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A Highland Christmas

A Highland Christmas Christmas is an ancient Roman festival not to be celebrated by decent folk in the Scottish Highlands Police Constable Hamish Macbeth has always loved the festivities but this year his family is vaca

  • Title: A Highland Christmas
  • Author: M.C. Beaton
  • ISBN: 9780446609197
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Paperback
  • Christmas is an ancient Roman festival, not to be celebrated by decent folk in the Scottish Highlands Police Constable Hamish Macbeth has always loved the festivities, but this year his family is vacationing in sunny Florida He is stuck with the long, lonely Christmas shift in freezing Lochdubh A cranky old lady kicks off the holidays by reporting her cat missing ThenChristmas is an ancient Roman festival, not to be celebrated by decent folk in the Scottish Highlands Police Constable Hamish Macbeth has always loved the festivities, but this year his family is vacationing in sunny Florida He is stuck with the long, lonely Christmas shift in freezing Lochdubh A cranky old lady kicks off the holidays by reporting her cat missing Then the Christmas lights and tree in a nearby village disappear soon after the local council voted to allow decorations As Hamish finds a way to bring Christmas to the Highlands and make a little girl s dreams come true, he finds to his delight that he has the best Christmas ever.

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    1. Filled with charm, laced with dark but hilarious social comedy, and sprinkled with Christmas warmth, A Highland Christmas is one of the most endearing entries in the Hamish Macbeth series. Having already firmly established with readers the tall, redheaded constable of Lochdubh with little ambition, and the quirky villagers he must contend with in the remote highlands, Beaton focuses on giving fans of the series a magical novella as a Christmas gift. Reading this is like listening to a breezy Dav [...]

    2. This was Just the sort of Christmas mystery shorter work I was looking for. I read the first of the Hamish Macbeth mysteries not long ago. Normally I would not jump this far into a series, glad I did. Missing cat and a stolen town Christmas tree and it's lights make up the crimes being investigated.Hamish who seems to have his heart in the right place mist of the time helps spread Christmas cheer and along the way solves the crimes. Hope the characters Hamish helps out make appearances in the se [...]

    3. I got this book in my stocking, along with a lump of coal. The coal was the highlight… Sorry, sorry, let me start over. In the spirit of the generosity in which it was given, a proper review:+1 + 1 + 1 + 1 ½ + 1 – 1 – ½ - ½ = 3 ½ stars+1 SNAPPY DIALOG:“What’s up with you, Constable? Standing about like a great loon. Shouldn’t you be about your duties?”I got a kick out of how all the locals take it upon themselves to bully Hamish, almost like it’s their civic duty. I believe t [...]

    4. So darling! Not a murder, but just a cute, cute Christmas story with our favorite Highland detective. Of course, there is a mystery here: who has stolen the Cnothan city Christmas lights? And there's the matter of a missing cat, a bitter old biddy, and a flirtatious new schoolteacher.Reread, 2012: Love it when Hamish loses his temper with the Andersons! So great!Reread, 2013: Such a fun way to kick off the Christmas reading!Reread, 2014: Never fails to put me in the Christmas mood!Reread 2015: E [...]

    5. I know Christmas is over but it didn't stop me relishing in the festive feel of Lochdubh (or rather, the lack of it!). Hamish is roused from his relaxing break to search for a missing cat, missing Christmas lights and a missing Christmas tree - does someone have a grudge against Christmas? It's always a joy returning to Hamish Macbeth's side, and we are introduced in this story to one of his very favourite characters which I was over the moon about!

    6. Christmas lights are being stolen and cats are going missing. Christmas in Lochdubh is fighting bitter gray winter cold and parents who don't believe in Santa. Can police officer Hamish Macbeth make it all come out right?And what about the pretty new schoolteacher? Can she make Hamish forget about his old flame Priscilla?It's one of the lightest in the series but a perfect holiday treat.

