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Lobo Vermelho

Lobo Vermelho Sob um c u negro de inverno a morte espera pacientemente No Norte da Su cia no pequeno povoado de Lule um jornalista brutalmente assassinado Para a rep rter do Correio da Tarde de Estocolmo Annika

  • Title: Lobo Vermelho
  • Author: Liza Marklund Vasco Gato
  • ISBN: 9789720043740
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sob um c u negro de inverno a morte espera pacientemente No Norte da Su cia, no pequeno povoado de Lule , um jornalista brutalmente assassinado.Para a rep rter do Correio da Tarde de Estocolmo, Annika Bengtzon, n o h qualquer d vida de que o crime est relacionado com a investiga o de um ataque a uma base a rea ocorrido nos anos sessenta Mas esta ser apenas a primeirSob um c u negro de inverno a morte espera pacientemente No Norte da Su cia, no pequeno povoado de Lule , um jornalista brutalmente assassinado.Para a rep rter do Correio da Tarde de Estocolmo, Annika Bengtzon, n o h qualquer d vida de que o crime est relacionado com a investiga o de um ataque a uma base a rea ocorrido nos anos sessenta Mas esta ser apenas a primeira de uma s rie de mortes acompanhadas de um carta manuscrita aos familiares Contra ordens expl citas do chefe, Annika decide continuar a investiga o por sua pr pria conta e risco, envolvendo se numa espiral de viol ncia e terrorismo que tem por tr s um grupo de seguidores da filosofia Mao que se autodenomina As Feras.Chegar o momento em que a jovem rep rter ser obrigada a rever as suas prioridades de vida Mas n o ser tarde de mais

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      275 Liza Marklund Vasco Gato
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    1 thought on “Lobo Vermelho

    1. This book is actually 5th in a series.which I didnt realise until I was half way through lol.The series is based on the reporter Annika Bengzton, the stories she does and her family.Even though I haven't read any of the other books I still really enjoyed this.All throughout it I kept getting images of The Girl With the Dragon Tattooybe because it was based in Sweden but also it just had the same feel to it. (Along with the hard to pronounce names [:)])Also the same as The Girl With the Dragon Ta [...]

    2. Okay, this bit before the review is really an angry rant about publishing. Honestly what is with you publishers? Releasing book five in a series, at least in America, before releasing the other ones? How does this make sense? Fix it!I first heard about Marklund though a reviewer here at that I follow. At that time, Marklund's series was not availble in the U.S because we American are illiterate readers, because I don't know. The books are up on , but a 25 dollar paperback is WAAAAAAAAAAY out of [...]

    3. "Indépendence. Je suis mon propre maître."Depois de ter lido o "Homicídio no Parque" fiquei com expectativas demasiado elevadas para os restantes livros da autora, da série da Annika Bengtzon. Tendo os seus livros duas ordens distintas - a ordem de publicação e a ordem cronológica da história - é difícil escolher como os vamos ler. O ideal seria a ordem de publicação. Porém, a minha pesquisa sobre a autora e a sua obra foi consequência do impacto da leitura do seu primeiro livro pu [...]

    4. This was a task to read but I guess it's really cold up there in the Netherlands! I suppose these authors will nowbecome the rage after Larsson and Nesbo have braved the Atlantic and hit pay dirt here in the USA! This is an amazing weave of spy vs.Spy vs. Spy. and misdirection, wrong turns, bad decisions, and misplaced loyalties that just make us glad that we the reader live easier less complicated lives. ( seriously) I discovered them 5 or so years ago and been on a one woman rant about them! N [...]

    5. This book contains everything I love about Swedish crime fiction. First of all the crimes are realistic based in everyday human emotions. Anotherwords there isn’t some grand scheming mad man with super intelligence out to prove to the world and police that he is smarter than them. He doesn’t purposely tease the powers that be to catch him. I find to much of American crime fiction is dedicated to this type of criminal, and consequently it ends up being boring by trying to be sensationalistic. [...]

