his new found love grapples with their rock relationship. An addictive well written tale which will pull at the heartstrings and keep you turning the pages. Five star read for me!

    19. I loved this book. I hated that it ended! The story line totally grabbed me and I loved how so many important but often ignored issues were woven throughout. I have recommended it to everyone I know and think it would be a great book for a book club. I look forward to other work by this author.

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