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Home Five went by Land Five went by Sea Nine made it Home Home book three in the bestselling Stranded Series sees the teens not only fighting for their own lives but for the lives of their families as

  • Title: Home
  • Author: Theresa Shaver
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 381
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Five went by Land, Five went by Sea Nine made it Home.Home, book three in the bestselling Stranded Series, sees the teens not only fighting for their own lives, but for the lives of their families as well.Alex and Emily s two groups are finally united after making their way home to Canada from Disneyland, but a peaceful, happy homecoming is not to be The survivors are shFive went by Land, Five went by Sea Nine made it Home.Home, book three in the bestselling Stranded Series, sees the teens not only fighting for their own lives, but for the lives of their families as well.Alex and Emily s two groups are finally united after making their way home to Canada from Disneyland, but a peaceful, happy homecoming is not to be The survivors are shocked to learn that their town is under siege and their families are both prisoners and slaves After sneaking through town and the farms they grew up on, they witness the pain and suffering to which their families, friends and neighbours are being subjected The group of teens have to decide just how far they are willing to go to save them Vastly outnumbered, they need every advantage they can get if they have any chance to free their people Life sucks when you are Home, but still Stranded.

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    1 thought on “Home

    1. I had already read the first two books in this series, and so my natural tendency is to continue to the end of the series. With this particular series, I have been in awe of the talent of the author. The realism and portrayal of humanity at is core has kept me coming back as I follow along with each group of students as they escape California during a total technological meltdown that literally paralyzes the North American Continent. With the ending of the last two books fresh in my mind, I was [...]

    2. After an EMP hit ten students fight to get home to Canada from Southern California. Five go by land and five by sea. Those journeys are told in books 1 and 2 of this series this is what they find when they get home.The friends all thought all would be good once they made it home. What they find is that their town has been taken over by a gang who is holding all the people hostage. The fight is not over yet as they plan to save their town.The characters continue to evolve in this book. We find ou [...]

    3. Home - Stranded BK 3 I loved this book the best of the series so far. Lots of tears, and some good humour thrown in as well. I look forward to the continuation of the series and hope my favorite characters are still in it.The editing in this one was not as good as the first two books but still decent. Again- I truly wished for a map. The trend had one and it would have been awesome to have a growing map that additions were made to in each off the chapters.

    4. So I kind of was picturing the other guy getting shot and Alex living happily ever after with the therefore uninjured guy. But unfortunately it didn't happen how I wanted (trying to not spoil things for peoples). I was kind of disappointed therefore for the ending of the actual shot teen, because they were my favorite (next to Dara). Aside from that I liked the book but it still felt a little easy at least for the end battle where Alex and her friends took back the town.

    5. HomeI would like to think that an EMP going off wouldn't turn the world into such total chaos. I mean we existed before everything went so electronic and I think we still know how to live that way. I also don't think that all could have taken place in six weeks. But it was an entertaining story and I liked the characters. Just not too realistic.

    6. As with all of Theresa's book that I have read I really enjoyed this. There are typos and spelling errors. Amd yes some of it can be a bit unrealistic. But I still love her books. Can't wait to read the rest.

    7. Loved it!Loved it so much that bread it in less than 8 hrs. OMG, can't believe it! Let's start the next book in the series.

    8. Stranded SeriesThis series was really good, about high-schoolers from Canada on a Disneyland trip when an EMP strikes and their trials during their journey home.

    9. It gets better and betterEach book continues to deliver a great story that has evolved in a magnificent way. Great read. I couldn't put it down.

    10. ExcellentAnother fantastic book in the series. I enjoyed this book as much as the first two. Really looking forward to reading the next book.

    11. Don't you just hate when you start reading a series and get invested in the characters and then before you can say plot twist something happens that gets you so upset with the book. All you can say is what was the author thinking?? Why did she do that!!! Well that is how I felt when reading book 3 Home. Characters evolve and you find them in the soft spot in your heart and whammy, devastation. It didn't stop me from reading but left my emotions raw. Like the first two books in the series, this o [...]

    12. GreatBook three was awesome. Alex and Quinn finally opened up about there feeling for each other. and they got their town back.

