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Earth 2, Vol. 2: The Tower of Fate

Earth Vol The Tower of Fate The World Army has begun rounding up the super heros of Earth but for what reason In an attempt to avoid capture Dr Fate and Kid Flash find themselves in the powerful magical realm of Nabu The pro

  • Title: Earth 2, Vol. 2: The Tower of Fate
  • Author: James Robinson Nicola Scott Yildaray Cinar
  • ISBN: 9781401243111
  • Page: 402
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The World Army has begun rounding up the super heros of Earth 2, but for what reason In an attempt to avoid capture, Dr Fate and Kid Flash find themselves in the powerful magical realm of Nabu The protector of Nabu, Wotan, seeks Dr Fates assistance in obtaining a secret magic locked deep within a tower that only Dr Fate can enter.Collects issues 7 12 and 0 of the oThe World Army has begun rounding up the super heros of Earth 2, but for what reason In an attempt to avoid capture, Dr Fate and Kid Flash find themselves in the powerful magical realm of Nabu The protector of Nabu, Wotan, seeks Dr Fates assistance in obtaining a secret magic locked deep within a tower that only Dr Fate can enter.Collects issues 7 12 and 0 of the original series.

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      402 James Robinson Nicola Scott Yildaray Cinar
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    1 thought on “Earth 2, Vol. 2: The Tower of Fate

    1. I did a reread, because when I reviewed this last year, I was having technical difficulties. *cough*Anyway.I still really liked this one, so I'm letting my rating stand. I will say that in the coming volumes these characters fell by the wayside a bit.Which sucks. I liked the Earth 2's Dr. Fate, Hawkgirl, Flash, & Green Lantern. I mean, they don't disappear, but other characters kind of take over the storyline. Still. I think Tower of Fate does a good job with these guys.The majority of this [...]

    2. The team is taken form but still uncertain who will leadI got this on its single issues, but I will do the review on its TPB option to be able to do a better overall review about the whole story arc.In this TPB is included the issue #0 that DC Comics published after several issues in a month event where each active title published a #0 issue telling some unknown events ocurred "before" of how each title began. Here, you get a wider view of the events when the "Wonders": Superman, Batman, Wonder [...]

    3. Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths ReviewsMuch better story than volume one, in my opinion. Lots of interesting and mysterious stories going on everywhere you look. Several diabolical bad guys; some purely evil, some who might not be. Our good guys are not just fighting, but dealing with personal issues as well as attempting to learn to be heroes. And we have the introduction of one of my personal favorites: Doctor Fate — a character that never gets enough love.Equally important to this story [...]

    4. Still doing pretty good. I don't feel any more attached to the cast than I did in the previous volume, but at least Jay doesn't act like a stalker in this volume. I was more interested in the addition of Fury (Wonder Woman's daughter) than in Doctor Strange, sadly. Also looking forward to the proper introduction of Mister Miracle and Big Barda. Does this mean that they won't really be playing much of a role in the main DC universe?

    5. A direct continuation of Earth 2, Vol. 1: The Gathering, this one picks up where the first left off. It also introduces Doctor Fate and Wotan, the next villain to show up on the scene. There's also a cameo of Mister Fantastic, which is likely setting up the next story arc. There's also a surprise sidekick for Steppenwolf

    6. Disclaimer: I received this book in a giveaway on the premise that I would review it.Some background first, for our younger readers. Back in the 1940s, National Comics (which would become DC) decided to promote some of their lesser-known characters by putting them in a group, the Justice Society of America. These characters would have a meeting, split up into separate stories, then band together at the end to face a common menace. This was the first full-fledged superhero team. Eventually, as p [...]

    7. A little sophomore-syndrome here, plus it doesn't help that the villainous Wotan was infinitely more interesting than the new Dr Fate (Khalid Whatsisname). Also, Jay Garrick's Mom is justMom-ing it up? Still has my interest, though, so Vol. 3 here I come someday soon.

    8. There's a part of me that wanted to give this 5 stars, but I'm biased. Because of the characters in the book I'm invested in it very much, but objectively, it's not that great. The writing is actually pretty awkward and forced. No one is all that likable. The whole motivation for most of the heroes is pretty far from concrete. They all continue to vacillate between determination and selfishness and the greater good. The villains so far have been a little weak, though it's clear they are building [...]

    9. Mandatory side note: I got my copy from Goodread’s First Reads. Good art and writing combine to give readers new versions of the big names we already know, complete with new origin stories and a completely messed up world. This volume jumps right into the action and never really lets up. It’s one thing after another in a rollercoaster ride of emotions and plot twists that kept me turning pages to see what could possible happen next. The introduction of Dr. Fate is my favorite of all the Eart [...]

    10. What a bloody good book! This volume was one hell of a page turner from front to back. I'd never known much about the golden age heroes before reading this other than what they looked like, but they are really coming to life in this. The main story focuses mainly on The Flash and Doctor Fate. Jay Garrick is showing some great character growth, becoming the hero he was born to be. We get a first glimpse of Doctor Fate in this book and it was worth the wait. Everything about his character was done [...]

    11. I got this book free from GoodReads FirstReads.I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I started reading, but I was pleasantly surprised. Not only is it an interesting spin on the super heroes, but it also has nice artwork. Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman are in the first part of the book. Opal kryptonite is very interesting. I would like to see some more about that. Then the story switches to focus on Hawkgirl, Green Lantern, and the Flash with some help from Doctor Fate. I would like to see [...]

