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Captain James Hook and the Curse of Peter Pan

Captain James Hook and the Curse of Peter Pan You are a curse Peter Pan Hook says drawing nearer Your carelessness has ruined countless lives Everything you touch turns to madness and that madness must end Peter Pan doesn t know right from wro

  • Title: Captain James Hook and the Curse of Peter Pan
  • Author: Jeremiah Kleckner Jeremy Marshall
  • ISBN: 9781476476360
  • Page: 328
  • Format: ebook
  • You are a curse, Peter Pan, Hook says, drawing nearer Your carelessness has ruined countless lives Everything you touch turns to madness and that madness must end Peter Pan doesn t know right from wrong and he doesn t care Night after night, for untold years, Peter Pan flew into children s rooms and took them to a far away land with the promise of endless adventure You are a curse, Peter Pan, Hook says, drawing nearer Your carelessness has ruined countless lives Everything you touch turns to madness and that madness must end Peter Pan doesn t know right from wrong and he doesn t care Night after night, for untold years, Peter Pan flew into children s rooms and took them to a far away land with the promise of endless adventure That is until one night in Port Royal, when Peter meets James Hoodkins and sets events in motion that create his greatest enemy Captain James Hook.This prequel to the iconic novel, Peter Pan, written by J M Barrie, tells the life of the man who becomes the symbol for piracy around the world Captain James Hook has reason and wit behind his seething hatred for Peter Pan.If only someone would listen

    • Unlimited [Memoir Book] ✓ Captain James Hook and the Curse of Peter Pan - by Jeremiah Kleckner Jeremy Marshall ✓
      328 Jeremiah Kleckner Jeremy Marshall
    • thumbnail Title: Unlimited [Memoir Book] ✓ Captain James Hook and the Curse of Peter Pan - by Jeremiah Kleckner Jeremy Marshall ✓
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    1 thought on “Captain James Hook and the Curse of Peter Pan

    1. Let me start off by saying that I am a HUGE Peter Pan fan!! He is one of several characters that I have to read or watch ANYTHING with his name on it.I am also a fan of books that tell the REAL story - because, as you well know, there are always two sides to every story.Captain James Hook and THE CURSE of Peter Pan says it all.This is the story of Peter Pan and James Hook got to where they are today - from Hook's point of view. The story begins when Jim is a boy and Peter Pan flies through his w [...]

    2. 3.5Peter Pan is another one of those stories that I would say I'm a fan of even though I'd never actually read it. I grew up with the Disney movie version, and have read a few retellings and versions, but I've never read the original story. So I can't really say how this compares to that.That said, I like pirates and I was curious to read a version of the story where Hook isn't the villain he's made out to be.I was somewhat surprised to find how little Peter Pan was actually in this story. He ac [...]

    3. This book was very great and interesting. it has so many details about how life was back the with ships and pirates. This book has an extreme twist because captain hook isn't the bad guy, but peter pan is. It explains captain hook's life and how it got ruined by peter pan. I recommend this book to all action and drama book lovers. If you have the right and creative mind, you can actually picture like a mini movie about the book, that is how well described the book is.

    4. I love the back stories to well known stories like this. Seeing how young James became Captain Hook and how he met Peter, and also why he hates Peter so much, is just fantastic. Well written, I liked the characters, I only wish that they would have built a little more on his pirating adventures. I just felt like it was short and I would have loved to see more of young Hook. All in all I liked it a lot though. :)

    5. This book was excellent. I loved the idea of getting to know Hook and how he became the villain he is in Neverland. My mother lent the book to me after she read it, and I am beyond glad that I got the opportunity to give this book a chance! My only complaint is that the final chapter could have delved deeper into how Hook came to Neverland. Otherwise, I loved it.

    6. The story, "Captain James Hook And The Curse Of Peter Pan" is the story of Captain James Hook retelling the story of his past, recounting the tales from his young childhood to his adulthood. Through this we learn a lot more about the Captains horrific past and the scars it makes. The telling of the story is brilliantly told, the new perspective of Captain Hook really sets the mood for what can be expected from his past and the recognition of the Captain's telling the story is never too far as to [...]

    7. I feel a lot of my reviews need to start with the fact that I'm all about characters. So when I get to chapter nine of a book and I find that I don't care an iota about a single character yet, I can't go on. Which is a shame because I bet this book is pretty good, I love retold stories. I wanted to stop at chapter four, but thought that I should give it some more time, I think chapter nine was acceptable.Also, I have recent vision problems that make me extremely picky about what books I spend ti [...]

    8. Okay story of pirates that uses the Peter Pan mythology as a basis for the plot. A revisionist version, of course, somewhat like the TV show Once Upon A Time in that the characters are similar to the old stories, but interact differently. A free book of the day on Kindle, or I would not have picked this one up, it still is a decent read for anyone interested in Disney-related characters or J. M. Barrie retread stories.

    9. Entertaining. Different perspective on a classic tale. Each step logically leads to the next in explaining how a gifted scholarly and sickly boy gradually turns into Captain Hook.

    10. Captain James Hook and the Curse of Peter PanWritten by: Jeremiah Kleckner, Jeremy MarshallNarrated by: David StifelLength: 4 hrs and 56 mins Unabridged AudiobookCaptain James Hook and the Curse of Peter Pan is enticing from the first word. The description of Hook leads the reader into the book; “His eyes are so narrow that they never seem to blink” and he “smiles with everything but his eyes.” The authors create a fascinating character, dangerous but hypnotic. The first chapter sets the [...]