    6. PROTAGONIST: Annika BengztonSETTING: SwedenSERIES: #5 of 5RATING: 3.25At one time, Annika Bengzton was the head of the crime team at a leading Swedish newspaper. Currently, she works as an independent investigative reporter, whose bosses don’t always trust her judgment in the stories that she chooses to report. Her current obsession is with an event that occurred 40 years earlier, when a Draken fighter plane exploded at a northern Swedish base. She senses that a cover-up has occurred; as she i [...]

    7. I like to read outside my comfort zone sometimes-it is a great palate cleanser. I found a little gem in Red Wolf by Liza Marklund. Marklund is very famous (and I think deservedly so) in her native Sweden. The angle this book is written from and its' immersion in a culture alien to me made this book fascinating; this did not get five stars only because, as I was telling a friend, it took such a long time to start the fire. There is a point around page 150 when everything starts to click and after [...]

    8. Quando tive conhecimento que ia surgir no mercado português mais um livro de Liza Marklund fiquei felicíssima. Isto porque há uns anos li o primeiro livro da série Annika Bengtzon, publicado pela Presença, e lembro-me de ter gostado muito. Em Homicídio no Parque Annika ainda era uma jovem estagiária num dos principais jornais de Estocolmo quando se viu envolvida na investigação do assassinato de uma jovem stripper. Opinião completa: marcadordelivros/2

    9. Wonderful! I'm really starting to enjoy Annika - her husband is a totally douchebag, though, and I have no idea why she would want him. Great book, though - can't wait to read the rest of them!

    10. Στο βιβλίο “Κόκκινη Λύκαινα” η Liza Marklund παρουσιάζει με τον καλύτερο τρόπο την πολιτική διαφθορά, τα παιχνίδια κάτω απο το τραπέζι των ηγετών και της άλλης εξουσίας, του Τύπου. Μέσα απο την έρευνα της Άνικα εμφανίζονται οι συμφωνίες εξουσίας – Τύπου, και το πώς οι εφημερίδες [...]

    11. Annika Bengtzoni järgmine raamat. Kui "Pommuudises" Annika mulle ei sümpatiseerinud, siis selles raamatus oli ta minu jaoks meeldivam. Pigem ajas nüüd mind vihale tema mees Thomas oma petmisega. Loomulikult ei ole see raamat mingi suhtedraama, vaid ikka krimka. Annika hakkab uurima üht vana lugu ja jõuab ise lahendusele päris lähedale. Samal ajal tal puudub nüüd igasugune toetus töö juurest, ülemus lausa keelab tal juhtumiga tegeleda, arvates, et Annika on pehmelt öeldes peast segi [...]

    12. Some very chilling moments interspersed with some non essential information. I enjoyed the description of the Northern Winter and the very cold, desolate setting. Would make a good movie if they haven't done so already.

    13. A man, born in Sweden near the Arctic Circle, returns to his country after nearly forty years. He has become more comfortable speaking and thinking in French than in his native tongue. He fled Sweden as a young man and now he is returning to die. He needs to see some of the people he knew so well so long ago. He has skills now that he didn’t have then. He is an assassin and he has unfinished businessD WOLF begins a few months after the end of THE BOMBER. Annika Bengtzon has become a free-lance [...]

    14. The fifth book in the Annika Bengtzon series, I've absolutely no idea whether or not the entire series has been translated in order or not. I've sort of lost the plot with this series, probably because the first book - THE BOMBER - didn't appeal a lot. The last I read, PRIME TIME, was better, but a lot of the problem is that Annika, as the main focus, is a character I find it very hard to either warm to, or increasingly raise much interest in.The plot of RED WOLF, that idea of the past having a [...]

    15. Red Wolf, by Liza Marklund, a-minus, Narrated by Jill Tanner, produced by Harper Audio, downloaded from audible.Annika Bengtzon is a crime reporter for a major paper in Stockholm. She decides to investigate a murder of a journalist. She comes to believe that this crime connects to one that occurred 30 years ago, when a plane was blown up on a Swedish air base and someone was killed in the explosion, and the group responsible for the explosion were never caught. The police had a suspect, the lead [...]

    16. One of these days, I'm going to learn to start reading a new-to-me author's books with his/her first. I think it would have been easier to follow had I known more of the backstory contained in Marklund's previous novels. However, this is till a terrific book - exceptionally well written. It's rather dark, sort of a mix of psychological thriller and psychological study. Annika Bengtzon, a journalist who recently suffered at the hands of terrorists herself, has made it her mission to study and rep [...]