    13. This is the third in a series of 3 books about a group of Canadian teenagers who must find their way home from a school trip to Disneyland, after an EMP event. Book 1 - Land - follows the five or six who choose to hit the road and find their way through California, up to Canada, and then some. I applaud the strong female characters, who are not totally dependent on the males to save them.Book 2 - Sea - is about the group who think they would do better to find a boat and sail from California to C [...]

    14. I read all 3 books in order. I will copy this review for each book. A trilogy. This is about a class group that's in California while an EMP hits the USA. they want to go home. Their decisions slit and leaves two groups of sixteen years olds trying to get home. Book # one "Land", is about the several teens that go to Canada over land. They have battles with several gangs & people. Plus teenage crushes on each other. Book #2 Sea is just as good. This young group goes to Canada by choice of th [...]

    15. I hate to say this, but I was disappointed with this book. Ever since I read Land about a year ago, I've been eagerly awaiting the rest of the books in the series. It seems like they've progressively gotten less awesome as they've been released. Land was amazing, Sea was decent, City was alright, and Home is just disappointing for me. There were some editing issues that were annoying, but I can overlook that. I think what got me the most was how unnatural the dialogue and writing felt at times. [...]

    16. This book wraps up the story of the two groups that we followed in the first two books of the stranded series. I felt that the teens were acting just as they should after their varied experiences. Some changed a lot, some discovered things about themselves that they never knew, and some simply showed what they had been all along. They felt real to me. There are some books where the teens just jump on in and are already equipped for everything that happens, but these characters evolved. It was ni [...]

    17. Story is okay and has a satisfying (albeit it, quick) ending. I agree that the first book was the strongest and it went a little downhill from there. Being a writing teacher, it was easy for me to spot errors, and I started skimming to avoid becoming distracted and annoyed. Although the writing was reminiscent of my middle school students because of the nature of the errors: lack of sentence variety (length and beginnings), misuse of apostrophes, random capitalization, etc the storyline was stil [...]

    18. Excellent EMP apocalyptic series.This book in the series deals with 2 out of ten 3 groups who get home within days of each other only to find that bad guys have enslaved their family and friends and held hostages so they can relax while the citizens do all the work, including building, planting crops, and waiting on these disgusting life forms who kill without compunction.The kids team up and watch these bad guys to plan a well executed rescue. Not everything goes as planned though. They are in [...]

    19. In this third book in the series, the teenagers who have made it home to Canada following the EMP while they were at Disneyland reunite and have to fight to rescue the citizens of their small farm community from the gang that has taken over the town by force and is using the people as slave labor. The teens once again face terrifying challenges and use their wits and courage to survive. One book left

    20. I've enjoyed the series & hope there is more to come. The story did seem to need a little more at the end. The author left me wanting more info. At least tell us what happens to Mrs. Moore & the kids hunkered down at Disney. I thought the kids plan was good & resolved things pretty well. It would have been interesting to know a little more about what their parents thought about their young warriors and their journey. Keep 'em coming.

    21. Home to rescue their familiesThis entry in the series brought all our heroes and heroines together to rescue their town and families. For me this one had a lot of description of what they were planning and I didn't get as involved until the end which was very exciting. I will definitely continue with the next one.

    22. Ok very disappointede other books were awesome but this last one seemed so rushed and with out the great wow moments. Seemed like all they did was climb trees and end with an easy rescue.

    23. Thank you Ms.Shaver for keeping this series going. I think you had the characters make some good choices and you've shown how people can grow stronger when times are tough. I look forward to reading more from you. Please keep writing.

    24. Love Your Books!Rereading all your books! Can't wait to buy them in print! I also grew up on a farm. I think farm kids are so much stronger and learn so many life lessons early on! Thank You!

    25. Great book!After reading the previous books in this series, I enjoyed reading this one where the kids came together and made plans to help their families . They grew up and were strong in doing what was right. Easily read and entertaining. Great book.

    26. AwesomenessThis is a must read series. It's full of emotions and the growing up of the young teens as they make decisions that no teen should ever have to make

    27. So much action ! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time !!!! And boy did the tears come !!! This is just an amazing series !!!!

    28. This third in the series book was ok. It was similar to the first two, but did manage to bring the story line together. I found it fairly engaging.

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