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Ecce Homo: Kişi Nasıl Kendisi Olur

Ecce Homo Ki i Nas l Kendisi Olur S z geli i bir umac de ilim ben bir t rensel korkuluk da de ilim stelik bug ne de in erdemli diye sayg duyulan insan t r ne ayk r bir yarad l tay m S z aram zda gururumu kabartan da bu durum olsa g

  • Title: Ecce Homo: Kişi Nasıl Kendisi Olur
  • Author: Friedrich Nietzsche Can Alkor
  • ISBN: 9789944887335
  • Page: 452
  • Format: Paperback
  • S z geli i bir umac de ilim ben, bir t rensel korkuluk da de ilim, stelik bug ne de in, erdemli diye sayg duyulan insan t r ne ayk r bir yarad l tay m S z aram zda gururumu kabartan da bu durum olsa gerek.Bilge Dionysos un meziyim ben, bir ermi olmaktansa bir satir olmak ye dir benim i in.Bu yaz okunsun yeter Bu yaz , apa k, insansever bir tutum i inde, bu aykS z geli i bir umac de ilim ben, bir t rensel korkuluk da de ilim, stelik bug ne de in, erdemli diye sayg duyulan insan t r ne ayk r bir yarad l tay m S z aram zda gururumu kabartan da bu durum olsa gerek.Bilge Dionysos un meziyim ben, bir ermi olmaktansa bir satir olmak ye dir benim i in.Bu yaz okunsun yeter Bu yaz , apa k, insansever bir tutum i inde, bu ayk r l sergilemekten ba ka bir amac m yoktur insanl d zeltmek verebilece im son s z olurdu san r m.Friedrich Nietzsche

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      452 Friedrich Nietzsche Can Alkor
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    1 thought on “Ecce Homo: Kişi Nasıl Kendisi Olur

    1. For whom am I writing this review? If Nietzsche were by my side I suspect he would want me to start with the following quote from Ecce Homo: "To you, the bold venturers and adventurers, and whoever has embarked with cunning sails upon dreadful seas, to you who are intoxicated with riddles, who take pleasure in twilight, whose soul is lured with flutes to every treacherous abyss." If you are, in fact, intoxicated with riddles, take pleasure in twilight, and your soul is lured with flutes to every [...]

    2. این کتاب، یادآور آن آزاده‌جانی است که با خویش، یک فرهنگ زیبا از وارسته‌گی را در برابر تمامی فرهنگ‌های مبهم مطرح می‌سازد. این است انسان، یادبودی از بحران است و مخاطب آن هرکسی است که به همت خویشتن، دگرباره اختیار خویش را بدست گرفته است.

    3. Not really like a traditional autobiography yet very intriguing; the book is satirical. Nietzsche's belief in his own greatness lies in the fact that he has understood the condition of human race unlike any other.Traits of existentialist nihilism could be found in the book as Nietzsche believes that there in no inherent meaning in one's life, rather one's compelled to invent meaning of one's life and then live life accordingly !!!

    4. "فأنا أحمل على كتفيّ قدَر الإنسانيّة.""أعرف قدري ذات يوم سيقترن اسمي بذكرى شيء هائل رهيب؛ بأزمه لم يُعرف لها مثيل علي وجه الارض، أعمق رجة في الوعي فأنا لست إنسانًا، بل عبوة ديناميت. لا أتحدّث البتّة إلى كتلة الجماهير وأشد ما يخيفني هو أن يكرّسني الناس ذات يوم كقداسة: بإمكان الم [...]

    5. I was once asked, if I could meet and have a conversation with one writer/poet/philosopher of any era, dead or alive, whom would I choose? The answer was and always has been Nietzsche. I would sit down and have a hell of a talk with the guy, although, I'm sure, we would end up with our hands on each other's necks.I remember the first time I read something of his, it was Antichrist, 10-odd years ago and my mind was blown. Thus Spoke Zarathustra is perhaps my favorite book ever and I go back to it [...]

    6. الكتاب الذي قرأته في المرة الواحدة مرتينمرة بترجمة علي مصباح، والأخرى بترجمة مجاهد عبدالمنعم مجاهدبالتأكيد سوف أثني على ترجمة علي مصباح خاصة وإنها تحوي على فقرات نادرة لم تنشر في الترجمات الأخرىحسناً، عالم جديد من عوالم نيتشه، عالمه الخاص الذي خطه بيده، يحكي لك بسخرية وسذ [...]

    7. یادگار آخرین سال‌های سلامت روان رو به پریشونی فردریش بزرگ؛ سال‌هایی که کم‌کم خودش هم زنگ شوم این پریشون‌حالی رو شنیده و برای همین شروع کرده به دوره کردن حاصل ایام. کتابی که زندگی‌نامه هست و البته همه نیست؛ فلسفه هست و البته شاید نیست؛ ادبیات هست و البته باز هم شاید نیست؛ دا [...]

