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Night Terrors

Night Terrors It s Men In Black meets The Sandman Meet the fine men and women of the NightWatch a supernatural agency dedicated to hunting down rogue nightmares that escape from other realms when people dream about

  • Title: Night Terrors
  • Author: Tim Waggoner
  • ISBN: 9780857663696
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • It s Men In Black meets The Sandman.Meet the fine men and women of the NightWatch a supernatural agency dedicated to hunting down rogue nightmares that escape from other realms when people dream about them, while ensuring that other dream folk are allowed to live among the regular, human population as long as they play by the rules.

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      494 Tim Waggoner
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    1. When Shadow Watch officers Audra Hawthorne and Mr. Jinx botch an arrest, they're taken off the case. But how can a psychotic nightmare clown and his creator stay away from a case that has both Earth and Nod hanging in the balance?I got this from Netgalley and the chaps at Angry Robot.The thing I've always disliked about the fantasy genre, both urban and epic, is that very few books attempt to break new ground. This one leaves the ground behind and heads into the Twilight Zone.Night Terrors is th [...]

    2. I hope I do this book justice.This book was probably the most fun I have had reading a book in over a year. To explain the world that you are entering. You have Ideator's who have brought their nightmares to life. Incubus's are their nightmares. Hard to kill and pretty much out of control. You have Earth and the land of Nod. The author does such a great job without overdoing the info dumps explaining his worlds that it's just amazing. Once you start this book just buckle your seatbelt and enjoy [...]

    3. 3 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum/201I think reading this book gave me a better insight into coulrophobia. I mean, clowns are kinda creepy I guess. But I’ve also always found it hard to look at them and not see beyond just some guy in colorful clothes and makeup. Supernatural clowns on the other hand, are a whole other matter. Especially when they are someone’s nightmare literally come to life.But in spite of what the title and cover initially led me to believe, this is not a h [...]

    4. So, we have this book right, and it’s pretty good and then all of a sudden you realize that it would be so much better if it wasn’t trying so hard. There is a fantastic premise, and I think even not knowing the author’s bibliography it’s clear that the man knows how to write, but this could benefit from being pared down to cut out the redundancy. When I get excited about a book at first only to realize a bit later that I'm not going out of my way to read it that's when I see I've got a p [...]

    5. 3.5Night Terrors has all the crazy elements of Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Monsters, Inc. It is like their crazy adolescent child.You won't be surprised, then, that the book is full of over-the-top action and various silly comments mostly coming from one of the main characters - Jinx. He is, after all, a clown. Don't let the title fool you though. This is not a horror story. It is more darkly cartoonish than anything. Darkly cartoonish in a good way because the clown is a dead give-away so nobod [...]

    6. NIGHT TERRORS is a ridiculously fun book to read – a concoction of nightmares, detective drama, and the supernatural that stretches the fabric of reality and bleeds surreal through the seams.Shadow Watch officers/agents Audra (an Ideator, maker of nightmares) and Jinx (an Incubus, Audra’s nightmare made real) are introduced to the reader following the unsuccessful collar of another Incubus causing havoc amongst the general populace. It is during this episode of violence that a Maelstrom open [...]

    7. [I got a free copy through NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.]Well, what can I say I really liked this one? I tend to naturally gravitate towards themes such as dreams and nightmares, and when I saw that Night Terrors dealt with exactly that—more specifically, nightmares made "flesh"—I just couldn't pass on it. Although I'm also a glutton for punishment, since clowns have always creeped me out, and guess what Jinx is? Yep. The cover kind of gave it away, after all.Audra and Jinx ar [...]

    8. Review copyRemember the old Dark Rides they used to have at Amusement Parks and traveling carnivals, with names like Spook-A-Rama, Whacky Shack, and Laff in the Dark? Where you would sit in a car that would roll along a track in the dark and there would be scenes that would pop up and try to scare you? Well, Night Terrors is a bit like that and just as much fun.If you suffer from coulraphobia you may want to avoid reading this one. Don't know what coulraphobia is? Go ahead and look it up, I'll w [...]