    7. As cozy as a book can get! Perfect for a Christmas holiday read. Hamish Macbeth, police constable in the Scottish Highlands is up to his ears in crime. The beloved cat of the local crabby woman crofter has gone missing as have a Christmas tree and lights intended to be put in the town center. Not everyone in the town is unhappy about the missing tree and lights because many of these strict Calvinists believe that Christmas is a pagan holiday. Not to worry, Hamish to the rescue. Christmas comes a [...]

    8. A Christmas novella that has Hamish Macbeth solving mysteries of a missing cat and stolen lights.He brings Christmas cheer to some residents in the area. Some local people do not want Christmas celebrated with lights and gifts. Hope several of the people introduced in this book will be in future books. It was a feel good read and Hamish shows himself to be special to the people who are in his policing district. Plus there was a new addition to his household.

    9. Its Christmas time in the Scottish Highlands & Hamish Macbeth is all about making sure everyone enjoys this time of year in this Christmas instalment of The Hamish Macbeth series. Lovely very light Cosy mystery, with a missing cat, stolen Christmas lights & a new school teacher who takes a bit of a shine to our Hamish.I really like Hamish & really must get around to reading more of this series.

    10. Nice, easy read with all of your favorite characters. Hamish is investigating a theft this go round instead of a murder but it was the perfect Christmas in the Loch with Hamish at the helm ensuring his small town has the perfect holiday.

    11. Loved this Re-read for the Christmas Spirit Readathon 2016December 20th 2012 first readingA great introduction to this author's writing. Enjoyed the well described atmospheric Scottish Highland settings. Familiarity with locations mentioned added to my enjoyment and the reality of the story. Definitely could picture the Christmas attitudes resisting celebration due to religious heritage and loved the actions of our protagonist in bringing that feared celebration into so many lives. A fun, quick [...]

    12. My first experience with the Hamish Macbeth series. This novella is a good holiday read, with the rural Scottish policeman Hamish Macbeth not just solving some (minor) mysteries but also involved in his community. I think that I might have to add this series to my TBRGraeme Malcolm was a fine narrator for the audiobook. The Scottish accent heightened the experience.

    13. This really is cosy crime, with nothing more threatening than a lost cat and some nicked christmas lights and a tree. The hero, PC MacBeth, has more to worry about from his unreasonable and nasty boss than any criminals, apart from one near mishap when apparently his spectral dog comes to the rescue. Having dropped into this, not realising it was so late in the series and just a novella, I found it rather light though it was easy enough to pick up on the situation - the PC unlucky in love and st [...]

    14. Now this was a cozy Christmas mystery. Loved it! I will add it to my personal Christmas advent reads list now.

    15. Oh Hamish. Sometimes you really irritate me, but others you are so thoughtful it blows me over. In this book, Hamish's caring side is really highlighted. You can tell he cares about the people in his village; friends and strangers alike. (view spoiler)[ When he arranges for a concert for the old folks home and then invites everyone to come, it was so sweet. And then the way he handles Morag's situation with her family and the cat. BUT then he is totally oblivious to the school teacher's affectio [...]

    16. So, I’ve had A Highland Christmas on my shelf for a while now and decided to crack it open during the Ho-Ho-Ho Read-a-thon. Here’s what’s going on: As Lochdubh and the surrounding Highland villages are mostly made up of Calvinist, Christmas, much to Hamish’s disappointment, is off-limits as it’s still thought of as a pagan holiday. When Cnothan decides to put up a Christmas tree and fairy lights, the town’s in an uproar when they discover that they have been stolen, thus Hamish is se [...]

    17. Cozy, fun. Sometimes it's nice to have a very gentle book in which nothing much happens, but what does is nice. This is one of those. The series of Hamish MacBeth (a show I never watched when it came on 20 years ago. Even now I may be at the young end of the demographic) isn't one I've ever read, and after this short, warm/fuzzy book I'd do so again. It's hardly dark or gritty - someone's cat has gone missing, and some Christmas lights have been stolen. There's still time for a few good digs at [...]