    8. ما من نظرة لتعبر عن المهابة التي أستحق، فأنا أحمل على كتفيّ قدر الإنسانيةأعرف قدري، ذات يوم سيقترن اسمي بذكرى شيء هائل رهيب؛ بأزمة لم يعرف لها مثيل على وجه الأرض.هل هناك من يعرف مخرجًا من هذا المأزق سواي؟ ترنون بأعينكم إلى الأعالي وأنتم تطلبون العُلى، وأنظر إلى الأسفل لأنني [...]

    9. Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) began the composition of this most unusual book on his 44th birthday, October 15, 1888, the last birthday before he believed himself to be the King of Italy, then Napoleon, then God, ultimately sliding into the final catatonic phase in which he passed the remaining 11 years of "life". Ecce Homo (Behold the Man), his last book, has as subtitle Wie man wird, was man ist (How one becomes what one is). It is a final summary of the significance of Nietzsche the prophet [...]

    10. I was a very serious student during the last two years at Grinnell College. Senior year had a pattern of working in the library all day, going to the work-study job at its Pub Club at night, heading back to the Vegetarian Coop after cleaning up the bar to study in until too weary to continue. It was then that I seriously read Goethe's Faust, most of Nietzsche and, of course, a lot of C.G. Jung, particularly his alchemical writings.Until the very end of senior year I had no girlfriend. Indeed, I [...]

    11. Ecce Homo, a short philosophical autobiography easy to read, throws a raw light on Nietzsche's work, that emanating from an acute awareness of imminent madness held in reverence by an impressive megalomaniac power This does not alter the intellectual quality of the work, in which the author recounts the genesis of his texts, but especially the way it is perceived. Even if it is never said clearly, we can guess a certain lucidity about its limits which allows the thinker to transcend not self but [...]

    12. Nietzsche struck me like a bolt from the blue in my transition to adulthood. There was one darkly heroic phrase from The Birth of Tragedy that stuck: ein Pessimismus der Stärke, a pessimism that springs from power. Now that I’m rediscovering Nietzsche this dichotomy has lost nothing of its relevance. And I admire, no I love this man for having been able to keep these opposing forces in balance, at least for a while. In my younger years I didn’t read Ecce Homo, partly because the book has su [...]

    13. العهد القديم - العهد الجديد - عهد نيتشة هسه شتريد عمو ؟لا مراجعة !

    14. هذا هو الإنسانهذا هو نيتشه!ذلك المجنون/العبقرىلن أزعم أننى قد فهمت كل ماجاء به نيتشه فى كتابه,خاصةً أن الترجمةالتى بحوزتى ابخست الكتاب حقه من فرط سوءهاولكن,لنكن واضحين بشأن الكتابمن استطاع ان يفهم نيتشه كليةً؟هو نفسه قالها فى كتابهان ظننت أنك قد فهمت ما أريد قوله فأنت واهم ب [...]

    15. I first read Nietzsche at 18 (ish) when I was studying for my A ‘Levels. I thought his alternative position on morality was ‘totally radical man’ (it was the 90’s) and his philosophy got my heart racing. I remember being astonished, amazed and inspired by him. Fast forward a few *cough* years and I am not quite so enamoured with old Nietzsche. Having re-read ‘Beyond Good and Evil recently I was all ‘Nietzsche! Stop fucking me in the psyche with your egotistical nonsense!’ That’s [...]

    16. هضم جملاتش برام کمی سخت بود. شاید الان زود بود واسم که خوندن این کتاب رو شروع کنمبعدها باز دوباره میخونمش

    17. It is certainly hard to review the last book of the greatest man ever lived. Ecce Homo, is Nietzsche’s interpretation of his works shortly before his madness. The book has divided into 15 small chapters with stunning names starting with ‘why I am so wise’ and ending with ‘why I am a Destiny’. There is no doubt in Nietzsche’s greatness; however, he could be viewed as arrogant and self-centered by some readers who are not realized that all he did was to emphasize in his extraordinary f [...]

    18. Well this is one of those difficult books to review. Nietzche's extensive influence on contemporary thought is certainly without question. This book is itself quite a funny read on its satirical level. However, it exaggerates for effect Nietzsche's belief in his own greatness, so while it may be technically overstated in the book, Nietzsche believes the underlying point: that he has understood the misdirection of the human race unlike any who have ever been created. Where 2000 years of human bei [...]

    19. فريدريك نيتشه ، اللاأخلاقي الأول ، المتنكر للذات ، الألماني المنُحاز للبشرية دون الألمان ، المدعي الأكبر بألوهيته ، المُتجرد من كل ما هو بشري ، و المؤمن بأنه وحده يحمل قدر الإنسانية و الوحيد من أدرك الحقيقة ، و أن كتبه هي الخلاص ! لن تحتاج أكثر من صفحة حتى ترى كم يبدو نيتشه متص [...]

    20. فى البداية فإن نيتشه يعفيك تماما من حرج عدم فهمه و هو فى ذلك يستفزك إلى أقصى درجات الإستفزاز.الكتاب هو السيرة الذاتية الفكرية لنيتشه يعرض فيها لأعماله و تطورها الفكرى مبديا إفرادا خاصا لما يعتبرها رائعته وهى "هكذا تكلم زرادشت"نيتشه له مصطلحاته الخاصة والتى إن استوعبتها أصبح [...]