    12. I wish there would have been more of the GGL (Gay Green Lantern) storyline because that was easily the best part of the first volume. I wasn't really all that into the Earth 2 Flash, and this volume was a bit confusing and slow at times. It may have been that it has been awhile since I've read the first volume of Earth 2, but I do think part of it was a bit confusing. The art is phenomenal and as it's been brought to my attention, all done by a female artist which is pretty awesome. The art is d [...]

    13. Hmm, the artwork was well, made me enjoy the book more. I enjoyed the new look on Dr. Fate, and his origin as well. It was also impressive seeing the objectives of Terry Sloan, aka Mr. 8, which gave me some more sympathy for him despite him being a villain. This also gave us a flashback on the war with Apokolips and Earth 2, making me glad to see the original trio in action. It was interesting to see how Green Lantern finally joins up with Flash and Hawkgirl in order to help the new Dr. Fate tak [...]

    14. I have been awaiting the arrival of Doctor Fate since the launch of the New 52 and I must say, I'm not in the least bit disappointed. James Robinson ties up some very loose ends with the character's mythos resulting in a new Doctor Fate who's not just incredible in appearance (the new costume finally compliments Fate's mystic prowess) but also renders a distinctively greater degree of credibility to the character visa vie his alter ego's ethnicity and subsequent professional qualifications, whic [...]

    15. There's a lot to like about this reinvention of the JSA, but it's unfortunately decompressed within an inch of its life. This is made worse by the couple of issues at the start that look into other characters; usually I'd love that sort of thing, but here that drag any already slow story to an absolute halt.Overall, this book has too few characters doing too few things and taking way too long to do it. Even though the scripting and characterization are technically good, the result is a bit dull. [...]

    16. Ive come to realize i really don't like magic in my superhero universe. I'm fine with different realms of universes appearing in other comic books as a separate entity. But the whole part with Doctor Fate just really killed the whole premise of this for me.

    17. The story is still all over the place and a little blah, but this is better than volume 1. It stopped pretty mid-story which was irking, but whatever.

    18. Once again Nicola Scott turns in some truly amazing work. Fantastic artwork raises this book up a notch. James Robinson's plot was a little more haphazard than the first volume. The cast gets a little unwieldy and plotlines are pushed to the backburner rather quickly. While seeing different versions of age old heroes is interesting, the writer needs to spend more time fleshing out characters before adding too many more. The magical battle that takes place here seemed lifeless despite Scott's ama [...]

    19. Eh. Gave up on this. I may pick it back up again at another time. Just don't care for the characters or story-line.

    20. I hated the first book in this series, but was willing to read this one because it had Dr. Fate in it and I wanted to see if he faired any better than the other characters in the first volume of Earth 2. Also, this was free to read because someone added it to our group Comixology account. Let's start off with the art first. Tomas Giorello and Tom Derenick split the #0 issue as artists. None of Giorello's characters look than great. I'd only give his art 2 stars. Derenick's Mr. Terrific looks, we [...]

    21. There are two things I love in my graphic novels: world building and a true sense of danger. Earth 2 has both in droves.If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of Earth 2, it is an earth much like our own, but it’s just a little bit different. In the “silver” age of comic books, Earth 2 remained in a perpetual World War 2 where the original versions of characters like The Flash and Green Lantern were still active. That Earth 2 eventually merged with our “modern” earth in the mid-eighti [...]

    22. Reprints Earth 2 #0 and #7-12 (November 2012-July 2013). A new group of Wonders have arrived to replace the fallen Wonders of Earth 2. With the defeat of Solomon Grundy, the new Wonders must decide if they will remain together as a team or try to return to their lives…unfortunately, evil is brewing on Earth 2 and the agents of Apokolips are still active. As Steppenwolf makes a power grab in Dherain, a young man named Khalid finds himself, Flash, and Flash’s mother drawn to the Tower of Fate [...]

    23. As a huge fan, I never imagined I could not love something created by James Robinson. His Starman in particular stands out as one of the best series efforts by a major company in the superhero genre, offering a full mature modernization on many a tired trope. Yet with Earth 2, he seems to go completely off the rails. Now this problem may in part result from the odd decision to take a bunch of names of classic comic characters (Flash, Atom, Hawkgirl, Dr. Fate) and slap them on characters who have [...]

    24. As with 90% of The New 52 books put out by DC I'm fairly lukewarm about this. So here we have James Robinson, the writer who gave us Starman continuing the adventures of the new Wonders of Earth 2, a world ravaged by war with Stepphenwolf and Apokolips. In the spotlight is Green Lantern (Alan Scott), The Flash (Jay Garrick), Hawkgirl (Kendra Saunders) and occasionally The Atom (Al Pratt) who spends most of his time trying and failing to capture the former for the World Army.This volume focuses o [...]

    25. I received this copy as a first reads winner.Now before anyone judges the content of the book by the number of stars I gave it I need to say that I loved the story. Earth 2, Vol. 2:: The Tower of Fate is mostly focused on the origin of Dr. Fate. There are a couple of simultaneously running story lines, as there are in any comic book, and so you jump between characters from time to time, but I will say that this story is mostly about Khalid dealing with personal issues and deciding that for the [...]

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