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City of Angels or, The Overcoat of Dr. Freud

City of Angels or The Overcoat of Dr Freud The stunning final novel from East Germany s most acclaimed writerThree years after the fall of the Berlin Wall the writer Christa Wolf was granted access to her newly declassified Stasi files Known

  • Title: City of Angels or, The Overcoat of Dr. Freud
  • Author: Christa Wolf Damion Searls
  • ISBN: 9780374534295
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Paperback
  • The stunning final novel from East Germany s most acclaimed writerThree years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the writer Christa Wolf was granted access to her newly declassified Stasi files Known for her defiance and outspokenness, Wolf was not especially surprised to discover forty two volumes of documents produced by the East German secret police But what was surprThe stunning final novel from East Germany s most acclaimed writerThree years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the writer Christa Wolf was granted access to her newly declassified Stasi files Known for her defiance and outspokenness, Wolf was not especially surprised to discover forty two volumes of documents produced by the East German secret police But what was surprising was a thin green folder whose contents told an unfamiliar and disturbing story in the early 1960s, Wolf herself had been an informant for the Communist government And yet, thirty years on, she had absolutely no recollection of it Wolf s extraordinary autobiographical final novel is an account of what it was like to reckon with such a shocking discovery Based on the year she spent in Los Angeles after these explosive revelations, City of Angels is at once a powerful examination of memory and a surprisingly funny and touching exploration of L.A a city strikingly different from any Wolf had ever visited Even as she reflects on the burdens of twentieth century history, Wolf describes the pleasures of driving a Geo Metro down Wilshire Boulevard and watching episodes of Star Trek late at night Rich with philosophical insights, personal revelations, and vivid descriptions of a diverse city and its citizens, City of Angels is a profoundly humane and disarmingly honest novel and a powerful conclusion to a remarkable career in letters.

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    2. There are a handful of older female writers about whom I find myself thinking, I wish she had been my university tutor, or my aunt - Iris Murdoch, Byatt, Sontag. And now Christa Wolf. Perhaps an odd thing to say in a review of a book about a huge mistake or flaw, and its psychological suppression, that very few would ever want to admit to: after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Wolf discovered via files that 30 years earlier, she had been an informant to the Stasi, and she couldn't remember a thing [...]

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    4. What a hidden gem. This book is ostensibly an autobiographical novel about the author coming to terms with the fact that she spied on her fellow citizens in the early days of the new East German government--and her examination of her own files. But it is so much more that that. It is a subtle look at self deception, memory, secrets, commitment to one's values and the contrast between one's inner and outer life. The book is not a fast read. Insights are interspersed throughout. I thought there wo [...]

    5. Wichtig um die Emotionen der "ossi" zur Wende zu verstehen Mir wichtige Zitate:S.23 Alexanderplatz 4.11.89. Ordner in orange Schärpen: KEINE GEWALT. du konntest nicht wissen dass auf den Dachboden Volksarmee stationiert war mit scharfer Munition. Falls Demonstranten vereinbarte Route verlassen und zum Brandenburger Tor durchbrechen sollten. S.25 ich durfte an einer der seltenen Revolutionen in der deutschen Geschichte teilnehmen, das hat mir Zweifel genommen, ob es richtig war dageblieben zu se [...]

    6. Een indrukwekkend boek dat me lang bij zal blijven. De persoonlijke geschiedenis van de schrijfster komt samen met de politieke geschiedenis van (oost) Duitsland. Haar verhaal roept meer vragen op dan dat het beantwoord: Waarom verdwijnen bepaalde herinneringen? Is het beter om een mooi ideaal dat in de dagelijkse praktijk verandert in een afschuwelijke dictatuur van binnenuit te veranderen of veel harder actie te ondernemen? Hoe kies je wat goed is? Waarom is het zo moeilijk om je vaderland te [...]

    7. Christa Wolf passed away in December 2011 and these news reminded me that i had yet to read a book of hers. When i was young, she visited my school to read from one of her latest publications. Back then i even wrote a school newspaper article about her lecture. Last winter, this book fell into my hands and it intrigued me that Christa Wolf was writing about a time of her life when she was living on the West Coast, a detail of her personal story that i had not even been aware of. I was very curio [...]

