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Copra: Compendium One

Copra Compendium One This book collects issues of Copra for the first time anywhere It tells the story of a group of super powered throwaways on a dangerous even deadly mission The story purposefully and openly homa

  • Title: Copra: Compendium One
  • Author: Michel Fiffe
  • ISBN: 9780989506601
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Paperback
  • This book collects issues 1 3 of Copra for the first time anywhere.It tells the story of a group of super powered throwaways on a dangerous, even deadly, mission The story purposefully and openly homages and riffs on the classic Suicide Squad comics from DC, while utilizing sharp dialog and creative line work.

    • Best Read [Michel Fiffe] ✓ Copra: Compendium One || [Romance Book] PDF ✓
      351 Michel Fiffe
    • thumbnail Title: Best Read [Michel Fiffe] ✓ Copra: Compendium One || [Romance Book] PDF ✓
      Posted by:Michel Fiffe
      Published :2018-08-01T22:00:12+00:00

    1 thought on “Copra: Compendium One

    1. COPRA is a fascinating indie superhero book. It reminds me a lot of Secret Six, but with a lot of the absurdity of Scud the Disposable Assassin. Fife does a great job experimenting with odd artistic tricks to help with the storytelling. Some of the things he does works better than others, but the end effect is interesting and a lot of fun. The story is interesting enough, but nothing you haven't seen in late-80s superhero books; and a little nostalgic at that. The craftsmanship of the book itsel [...]

    2. There isn't much I can add to Jeppe Mulich's stellar review of the book. Elevator pitch is Suicide Squad vs. the Brotherhood of Dada from Morrison's Doom Patrol. Homage-y but still a stunningly original work.The art is kinetic and imaginative; the colors largely muted but effective. Characters' histories are alluded to in conversation, giving them added dimensions. Surprises abound; no one is safe.A bit pricy for 72 pages, but those pages are absolutely packed with Fiffe's imaginative storytelli [...]

    3. COPRA es un cómic fresco que usa elementos añejos. El Escuadrón Suicida, El Doctor Extraño, Robot de Invencible… Conceptos metidos en una batidora, talento y frescura. O, dicho de otra forma, cómo hacer una salsa ligera de verano con brandy, mostaza de Dijon y queso muy curado.Continúa en nuestra web: cabezascortadas/copra-

    4. Wonderful art, playful, experimental, violent Colored pencils? Sweet. Nice scratchy brushwork. Sadly, the story is pretty thin and the characters are flat. It feels like that will change as the story evolves, but I'm 12 issues and one year into the story so far and I couldn't tell you why most of the characters do what they do. But, GOD!, the crazy wonderful art!

    5. I wanted to like this a lot more than I did; that being said, I enjoyed it enough to finish it and will read the second compendium, to see how that is. The art's a bit rough for my liking. Not so much so that I can't enjoy it, but it does detract from my enjoyment a bit. Many of the characters are blatant knock-offs of DC and Marvel comics characters. Notably, Dr. LIght, Dr. Strange, Clea, Shade the Changing Man, Amanda Waller, Deadshot to name a few. Again, it kinda detracts from the overall en [...]

    6. Copra is fresh. So rad and so fly. It is basically perfect. The highlight is certainly the art. It's different from anything else out there—one part grunge underground and two parts Crayola-Varley-Miller acid trip. Fiffe nails the aesthetic that was such a trainwreck in The Dark Knight Strikes Again.The writing—the snappy dialogue especially—is surprisingly good. The plot is interesting (although this first compendium amounts to a three-issue prologue, so it doesn't go on any arcs per se). [...]

    7. Fantastic artwork and layouts, art reminiscent of Jeff Lemire and Matt Kindt. Unique and raw, yet truly beautiful. Love some of the character designs, whacked out and kirbeyesque. Fun stuff.

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