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Wake Up Call

Wake Up Call My heart stopped and suddenly it was hard to breathe His voice always had that affect on me It was like poison slowly running through my veins killing me bit by bit Like a drug that I couldn t get en

  • Title: Wake Up Call
  • Author: Victoria Ashley
  • ISBN: 9781490906133
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Paperback
  • My heart stopped and suddenly it was hard to breathe His voice always had that affect on me It was like poison slowly running through my veins, killing me bit by bit Like a drug that I couldn t get enough of, even though I was almost down to my last breath Jace took a step forward and grabbed my hand He slowly trailed his fingers over my face and backed me into the waMy heart stopped and suddenly it was hard to breathe His voice always had that affect on me It was like poison slowly running through my veins, killing me bit by bit Like a drug that I couldn t get enough of, even though I was almost down to my last breath Jace took a step forward and grabbed my hand He slowly trailed his fingers over my face and backed me into the wall My heart stopped again, if that was even possible You can t leave, he whispered I need you His warm breath kissed my lips as he bit his bottom lip and placed both of his hands around my face They were warm and soft to the touch Too big for my fragile face although, I wanted to bury myself in them Breathe There is no one here but the two of us Breathe, he whispered Avery Hale had spent her whole childhood abused by her drunken, drugged up parents Broken from a lifetime of hatred and pain, she grew up realizing that trust and love just didn t exist Not in her world at least After turning the age of eighteen, she packed up and moved far away, determined to escape her painful past and start a new life for herself Once on her own, she comes to the conclusion that the emptiness still exists In order to survive, she found herself mixed up in exotic dancing and meaningless sexual relationships, numb to any emotion, for anyone She was sure that her life was worthless and there was nothing left for her, this was the best it would get After meeting a beautiful stranger, her life suddenly is turned upside down Everything she believed suddenly gets questioned She is left to figure out if there is really to her than she could ever have imagined Jace, having some secrets of his own, puts the pain of his own past behind to do what he can to help Avery Can the love of another broken person be enough to help Avery, or is she already too far gone Avery s life is pulled in many directions as she tries to find herself, and not everyone and thing is what they seem to be in this story of love, trust and opening up Finding herself and learning to love herself might just be the hardest thing she s ever had to do.

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      328 Victoria Ashley
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    1 thought on “Wake Up Call

    1. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a review.DNF. Honestly, I think I may have lost brain cells to this book.When I decided on reading Wake Up Call I was hoping for a experience similar to when I read Unteachable - I was hoping for another New Adult novel to prove to me that they don't all consist merely of the simple formula of damaged characters and shamelessly graphic love scenes. However, Wake Up Call was so far from achieving that, it might as well have been (--). [...]

    2. Book provided by author in exchange for an honest review4.5 Amazing StarsIf you are looking for a book full of suffering and healing, then this is the book for you! This story grabbed me from the very beginning since it delve right into the painful life Avery was leading.Avery came from a childhood full abuse from her father and sometimes mother. She was programmed to think she was worthless and would never make anything of herself. Jace first sees her stripping at a "hole in the wall" bar and t [...]

    3. Favorite Quotes:He looked down into the car at me as I sat there, frozen in time. "Well are you coming in or do you want me to bring my bathroom outside and clean you up?" He laughed in amusement and walked to the front door, looking confident and sexy as he let himself inside."Sounds good, but I get to pick the movie," I said playfully. "Okay, but nothing too girly. I'm a manly man," he said, nudging me in the side as we pulled into the video store.He smiled at me and turned on the TV. "Are you [...]

    4. "Avery a girl that is shattered, crushed and without hope, she has to do what she needs to do, to survive a harsh card dealt in life to her. As she takes you on her emotional journey you'll find out that there is light at the end of her dark tunnel. She finds her solace in Jace cool; calm, collected not forgetting tall; dark, devilishly hansom he saves her in more ways than one; the only guy that she drops her metal shutters for. She rescues him right back. A story that will have you so addicted [...]

    5. This was almost a "did not finish". But, because I have issues (OCD) with not finishing books that I start, I eye-rolled my way through and carried on.I had this at 1 star but bumped it up to 2 because I honestly think the book had potential. I liked Jace a lot. I didn't connect with Avery but I didn't dislike her, reallyI just didn't understand her or feel anything for her and I think that's a result of really choppy writing. Her story was sad, I *should* have been heartbroken for her but I jus [...]

    6. *ARC Given to Blog for Honest Review**DNF* 1 KissI am really sad this book didn’t work out for me. I had heard such great things about it and was really hopeful, but when I realized within the first few pages I wasn’t connecting, I knew it probably wasn’t going to be the book for me. And I realize that not every book can, it’s illogical to think so…but I can’t help but be upset.What didn’t work for me…I am an emotional reader and this book was lacking any emotional connection to [...]

    7. Avery is a barely 19-year-old on her own and struggling day by day just to get by. Unable to find a job due to lack of experience, she has resorted to stripping to keep herself off the street. When she finds herself in a situation she cannot figure out how to get out of on her own, she relies on enigmatic and sexy Jace – though only because she really has no other choice. Avery does not trust easily, or at all, but Jace is determined to help her and will push until she cannot take it anymore. [...]

    8. This book kept me hooked. I wasn't much of a reader until I found this book. There wasn't a dull moment and it was easy to feel for the characters. I would recommend this to everyone who enjoys to read or even to those that don't.Victoria Ashley

    9. I rate this book a solid *FOUR STARS*Click here to see more reviews by Jamie, Morgan & DanaThis story is told in the 1st person POV from Avery’s perspective. I personally, really liked Avery’s character and I felt like I connected easily with her from page one. She comes from an extremely abusive past and still carries all of her emotional baggage with her every single day. The beginning of the book really captured my attention. I was easily drawn into her lifestyle as a stripper, barely [...]