    8. "The Overcoat of Dr. Freud" by Christa Wolf gives readers an up close and personal view into the mind of an elderly woman looking back at her life, and trying to come to terms with all that she has experienced. I felt as I read the book, that I was literally wading at times through regret. This was not an easy read, but not all novels are meant for entertainmentme are meant to expand our minds, and though I don't agree with Ms. Wolf's world view in many ways, I feel I have grown as a person from [...]

    9. Ms. Wolf was invited to attend a workshop in LA just when the GDR was dissolved. She has left us her impressions of Los Angeles, the US and the 'culture' we have now; the loss of faith she and her friends experienced post-GDR, and the way Westerners and the US reacted to the post-Wall and post-USSR era, as though the reunification were an unmitigated triumph, forgetting about the sense of loss and diminution this evoked in the GDR. This isn't a novel in the sense of inventiveness or dramatic arc [...]

    10. I read this fictionalized memoir by the East German writer in English, a 2013 publication from Farrar, Straus Giroux which doesn't seem to recognize. It is a confusing book, in which the author tries to make sense of her experiences as a visiting scholar at, I am guessing, the Getty Center, in Santa Monica and also of the revelation that she informed on comrades to the East German secret police at a time in her past. The unsealing of secret Stasi files has made her -- and people back in the reu [...]

    11. This book had so many layers, and made me think so deeply - not only about the fall of the Berlin wall and Germany's history both pre and post that event. But also about the nature of depression, reading, conversations about literature, travel, America of the last few years and being an expat. Added to that was Wolf's intimate portrayal of the discovery that she contributed, however unwittingly, to collection of information by the Stasi and East German governments. Fascinating and incredibly tho [...]

    12. "Анджелина нямаше отношение към възрастта. Нейно беше цялото време на света. Искаше да прехвърли своето лекомислие и на мен. Искаше да се наслаждавам на полета. Искаше да погледна надолу и сбогувайки се, да запаметязавинаги разкошното очертание на залива, белия пенест ръб, [...]

    13. Wichtiges Buch, aber definitiv nicht das Buch von Christa Wolf, das mensch als Erstes lesen sollte. Für mich: sehr langsames, mühsames Lesen, aber mit einer Unmenge angestrichener Stellen. Einzelne Gedanken, die mich noch sehr lange verfolgen werden, aber das Buch als Gesamtwerk ist weniger stark als ihre anderen Bücher.

    14. This double-titled novel was Wolf’s last. One part of the title refers to the novel's setting (and a character's role) and the other part is a metaphor for comfortable, private confession. The German writer was born in 1929 so she was four when Hitler came to power and 16 when the Third Reich collapsed and Hitler killed himself. She became an adult in the German Democratic Republic (East Germany), first a zealous socialist and later a skeptical even dissident citizen-writer when it came to the [...]

    15. Dieses Buch ist mir nicht leicht gefallen. Als erstes Buch von Christa Wolf war es vielleicht nicht ganz das richtige, zumal ich auch vor dem Lesen wenig über die Autorin wusste und erst im Laufe des Buchs angefangen habe zu recherchieren. Dieses Buch ist gewebt aus Teilen des realen Lebens von Christa Wolf jedoch auch aus reiner Fiktion. Was wirklich wieweit der Wahrheit entspricht, kann man nicht wissen, und dieses Ungewisse bringt mich beim Lesen ins Grübeln. Um sich besser zurecht zu finde [...]

    16. The story has a lot that is close to my heart: working your mind and heart through the end of the GDR, Los Angeles, Germans escaping from holocaust and war, Villa Aurora, living on Third in Santa Monica. But still it was hard to read. I could not relate to the non-excitement of Christa Wolf about seeing sunsets at the Pacific, being close to the mountains, driving PCH or the Canyons, going to Musso & Frank, about beauty and nature. As a left socialist she could only be irritated by the place [...]

    17. "It’s about memories, about how we remember"There's something particularly painful about this book as it details the struggle of an elderly woman, her physical powers failing her, making sense of her past and the digestion of her country into the "free world." Ironically this reflection on the disintegration of East Germany, of Communism and her own reputation, happens from the unlikely distance of the USA where Wolf finds herself on a writer's scholarship. During her time in Los Angeles Wolf' [...]

