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Книга за снобите

  • Title: Книга за снобите
  • Author: William Makepeace Thackeray Мария Ранкова
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
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    • [PDF] ✓ Unlimited ↠ Книга за снобите : by William Makepeace Thackeray Мария Ранкова Â
      303 William Makepeace Thackeray Мария Ранкова
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      Posted by:William Makepeace Thackeray Мария Ранкова
      Published :2019-03-13T05:39:35+00:00

    1 thought on “Книга за снобите

    1. Everybody is a snob of some sort. The important thing is to discover just what kind of snob you are and then accommodate yourself to your fault. Thackeray has written a kind of natural history of snobs that assists the identification process. A close reading of this book will save years of therapy.

    2. Given to me by a friend who knows I am a snob about many things (hopefully with humor!), I found this book to be entertaining and in some ways enlightening. Thackeray takes every type of character you could imagine, and discusses the stereotypical "snob" of that group. He does this with wit and humor, and swift rapier cuts that expose to the bone in some cases! Groups include military snobs, university snobs, great city snobs, aristocratic snobs, country snobs, dining-out snobs, literary snobs ( [...]

    3. The Book of Snobs is a collection of weekly columns written in 1848 for Punch magazine By William Makepeace Thackeray. Thackeray may not have invented the word “snob”, but the idea of an upwardly mobile mercantile middle class desperate to appear better born than they had been was still quite new in the 19th century. For a satirist, it was easy pickings.The problem with giving a book a title like The Book of Snobs is that it sets readers’ expectations unreasonably high. This was mildly amu [...]

    4. I've stuck this on my read shelf but (quiet whisper) I haven't actually finished it. The writing is witty, but too repetitive. As an article, it would be great, but as a book it just ends up rehashing the same old ideas and jokes.

    5. A periodically amusing book but many of its sections aren’t apt to have much relevance to modern readers. As a result I skimmed over a number of the chapters and ended up reading (most of) the book in random drips and drabs. In my opinion Thackery did a far better job of satirizing social climbers and inane snobbery in Vanity Fair, and I'd suggest readers interested in sampling his work start there.

    6. The problem with humor of another era is that it doesn't necessarily make sense in another cultural context. Parts of this book were very funny, indeed, and parts were just a little tedious. Recommended only for the very knowledgeable in Victorian literature and culture.

    7. Some chapters were more funny compared to others, but the irony of Thackeray is really well used in this little sarcastic book.Alcuni capitoli erano più divertenti di altri, ma comunque Thackeray utilizza la sua ironia in quantità industriale per riempire questo breve libro di sarcasmo.

    8. 2.5 stars (ok)A fun concept, a nice variety of snobs covered, and a few funny observations about entertaining with snobs, but the numerous references to specific people, places, situations, publications, etc. known to the author seemed to bog down the book and overshadow the illustrations of snobbery. :)

    9. A Régis me mandou esse volume de Natal – ou de dia de Reis (porque os pacotes dela sempre chegam na época de reis) – acompanhado de saquinhos de chá Earl Grey: afinal, para ler O Livro dos Esnobes, é preciso ter toda uma ambientação.Em virtude do clima – mesmo às cinco da tarde, Hellcife é muito quente – preferi tomar o chá gelado. Não sei se foi por conta da minha forma de servir ou se porque não tenho o paladar de um esnobe – o caso é que não fiquei muito fã do earl gre [...]

    10. I love to read the bits about the various types of snobs within society and thinking about who that relates to in my vast family and my circle of friends and it is interesting to see how well they are described and how they fit the author interpretation of that snobiness. I just thought it was so funny how we all have someone who relates to that particular stereotyped snob. You have a chapter about royalty and how they are raised and how people react, then the 'What snobs admire' and how snobbis [...]

    11. Haciendo alarde de una fina y elegante ironía, Thackeray repasa los distintos grupos sociales –desde la realeza a los clubistas y jugadores, pasando por los comerciantes, militares, eclesiásticos, estudiantes, los viajeros o los que viven en el campo-, así como las formas de comportarse en la mesa o el modo de concertar matrimonios de los ingleses, llegando a la conclusión de que esnobs hay en todas partes y lugares.Porque parece que el esnobismo es algo consustancial al ser humano y, de u [...]

    12. Also, schaut mal dieses tolle Cover an. Ich meine da muss das Buch ja fast schon lesen und nun ja, ich habe es getan.Nach Recherche habe ich festgestellt, dass der Autor zu seiner Lebenszeit für die Zeitschrift „Punch“ tätig war und er damals ein Jahr lang Jagd auf die Snobs gemacht hatte und über diese berichtet hatte.Ob das Buch bezüglich Snobs heute noch richtig aktuell ist oder nicht, ist für mich schwierig zu beurteilen. Klar wurden die Geschichten und Erzählungen über seine dama [...]

    13. Thackeray, meilleur romancier que journaliste.À travers une collection d’articles parus dans le journal satirique Punch, Thackeray esquisse le portrait du snob, cet être pompeux, mondain, peu concerné de son prochain et de des imitateurs du snob. Toujours aussi cynique et observateur de (l’hypocrisie) de la société, l’auteur de Vanity Fair décrit avec désinvolture et humour le snob. La posture souvent indignée et l’avalanche de reproches cruelles sont pesantes, Thackeray n’est [...]

    14. I am still working my way through this book. Thackeray wrote it as periodicals for a paper and so there isn't a narrative directly to follow which felt a bit arduous reading it "chapter" by chapter, I have been enjoying it although, Thackeray is deft with his wit and severe with his criticism of "snobs" although as he goes along he begins including himself as a "snob" which initially he denied outright earlier on in the novel. I will write a more comprehensive review when I complete it.

    15. This is a long collection of dated humor, with one joke often repeated. It is not bad. Not in the slightest, I laughed often. It is simply clear to me that it would have been better in its original form, as a serial in Punch, rather than as I read it, as a single volume. It grew tiresome in large doses, and I found myself only half listening to it, because I knew exactly what was going to be said next.

    16. This book was originally published as a series of sketches in Punch before being published in one volume. My edition also contains the illustrations by the author. As the title suggests, this book is about the snobs in British society at the time. Quite witty taking into consideration its era, however generally I found it just ok.

    17. On being a huge fan of "vanity fair", I bought this in the hope that it would be another "can't put down", humorous book. I have to admit, I gave up half way through reading it, as I just didn't seem to "get it" at all. Sorry Thackeray, despite being a 19th century novels fan, I just wasn't keen on this one.

    18. It's a fun book, a compilation of texts from a magazine, maybe because of that it's bette to have it a side and read it from time to time, if not can be a little bit exhausting. But I enjoyed most of it!

    19. Lecture délicieuse. L'ironie, la rapidité, l'observation, tout ce que j'aine s'y trouve. Comme on s'amuse avec les auteurs d'autrefois et comme ils nous consolent des ennuyeux doctrinaires de ce pays devenu si sérieux.

    20. Mordant et rafraichissant, une description au vitriol du snobisme dans l'angleterre de la première moitiée du XIXeme.

    21. Simultaneously dated and spot on. Which of us, nearing 30 (or knocking it, like I have), hasn't suddenly discovered the flattering joy of a lower watt light bulb in public spaces?

    22. An interesting take on Victorian social climbers that's not so different from what happened in the past several years here in America.

    23. The book is a period piece, hence many of the references and obvious jibes went right past me. Although I didn't finish this, I believe that I'll pick it up some day again.

    24. dated vocab. and situations, but spot on with respect to snobs. the resonance with today is striking.

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