    9. Totally took my chance with this one. I mean, the blurb is pretty vague and I am not exactly a fan of clowns in real life (all right, fine, I hate clowns!). But I read Tim Waggoner's before and I needed something different from all those romance. So I decided to buy this (55% discount code at Kobo, yay!) and plunged right in. Well, I totally LOVED it. I thought the idea was pretty cool. We have Ideators and Incubus (Ideator is a human who bring Incubus a.k.a. his/her nightmare to life). We have [...]

    10. The story was gripping at first and the creativity of what Mr. Waggoner displayed on the page by the world-building, weapons, and characters, both human and created, was a real fantastical treat.The story seemed to fizzle out for me as some reads do when new weapons, worlds, and other things need to be introduced and explained. I have to say that it was overdone in this particular book and it did take away from the pacing of the story.With the main character, Audra, being human and fighting with [...]

    11. Your nightmares brought to lifeIn the world of Night Terrors – people’s dreams can become reality. When this happens they become Ideators and their dreams that are given life are called Incubi. There is a realm that exists alongside ours and it is aptly named Nod. Get it – the land of Nod? Har har *wink*The story follows Audra an Ideator whose incubi in a maniacal clown named Jinx. They are a team that work for the Night Watch rounding up rogue Incubi on Earth as well as in Nod. Generally [...]

    12. Tim Waggoner’s new novel Night Terrors introduces Audra and Jinx, together maybe the oddest buddy cop duo I’ve ever seen. For one, they’re both agents of the Shadow Watch, a, well, shadowy supernatural organization tasked with patrolling the border between our world and the Nod, the realm of dreams and (most notably) nightmares.Audra is a human agent who works for the Shadow Watch. Jinx is not human: actually, he’s an Incubus dreamed up by Audra. You see, Audra used to have terrifying ni [...]

    13. This review was first posted onNotes of a Book Lover.Once again, Angry Robot has not disappointed me and published a winner again!I absolutely loved Night Terrors and devoured it in one sitting. At first, I was apprehensive about this book; the cover did not appeal to me what with its very cartoonish and scary-looking photo of a clown and the rather juvenile use of bloody characters for the title. But once I started reading it, I couldn’t stop and was eagerly flipping the pages to find out the [...]

    14. When Audra was a little girl she spent many a night terrified of a clown. As phobias go, coulrophobia isn't rare, let alone odd. What is odd is that one day, the clown who had been haunting Audra's dream for years, suddenly comes to life. You see in Audra's version of Chicago, some people have the ability to create living beings out of their nightmares. Audra as it turned out is not a troubled child but an Ideator. As an adult, Audra works with an agency tasked with policing earth and Nod - the [...]

    15. Night Terrors is an awesome book! I loved getting to know this new world - made up of an alternate world called Nod that's connected to Earty by a series of ever moving doors, but that's the least interesting thing about this world. The world is based around the fact that there are some human dreamers that dream their nightmares into reality. Not just random nightmares though, a steady stream of the same nightmarish being that eventually comes to life because it becomes so real. People who bring [...]

    16. This review originally published in Looking For a Good Book. Rated 4.25"Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the strangest show off Earth! We've got chills, we've got thrills, but most of all we've got madness!"  So announces a ringmaster, who could very well be defining the book, Night Terrors, itself!Tim Waggoner's first book in the Shadow Watch series is a highly imaginative, wholly original sci-fi/fantasy/mystery/dark fantasy mashup.Audra Hawthorne is an "Ideator" -- someone who makes her nig [...]

    17. First things first, I got this book from NetGalley, so thank you netgalley and Angry Robots for this opportunity. Have you ever thought that an evil clown would ever be a good guy (well, sort of, I guess)? An evil clown with his not so evil but interesting partner out there saving the world in any form of fiction really seems like a great idea if done right. And "Tim Waggoner" does this with style. The interesting plot with a healthy does of violence, the lovable cast of characters and fast pace [...]

    18. Pros: interesting mystery, interesting mythology/world-buildingCons: climax involves antagonists explaining their planAudra Hawthorne works for the Shadow Watch, an organization that helps keep the living nightmares, or incubi, created by human ideators, in Nod, and away from regular humans. When the capture of an incubus assassin on Earth goes awry, in several ways, she and her partner are taken off the case. But Audra doesn’t take orders well, and neither does her partner, the homicidal clow [...]