    18. Brace yourselves--my Christmas stocking overflowed this year with Christmas mysteries (thanks family and friends). In this charming little book, Police Constable Hamish Macbeth solves several mysteries in his little Scottish village with nary a dead body in sight. Pets are rescued and returned to their rightful owners, people come to understand how their behavior affects those around them, and Christmas lights "mysteriously" appear in the village. Now that's the way a Christmas mystery should pl [...]

    19. Another wonderful Hamish.I love Hamish McBeth. This Christmas tale has him solving mysteries and turning miserable people into happy ones. A winner.

    20. Want a really feel good read for this holiday season? Get a copy of “A Highland Christmas”. Take a break from murder and mayhem and allow M.C. Beaton to get you into the Christmas spirit with this holiday story.

    21. It’s the week of Christmas in Lochdubh, Scotland where because of the strong Calvinist background in the village there are no outward signs that it’s even the holiday season. Constable Hamish MacBeth is called upon to investigate the complaint of a cranky old resident about her “stolen” cat and the theft of the town square Christmas tree and all the light in a neighbouring village. Somehow is the midst of all this he also finds himself the defender of a lonely young girl. The attractive [...]

    22. Highland constable Hamish Macbeth wants to find Smoky the cat for reclusive widow Mrs Mary Gallagher and cheer up secretive sad adopted little Morag Anderson. Vicar Anderson keeps the girl confined and friendless, her mother powerless. Nasty police superior Blair grabs a helicopter to catch Lochdub village stringing around lights from evidence. Human foibles entertain. Schoolteacher Maisie Pease dreams of future with lanky 6' red-head village cop, but he rounds up a bus full of wrinklies for an [...]

    23. Besides playing "Winter Wonderland" and "Let It Snow" on the piano, we decided to read this holiday novella to try to outsmart 100+ degree heat this summer!! Beaton's regular village constable, Hamish Macbeth, is featured - but we guess our author skipped her usual "Death Of A" title as actually nobody dies in this one. There is a lost cat to contend with, and some Christmas decorations have been stolen from a nearby village for which Hamish has temporary responsibility, and that's plenty to kee [...]

    24. Having read quite a number of the marvelous Agatha Raisin mystery series, I decided to give this festive Hamish Macbeth mystery a whirl. I enjoyed this light cosy read, its not as blackly comic as dear old AR - but there is a good deal of M C Beaton's characteristic wit. Hamish is of course a veritable saint compared to AR, but there are plenty of grouchy types around too. As well as finding a missing cat, and tracking down the christmas light thieves, Hamish brings some Christmas cheer to young [...]

    25. This is the first Hamish Macbeth story I've read and I realize it's not typical of the series - no murder for example, but I really liked Hamish. He seems like a truly good guy who actually cares about the people of his town. The towns are filled with quirky odd characters, most of whom are amusing. I also love how the locals treat Hamish. Even though he's the police, he's on their side. I don't quite understand the conflict with his boss, but i'm sure it's made clear in another of the installem [...]

    26. Don't miss #16 in the Hamish Macbeth mystery series just because it doesn't have "Death of" in the title. This is a delightful look at an element in Scotland I was unaware ofCalvinist purity and rejection of Christmas celebration.I wondered if I'd enjoy it at all, reading it "out of season." But I was drawn into the community attitudes and celebrations or not. It's as good a read as M.C. Beaton's class cozy mysteriesD something very special happens for Hamish in this book. That makes it worth th [...]

    27. This was a very quick read, a novella really. In any event, it was just what I had in mind to read right now. I will be traveling in 6 days time and will not be home until the beginning of December. Must get the house decorated for Christmas, so when I return all I have to do is turn on the lights!I like to read heart-warming short stories during December, and this was that! I will probably get around to reading more of the Hamish Macbeth series, when I need something light and frothy and short. [...]

    28. This book is part of the Hamish Macbeth series of gentle crime stories. This one is particularly rousing since it really is a series of connected christmas feel good stories acting as part bridge to the next story and part seasonal tale. That said it had the usual humour and characters you would expect from the series so nothing really felt out of place just the story was a bit rushed and a bit short (the page count is 163 pages but there is also the first chapter of the next book including in t [...]

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