    17. Not nearly as good as Last Will, but a thoroughly developed mystery involving Annika Bengtzon solving the attack on a Swedish plane F21 that has never been solved. She arranged a meeting with a journalist up in the northern Swedish town of Lulea about an old case of terrorism – a terrorist attack on a military airport named F21 by a group that called themselves The Beasts. However, when she arrives in Lulea to meet him, she is told that the journalist has been killed in a hit and run accident. [...]

    18. There was a time when my reading was stalled and I was wondering if I should go on. I'm so glad that I did!The book is long with a slow start. Thankfully It picked up the pace after 100 pages or so and then it really engaged my interest as I continued the story. It's fascinating to read about the rebels in the 1960s - I had little idea how China's Revolution and Mao had such far-reaching impact in a country as different as it could be, in this case, Sweden. I have read her first book in the seri [...]

    19. Num maravilhoso cenário de neve no norte da Suécia, deparamo-nos com mais um policial daqueles que valem a pena. Não precisamos de ler muitas páginas para simpatizarmos com a protagonista, que nos conquista com a sua simplicidade e defeitos. Apesar da maior dos capítulos não terem muita ação a história é certinha e agarra-nos. O final não é arrebatador nem é daqueles livros que ficamos com pena de acabar. Mas também não desilude. Foi a minha estreia na autora e vou estar atenta à [...]

    20. Reminded me of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, of course. There were definitely times when I could tell that this was part of a series, but overall I didn't feel like I was missing too much. One day I might go back and look for the previous books. Like The Girl this story took a while to get going but once it did, things moved along pretty rapidly and the story was well told.

    21. More Scandinavian Murder Mystery Mayhem! And Henning Mankell blurbed this one, saying that Marklund is "in a league of her own." Her Annika Bengtzon chases down murderers and terrorists, but she's not some cartoonish heroine. She juggles work with family, and is wracked by anxiety because she was taken hostage in an earlier book. Compelling and complex mystery fun.

    22. I am a huge fan a Nordic mysteries but, this one I found a bit scattered and hard to get into. The beginning 1/2 of the book was difficult to follow and I wondered whether it was because it was the 5th in the series and I had not read any of the previous books. The novel is a political thriller and I feel that, for international readers who may not be familiar with the make-up of the Swedish political structure and the influence of Communism on it's society in the 1950s, that it may have been he [...]

    23. Think I have jumped in somewhere in the middle with this series, which seems not to have appeared in chronological order (which means that some titles have disappeared from shops/libraries). It doesn't matter too much. The Northern Swedish background is interesting and authentic (too authentic for the inhabitants, according to the afterword by the author!) and the political backstory of 1960s Maoists and what happened next is also interesting. The heroine, Annika, appears to be suffering from PT [...]

    24. Questi romanzi con protagonista Annika Bengtzon continuano a non convincermi fino in fondo. Una giornalista di cronaca nera che sembra vivere nel mondo dei campanelli ,k con unha vita privata complicata e non troppo organizzata e che riesce a venire a capo, prima della polizia; di indagini complesse, frammentate e confuse. Sullo sfondo una svezia cupa, fredda e un po' claustrofobica come spesso vediamo anche nella cinematografia.

    25. Ši knyga patiko turbūt labiausiai iš visos Anikos serijos iki šiol. Bet skaitant knygą dažnai apima jausmas, tarsi ji parašyta vyro, nelabai išmanančio moterų psichologijos, elgsenos ir pan. Tai tikrai labai keista

    26. Meeldis, ei meeldinud? Ikkagi meeldis! Mulle lihtsalt meeldivad veidi hullud tegelased ning Annika oli just selline.

    27. kõige lahjem Annika Bengtzoni lugudest, mida ma siiamaani lugenud olen. Ettaimatav, fantaasiavaene, klišeesid täis. Oleks pidanud pooleli jätma, aga ikka lootsin, et lõpus üllatatakse millegagi.

    28. Ännu en beskrivning av det vardagliga livet med allt det innebär av otrohet, terrorister, sex, otrevliga myndigheter och skelett i garderoben. Härligt!

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