    11. This is the story of how young bookish James Hoodkins became the wicked pirate Captain Hook. It’s a tale full of tricks, escapes, defeats, captures, treasure, Never Never Land, and lost love. After giving this book a listen, I, too, wanted to hunt Peter Pan down and tie him to the main mast.The story starts off in Port Royal in the Caribbean, probably in the 1600s or 1700s. At first, it reads a bit like a historical fiction, which I enjoyed. Young James is a scholarly kid and much more into bo [...]

    12. This was a magical tale full of adventure and fantastical delight. It was really enjoyable. It reads as an instant classic. It fits well with the novel Peter and Wendy that came out in 1911. It's the story told from Hook's point of view. Being a fan of anything Peter Pan I jumped at the chance to read this book.The writing style is spot on and instantly you're pulled into the nautical world of Hook as he recalls being a boy growing up in Port Royal and encountering Peter Pan, then later Neverlan [...]

    13. As one of the authors of this book, it is difficult for me to not rate it highly as I add it to my shelf. This book is very special to me. It is my first published piece and my co-author and I are very proud of it. I'll check back on this site from time to time and will happily respond to any questions or comments readers wish to post. If you haven't taken a look at this book yet, here are a few of the review comments on : “The further I got into the book the more exciting the read became.” [...]

    14. Loved it! Amazing story of how Captain Hook came to be and why he doesn't like Peter Pan so much. So many twist and turns you won't see coming! This book talks all bout how Captain Hook was drawn into piracy and the incredible adventure he goes through when he is away from his home, mother, and Emily in Port Royal. As he meets Peter Pan one night, he becomes friends with this mysterious creature that can fly and comes from a creative world of Neverland. But once he is older, he realizes that all [...]

    15. This was a quick read, and while I hesitate to use the word fun, it was enjoyable. A retelling of Peter Pan from Hooks point of view this is not. I went into this one expecting something more along the lines of McGuires Wicked, but again, not the case. This is Hook telling his life story as he is being taken back to Port Royal to be hung as the pirate he has become. It definately made me feel a little sympathy for Hook as well as Mr. Smee, both of whom I spent my childhood hating as they were al [...]

    16. Very brave move to write a prequel to such a famous novel. I am an avid Peter Pan fan (yes, even at my age) I love all versions of this, be it the novel, the stage play, the movie. In fact Pirates in general capture my imagination and let me have such a fun time. This book was a little too serious for my liking. Almost "grown up". I had to detache myself from the Peter Pan I know in order to enjoy the book in its own right, which I eventually did. My imagination however, was not taken on that co [...]

    17. Cute storyI almost feel sorry for poor Captain Hook. What a clever past this author has written of him. Good story

    18. This book was really awesome. It gave Captain Hook a great back story and anyone who loves the story of Peter Pan will have a totally different respect for Captain Hook after reading this.

    19. This is definitely the best version of the Peter Pan story I've ever heard! The Authors did a great job and the narrator is amazing! This is a completely different twist on the classic story!

    20. "The making of Captain Hook"What made the experience of listening to Captain James Hook and the Curse of Peter Pan the most enjoyable?Everyone likes the peter pan story line. This made it very new and different. The story line is from Captain Hooks point of view and how he became who he is.What did you like best about this story?Finding out that Captain Hook and Peter Pan were friends when Hook was a boy growing up.Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting?Yes, after hook befrie [...]

    21. Wow! I really enjoyed this book. I've always loved the tale of Peter Pan. Watching him come to life in the tv show Once Upon a Time really changed how I felt about Peter as a character (which I know is done a certain way for a show but he was a real wanker in that show, and I grew to really detest Peter Pan). Having read this book that bills itself as a prequel to the novel Peter Pan, I am sticking with my dislike of him. This book introduces us to Captain James Hook, and it gives us his history [...]

    22. I was always suspicious of Pan and now the story is told. Not quite a fun loving, forever-young boy of the listless and insipid movies, but something much darker. This book, while revealing the shocking truth about the flying menace is however all about Hook and his journey from respectable young boy to murderous pirate captain and takes place mostly in this world. While the prose seemed to be aimed at the young-adult audience, the story was a real PIRATE STORY! And the story is a good'un. There [...]

    23. This is the flip side of the Peter Pan story.It's from Captain Hook's perspective and it will stun you (if you've ever been a fan of the Neverland experience). It's a rollicking adventure and yet touching. Well written, I was drawn into the story from the first paragraph of the story.A real page-turner. Without giving away too much, I'll just say I feel differently toward Hook from when first exposed to Peter Pan (Disney and the musical). That was a thenThis book was written for the adult who lo [...]

    24. I really enjoyed this prequel to Peter Pan that lets you in on the backstory of one of the world's most notorious pirates (and includes some interesting pieces about other pirates, both real and literary, from non-related works.) It makes Captain Hook a sympathetic character and left me with a desire to revisit the original Peter Pan works.The transitions from 3rd to 1st person were a bit disconcerting but after a paragraph or two it ceased to matter. Otherwise, extremely well told story.

    25. How does a well-bred English lad end up as Captain Hook? And why is Hook so intent on killing Peter Pan? The answers are revealed by Hook himself after his capture by the British Navy.There is some very good plotting at the heart of this book, lots of action, a bit of swashbuckling, a bit of tragedy, and a fair amount of character development. It's a solid little tale -- but never quite goes the extra mile into being truly moving or marvelous.

    26. Not at all what I expected. A swashbuckling tale of piracy and revenge in a creation of the back story of Captain Hook from the tale of Peter Pan. Like the Count of Monte Cristo it highlights the destructive nature of revenge and shows a man unable to accept responsibility for his own actions. A very good read if a little difficult to start initially.

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