    19. Super fast paced but fun urban fantasy read.Absolutely loved the world, with dreams and nightmares made real, a Shadow-y (Shadow Watch) enforcement bureau made of creators (Ideators) and their nightmare creations (Incubi). Visiting Nod was one of my favorite things in this book. When you are dealing with the creatures of dreams and nightmares, there is really no limit.Audra is paired with Jinx, a homicidal clown. She kind of loves her job, but isn't 100% happy with working and living with her gr [...]

    20. Waggoner has gone back to what he does best with Night Terrors. You have two very interesting characters that play off each other extremely well in a world that gives him the sheer vastness he seems to enjoy writing. This love of that world shows through in his writing and helps to create a story that is both engaging and interesting.The basic premise to this book is interesting, and Waggoner pulls it together with his usual flare. There are monsters galore and he writes them with all the love a [...]

    21. This books has forever changed my image of "Insane Clowns" -- in a good way! I've seen it been called "Men In Black meets The Sandman", and I'd argue that there's a lot of Ralph Bakshi's Cool World in there, too. But regardless of all of these reference points, Waggoner has created an intense and unique Urban Fantasy world that I didn't want to leave. Though I'm not sure what that says about my psyche!I would have liked to see slightly more philosophizing at times, but the book did subtly raise [...]

    22. I received this from the GoodReads First Reads giveaway, and I am glad I did!What a fun read! Quick read! I loved the premise of "creating" someone/thing from a dream. You have Ideator's who have brought their nightmares to life. When Audra was a little girl she spent many a night terrified of a clown. Then one day, the clown who had been haunting Audra's dream for years, suddenly comes to life. This is the story of the adventures together. It is a fun ride AND it starts right away. This book is [...]

    23. Thank you Net Galley and Angry Robot! Oh man, what a fun and insane ride!! I loved it! Where do I get my own Jinx?

    24. Definitely a fun story, and it was very much a page turner for me. I found the world building a bit lacking. The ideas were there for a lot of depth (the concept of Nod and the Incubi were very cool) but the story moved along the surface too quickly to really develop things as much as I would have liked.

    25. Urban fantasy, cynisk clown med sjuuuukt stora fötter, levande mardrömmar och galningar som vill ta över världen. Gott, så. Av författaren till Nekropolisserien.

    26. Very different! Paranormal, fantasy, horror, humor, and a bit of suspense all rolled into one unusual tale.

    27. I don't know about you, but I've always been a fan of the strange and unusual. When it comes to plots of the books I plan to read, I try to go for-if they're not my usual paranormal, contemporary or historical romance- the unusual. And a psychopathic clown working with a heroine to bring down the bad guys was just the kind of unusual I was looking for. When I came across this book, not only did its cover grabbed my attention, but the general plot of people's worst nightmares coming to life was t [...]

    28. openbooksociety/article/niBrought to you by OBS reviewer AlinaBeware of possible spoilersnight-terrors-shadow-watch-tim-waggonerAudra Hawthorne is a 20-something with a huge problem: her worst nightmare has come to life and is walking by her side right now. His name is Jinx and he is the most terrifying clown you have ever seen. Together with the other members of the Night Watch, they protect the people of Earth from their nightmares and their embodiments: scary Incubi that only people’s night [...]

    29. Originally posted here: redheadedmule/features/booAudra is an inter-dimensional psuedo-cop overcame her worst childhood nightmare. Her trusted partner, a vicious clown, WAS that nightmare. They fight… not crime, but nasty threats.Author Tim Wagonner crafts a universe where humans coexist with the manifestations of their most dreadful dreams. The story is told by Audra as if the reader is one of her good friends. Through her narration, her personality is detailed: she’s no-nonsense, a bit of [...]

    30. First, a disclaimer, I don't normally read Urban Fantasy, so those of you who really like it, might come at this book with a more positive attitude from the get-go. On the other hand, the fact that I don't usually care for Urban Fantasy and I still gave this one three stars, means it had something going for it other than the increasingly tired tropes that get dished out over and over again in this genre.So, you might wonder why I even picked this book up. Or not. But I'll tell you anyway. I was [...]

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