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Parasite The flock had run wild for over a thousand years their numbers increasing with each generation Racial memory only seeped out through the dreams of the disturbed their true purpose forgotten His stir

  • Title: Parasite
  • Author: Ian Woodhead
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The flock had run wild for over a thousand years, their numbers increasing with each generation Racial memory only seeped out through the dreams of the disturbed, their true purpose forgotten.His stirring body craved sustenance, his thoughts focussed on, once again, to quench his yearning for the sweet taste of hot human blood The time of the cull had arrived.

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      287 Ian Woodhead
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      Posted by:Ian Woodhead
      Published :2019-02-16T22:54:00+00:00

    1 thought on “Parasite

    1. So, Mr Woodhead as gone off on a tangent here and given us his version "vamps"?NOPE!! its a whole new brand of horror!! Deep in the caves lies something horrific and of course, Mr Woodhead manages to give us, the reader a group of characters that dig them up, give them life and let them loose not on purpose of course!!The characters are believable as they are fallible, and not totally likable.The horror is thick, fast, gruesome, sometimes funny and always gross; a signature it seems of Mr Woodhe [...]

    2. This is the story of Dan and Alison. One night they decide to to sneak into the caves where they work. Once there they stumble on some old bones. Bones with unusual teeth formations. Their boss, seeing pound signs flash in front of his eyes, calls some archaeologists. Unbeknownst to all of them a terrible horror has been unleashed on their village - and it is out for vengeance.This was simply fantastic. It was a step backwards in a sense for Ian as it harks back to his writing before Zombie Arma [...]

    3. Zero stars. Hated this book so much. The worst written piece of junk I have ever read and I have read some crappy books.Characters were terrible, the pacing awful, there were so many gaps in the narrative I couldn't keep up sometimes.The last 5% of the book read like the author was running late for something and just wrote whatever to finish.I paid 99 cents for the book and still feel tremendously ripped off. Is this the authors first work? How is he selling anything if his writing is this terri [...]

    4. Dan works at a cavern gift shop, hoping to spend some time with a girl he likes, he gets Allison to come down in the caves with him. Finding skeletal remains, Allison goes for help. Dan remains and slipping through a crack finds a ring that is the undoing of life as he knows it as the horror is unleashed. great story with action and adventure along with an amazing supernatural terror that readers are going to love.

    5. Wow, everyone else seems to have loved this book, and I don't get it. To me it read like one of those $2 Kindle books. Fairly obvious plot, and then didn't even bother to end the book, just kind of stopped 3/4 of the way through. Characters not developed at all. Add to that: tons of spelling and grammar mistakes, typos throughoutjust didn't do it for me at all.

    6. 2.5 stars. The book was alright. Quite a few mistakes and misspells. Those didn't bother me as much as the ending. I haven't looked, but I assume there is a second part. It felt so unfinished I'm a little disappointed with it.

    7. same old recycled tosh ,painting by numbers for horror books.l found the cover art more interesting than the book,perhaps that why the author has so many books to his name

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