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The Gathering

The Gathering Reeling from loss and the sudden appearance of her supernatural powers Arianna Rose is drawn to a new town and sets about starting over She quickly learns however that peace has no place in her lif

  • Title: The Gathering
  • Author: Jennifer Martucci Christopher Martucci
  • ISBN: 9781301931040
  • Page: 262
  • Format: ebook
  • Reeling from loss and the sudden appearance of her supernatural powers, Arianna Rose is drawn to a new town and sets about starting over.She quickly learns, however, that peace has no place in her life, and that the town she s moved to is the center of an evil uprising so great, it it threatens the very fabric of her existence.

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      262 Jennifer Martucci Christopher Martucci
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    1 thought on “The Gathering

    1. Wow what an amazing story i really feel like i seen Arianna become a whole new person in this book the writers really knew how to draw up a strong heroine. I really felt and cared for her when she lost everything and was trying to start alone. Arianna and Desmond need a fire hose i love when couples are written that are truly felt and need each other these two are drawn together like magnets the cheese to her toast.I love the way Arianna is written down to her sarcasm, mannerisms even her vulner [...]

    2. Arianna rents a cabin away from where she lived with her mom. She wants to finish school without all the memories of her mom who just just died two weeks ago. She makes friends really easily which is something she has never done before. It turns out they are evil witches that torture human for fun. Desmond learns more about the prophecy and they realize there are 2 possible outcomes for the prophesy. Desmond's father attempts to kill him to stop him from helping Arianna choose the path of good. [...]

    3. This covers book 2 and book 3 of the series:I like this series very much.I just have one complaint, one big glaring hole in the story this far.So we know there's a prophecy What is it? The information divulged is pretty scattered and vague.Ok, maybe we, the audience don't need all details yet, maybe they'll be told to us later, but Desmond didn't give Arianna herself much information at all! Even though he found out things he didn't know part way through, he didn't give her much info on what he [...]

    4. This book was really great! As soon as I saw it was available, I immediately stopped reading the book I was already committed to. I love the balance between romance, paranormal, and thrills! Just the right amount. I like that this book picked up where the last one left off, and it is so action packed. My favorite part of the book/series is Arianna. I love to see a strong, tough, young woman as a main character. Women, especially the younger girls have terrible role models to look up to. It's ref [...]

    5. This story just keeps getting better. Seems like Arianna finds out more about her supposed destiny in this book and gains some help along the way. There was a moment that had me in my feelings and i was ready to put this book down but i will not give any spoilers and ruin it for anyone. This book answered some questions but also brought about more. I will be reading the next book as well

    6. So far the story is great. My only complaint is that out seems the authors did not take the time to proof read or have someone do so for them. There are a lot of wording mistakes between the first 3 books and I find it frustrating to have to reread a sentence to know what was being portrayed. Otherwise, it's an amazing read.

    7. Pretty goodI like the book and it was well written but I found allot of editorial mistakes. so I'd end up reading sentences over and over cause the word didn't make sense and the books are short.

    8. New twists on the traditional supernatural story and a fresh style of writing make for a great story. The book's non-stop pacingabs the reader's interest and refuses to let go. Jennifer Martucci has a sure-fire winnern't miss this book!

    9. Still a decent series, even if I feel a little silly reading it. The writers have a good story line going, they just need to learn to flesh out more detail around the story, and improve their prose. Each book improves in these areas on the one before. I think there's good promise in these writers.

    10. I am saving a full review for when I am finished the series. Having said that I cannot wait to read the next book to find out how it finishes.

    11. Arianna is a believable girl.Her story is like so many others excepte finds out she a witch. Not only A witch, THE witch.Loved this series.

    12. The Gathering is this far my favorite out of the first three books Great storytelling there were quite a bit of typos but all in all I enjoyed reading this book

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