    10. Avery is a beautiful girl that is in such a dark place that she may never be able to find her way out. Life has completely shattered her, so she has turned off all feelings and emotions. She is probably one of the saddest female characters I have come across in a long time. But, I couldn't help but love her. Despite her tragic past, she is a survivor. She doesn't have friends and her only relationships are sexual. As she hits her lowest level, she meets a handsome stranger, Jace, who just may ho [...]

    11. I first found this book on Wattpad and it was the first one I managed to read. It's safe to say I was hooked from the very beginning. It has such a great plot line, and whilst it does have the fairytale happy ending; in my opinion, it is very much what real life could be like for some people. It is a book that describes all kinds of different emotions in such detail that it gets your own heart going along with the words you're reading on the page. A short and sweet review, but what more can I sa [...]

    12. A must read! Avery seems to have given up hope for a better life and has settled for the life she thinks she deserves until in walks Jace *swoon*. Jace has problems of his own but sometimes having another person in your life who is not perfect can help you move forward to something better. The problem is trusting not only the other person but trusting yourself and your feelings while allowing yourself to feel those feelings. Avery and Jace are two characters you will root for their HEA from the [...]

    13. I love this. Like truly madly deeply love this. Jace really is scrumptious and as perfect as she says he is!I love that its a stand alone. So many authors drag out the story, making us readers wait for months. This was told with just enough details without going over the top. The epilogue was lovely, giving enough closure to make me go warm and fuzzy! Everything about this was enough, it was never too much or too little but just enough. Perfect in fact! I want what Jace and Avery have ♥

    14. Loved Jace (SWOON) and I loved the intense storyline. I can't wait for more from this author. Well done Victoria!:)

    15. Wake Up Call is the perfect title for this story. I was completely lost to the characters as their lives twisted and turned and I couldn't put it down. I really enjoyed watching Avery grow from a wilting flower, to a beautiful blossoming rose. Wake Up Call truly is about finding yourself and letting your heart be open to love. It was brilliant. I read Wake Up Call on my Kindle and it was purchased from UK! Not going to lie, the cover was a major selling point for me. Come on ladies, just look a [...]

    16. So this was my second time reading Wake up Call because I could't remember a dang on thing about this book! Not one thing, NADA![image error]Unfortunately the second time reading it was an eye opener!Avery.-stripper-not sure how old-running away from abusive parents-has a rick fkk buddy but doesn't take his money-strips to pay rent, no other job, no schooling nothing-strips only twice a week for a few minutesCaleb-Avery's fkk buddy-bi polar-drives a red BMW-BlondeJace.-hero-hot-sweet-caring-unde [...]

    17. When reading the synopsis you know your going to get a twisted story. But it is nothing compared to actually reading this book in its entirety. WOW and WOW!! This book took me on a journey. I could NOT but it down for one minute. I read sitting, standing, walking, eating. Yeah it was that good. Victoria Ashley has a way with words. And it’s written beautifully. As beautiful as you can write such a horrible story, she draws you in from the first damn page; captured my attention from the beginni [...]

    18. Wow, the cover is fab! This book threw you straight into Avery's damaged life from the very first page, with flashbacks throughout the book i understood why Avery was how she was. She was a strong character even though she had a mentally/physically damaged past, she just couldnt see it herself!Avery - It reminded me of my life. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't stop falling.Jace, omg everyone should have one ;-) he was the perfect gentleman, kind, caring, he had the perfect bad boy image wi [...]

    19. Alexis saysSo first thought after putting this book down was, "where can I find myself a Jace?" I mean, I think every girl out there would want to be rescued the way Jace rescued Avery.The story is about a young girl named Avery who left home at eighteen years old. Her childhood was absolutely awful, I can't even imagine how she actually survived it and came out of it less unscathed then most people would. When you first meet her, she is working at a strip club and almost evicted from the dump s [...]

    20. Absolutely fantastic book. Not going to go into loads of details because the other reviewers have already covered it but I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Enough history for it to make sense and make you feel like you know the characters. Loved Avery and Jace. Made a change for me to read a good story with a good guy in it. I tend to like the dark, troubled bad boys but this book really sucked me in. I ended up reading it in one go, it just seems to flow really well and to think I only read it [...]

    21. I absolutely loved this book! It was a very emotional read since it did touch on a disturbing subject, but this author really made it into a great story! Avery and Jace were amazing characters and I was totally pulling for them the entire story!! It was great to read a book by a local author :-) I had no idea I only live less than an hour away from this amazing talent!!! This book is a must read :-)

    22. I quit at 27% There is potential just all seemed rather underdeveloped. May work for some just didn't work for me.

    23. I'm sorry I DNFIts just not the same as the other Victoria Ashley books for me. I'm used to the dirty mouthed, hot as hell novels she writes and this one just wasn't?

    24. A older book by Victoria Ashley but a awesome read though! A story about a young woman Avery Hale, who was raised in a abusive home setting. Finally when older she was able to leave that home but always thought she wasn't good enough to find or give TRUE LOVE. Living in a true dump of a home, working at a strippers club, and barely getting by with the money Avery makes and trying to keep her dignity. One night on stage Avery spots a handsome young man at the bar staring into her soul watching he [...]

    25. LOVE LOVE LOVE this story, it had such depth and real emotions I totally got lost in the pages. All Avery has known her whole life is abuse and neglect, growing up with alcoholic parents, a father that beat the shit out of her every chance got and a mother that just sat back and let it all happen while taking her own share of the beatings. if that was you how do you think you would end up?Completely messed up would be my guess.Avery is no exception. Now 19 years old she is working as an exotic d [...]

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