    21. هذا الكتاب هو مدخل من صاحب الفلسفة إلى فلسفته، وهو أشبه بالسيرة الذاتية ينطق بها صاحبها عن نفسه وعن مؤلفاته ويمهد لها في نسق متسلسل خطة للقراءة ، فجدير بالمريد الولوج إلى عالمه أن يبتدئ كتبه بهذا الكتاب الذي ينظمها في نسق ويومي إليها بحسب تسلسلها ومواضيعها وأهميتها.ليس المه [...]

    22. Oh Nietzsche how arrogant you are, how little you think of everyone but you. How bad the world is to you. You are such a cynic. I understand that you are bitter due to having been sick and weak most of your life and that you had visions due to migraine. At times it is very entertaining to read how you bash everyone (especially Germans and Christians) but then again it's annoying as it repeats itself over and over and over and over again.

    23. إن من يفكر أنه قد فهم شيئاً من كتابي يكون قد فسر شيئاً فيه وفق صورته , ومن لم يفهم شيئاً من كتابي ينكر عليّ أي اعتبار وقدر على الإطلاق . إن القراءة( العادية) لأعمالي( تُفسد) ذوق الإنسان . حيث ترون الأشياء مثالية أرى الأشياء إنسانية , ويا للأسى ! إنسانية جداً . _________________________________________ [...]

    24. I can't pretend to like Nietzsche. I know it is trendy to see him as not nearly as reactionary or as right-wing as he might have been considered in the past when he was viewed as one of the philosophical ancestors of the Nazis, and it is true that is unfair - but all the same, he is pretty reactionary.I could never read his stuff as if it was just about psychology, I could not avoid the 'most men are sheep and need to be lead' ideas and see these as a call for the superman to have the will to po [...]

    25. Tüm kitaplarından sonra yazmış olduğu,ama diğerlerinden önce okunununca kitaplarla ilgili okuma isteğini arttırabileceğini tahmin ettiğim Nietzsche kitabı. Yalnız yine içindeki anti-kadın söylemlere çok fazla tahammül edemedim. İyi ve kötü değerlerin ters yüz edilmesi fikri, dini ve toplumsal değerlerin alt üst edilmesi konusu, hemen hemen tüm kitaplarında mevcut. Nietzsche-okur biri için yeni şeyler değil. Fakat işte şu kadın meselesine gelince anlaşamıyoruz k [...]

    26. Tanrı'nın ölümü,üstinsan,dekadans,bengi dönüş,güç istenci vs. derken; gerçekten de çekiçle yapıyor Nietzsche felsefeyi.Kafamıza balyoz gibi iniyor aforizmaları.Onun aforizmalarını nasıl okumamız gerektiğini de şöyle özetliyor:"Beni iyi okumayı öğrenin;yavaş,derin,özenli ve dikkatli,satır aralarıyla,açık kapılar bırakarak,duyarlı parmaklarla ve gözlerle okuyun."Dilerim Nietzsche,yerleşmiş,kalıplaşmış fikirlerimize birer pencere açsın;çekiciyle bunlar [...]

    27. مراجعة كتاب *هذا هو الإنسان* للفيلسوف الألماني *فريدريش نيتشه*في البداية ظننت هذا الكتاب هو ما يعادل كتاب الاعترافات لروسو ، و لكن اتضح أنه يختلف كثيراً عن اعترافات روسو و يقتصر على سرد تجارب نيتشه مع مؤلفاته كلها و تدوين الظروف الشخصية التي مر بها إبان كتابة تلك المؤلفات ، و [...]

    28. كتاب هذا الإنسان/ نيتشهلم يكن يفترض بي أن أبدأ بهذا الكتاب لنيتشه ولكنه وقع صدفة بين يدييلقي نيتشه في هذا الكتاب المكون من 200 صفحة من الحجم المتوسط الضوء على رحلة حياته وكتبه بل وحتى أسلوبه في الكتابة حتى لا يساء فهمه على نحو ما تنبأ به وما حدث له بالفعلوهو يستهدف إحداث إنقلاب [...]

    29. Let's play a Nietzsche drinking* game, shall we? Every time Nietzsche says something unbelievably pompous, take a drink.Actually, better just play this with water or juice or something or else you're going to be drunk off your bottom.It's almost comical how highly Nietzsche thinks of himself, but I actually respect him for it. As an atheist and an existentialist, he was the highest form in his world. In fact, I don't understand why more atheists don't take the lack of an objective moral standard [...]

    30. هذا اول كتاب اقراءه لنيتشه واظن بانني ساقراءه مره ثانيه لافهم اكثر عن هذا الفيلسوف في هذا الكتاب يتكلم لنا نيتشه عن نفسه واعماله وانتقاده لألمانيا وفاجنر وكذالك انتقاده لنفسه بالنسبة لي افضل قراءة اعماله بالأول لفهم نيتشه اكثر واكثر في هذا العمل خصوصاً لأنه كتب هذا الكتاب ف [...]

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