    18. كولخوز تعني نوعاً من التعاونيات الفلاحية التي راجت في الاتحاد السوفياتي السابق

    19. Dit heb ik opgegeven na 100 bladzijden. De protagonist boeide me niet (meer) en er waren onnavolgbare gedachtelijnen, zinnen en uitweidingen. Ik voelde me steeds dommer worden.

    20. Threaded thickly with melancholy, loneliness, giddiness.p.20: "Rush hour. We had to become one with this thousand-eyed creature of legend in two equal parts, five lanes each, racing toward each other and then past each other, seemingly missing each other by a hair's breadth; had to attune our spirit to the other parts of this creature driving along in front of us, behind us, to either side--a creature that ruled us all and cruelly punished every individual movement, every mistake, as we saw show [...]

    21. full-stop/2013/04/10/rReview by Michael SchapiraThere are many lessons that can be drawn from the cases of the late Christa Wolf and of Günter Grass, arguably the two most important figures of post-war German literature. For decades both occupied a unique position of moral and artistic authority on the world stage. Both attempted in their writings to work meaningfully though a history so beset with atrocities that nuanced accounts can too often be edged out by more psychologically and emotional [...]

    22. Ultima carte a autoarei Christa Wolf, Orașul îngerilor sau The Overcoat of Dr. Freud (traducere prefaţă şi note de Iulia Dondorici, Editura Univers, 2013) a picat ca un obuz peste lumea literară din Germania și mai apoi a fost tradusă în numeroase limbi. Cunoscuta romancieră germană se dezvăluie în acest roman parțial autobiografic și vorbește despre un trecut pe care și-l asumă, dar pe care nu-l dorește definitoriu pentru viața ei. Crescută în Germania nazistă, autoarea t [...]

    23. Türkçe adı: Melekler Şehri yada Dr.Freud'un paltosu Çev. İlknur ÖzdemirSürekleyici bir olay örgüsü olmadığı için ele alıp bırakılamayan kitaplardan değil ama buna rağmen sonuna kadar kendini okutturan bir kitap. Yazar Christa Wolf Berlin duvarı yıkılmadan öncekendisi de bir komunist olmasına rağmen rejimi eleştiren bir muhalif. Duvar yıkıldıktan sonra stasi ye kısa bir dönem muhbirlik yaptığını gösteren belgeler yüzünden , uzun sureli davetli olarak gittiğ [...]

    24. ich weiß nicht, ob ich je einen text gelesen habe, in dem die erzählstimme so sehr ehrlich zu sich selbst ist und sein möchte, ohne dass es irgendwie gekünstelt und angestrengt rüberkommt. ich empfand das als etwas schönes und würde sagen, dass es sich allein deswegen lohnt, den roman zu lesen. die erinnerungsstücke, vergegenwärtigungen von vergangenem sind interessant; es geht sehr viel auch im deutschsprachige kulturgeschichte. die erzählerin ist in l.a. nicht nur auf ihren eigenen s [...]

    25. Most highly recommended. If you generally want more differentiation in your own thinking this book will help you to achieve that. It clearly helps to move away from a black and white thinking to a much more colourful picture of life and what we see around us. The most important part of this book to me is how she deals with the allegations by the media against the author relating to a conversation she had 30 years ago. So very thought provoking and challenging to understand her thoughts. Also an [...]

    26. I will never finish this book. It started out interesting. Germany infused. Oh the Ossie and the Wessie should be friends. The Ossie and Wessie world views should meld into a new Germany. But the book falls flat and spins in circles. I certainly could not get out of its author's self involved thought patterns.

    27. Must read more Christa Wolf! Absolutely loved this one. There are so many layers to the book: living in "exile", reunification, Stasi-files, loyalty, German herditary guilty conscience I've enjoyed this book a lot more than I thought I would - and was actually sad when I finished it. MUST. READ. MORE. CHRISTA. WOLF!

    28. Having grown up in Santa Monica I found the novel very interesting. Twice she refers to the bay as "Malibu Bay" then towards the end she correctly calls it "Santa Monica Bay". Read the book at the San Pedro Library "A Gift from the Friends of San Pedro Regional Library".

    29. Große Gesamtbilanz. Nicht eigentlich ein Roman und teilweise sich etwas ziehend und wiederholend, aber trotzdem interessant, wenn man sie (abschließend) über ihr Leben, ihre Zeiten und ihr Land nachdenken lesen will.

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